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Mikoto: I'd accept it.

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Kushina: Play dattebane!

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Naruto: W-What's that mean?

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Naruto: Say No!

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"Your going down Tsunade-baachan!" Naruto yelled as he charged her. The blonde was pissed that she could insult the Hokage like she did and the woman need to be taught a lesson and he would be more than willing to give it to her. Naruto neared Tsunade even more before he saw her smirk. Tsunade lifted up a finger and slammed it into the ground causing the streets to shatter. Naruto managed a sidestep of the impact which surprised Tsunade before Naruto reached her in no time. Naruto let out a punch, but Tsunade caught it only for her to see Naruto grin and shift his with his foot coming under her left leg making Tsunade trip. The blonde sannin nearly fell back, but with a small change in her stance she tossed Naruto over her arm sending the Kyuubi jinchuuriki into the rooftops.

"Well your not as bad as I thought, but you still have a long way to go brat," Tsunade said. Naruto smirked and did a backflip before landing on the roof of one of the buildings.

"I don't want to here that from a half-drunk/half-sober sannin," Naruto yelled out making Tsunade grow a tick mark on her head. Tsunade cracked her knuckles and Naruto had the feeling that things were going to get even more interesting. Tsunade applied chakra to her fist and Naruto knew what she was about to do. Naruto jumped of the building and into the air before he spun wildly towards Tsunade.

"Tsūga," Naruto yelled making Tsunade narrow her eyes at him. She didn't stay in the same stop and backed up before seeing Naruto drill into the ground.

"He knows an Inuzuka technique?" Tsunade wondered, but Naruto didn't give her the time of day to think anymore and quickly went through some handsigns and his right hand began to cackle loudly.

"I'm gonna make you take it back Baa-chan," Naruto said with the sharingan flaring. Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tsunade were all surprised by the change in his eyes and all three really wanted an explanation.

"He even has the sharingan? He's not an Uchiha, he said he was Minato's son. Does he have a dojutsu?" Tsunade thought until the sound of multiple birds chirping brought her out of her stupor. The sannin widened her eyes when she saw Naruto charging at her and she had to act fast. Tsunade quickly pumped her right fist with chakra and slammed the ground making a large impact of gravel shoot at Naruto. Naruto cursed as the chidori required straight movement for power, but he was already to far into it and suddenly got an idea. Naruto held up a single handsigns with his left hand and before long he touched the ground and yelled.

"Hyoton: Daihyoshi( Ice Release: Great Ice Death)," suddenly large ice spikes came from the ground and blocked the stone slabs that were aimed at Naruto, but that's not all they did. If one looked closely, they formed a sort of ramp that gave Naruto the edge he needed. The blonde jonin ran up the ran and jumped in the air above Tsunade. The sannin gasped at Naruto's mastery over certain techniques that he shouldn't have had and Naruto shot at her with his right hand out.

"Chidori," Naruto yelled, but he saw Tsunade smirk at the last moment and sidestepped the attack. Tsunade cocked her fist back and slammed it into Naruto's stomach. Naruto gasped when he felt the chakra enforced push which sent the blonde flying into a building with a giant crash.

"Don't underestimate your better Gaki. Your 30 years to early to beat me," Tsunade said with a confident smirk. Jiraiya and Shizune wondered how Naruto was doing, but one look at Kiba and Haku's smiles and they knew it wasn't over yet.

"No Tsunade-baachan, your 50 years too old to think that this could take me down," Naruto said coming from the rubble with some of his clothes in a battered form. Tsunade narrowed her eyes at Naruto, but the blonde sannin was more or less shocked that Naruto had survived a punch from her. Sure she held back a lot so as not to kill him, but it should have at least put the blonde out for at least two days.

"Well Gaki, mind telling me how your so good? I noticed you had the sharingan, the Inuzuka techniques and even some skills from Kiri's Yuki clan," Tsunade said not feeling drunk anymore. Naruto closed his eyes and smiled. It was always funny to see someone's shocked face and he loved the sight of it.

"Only if you tell me what the hell your problem is," Naruto countered making Tsunade arch an eyebrow at him. Everyone heard the conversation going on and wondered where Naruto was going with it all.

"What do you mean?" Tsunade asked with a confused expression. Naruto sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in slight frustration.

