KG: Hello readers. We are back. Unfortunately we don't have a game show anymore since Ccebling decided to destroy it along with Gai and Lee.

Ccebling: I said I was sorry.

KG: Yeah, I know your sorry and your gonna be sorry all the way to the bank when you pay me for the damages.

Ccebling: SAY WHAT!

KG; That's right and I'm gonna use your money to build a Karaoke bar.

Ccebling: Why that?

KG: Cause I can. It'll be fun. Just think $9.00 per person, $12.00 for food and drink service, and $5.00 to use a karaoke room.

Ccebling: Mind hiring me?

KG: Sure I don't mind. You'll need a job. Naruto, Kyuubi, Kasumi, Tsume, Hana and all the others will be working here too.

Naruto: Why us?

KG: Cause employees get free admittance to the bar. Everything is free for them.

Tsume: We get a private room?

KG: Of course.

Kasumi: So we get a free private room, free food, and we get paid to work. Naruto-sama, I have no complaints here.

Naruto: I don't either, let's work. By the way, what do we call this Karaoke bar anyway?

KG:Ummm...(suddenly grins) Kitsune's Karaoke Bar.

Naruto: Alright, I like it I guess.

KG: Good. Alright then, Me and Ccebling are off to the bank. Be right back you guys.

Tsume: One question, how much are we paid?

KG: With current market stocks, the government's tax and the quality you all have as workers, I'd say 100,000 a year.

Naruto: That's good to me. Now onto the disclaimers KG. We will take Ccebling to the bank.

KG: Alright then. I don't own Naruto, if I did Haku would actually be a girl and not a Bishounen.

"SHE DID WHAT!" Naruto roared and quickly got out of the bed. Haku and Kiba could tell Naruto was pissed and the blonde quickly went to get his clothes. Fu simply stayed in the bed for a bit longer before stepping out and grabbing her clothes also. Suddenly Shizune stirred herself awake to see herself in Naruto's room and saw the blonde himself and a girl she didn't know in the room.

"Shizune-san can you tell me what happened?" Naruto asked her. Shizune gave a depressed look and told Naruto and the others how she stood up to Tsunade and told her master that Dan and Nawaki wouldn't approve of what she was doing. They then had a heated fight ultimately with Tsunade knocking Shizune out. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the information and then strapped his fire sword and lightning sword to his back while his wind sword stayed on the side of his hip.

No sooner than that, did Jiraiya come through the window startling the hell out of Fu, but she saw he was a little weak at the moment and helped him to the bed. Jiraiya thanked the mysterious girl for her help and rubbed his temples.

"Tsunade has really done it this time. Damn, to make a elixir that even I couldn't detect. No wonder she's a sannin," Jiraiya said and Naruto mentally cursed. He then made a chi bunshin and with the slow process Kyuubi came out of the seal and stretched herself awake.

"Looks like we all have a problem. Tsunade not a pushover even if Naruto-kun did take her down. We should hurry up and meet them," Kyuubi insisted. Everyone nodded, but Jiraiya turned to the girl with green hair.

"I feel like I know you from somewhere. Mind telling me your name?" Jiraiya asked her. Fu seemed to hesitate in answering him and turned to Naruto who gave her a small grin and nodded that she could trust everyone in this room. Fu gained some confidence from the silent conversation and nodded back.

"I'm Fu or better yet the Nanabi Jinchuuriki. I'm from Taki, but I escaped and became a rogue kunoichi," Fu stated making Haku and Kiba gasp. Shizune was busy healing Jiraiya of the effects of Tsunade's drug.

"Well that's interesting," Jiraiya said before getting back to the matter at hand. Soon the clashing of metal brought everyone's attention to Naruto who was twirling on of his kunai in his hand with a strong glare that only intensified when the shinseinagan showed.

"If you think your getting out of this bet that easily Baa-chan then you've got another thing coming," Naruto said and everyone nodded. Kasumi had changed to her human form and opened the door.

"So what are we waiting for Naruto-sama?" Kasumi said running out of the room. Naruto chuckled and followed after her along with Kyuubi and after them was Fu, Haku, and Kiba. Shizune and Jiraiya were a little behind since Jiraiya was still slightly weak from the drug.

"Shizune you go, I'll catch up if I can. Right now they need you more than I do," Jiraiya told her. Shizune hesitated, but nodded eventually and followed after the group.

With Naruto and the others

Kasumi had managed to pick up on the scent of Tsunade and it took them to the outskirts of Tanzaku town. They all saw Tsunade on the ground shivering while Orochimaru and Kabuto were smirking. They then looked up and locked eyes with Naruto's group who came to Tsunade aid.

"Ahh Naruto-kun and the members of Team 7. Also the Nanabi Jinchuuriki how quaint," Orochimaru said licking his lips. Kabuto chuckled also while Naruto gritted his teeth at them.

"Tsunade-baachan you really are hopeless you know that?" Naruto told her. Tsunade seemed to calm down, but some slight shivering was still there while she saw Kiba and Haku next to him along with a red haired woman and a girl with wolf ears.

"N-Naruto, what are you and the others doing here?" Tsunade asked. Naruto grinned and cracked his knuckles.

