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Everyone: 'I'll follow you if you follow me. I don't know why, you lie so clean. I'm breaking through the irony!'

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Everyone: 'I'll follow you if you follow me. I don't know why, you lie so clean. I'm breaking through the irony!'

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Everyone: 'I'll follow you if you follow me. I don't know why, you lie so clean. I'm breaking through the irony!'

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"Alright Akira, you've pissed me off and your going to regret it now!" Naruto said with his new sand swirling around. The steam coming off it was enough to make everyone sweat from the heat of it.

"What kind of sand is that? It's so different from Gaara-san's sand," Lee said while Neji and Kakashi activated their sharingan and byakugan. They looked into Naruto's chakra network and nearly widened their eyes.

"So that's what he's doing," Neji said bringing everyone's attention to him. Kakashi chuckled at Naruto's ingenuity while Tenten wanted to know.

"What's Naruto doing Neji?" Tenten asked. Everyone grouped around him and even some of the chunin leaned in close to hear. Neji gave a small grin and looked at Naruto.

"Naruto-san is manipulating his chakra network into the katon affinity. It's leaking from his body and he pours that katon chakra into his sand which heats the sand up to an incredible degree. That accounts for the sand's crimson-ish color and the steam. It's amazing that Naruto can do that. The chakra control it takes to do that must be insane," Neji uttered and everyone stared at Naruto. The blonde's eyes were burning from the Shinseinagan.

Naruto always wanted to save his own dojutsu for last resorts. Can't let the enemy know all his tricks, not to mention that having the byakugan and sharingan were kind of cool since he could piss of some people who were mean to him in the past. It's why Naruto stuck mainly to the byakugan or sharingan, but this situation demanded the shinseinagan and Naruto wasn't one to ignore that calling at all.

Meanwhile, Akira's body was glowing with purple-ish chakra. The markings becoming evident all over his body. It really did suck that in this match the officials couldn't interfere since this was a clan issue and Akira hadn't directly done anything to Konoha so they couldn't stop him from using the curse mark either.

"Well brat let's go. I'll mop the floor with your ass right now!" Akira yelled and in a blur of speed that made Naruto almost gasp, he punched at the blonde, but to Naruto's surprise, the sand quickly came to his defense and blocked it. Akira quickly removed his fist from the burning sand and Naruto watched the sand retreat back to his form.

"I don't remember telling it to block. How'd it move?" Naruto wondered in thought, but he couldn't dwell on it long before Katomaru charged at him. Naruto was about to attack, but Kasumi came from behind him and pushed Katomaru to the side and out of Naruto's way.

"Sorry, but your fights with me Katomaru," Kasumi said with a growl. She dropped low to her stance in front of Naruto and to Akira and Katomaru, she seemed to be protecting Naruto while the blond was her support. Naruto had just turned into a long range fighter and Kasumi would be his protector as the close combat fighter.

"Ready Kasumi-chan?" Naruto asked. Kasumi grinned while her nails grinned the grass and the ground leaving some claw marks.

"Let's go Naruto-sama," Kasumi said and Naruto nodded. Naruto shot out his hand and on that command, the sand shot at Akira and Katomaru which made the two dodge. Kasumi ran at Katomaru and quickly kicked him across the face, but Akira grinned when he managed to catch Kasumi's kick in time and hurled her at the ground. Kasumi gasped and was about to cushion the blow to the ground, but she landed in something soft and turned to see Naruto's sand softly holding her. The blond allowed some of his sand to return to normal so he wouldn't burn Kasumi. Setting her on the ground, the blonde shifted his gaze back to Akira and Katomaru. With a quick flash of handsigns Naruto's burning sand seeped into the ground and before long the blond slammed his hand to that ground and yelled.

"Moeruze Sabaku: Tajuu Suna Yari( Burning Sand: Multi Suna Spears)," Naruto shouted sending dozens of sand-like spears at Akira. Said Inuzuka cursed and with Katomaru, the two maneuvered through the barrage of spears and successfully made it to the ground.

"Not bad brat," Akira said and made his own handsigns. Naruto eyes locked in on the handsigns and while he wasn't sure if he should copy this or not, now wasn't the time to be second guessing himself.