"Why did you insult the kage? What did they ever do to you?" Naruto asked shocking Tsunade. The blonde sannin remembered her painful memories of her love and her brother before sucking her teeth at Naruto.

"You wouldn't understand. You being so happy-go-lucky. I've got nothing to say about it. It's my business," Tsunade barked making Naruto grit his teeth at her. He'd only had a little practice with it, but Naruto had enough.

"Then I've got nothing to say to you Baa-chan," Naruto returned causing Tsunade to huff her annoyance. Suddenly the dust around Naruto began to swirl and it was then that and Haku backed up slightly. Jiraiya and Tsunade noticed them back up and unconsciously did it themselves. Naruto raised his hand and lunged it out and suddenly sand shot at Tsunade taking the sannin by surprised, but she ultimately dodged it with some of her hair getting cut off while looking at Naruto and the sight shocked her. She met the coldest blue eyes she had ever seen and saw Naruto weaving his hand around and the sand followed his movements trying to capture Tsunade. The blonde woman dodged left and right then backflipped, but Naruto didn't let up and drew his right hand back. Tsunade turned her head and saw the sand at the back of her coming for her and she almost dodged, but the sand grabbed her right leg and another shot of sand grabbed her right arm. The sand continued to overwhelm the sand until her entire body was covered. Naruto raised his hand and with it was the sand that was in the middle of the air. Tsunade tried to move, but she noticed that the sand grew tighter around her and winced.

"I wouldn't move. Every major movement makes the sand constrict you even more. I've won this fight Baa-chan. Had you not been drinking you might have beaten me, but it is what it is," Naruto said making his sand drop and softly placed Tsunade on the ground. The blonde relinquished his control of the sand and watched it regress into the ground. Naruto walked up to Tsunade who was downright pissed at the result and watched Naruto come up to her.

"Now then Baa-chan, let's go. I'm tired from this day and whether you like it or not you WILL becoming back with me even if I have to drag you back and you now know damn well that I can," Naruto said to her. Tsunade tried to get a punch at Naruto, but everyone was shocked when he disappeared in a flash of yellow lightning and appeared behind her.

"Hiraishin?" They all thought. Tsunade was so shocked that she forgot her rage and turned to Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya, have you been teaching him the Hiraishin? Why the hell would you do that? It was an amazing act that even Minato made it. How could you fill up his hopes of ever using it?" Tsunade yelled out. Jiraiya sighed and said that he didn't teach Naruto the Hiraishin.

"It's not finished, but I have most of it down. And besides I beat you without it so you shouldn't really say anything about it," Naruto told her. Tsunade stood to her feet and huffed her annoyance at the blond and his words.

"Please it took Minato most of his life to do the Hiraishin. A genin like you could never make it happen,' Tsunade said to him. Naruto narrowed his eyes at her and smirked feeling a bit of a challenge coming on from Tsunade.

"Please Baa-chan, give me three days and I'll have the Hiraishin down like it was a memory," Naruto said to her. Tsunade grinned at that bet and nodded.

"Alright, I'll give you a week. If you can master the Hiraishin in that time then I'll take back what I said about the Kage and I'll return to the village and I'll also give you this," Tsunade said holding up her necklace. Naruto raised an eyebrow at it, but grinned and nodded.

"Fine you got yourself a bet Baa-chan, but regardless if I win or not you WILL come back to Konoha," Naruto told her. Tsunade's eyebrow twitched at Naruto's cheekiness in the matter, but she relented and nodded. Shizune widened her eyes and quickly intervened.

"Tsunade-sama you've never betted that necklace. This is a foolish thing to do," Shizune told Tsunade, but the sannin waved it off and then stormed off to go an get a desperately needed drink. Naruto turned to Kiba and thanked his friend for holding his swords. Kyuubi and Kasumi came up to Naruto with the former resting on his head and the latter taking up residence in his jacket.

"So Naruto-kun are you going to train?" Haku asked him. Naruto nodded and walked off towards a private place to train. Jiraiya decided to go after Tsunade while Kiba and Haku talked with Shizune for a bit.

"So has he always been like that? I mean how did he get so powerful?" Shizune asked. Kiba and Haku looked at each other for a minute and smiled.

"You might want to sit down Shizune-san. It's a long story," They both said to her. Shizune absently nodded and the two went on with their story about Naruto and his power.