"I'm here to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life Baa-chan. Now then until you actually become a sannin who isn't afraid of blood, watch us kick their asses!" Naruto yelled as his fist glowed with chakra and he slammed it into the ground making it shake violently. Tsunade widened her eyes at Naruto's use of superhuman strength and for that second she stopped shivering. Orochimaru and Kabuto narrowed their eyes at Naruto and found him to be a little more troublesome.

"Well this certainly raises the stakes right Kabuto?" Orochimaru asked and Kabuto smirked while adjusting his glasses before making his left hand glow with chakra.

"Alright then, Kasumi-chan, Kyuubi-chan you go handle the pedo. Haku, Kiba and I will handle Kabuto. Fu can you take care of Baa-chan?" Naruto asked. Fu nodded and everyone went to their respective assignments. Orochimaru thought he heard wrong when he heard Naruto say 'Kyuubi-chan', but he ignored it. He then took out Kusanagi from his throat and chuckled while staring at Kyuubi and Kasumi.

"He's always so creepy eh Kyuubi-sama?" Kasumi asked with a grin. Kyuubi smirked with a nod and she took an anbu taijutsu stance.

"This is gonna be so fun. I haven't fought in so long. I hope he doesn't disappoint me," Kyuubi said as she and Kasumi engaged Orochimaru.

Meanwhile Naruto, Haku and Kiba dealt with Kabuto and they knew the man was skilled. He was able to perfectly dodge Haku's sword strikes and he blocked Kiba hit and countered them with his own. Naruto gritted his teeth at Kabuto and pulled out his fire sword to strike Kabuto, but the medic was just as slippery as his master. Naruto slashed at Kabuto however, the medic dodged out of Naruto's way and backflipped. Naruto, Haku and Kiba regrouped until they heard Kabuto snicker.

"Is this the best team seven can do?...pathetic. And you call yourself shinobi. You aren't even worthy of being in Orochimaru-sama's services," Kabuto barked. Naruto narrowed his eyes and so did Haku and Kiba while Akamaru growled at him. Naruto closed his eyes and walked forward making Kabuto's grin lessen.

"Alright Kabuto, then we won't hold back anymore. Haku, Kiba let's try it out now," Naruto told them. Haku and Kiba grinned while Naruto opened his eyes and his sharingan blazed. Kabuto widened his eyes at the blond having the Uchiha dojutsu that Orochimaru wanted so much. He then heard cackling and saw Naruto grip his right hand. Lightning cackled in Naruto's hand and it intensified his sharingan's glare.

"GO!" Naruto yelled. Immediately Kiba ran forward and crossed his fingers while his chakra linked with Akamaru's.

"Kage Bunshin no Justu," Kiba yelled as six bunshins came into existence along with six Akamarus. Kabuto gasped and stepped back, but Kiba and his bunshins began to spin violently with Akamaru's clones and they launched at Kabuto.

"Tajuu Gatsuuga," Kiba yelled and spiraled at Kabuto. Kabuto countered by jumping in the air and smoothly dodged all the Kibas and Akamarus who were spinning at him. He kept this up for a long time and his clothes were getting torn from the friction of the spinning. Suddenly Kiba stopped and grinned.

"Kiba get back," Naruto called and Kiba did just that. Kabuto turned to see Naruto running at him while his chidori was in full blaze. Kabuto chuckled and figured it was easy to dodge naruto since the chidori could only work in a straight line and it was rather easy to dodge, but when he was about to dodge, ice spikes came from the ground and held him in place. Kabuto cursed when he saw Haku with a gentle grin and he gasped when Naruto was in front of him.

"Chidori," Naruto yelled out slamming the chidori into Kabuto's chest. Kabuto screamed out and Naruto added more chakra to make the chidori expand even more dealing more damaged. The ice spikes began to break and Kabuto fell to the ground. Naruto's right hand held the remnants of the chidori through a small lightning current, but it stopped soon enough.

"Well I can't say we were entirely serious, but I think that get the job done," Naruto told them. Haku and Kiba nodded and walked away, but Kabuto wasn't done as he slowly stood to his feet.

"Not bad, but it's not over yet," Kabuto told them. Naruto and the others growled and watched the amazing healing abilities that Kabuto possessed as the damage that was dealt to him faded until he looked perfectly fine.

"I'm not Orochimaru-sama's assistant for nothing. I'm able to heal my body no matter how damaged it is," Kabuto told them. Naruto growled lowly and saw Kabuto take out a soldier pill as his chakra replenished quickly. Kabuto grinned and Naruto narrowed his eyes at the medic.

Both shinobi charged at each other and Naruto brought a kick to Kabuto's face, but the medic saw it coming and quickly countered it with a block. Naruto's sharingan flared as he anticipated Kabuto's block and brought his other foot around to hit Kabuto on the side. Kabuto winced at the pain, but steeled himself as he grabbed Naruto's right foot and with a jerk he made the blond lose his center of balance. It was all Kabuto needed before he pressed his arm to Naruto's chest and the blonde gritted his teeth in pain, before being kicked across the plains by Kabuto.

"Dammit," Naruto said as Haku and Kiba ran to his aid. However, Naruto wasn't the only one feeling the effects as Kyuubi gripped her chest in pain while Kasumi kicked Orochimaru across the field only to see her friend on the ground.

"Kyuubi-sama are you alright?" Kasumi asked. Kyuubi nodded and started to breath heavily. She definitely wasn't alright.

"What's this pain? Is Naruto-kun in danger?" Kyuubi thought to herself while Orochimaru smirked. He swallowed his blade into his throat while sending Kyuubi and Kasumi a glare, but Kyuubi had seen worse so it didn't do much, but for Kasumi she slightly cowered under the gaze.

"Well you two are most interesting, especially you with the red hair. You exude power like it was second nature. How would you like to join me and my quest for power," Orochimaru told them. Kyuubi gave him a painful chuckle while Kasumi growled at him.

"Humans like you are a dime a dozen. Your no different from the humans of the past and I doubt the humans in the future will be different from you, but to answer you question, I'd rather not join those who give hickeys to children," Kyuubi told him. Orochimaru's eyebrow twitched at that last remark before shrugged his shoulders and smirked.

"Very well, then you can both experience hell together," Orochimaru said running at them. However, his sword was blocked by a kunai and that sight made Orochimaru slightly scowl.

"Well looks like I just made it in time," Jiraiya said with a small grin. Orochimaru backed up and cursed his luck of seeing Jiraiya also, but then he got a good idea. It made him smile.

"Well Jiraiya, still a perv as usual and still a loser," Orochimaru stated making Jiraiya chuckle.

"Still the same pedo as always huh Orochimaru?" Jiraiya said to him. Orochimaru narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth before slowly lifting his hands to his mouth and he tore off the wrappings of his arm to show a seal.

"Now then, Kabuto come to me," Orochimaru yelled out. Kabuto obeyed and stayed near his master.

"Do it," Orochimaru ordered. Kabuto nodded and bit hid thumb before tracing it over Orochimaru's seal.

Meanwhile, Naruto carefully stood to his feet with the help of Kiba and Haku. He coughed up some blood slightly before his hazy vision pointed him to see Kabuto about to slam his hands on the ground.

"Tsunade-baachan be prepared to hand over that necklace right now," Naruto said gripping his kunai. Tsunade watched as Naruto wobbled a bit, but he then stood perfectly still and breathed slowly.

"Alright it's no or never," Naruto said as he threw the kunai at Kabuto. Tsunade and Shizune watched and so did Kiba and Haku as the kunai flew towards the medic nin.

"Connect your chakra to the seals of the kunai. Let the distance between them and you make the difference in your chakra and just...GO!" As the kunai neared Kabuto, Naruto vanished in yellow lightning shocking everyone who saw him and quickly turned to Kabuto's location which shocked the snake sannin and the medic nin. Naruto grinned and held out his right hand. Soon a blue sphere started to form and Naruto slammed it into Kabuto's back.

"Rasengan," Naruto yelled sending Kabuto across the fields and into a tree. Everyone was surprised at him and Naruto smirked.

"I win Tsunade-baachan. Fork over that necklace right now!" Naruto yelled out to her, but Tsunade couldn't reply. She just lost. Naruto had performed a perfect Hiraishin. Tsunade seemed to choke slightly while she looked at the ground. She then gave a small smile and stood to her feet. Jiraiya gasped at the sight and so did Orochimaru, who conveniently forgot that Naruto was right next to him. Naruto turned back to Orochimaru and his eyes showed a deep hatred for the man in front of him.

"Now it's your turn," Naruto said to him. Orochimaru looked at Naruto, then he saw Haku, Kiba, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, Kyuubi and Kasumi. He was severely outmatched, outclassed and as of this moment, out of luck. Orochimaru seethed and turned to Tsunade.

"There are plenty of other uses besides you Tsunade," Orochimaru said as he disappeared in a snake shunshin. Naruto narrowed his eyes then turned to where Kabuto should have been, but he was gone and Naruto sighed.

"Well that's just perfect. He runs off like a snake. Oh well at least we're...umm...what are you guys looking at?" Naruto asked noticing the stares everyone had on him. The blond blushed from the extensive gazes until he was bombarded by everyone in the excitement.

"Naruto-sama you did it! You did the Hiraishin perfectly," Kasumi said hugging the hell out of Naruto. Naruto chuckled and Kiba ruffled his blond hair slightly. Kyuubi, Haku, and Shizune smiled at Naruto and his accomplishment while Jiraiya seemed to be looking in the sky and he was smiling.

"Minato, you would be proud of your son if you could see him today. He mastered your most difficult technique. He really is amazing," Jiraiya said mentally. And last was Tsunade, she walked up to Naruto and proceeded to bonk him on the head. Naruto narrowed his eyes at her before seeing one of her calming smiles.

"You really are a stubborn brat, but a deal's a deal. I'll bet place this bet one more time," Tsunade said taking off her necklace and she gently wrapped it around Naruto's neck. Everyone watched the green jewel gleam in the sun and Tsunade sighed.

"Well I guess I'll be the Godaime Hokage then. I'll hold the seat as long as I can until you get to it Gaki," Tsunade said and everyone grinned at that.

"Well that's all nice and good. I'm glad Baa-chan," Naruto told her and Tsunade's eyebrow twitched at his remark.

"You keep calling me Baa-chan and you'll never meet another mission above C-rank again," Tsunade stated and Naruto raised an eyebrow at her. He wasn't sure if she was gonna make good on that threat of hers, but he would be damned if she got to one-up him after everything they just did.