With Naruto

The blonde finally made it out of the town and into an endless plain of grass with only a single tree in the middle of it. Naruto smirked and allowed Kyuubi to jump off his head and Kasumi jumped out of his jacket. Kyuubi changed to her illustrious form and so did Kasumi and both women sat on the grass feeling the cold breeze.

"So Naruto-kun, you made a bet with a sannin. You really are reckless, but I can see how you would. Judging from your trial and errors with the Hiraishin before, I think you bit off more than you can chew Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said making Naruto slump to the floor.

"Don't I know it Kyuubi-chan, but I'll make her take it back. I'll show her that's she wrong," Naruto returned making Kyuubi smile. Kasumi smiled also before rubbing her soft hands on Naruto's shoulder.

"Then what are you waiting for Naruto-sama? You should be training then," Kasumi told him. Naruto chuckled with a nod and stood to his feet. Naruto took out one of his father's kunai and threw it at the tree. Naruto pinpointed his chakra to the kunai and disappeared until he slammed into the tree and cursed. Kyuubi and Kasumi sweatdropped at the action and sighed.

"He's gonna be at this for awhile isn't he?" Kasumi asked. Kyuubi nodded and both girls watched the blond train his heart away.

With Tsunade

Tsunade was currently inside a stand drinking some sake while slumping her shoulders to the small table in front of her. Drinking always helped her escape from problems, but this time she just couldn't get drunk no matter how much she drank.

"Drowning your problems in alcohol again?" Jiraiya asked her, coming out of nowhere. Tsunade sighed and gave a tired glare at him.

"What do you want Jiraiya?" Tsunade asked twirling her saucer around. Jiraiya sat on the stool next to her and ordered some of the same drink and took a sip of the strong drink. Jiraiya leaned up off the chair and slightly chuckled.

"He won't be able to do it in a week. And you know that don't you?" Jiraiya asked. Tsunade just stared at her cup which seemed to answer his question and she turned to him.

"What's his deal? I can understand that he wants to defend his father, but the brat really needs to grow up. He's just a damn genin. What does he know anyway?" Tsunade grumbled while gulping down some more sake. Jiraiya grinned and knew he was the one who would have to tell Tsunade the news and knew it was going to surprise her.

"Come on Tsunade, you know from how he fights and how he beat you that he's not a genin," Jiraiya said making Tsunade stiffen at his claim.

"He's not a genin?" Tsunade asked. Jiraiya sighed and rubbed the back of his head at the sudden tension in the air before he asked her a question.

"Do you think a genin could beat a sannin? Even if they were drunk?" Jiraiya asked her. Tsunade shook her head with a HELL NO for a response and Jiraiya nodded.

"Naruto's a tokubetsu jonin. He really impressed everyone and you should know see why he earned that position," Jiraiya told her. Tsunade widened her eyes at Jiraiya and turned back to her saucer.

"I just screwed myself didn't I?" Tsunade asked. Jiraiya nodded and drank from his saucer again.

"Yeah you did, but at least you've got me," Jiraiya told her. Tsunade chuckled and glared softly at him.

"You trying to get me on a date again? Not after the last one," Tsunade said and Jiraiya grumbled in protest of her words.

"It was one time Tsunade. Man, you women never let anything go do you?" Jiraiya asked her. Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temples over the conversation they were having. Today was definitely not her day.

Back In Konoha

The Naruto chi bunshin had just made it back to Konoha and it was exhausted, but since it had a mission to do from the real Naruto, it intended to keep it. Naruto grabbed Sasuke and the two passed Konoha's gates.

"I can't believe you did that Sasuke! Why did you copy Kakashi-sensei's technique?" Naruto asked him. Sasuke simply 'hmphed' and turned his gaze from Naruto.

"You could never understand Naruto. You've been alone just like me, but you have a family. You get the training and all the others things that should rightfully be mine. I'm a fuckin' Uchiha and your just a stupid Uzumaki brat. You may be Fourth's son, but he must have hated you to put Kyuubi in you," Sasuke stated and suddenly Naruto stopped and grabbed Sasuke's collar and steadily lifted the emo off the ground with his eyes turning to slits.

"How the hell do you know that?" Naruto asked him. Sasuke gave an arrogant grin and rolled his eyes at the blond jonin.