"So, but it ain't happenin' Baa-chan," Naruto said with a grin and Tsunade sighed at him and his cheekiness. Jiraiya then placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a sorrowful expression.

"Tsunade, He called Sarutobi-sensei 'Jiji', He calls me 'Ero-sennin'. Your not getting out of this if we can't get him to stop so just accept it," Jiraiya told her. Tsunade arched an eyebrow and them slumped.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Tsunade wondered and the group began to walk back, but not before Tsunade turned to see Kyuubi walking with them.

"It just crossed my mind, but who are those two?" Tsunade asked pointing to Fu and Kyuubi. Both women grinned and Naruto decided to introduce the two to Tsunade since she didn't know them.

"Well first this is Fu-chan. She's from Takigakure. I want her to come to Konoha with us," Naruto said shocking Fu and the others at his statement. Fu suddenly blushed at Naruto's words and she looked at the ground. Everyone noticed and smiled at her act before she said something.

"I never said I'd go to Konoha with you Naruto-san," Fu said and Naruto turned to her with a grin.

"Well if you don't then I could just capture you as a missing nin and turn you in to Taki for the reward," Naruto said and everyone dropped their jaws. Fu immediately had a look of horror on her face and clutched Naruto's clothes.

"P-Please don't do that. I couldn't stand it if I went back. Please don't send me back," Fu said and Naruto chuckled. Everyone knew he would never really do such a thing and he was just kidding. Naruto lightly touched Fu's green hair and just smiled.

"Sorry Fu-chan. I didn't mean it. Just a joke. Besides you really should join Konoha. If your worried about Taki, then don't be. From this day forward, your under my protection as the head of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan," Naruto said and instantly Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune all gasped. Jiraiya grabbed Naruto's shoulders and immediately shook the blonde violently.

"When did you become the head of a clan? I never heard about this!" Jiraiya yelled out with Tsunade and Shizune nodding in agreement with the sannin. Naruto laughed at them and began to explain the detailed things about his mother and the council while Naruto found his compound and he was named as the youngest clan head along with Sasuke. As they walked, Naruto also told them how Haku became his first member besides himself and it made the girl blush slightly at remembering her plead. Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya were all shocked at Naruto for what he had done and all three couldn't wait to return to Konoha to see the compound.

"So who is this?" Tsunade asked pointing to Kyuubi. Kyuubi grinned and Naruto rubbed the back of his head. This wasn't going to go well on multiple levels.

"Before I tell you I'd like you to wear this chakra restriction seal," Naruto told her holding up the seal. Tsunade was confused as to why she would have to wear one, but didn't complain and put on the seal. Naruto sighed and began his introduction. Meanwhile, Kiba and Haku took a step back out of fear for the revelation. Jiraiya did the same and so did Kasumi.

"This is Kyuubi-chan or rather Miss Kyuubi no Yoko. She's my tailed beast," Naruto said making Tsunade and Shizune go wide eyed. Both were about to interfere, but Naruto stopped them.

"Please lets talk and I'll explain. Just don't do something I know you will regret," Naruto told them. Tsunade and Shizune looked at Naruto like he was insane, but nodded and awaited Naruto's explanation. Naruto told them how he met Kyuubi when he was younger and she helped him become how he was today. He had mentioned that the attack on Konoha wasn't her fault and he forgave her. He even told them that she was one of his mates. Tsunade and Shizune turned to Jiraiya who nodded and looked at Kyuubi from head to toe.

"Will if Naruto-san thinks she's okay then I've got no real complaints Tsunade-sama. It sounds like it was all a misunderstanding," Shizune said and Tsunade had to nod. Both were still cautious, but trusted Naruto's judgement in the matter and then everyone went back to go pack.

Back In Konoha

Sarutobi was sighing as he just heard the news from Tsume and Hana. There was an issue in the clan with status being the main issue. The old Hokage sighed and looked at Tsume and Hana. He knew that the two were dead serious and it made the Sandaime cringe slightly.

"And there is no other way out of this?" Sarutobi asked. Tsume and Hana shook their heads and Sarutobi sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time today. He knew it was a clan issue, but to have Naruto involved in it was so frustrating.

"Alright Tsume, have this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Man Tsume, could you date someone who didn't attract so much attention to himself?" Sarutobi asked and Tsume cackled at his question. Hana gave a small grin, but Tsume began to reply.

"Now Hokage-sama, you know that's no fun. Naruto-kun is my mate and I'll stand by him. Hana will also. Thank you for accepting this spar Hokage-sama," Tsume said as she and Hana bowed. Sarutobi nodded and he allowed them to leave. The Sandaime sighed as he knew Naruto was gonna be mad when he learned of this. Apparently Akira really didn't like Naruto taking what he thought was 'his'.

"Naruto-kun, hurry up and bring Tsunade back so I can retire. I'm too old for this shit," Sarutobi said while laying his head softly on the desk. He just wanted to drop this work and spend the rest of his days in peace that seemed to evade his grasp with each passing day. Suddenly a chunin came through the door with a scroll in his hand.

"Hokage-sama urgent news. It's probably important," The chunin said making Sarutobi groan. It was just one thing after another wasn't it?

"Alright good work. Let me see it," Sarutobi said and the chunin had him the scroll then left. Hiruzen glanced through the contents of the scroll and narrowed his eyes. Immediately after that they widened and Sarutobi dropped the pipe from his lips.