"Please dope, those idiots on the council would bend over backwards for me and my clan. It's not hard to extract information from them. Their all worthless people anyway," Sasuke said and was only met by a punch in the gut that made him gasp.

"Listen here emo, you may have most of Konoha worshipping the dirty ground you walk on, but me and my family aren't most of Konoha and don't think I won't kick your ass for insulting my parents," Naruto said making damn sure that Sasuke understood. Sasuke gave a snort for a response and before long a jonin came to see what the fuss was about.

"Naruto? Sasuke? Naruto aren't you supposed to be with Jiraiya and the others looking for Lady Tsunade?" Kakashi asked showing his face. Naruto grinned with a nod before he explained.

"Well Kakashi-sensei, I'm just a Chi bunshin from the boss. He had me drag Sasuke-teme back here. Also Kakashi-sensei, I learned something from Sasuke that you should know about," The blood clone stated making Kakashi slightly glare at Sasuke for an unknown reason.

"Oh? And what should I know about that involves Sasuke?" Kakashi asked while still reading his ero book. Naruto glared at Sasuke who still had a defiant look on his face and suddenly smiled.

"Sasuke-teme thought that it would be good to watch you and me train and copied the Chidori that you taught me," Naruto said making Kakashi widen his eyes and turn to Sasuke.

"He copied it?" Kakashi asking trying to wrap him mind around that idea. Naruto nodded and before long he dissolved into a small pool of blood on the ground. Sasuke and Kakashi were a little freaked out by that, but it didn't last long before Kakashi grabbed Sasuke's shoulder and gave an eyesmile.

"Sasuke Uchiha, may I have a word with you right now?" Kakashi asked and before Sasuke could respond they both disappeared in a leaf shunshin.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Seven figures appeared on top of the fingers of a weird statue and began to converse with each others.

"Itachi, Kisame report. Have you captured the Kyuubi jinchuuriki?" The leader asked. Itachi closed his eyes while Kisame grumbled something incoherent.

"I guess that's a no then. Hmm," one of the others said while grinning. Kisame grew a tick mark on his head, but didn't really say anything and neither did Itachi for the moment until someone else spoke.

"How hard could it be to capture a little brat?" another asked, but it was muffled since his Akatsuki coat covered his mouth. Kisame simply couldn't take it anymore and decided to let some of his pent up aggression out.

"Hmph, it's not like you've had any luck with the Nanabi. Sure she ran off from her village, but I didn't think you'd have so much trouble," Kisame retorted making the man sneer at him.

"I have contacts Kisame, it won't be long before Hidan and I take care of the Nanabi,"

"Just don't slow me down Kakuzu. You always have your stupid side trips for money," Hidan said and then hell broke loose between the two teammates who argued about the importance of their individual time spending activities until the leader stopped them.

"Enough!" Itachi what can you tell us about the Kyuubi jinchuuriki?" the leader asked. Itachi nodded and turned to him.

"Well Pein, he's very mysterious at the moment. I'm not sure of all the details, but he has the sharingan and even managed to break my Tsukuyomi," Itachi said nearly shocking everyone in the room.

"Naruto Uzumaki has the sharingan? Do you leave another family member alive Itachi? Hmm," the man asked causing Itachi to glare at him before he kept quiet.

"It matters not Deidara. Zetsu keep a close watch on the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. He may turn out to be more of a problem later on," Pein said the a venus-flytrap looking man. He seemed to be divided by two sides, one black and the other white.

"Yes Pein-sama. I wonder if he's any strong," The black and white said before vanishing. Soon the other members started to vanish also leaving only two members on two different fingers.

"So Nagato, what do we do with the Kyuubi jinchuuriki?" a female asked. Pein narrowed his eyes before answering.

"At the moment nothing Konan. We will merely observe him. However one day he will die and his death will become the bridge to peace," Pein said as he disappeared. Konan merely gave an inaudible sigh and left leaving the conversation of the Akatsuki members in the past.

With Naruto, late afternoon, 4 days later

Kyuubi and Kasumi opened their eyes to see Naruto on the plain grass sleeping and both chuckled at him. The blonde had spent nearly the entire night each day practicing the Hiraishin and he was still at the same level he was before. The tree had dent marks on it from the multiple impacts it sustained. Naruto slowly opened his eyes and got to his feet.