"Is he for real? What's the Raikage thinking?" Sarutobi wondered before he sighed. It was going to be a LONG talk when Naruto was finished with his business with the Inuzuka compound. Everything seemed to revolve around the blonde now. It was so troublesome to think about.

Back with Naruto and the others

Everyone had been packed up and ready to leave. It felt so weird to Tsunade that she would be leaving and going back to the place that she said she would never return to. Naruto and the group were happy that they completed their mission and they even got a new friend from it all.

"Alright let's get back to Konoha. I can't wait to relax and spend some time in my bed," Kiba said and everyone nodded in agreement with him. Kyuubi and Kasumi henged into their animal forms and took their respective positions on Naruto's head and in his jacket. Everyone began their trek towards Konoha and simply talk about some things for a majority of the trip.

It generally took about a three days worth of traveling for everyone to make it to Konoha and luckily there were no problems. When they all saw the gates come into view, everyone gave a sigh of relief. Naruto made it a point to place the seal around his compound and at specific places in the village. When the entire group came into view, Izumo and Kotetsu looked up from the gate stand and watched as everyone came over to them.

"Naruto, Haku, Kiba and T-T-Tsu-Tsunade-sama," Izumo said as he widened his eyes at the female sannin. Tsunade gave a warm smile and gave the two chunin a quick hello before looking at the village.

"This place hasn't changed at all. It really takes me back," Tsunade said and everyone walked through, well almost everyone anyway.

"Who is this? She's not from our village," Kotetsu said almost taking out a kunai aimed at Fu. The Nanabi jinchuuriki tensed up, but Naruto quickly came to her aid.

"Easy guys. She's with me. She had protection under the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan," Naruto declared to them. Kotetsu and Izumo shot Naruto a blank look before putting their kunai back in their pouches.

"Oh well alright then Naruto. As long as she's in your protection she's alright, but you might want to run it by Hokage-sama just in case," Izumo mentioned and Naruto took note of that. Fu walked past the gates and immediately thanked Naruto for getting her out of that jam. Naruto told her that it wasn't a problem at all and the group continued to walk through the village and towards the Hokage mansion with Tsunade and Shizune taking in the sites of their old home.

Hokage Mansion

Naruto and the entire group had finally made it to the Hokage mansion and after some time they walked into the office and everyone filed in while Sarutobi saw a new face, but he was going to deal with that later since he was his two students in the room with him.

"Tsunade your back," Sarutobi said and Tsunade gave a sheepish grin.

"It's good to see you too Sarutobi-sensei," Tsunade replied making the old Hokage smile and nod at her. After a detailed description of the mission by everyone in the room, Sarutobi was shocked to learn that Orochimaru had gone to Tsunade to fix his arms, but was happy that he never got the chance. He was even more shocked to learn that Naruto had mastered the Hiraishin. It was probably a milestone for the young tokubetsu jonin.

"That's amazing Naruto-kun. I can't believe you were able to complete it. Minato would be proud of you," Sarutobi told him. Naruto gave an embarrassed blush, but he nodded and thanked the Sandaime for the compliment. Hiruzen looked over the report one more time and gave a small smile.

"Well it's obvious that this was an A borderline S-rank mission. Naruto, Haku, Kiba I'll have your appropriate mission earning sent to your accounts in a few days," Sarutobi told them. Everyone nodded and then the Hokage glanced at Fu who seemed to be trying to hide behind Naruto's shoulder. It was slightly cute to everyone, but knowing how Fu was raised and treated back in Taki, it was no surprise that she would be wary of powerful figures in the villages.

"And who is this?" Hiruzen asked them all. Naruto smirked and grabbed Fu then placed her right next to him, but she then at least grabbed his one of his jackets folds keeping him close to her. Naruto figured it was the little sense of insecurity that she had experienced, but he didn't really mind and neither did anyone else.

"This is Fu-chan Jiji. She's a rogue who ran from Taki for their abusive nature towards her. We found her while we were looking for Tsunade-baachan. She's also the jinchuuriki of the Nanabi," Naruto told Sarutobi. The Sandaime widened his eyes and looked at Fu for a second which seemed to be an inspection of some sort.

"Naruto, you know we would have to return her to Taki unless she has something that can keep her here in Konoha," Sarutobi revealed and Fu tightened her small grip on Naruto's clothes a little more and turned to Naruto for help, but when she saw the blonde smile; she suddenly felt at ease.

"Well she does have something that will keep her here. She's under my protection as the clan head of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan and if I remember from the laws and rules I read about then it states in one of the books that in any time a person from outside the village comes under the protection of someone in the clan namely the clan head, that person is entitled to stay in the village so long as they keep the village laws and the clan takes responsibility for their actions," Naruto stated and it amazed nearly everyone that he had read up on that.

"Well that is correct Naruto-kun, but are you sure you can trust her?" Sarutobi asked not wanting Naruto to make a mistake as a clan head so young and one that he might regret in the future. Naruto narrowed his eyes then turned to Fu who gave him a pleading look and smiled.

"I'm sure Hokage-Jiji," Naruto asserted. Sarutobi sighed with a nod and allowed Fu to stay, but not before telling her to read up on Konoha's laws and other things. Fu thanked the man for his kindness, but not everything was finished yet.