"Naruto-sama how are you doing?" Kasumi asked. Naruto struggled to his feet, but with the help of Kyuubi and Kasumi, he managed to keep his balance pretty easily.

"I feel like I took a hundred of Tsunade-baachan's punches and then some," Naruto said smiling. Kasumi chuckled at her blonde and before long everyone's stomach grumbled and they all laughed while blushing.

"I guess we should get something to eat," Naruto told them. Kasumi and Kyuubi nodded and before long, the three walked off back to the town to get something to eat.

It didn't take them long to enter the town and all three saw Kiba and Haku looking around some stores. They appeared to be window shopping for some items, but it didn't seem like anything.

"Hey guys," Naruto called making the two turn around. Kiba smirked and Haku waved as Naruto, Kyuubi, and Kasumi walked over to them.

"Hey Naruto-kun, you didn't come back to the hotel for five nights in a row," Haku said with some slight worry in her voice. Naruto smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah sorry about that Haku-chan, I've been practicing all those nights and I exhausted all my chakra before passing out in the fields," The blonde explained. Haku and Kiba sweatdropped at that and sighed before letting it go.

"So what are you guys doing?" Naruto asked them.

"I'm training with Akamaru in another part of the forest. Kaa-san gave me a new clan technique to master before I got back and I intend to do it," Kiba said with a feral grin. Haku held her sword in her hand and shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm gonna look for a blacksmith. I wanted Zabuza-sama's sword to have an upgrade so I'm going to look around and hopefully get some new things. What about you Naruto-kun?" Haku returned. Naruto smirked and pointed to a small restaurant.

"I'm gonna get something to eat then it's back to training for me. I'll probably be at the hotel this time I think," Naruto told them.

"And here I was just getting used to the comfortable grass out in the field. It's actually quite relaxing," Kyuubi assessed making everyone raise an eyebrow at her.

"So has anyone seen Shizune-san, Tsunade-baachan or Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked. Haku and Kiba shook their heads in a negative that they didn't. Naruto sighed since he remembered his conversation with Shizune three days ago. It motivated him even more to get through with the Hiraishin, not to mention learning a little more about Tsunade.


Naruto huffed and fell to the ground as he saw the kunai stuck in the tree. He still couldn't get the trajectory for the Hiraishin down. He had to be able to judge distances for a long time, but he still hit his head on the tree. It was rather embarrassing and chakra-taxing, but he didn't complain. He always enjoyed a challenge and it spurred him on even more. He however, wasn't neglecting his other training as he made kage bunshins to get some kenjutsu done. He also made two other kage bunshin spar with each other a one had the sharingan and the other had the byakugan. Naruto was about to get up and start again, but he felt a presence behind him and he sighed.

"Can I help you Shizune-san?" Naruto asked making the brunette appear from where she was hiding. Shizune came up and smiled at the blonde before coming over to his position. She saw his clones training along with a red haired woman who was teaching a dog summon she presumed. Shizune ignored it and walked up to Naruto.

"Hello Naruto-san, do you mind if we talk? It's about Tsunade-sama," Shizune said to him. Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, but nodded and the two of them got to talking.

"What is it Shizune-san?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi and Kasumi with their hearing were able to listen to the conversation, but kept up their talk about Kasumi's training. Shizune looked at the ground for a few minutes and mulled over how to bet choose her words before staring at Naruto with a sudden look of conviction.

"Don't do it Naruto-san! Don't keep the bet with Tsunade-sama. That necklace has a history. It's only safe with her and no one else. Anyone else who wears it will eventually die," Shizune said making Naruto narrow his eyes at her. Shizune went on to explain how Tsunade first gave the necklace to her little brother, Nawaki, and how he would be the Hokage, but he died when he was a genin and it caused Tsunade a lot of grief. She then went to explain that Tsunade gave her necklace to her lover, Dan and how he would also be Hokage, but he died on a mission and Tsunade couldn't save him. She was traumatized by the sight of blood from that point on. Naruto could only feel some of Tsunade's pain. It made him wonder what he would do if Tsume, Haku, Kiba, Kyuubi, or Kasumi died. He shuddered at the thought, but he turned back to Shizune.

"Thank you Shizune-san for sharing that story with me, but I can't let go of this bet," Naruto told her. Shizune looked at him wide-eyed and wanted him to explain and Naruto was more than glad to.