"Naruto-kun there is one more thing I need to talk to you about," Sarutobi told him in a warning tone that made Naruto know this was probably bad news. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune picked up on it while Kiba and Haku knowing Naruto could tell it was probably a problem.

"What is it Jiji?" Naruto asked with a small glare.

"It has to do with the Inuzuka clan," Sarutobi mentioned and immediately Naruto wanted to know what was up and so did Kiba. Usually nothing in the clan warrants the Hokage's attention since it's relatively peaceful and everyone gets along with. Granted fights spring up every now and then, but something about this news disturbed Naruto slightly.

"Alright then Jiji, Haku-chan take Fu-chan to the compound and tell Kaa-san that she's with us. I'll inform you about the situation when I get back," Naruto said with a small air of authority in his voice. Haku wanted to retort, but she could see the look in Naruto's eyes that just told her to go and she complied.

"Hai Naruto-kun," Haku said as she and Fu walked out of the room although a bit reluctantly. Kiba decided to stay since this involved his clan and he wanted to know what was going on. Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune stayed since it was either out of concern for Naruto and the Inuzuka clan or since Tsunade was about to be Hokage, the need to know what the details were.

"Alright Jiji what is is? Is something wrong with Tsume-chan or Hana-chan?" Naruto asked immediately and Kiba slightly tensed at his tone.

"No Naruto-kun nothing is wrong with them, but it's a matter than involves the clan. You see three days ago Tsume and Hana came to me and they told me that there was an internal clan issue. It seems that someone in the clan didn't like you courting Tsume and he wants to fight you for the right to mate with her and rule the clan. His name is Akira Inuzuka and he's considered the strongest male in the compound," Sarutobi told Naruto. The blonde narrowed his eyes and then gritted his teeth at the information. This sounded like Akira was treating Tsume as a damn prize or possession He would gladly fight anything to stay with her, but the way this happened it didn't sit right with Naruto.

It also didn't sit right with Kiba either. The Inuzuka knew about Akira also. He knew Akira was the strongest male only being topped by his mother as the strongest member. However, while he was strong, he was all the most arrogant and conceited jerk some of the compound knew about. Some members had told Tsume to kick him out of the compound, but she always said that the Inuzuka take care of one of their own unless it was something inexcusable.

"He wants to fight me over Tsume-chan?" Naruto asked and Sarutobi nodded. Since it was a clan issue, he couldn't really dispute it himself even if he was the Hokage, he could do it if it would cause harm to the village, but this was over some trivial thing so he couldn't.

"And if I didn't fight him what would happen?" Naruto asked bringing everyone's attention to him. Kiba was probably the most worried that Naruto wouldn't fight for the right to be with Tsume, but knowing Naruto for years, Kiba came to expect most unexpected things.

"Well he would win by default and Tsume would be his. Granted I think she would fight him to remain single, but he would be named as the head of the compound anyway," Hiruzen replied. Naruto narrowed his eyes and looked at the ground with his hair shadowing his eyes. Everyone was silent as they waited for Naruto's reply to the situation, but suddenly Naruto's chakra flared as he balled his fists.

"I'll kick his ass! Tsume-chan is no object, but she's mine and I refuse to let anyone take her or Hana-chan from me! Jiji, when do I have to fight him?" Naruto asked and everyone smiled. Kiba grinned as did Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Sarutobi.

"I'm not sure Naruto-kun. You'll have to ask either Tsume or Hana, but I know it might be next week or a few days later just to give you some time to rest from your mission," Sarutobi told him. Naruto nodded and walked out the door with Kiba following him.

"Ironic that he's very protective of Tsume and Hana. I hope I can watch that fight," Jiraiya said with a grin. Tsunade and Shizune nodded before Tsunade raised up her hand.

"1,000 yen that the Gaki kicks his ass to the ground," Tsunade yelled. There was a silence in the room for a bit and Tsunade gave an embarrassed chuckle before everyone smiled.

"I got 2,000 yen on Naruto-kun," Shizune yelled out. Normally she wouldn't bet, but you never get a chance to bet on a sure thing such as this. Sarutobi and Jiraiya chuckled, but then they decided to bet also since they knew how strong Naruto was. It also helped that he, never would give up even if it killed him.

With Naruto and Kiba

The two boys walked back to the Inuzuka compound and Naruto was pissed off. He knew from Kyuubi and Tsume about being the alpha male in certain cases and that there would be challenges, but he was still pissed that someone who try to take Tsume from him. He'd be damned if ever lost Tsume to someone else.

When the two came up to the compound, Naruto grabbed the door and slid it open. Both he and Kiba took off their shoes and came into the compound. Naruto looked around the place for Tsume or Hana, but then there was yelling out in the back which was drawing quite a number of Inuzuka to the fight so Naruto and Kiba followed the noise until they saw Hana arguing with Akira.

"Akira your acting like a spoiled brat! Kaa-san isn't yours to take!" Hana yelled out and Akira gritted his teeth at Hana which increased his ferocity slightly.

"And that brat has the right to take her Hana? I'm much stronger than him, sure he's a tokubetsu jonin, but he hardly lacks the experience of one. Face Hana, both you and Tsume-sama know I'm better to lead the clan that he is. He already has his own clan to lead so why is he with us?" Akira asked and Hana faulted for a second, but luckily for her she was saved.