"I'm sorry that she has had a lot of grief in her life Shizune-san, but that's no excuse for insulting the kage of Konoha. When I win this bet I'll show her that her necklace isn't a curse, but it will be my gift," Naruto told her. Shizune widened her eyes at Naruto and the blonde smirked.

"Besides what kind of kage would I be if I couldn't do this much?" Naruto asked her before turning back to the tree in front of him.

"Tell Tsunade-baachan that I'll make her regret making a bet with me," Naruto said walking from the tree. He came to about quite a few feet from the tree and stared at it. Then he disappeared in yellow lightning and hit his head on the tree AGAIN.

"Dammit this is hard," Naruto said falling to his knees. Shizune watched him for a bit before smiling and leaving Naruto to his own training.

Flashback End

"Well that being the case, I'll see you guys later," Naruto told them. Haku and Kiba nodded before taking off into the restaurant. Naruto, Kyuubi and Kasumi had a nice meal in the restaurant and it helped that Naruto still had money left over from his wallet to pay for the three of them. The three had a real good time, but before long they left and went back to training in the plains. Naruto trained until the sun went down and he was making progress, but not as much as he wanted. He could go quite far now, but it was also a matter of keeping it going. He wanted to be able to do a continuous Hiraishin, but it was harder than he thought.

"Hey Kyuubi-chan do you have any idea on how I'm supposed to do this?" Naruto asked his sexy vixen. Kyuubi shook her head in a negative. The Hiraishin was one of the jutsus she had the pleasure of seeing when she fought Minato, but she didn't have the time to analyze it due to 'circumstances'.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, you'll just have to keep at it for a bit longer," Kyuubi told him. Naruto sighed with a nod and continued to train unaware that someone was watching him from a distance.

"Wow he's training rather hard. I wonder if he could help me out," a girl with green hair said to herself. She had orange eyes and wore a short, sleeveless white midriff shirt with her fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets and fishnet shorts with a soft white apron over top. She was also wearing a red wrapping on her back which was probably for some purpose.

"Girl go over there! I see Kyuubi. Man, it's bee so long since I've seen her. I wonder how she got out of her seal," a giant beetle-like creature said to her container. The girl's name was Fu and she was the jinchuuriki of the Nanabi, however she had run away from her home which was Takigakure in order to escape the abuse she felt from the place. She'd only just escaped a few weeks ago so everything was relatively new to her. Fu was generally surprised to find another jinchuuriki, but it kept her at ease slightly.

"How do I know he won't attack me?" Fu asked. Nanabi sighed and decided to humor her container a little.

"You don't and if worse comes to worse, I'll help you out so get a move on NOW!" Nanabi ordered. Fu reluctantly left the place she was hiding from and walked closer. Naruto had already sensed her, but didn't say anything since she wasn't causing him any trouble that he knew about. He had formed a mental link to Kyuubi and she told him it was the jinchuuriki of the Nanabi. Naruto was surprised at the revelation, but he certainly didn't mind it at all. He knew Fu was coming closer to him, but he felt she was cautious in doing so and it made him chuckle.

"You know, I don't bite," the blonde said shocking the Nanabi jinchuuriki. Naruto turned his gaze to meet hers and he had to admit that Fu looked rather cute. Fu also had to admit that Naruto was good looking in a sense. He really knew how to bring out the color of black and orange on his jacket.

"Sorry I'm just not used to being so close to people without having them hurt me," Fu said making Naruto raise an eyebrow at her. Fu did her best to smile at him, but it felt somewhat strained and Naruto knew that it was.

"Well is there something that the Nanabi jinchuuriki wants with me?" Naruto asked her. Fu was shocked that Naruto knew she was a jinchuuriki, but she immediately chalked that up to his bijuu telling him about her.

"W-Well can I at least know your name? I didn't mean to interrupt your training, but I felt the need to ask," Fu said making Naruto smile. The blonde dusted his clothes off and gave a foxy grin.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze nice to meet you," Naruto told her. Fu widened her eyes at the revelation and immediately shot up to Naruto and had stars in her eyes.

"Naruto Uzumaki? The same Naruto Uzumaki that fought Zabuza Momochi in Wave and the same who stopped the Ichibi from going wild?" Fu asked and Naruto had to blush slightly at her actions along with Kyuubi and Kasumi. The three found it cute in a way.

"That's right. How did you know that?" Naruto asked her. Fu nearly scoffed and searched her clothes and her bag and then took out a book and flipped through the pages.

"Right here, your in the Bingo Book," Fu said sounding even more excited. Naruto chuckled with a nod and decided to rest his body and talked to Fu for a bit. He was on guard for an attack just for precautionary measures, but he didn't have to worry about it too much since there was little that did catch him off guard anymore. He learned that from Raimin's experience.

"So Fu-chan what are you doing out here?" Naruto wondered making Fu slightly blush at the affectionate use of her name. Fu then looked at the ground and gave a depressive sigh.

"I-I ran away from Taki. I hated it there. They always treated me like dirt and would never give me the time of day for anything. The only reason I'm even alive is because of Nanabi," Fu said and she smiled knowing that Nanabi was getting a sense of pride from the statement. Naruto nodded since he knew what that was like. Fu soon turned her eyes and saw Kyuubi correcting Kasumi on a mid-jonin taijutsu stance. Suddenly she heard Nanabi yelling her head off and Fu got to a main issue.

"Naruto-san, can I ask you a question?" Fu asked him. Naruto grinned and adopted a thinking pose.

"Well you just did, but sure what's up?" Naruto asked. Fu chuckled at the small joke that Naruto played before getting serious again.

"H-How did you get Kyuubi to be free? Did you release your seal?" Fu asked and Naruto scratched the back of his head in slight embarrassment.

"Well it took a bit of thinking, but I got her out with a way of bypassing the seal. I could teach the method to you, but that would require some expert knowledge on the mechanics of Fuinjutsu and I don't think you know about it do you?" Naruto asked her. Fu held her head down and shook it in a negative fashion. Naruto sighed and looked at the sky for a few minutes.

"Well for now Fu-chan I'll give you this book. It's relatively short and explains the basics to Fuinjutsu. Try reading this and you'll be fine until you understand it," Naruto told her. Fu's face lit up in appreciation, but then she looked at the damaged tree and raised an eyebrow.

"So Naruto-san, what are you doing?" Fu asked. Naruto turned to the tree and made an handsign. He dispelled his clones and suddenly gripped his head from getting a major headache.

"Oh it's nothing to serious. Konoha is just looking for our new kage and right now our candidate is being difficult," Naruto replied rolling his eyes. This piqued Fu's interest and Naruto told her about most of the things that happened. He wasn't sure why he was telling mission secrets to someone he just met, but it seemed alright to him. Soon it was getting late and Naruto told Fu about Konoha such as the good things and the bad things, but mainly the good things. The more Fu listened, the more she got interested in Konoha. It sounded like a great place. She was sort of scared that people harmed Naruto in his past, but he told her that it wasn't nearly as bad and most of the bigotry had really gone down for him. He told her about a certain stand that made the best ramen in the world and told her about his clan. It all got Fu interested and her admiration for Naruto grew by the passing hours. Naruto told her about Tsume, Hana, Kiba, Haku, Kushina and all the other people he had the pleasure of knowing.

"Wow Naruto-san, your life sounds so fun and exciting. It makes me wish I could be in Konoha. It doesn't sound like a bad place at all," Fu uttered with a giggle.

"So why don't you come back with me?" Naruto asked her. Fu paused and a small blush grew from her face at those words.

"B-But I just met you," Fu told him, but Naruto waved it off and grinned.

"We also told our life stories to each other despite it all. Your probably a missing nin right now Fu-chan and I can tell that you don't like to be chased so why not come back with me?" Naruto insisted. Fu blushed and looked at the ground trying to find some reason to refuse Naruto's offer, but for the life of her and Nanabi she couldn't.

"Well Naruto-san if you don't mind then I guess that's okay with me," Fu said and was about to leave, but Naruto stopped her.

"You don't have a place to stay do you?" Naruto asked her. Fu's face lit up in embarrassment.

"I do...not," Fu ultimately said in a depressive tone. Naruto chuckled at her and it made her even cuter when she pouted at him. Naruto motioned for Kyuubi and Kasumi to come with him and Fu took the time to inspect the girl with Kyuubi.

"Naruto-san, who's that? Fu asked pointing at Kasumi. Kasumi smiled and did a slight bow.