"I'm here, because I love Tsume-chan and Hana-chan. I care for them as my loved ones. I don't see them as objects like you do," Naruto said making everyone turn to face him. Some murmured and others seemed rather happy to see the blonde. Akira however, gritted his teeth and his feral features became more evident. Naruto wasn't backing down either. His eyes were slits and his whiskers were more defined thanks to Kyuubi. Akira's chakra flared and so did Naruto's.

"Your just a brat kid. Tsume-sama deserves better than you and that's just what I am," Akira said with a grin. Naruto narrowed his eyes at Akira and he could say this much already.

"Kiba was right, he's no joke, but he's definitely cocky and arrogant. I'd never lose to someone like this," Naruto thought and suddenly Kyuubi smirked from on top of his head.

"Damn right you won't Naruto-kun. I didn't train you for all those years just for you to lose to someone like that," Kyuubi remarked and Naruto chuckled with a nod.

"What's going on out here?" Tsume suddenly yelled out and saw Naruto locking eyes with Akira. While she walked to the two, some of the members told Tsume what happened and the Inuzuka head instantly scowled at Akira. Naruto broke his gaze from Akira and looked to see his girlfriend walking over to them. Akira broke his gaze to, but he huffed his annoyance and walked off with a sour look on his face with his companion growling at them before walking off. Naruto sighed and most of the clan dispersed when the fighting had stopped. Tsume sighed along with Naruto, but she then gave him a small smile.

"Well not what you expected was it Naruto-kun?" Tsume asked. Naruto shook his head and rubbed the back of his head. Kiba had asked how this all happened and Hana explained the situation to him while they were gone.

"He always was a stubborn one, but now he's gone overboard," Tsume said to them. Everyone nodded in agreement with her and for some reason they knew Akira didn't really love Tsume. He might've professed it out in the open and to her privately, but for some reason they could feel his heart wasn't in it.

"So Tsume-chan when do we fight?" Naruto asked. Tsume raised an eyebrow as did Hana and Naruto smiled while he walked past them and gave Tsume's ass a firm smack and felt Hana's ass causing the girl to yelp out and blush at his actions. Kiba's eyebrow twitched at that and the tree turned to Naruto.

"What? Tsume-chan and Hana-chan are mine. I'm not giving them to anyone," Naruto said which made Tsume laugh. Hana blushed at his words and Kiba rolled his eyes while a grin came across his face.

"You really like the ass don't you Naruto-kun?" Tsume asked. Naruto blushed, but didn't reply however that blush was all Tsume and Hana needed to know. Kiba then stretched with a groan and began to walk into the house.

"Well I'm gonna go change. Tenten and I have a date in about an hour," Kiba said walking off leaving a snickering Naruto and two smiling Inuzuka women.

"That reminds me. Hana-chan, before I left I was able to book a new restaurant that just came out last week," Naruto told her. Hana raised an eyebrow before remembering the places name and she suddenly gasped at him.

"You booked the Red Dragon?" Hana asked and Naruto had to nod. Hana knew that the place was probably crazy expensive, but with Naruto assets as they were it wasn't impossible for him to get a spot on the list for the restaurant.

"Yeah I wanted to take you on a date with me so I booked it and was going to tell you about it, but then the mission came up and everything. So I waited till now to tell you," Naruto told her. Hana smiled at that and Tsume chuckled while patting Hana's shoulder.

"Well Hana it seems you have a busy night scheduled. Wish I could go, but I've got some mission reports to fill out. You two have fun," Tsume said walking in the house while leaving the two behind. Hana blushed and so did Naruto.

"So when do we go out now that I have a date?" Hana asked. Naruto grinned and thought of an appropriate time for the two to go out.

"It's tomorrow and I'll pick you up at 7," Naruto replied to her. Hana nodded and gave Naruto a small kiss on the cheek making the blonde blush.

"Well I'll go find something to wear then. Oh Naruto on Inuzuka tradition, the fight is next week in the back of the compound where all fights are held," Hana told him. Naruto took that information to heart and stored it in his memory.

"Alright then thanks for the information Hana-chan. I promise I'm not gonna lose you or Tsume-chan to anyone," Naruto said with a thumbs up. Hana gently giggled and nodded before walking back to the house, but then came out for one more piece of information.

"Oh Naruto-kun, I forgot to tell you, but Anko and Kurenai wanted to see you about something when you got back," Hana told him. Naruto nodded and left the compound to do it's own thing.

Right now, Naruto was happy he placed the seals around his house as he closed his eyes and locked his chakra onto one of the three seals he had placed around the compound and instantly vanished in the Hiraishin towards his compound.

Namikaze Compound

While Naruto was busy at the Inuzuka compound, Haku had taken Fu to the compound and allowed her to look around. Fu was quite amazed at it as the compound was rather peaceful looking and it had an air of tranquility that she loved.

"We have lots of rooms so pick one Fu," Haku told her. Fu nodded absently and walked around the house. When fu selected a room, she quickly placed her things down, but she didn't unpack as Haku wanted to show the Nanabi jinchuuriki around more and she then introduced Fu to Kushina. Kushina had smiled at the girl and invited her to stay as long as she liked. Fu nodded and she went to work on reading the fuinjutsu that Naruto gave her. It seemed relatively simple and Nanabi helped explain some things that she didn't know so that made it better for her.