"Hello I'm Kasumi. I'm Naruto-sama's familiar and one of his loves," Kasumi said shocking Fu at those words. Her heart for some reason sank from those, but Kasumi also pointed to Kyuubi.

"And this is Kyuubi-sama, she is also one of Naruto-sama's loves," Kasumi said and Naruto had to smack himself in the head for not teaching Kasumi the term punctuality. Fu by this time had her eyebrow twitching and it only made it worse when Nanabi joked about not judging someone on how you saw them.

"Well anyway Fu-chan, let's go you look hungry," Naruto told her. Fu giggled at that, but she shook her head in a negative.

"No thank you Naruto-san, I ate a few hours ago so I just want to go to bed," Fu told him. Naruto nodded and the group of four walked away from the plains leaving the results of Naruto's training behind.

Back at the Hotel

Naruto and Fu had just arrived at the hotel and Naruto fished for his keys into his pocket. He opened the door to his room and it was still empty like always, but he didn't really care. He looked at the size of the bed and looked at everyone else.

"Alright Four people aren't going to fit into this thing," Naruto said and he noticed Fu's blush when she looked at the single bed. Naruto quickly shook his and blushed along with her.

"N-No no no no Fu-chan, I didn't mean it like that. Y-You don't have to sleep in the same bed as me. We just met and all. I wasn't suggesting anything," Naruto said trying to defend any honor he had left. Fu gave a soft laugh and Naruto's nervousness and sighed.

"I-It's alright Naruto-san, I don't mind too much," Fu said to him. Naruto nodded and before he did the covers Kyuubi disappeared into the seal and smiled.

"I'll just stay in here tonight. It's not so bad when you get used to it," Kyuubi said hopping in her bed and going to sleep. Kasumi henged into her dog form and waited for Naruto and Fu to lay down. Naruto allowed Fu to change into some clothes, but she said she didn't have much so she slept in what she had. Naruto decided to do the same and only took of his jacket and pants which left him in his sleeveless black T-shirt and some shorts. Fu blushed when she saw Naruto's toned arms and his toned chest that seemed to stretch the fabric of the shirt some.

"Dammit I'm blushing. Calm down Fu, just calm down," Fu told herself and climbed in the bed. Naruto followed and pulled the covers over them. Kasumi took her spot on Naruto's stomach and Naruto turned out the light as both jinchuuriki went to sleep.

Next Morning

Naruto and Fu were still sleeping the day away, but suddenly the door bursted open waking up the duo when they turned their gazes to see Haku and Kiba in the room.

"Naruto we have a problem-... Are we interrupting something?" Kiba asked while keeping up a feral grin and Haku chuckled along with him. Naruto and Fu glanced at each other and blushed madly before Naruto spoke in his defense.

"I'll explain later, what's the problem?" Naruto asked them. Haku dragged in an injured and unconscious Shizune and narrowed her eyes.

"Tsunade has gone to Orochimaru," Haku told him. Naruto felt the heaviest weight slam into his head when he heard that.


End of Chapter 27.

KG: And we are back with the Feud. Naruko, your turn. If you were a teacher and your top student hit on you, what would you do?

Naruko: I'd do nothing, ignore it.

KG: Kinda cold aren't you?

Naruko: *shrugs shoulders*

KG: Ignore it!

(Board pops with Number four with 12 people)

KG: Alright back to Minato.

Minato:Ummm tell their parents?

KG: Tell the parents!

(Buzzer sounds)

KG: One strike. Kushina, your turn.

Kushina: Ummmmm...

(buzzer sounds again)

KG: Too slow dattebamen. Naruto your turn, if you make this your still alive if not the Uchiha family can steal.

Naruto: I'm not sure. Sorry.

(Buzzer sounds) (Walks over to Uchiha family.

KG: Alright Fugaku, let me tell you the situation. If you steal you win the points. If not, the points go to the Namikaze family.

Fugaku: Talk them out of it.

KG: Very civilized. Talk them out of it!

(Board pops up with number 6 with 8 people) (Uchiha family cheers)

KG: Number 5!

(Board pops up)

Everyone: Give detention?

KG: Damn that's harsh. Alright Namikaze at 82 and Uchiha at 106, but it;s still anyone's game. Kyuubi sign us out.

Kyuubi: Till next time our readers. Bye bye.

KG: See ya later.