Suddenly, Naruto appeared in the living room of the house and nearly startled Fu from here reading.

"Oh sorry Fu-chan. I didn't mean to disturb your reading. I'll leave you alone," Naruto told her and was about to leave, but Fu immediately stopped him and blushed slightly while looking at the ground.

"T-Thank you Naruto for this. Your putting yourself and your clan on the line for me. I've never had anyone protect me this much before so I just wanted to thank you," Fu said and waited for Naruto to reply. However, he didn't give one and Fu was surprised when she felt his chiseled body over hers. She gave an immense blush across her face, but she calmed down when she heard Naruto speak.

"No need to thank me Fu-chan. I'd do it again if I had the chance to. Your always welcome here," Naruto told her. Fu gave a small and nodded with a few tears rolling down her face. Unknown to the two, Kushina and Haku were smiling at them both along with Kyuubi and Kasumi. It amazed all the woman that Naruto would never let any of them feel alone. Kasumi never liked to be with anyone in the Inuzuka clan before she met Naruto. Haku was simply with Zabuza and was never able to fully laugh or smile like she was. Kyuubi never had one and she was feared until she found her blonde. They all saw he was the one who could make any girl happy if given the chance.

Naruto then let go of Fu and he suddenly gasped.

"Oh that's right I have to go and see what Anko-chan and Kurenai-chan want," Naruto said to himself. Everyone then chuckled at Naruto's innocence in certain situations and Fu slowly let him go.

"I"ll be back later Fu, then I'll help you with your fuinjutsu," Naruto told her. Fu nodded and Naruto took off. Kyuubi and Kasumi were still with him when he ran out the door, but they didn't have anything to do so they decided to hang around Naruto a little longer.

After a bit of searching, Naruto found Anko and Kurenai in a training field and the blond jumped to the field to see them talking.

"Anko-chan, Kurenai-chan how have you been?" Naruto called out. The two jonin turned to see their equal in rank walking over to them and gave him a small smile.

"Hey Gaki, I take it Hana told you to meet us?" Anko asked and Naruto nodded.

"That's right Anko-chan. So what did you two need me for?" Naruto asked them. Anko and Kurenai grinned at each other and for a second Naruto wondered if he asked the right question.

"Well Naruto, you have the sharingan right?" Kurenai asked. Naruto nodded not knowing where they were going with this, but he heard them out.

"That's right. What do you need?" Naruto asked and Kurenai grinned along with Anko again.

"I want us to have a genjutsu fight. I heard about the sharingan's genjutsu and it's power and we'd like you to train us to overcome it," Kurenai said and Naruto raised an eyebrow. They wanted to be trained by him? That was almost like a dream if he ever had one like it.

"Well Gaki, will you teach us how to match up to the sharingan?" Anko asked. Naruto was about to reply, but then he snickered by accident making the two women look at him with confused expressions.

"So basically I'm your guinea pig?" Naruto asked. Anko gave a mocked expression and Kurenai narrowed her eyes at him. Anko moved fast and rested her arm on Naruto's shoulder.

"Aww don't be like that Gaki. You always training so why not help us out? We'd really appreciate it. What can we do to make you say yes?" Anko asked and Kurenai instantly stuttered.

"Anko! Naruto-san is dating Tsume. I don't think she would like you hitting on Naruto-san like this," Kurenai retorted and Anko simply gave a grin. Naruto closed his eyes for a second and smirked.

"Alright," He said and the two women turned to him.

"I'll help Kurenai-san and Anko-san out. I don't mind, but I've got one request," Naruto told them. Both jonin arched their eyebrows at him and simply shrugged their shoulders. They figured it was to treat him to some ramen, but Naruto gave a mysterious grin that made their hair stand on end.

"It's simple and we'll make this interesting. If you win, I'll train you for free, but if I win I get one date with each of you for the training," Naruto said with a foxy grin. Kurenai widened her eyes and so did Anko, but the latter gave a smirk and nodded.

"Fine by me. What do you say Nai-chan?" Anko asked. Kurenai turned from Naruto to Anko and back before sighing.

"Alright I guess. What is it Naruto-san?" Kurenai asked. Naruto's grin got bigger and he crossed his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto yelled and six clones came into existence with three wielding a three-tomoe sharingan and the other three wielding the byakugan.

"If you two came take these six down then I'll train you and I lose, but if you lose to one then I win," Naruto told them. Anko got an even bigger grin while Kurenai seemed to be interested.

"Good by me. Ready Nai-chan?" Anko asked as she readied a kunai. Kurenai did a simple stretch before taking a kunai from her pouch also.

"Ready. Be prepared Naruto-san, you just made the worst bet of your life," Kurenai said. Anko nodded and the real Naruto leaned up on a tree with a smile as both jonin charged his clones.

"Well I would've helped them anyway, but this is more interesting right Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi chuckled and jumped off Naruto shoulder, she then turned to her human form and allowed her red, vibrant hair to flow down.

"Your such a natural prankster Naruto-kun," Kyuubi told him.

"Well I try," Naruto replied seeing Anko get kicked in the stomach.

"Oh that's gotta hurt/Oh that's gotta hurt," The two thought as they continued to watch the jonin spar with the clones.

End of Chapter 28.

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