"Katon: Kami no Hanketsu( Fire Release: Divine Judgement)," Akira yelled out and sent the fire at Naruto at Naruto. Kasumi jumped behind Naruto while Katomaru did a Tsūga in the fire increasing the fires intensity. Naruto cursed and added chakra to his fist. He shocked everyone who was watching when he slammed the ground making it crack underneath the pressure.

"Moeruze Suna no Tate( Burning Sand Shield)," Naruto yelled and his sand immediately shot up to block the fire. The flames collided with the sand and Naruto could feel the heat on the other side of the wall of sand.

"How are you hanging Naruto-kun?" Kyuubi asked in thought. Naruto kept pouring chakra into his sand to keep it up and grinned.

"This might be tough Kyuubi-chan. His curse mark is making him move faster than before. Also this sand is draining my chakra, thanks to my reserves and your chakra I'm fine, but if I continue to use this sand then I might fall soon," Naruto answered and turned back to his problem. The flames subsides and Naruto let the sand down. It was amazing how his sand was able to block that fire, but he knew that this was far from over. Naruto could just win with Amaterasu, but he doubted Akira would give him the chance for the blonde to focus on his body.

"Alright Naruto-kun, do you remember that other feature I told you about your dojutsu a few months back?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto raised an eyebrow at thought back to his successful mission from Wave Country.


"So I don't have to close my eyes each time I switch between bloodlines?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi shook her head while she roamed her cage.

"No you don't Naruto-kun. Granted it helps, but it isn't required. Plus there is another feature to your dojutsu that you will just love, but I can't tell you know. It will run the surprise," Kyuubi replied. Naruto widened his eyes and decided to voice his complaints.

"What? Com on Kyuubi-chan. I thought we had a no-secrets relationship going on here," Naruto said and Kyuubi giggled playfully in her serene environment.

"Sorry Naruto-kun can't tell you, but trust me when I say you will love it,"

Flashback end

Naruto widened his eyes that he did in fact remember that. It felt so long ago that he did hear her say that and it slipped his mind. However, it must be important now and Naruto really wanted to know before he dropped his sand.

"So what is it Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked Kyuubi grinned at Naruto's enthusiasm and she knew the risks, but Naruto would be fine. She knew that much for her blonde.

"Keep in mind that it takes a large amount of chakra to do, but you'll be fine. Now then do you know what bloodlines you've copied so far?" She asked in thought. Naruto raised an eyebrow and tried to remember. He had his shinseinagan, Haku's ice, Kakashi's sharingan, Neji's byakugan, Gaara's sand and the Inuzuka taijutsu if that could be considered a bloodline, but he figured it was.

"Yeah I know, so what's the importance here?" Naruto asked again and Kyuubi grinned. She was such a genius that it almost scared even her at times.

"Naruto-kun, focus on two particular bloodlines you want to you. Your shinseinagan has to be active for you to use this feature, but regardless of that, your sand is out now try using something else,"Kyuubi said and Naruto raised an eyebrow. He looked at his sand crumbling and looked at his other hand. He held it out and it made him gasp when he formed an ice senbon. His eyes gleamed and he turned to Kyuubi.

"You mean if my shinseinagan is active, I can use two bloodlines at once?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi nodded with her same foxy grin.

"That's right. It will take a lot out of you the first time, but as you use this feature over and over, your body will become accustomed to the rapid changes of bloodlines. Now go and get him Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said cutting the connection to her. Naruto grinned with a nod and turned to Kasumi.

"Kasumi-chan until I say so, I want you to stay out of the fight for a bit," Naruto told her. Kasumi widened her eyes and immediately shook her head.

"No Naruto-sama! I can fight just fine," Kasumi countered, but Naruto smiled and rubbed her head making Kasumi blush.

"I know you can Kasumi-chan, but trust me on this. My control might be shot so I don't want you getting hurt while I test this out," Naruto told her. Kasumi looked into Naruto's blue eyes and bit her lower lip. She hated that she was so vulnerable to his eyes when he looked at her like that. Kasumi stood to her feet and nodded.

"Thirty minutes Naruto-sama. I'm coming back after that. I couldn't live with myself if I lose you," Kasumi stated walking to a vacant spot. Naruto thanked her and watched his sand fall. He saw Akira and Katomaru grinning at him.

Akira looked to see Kasumi walking off and turned to Naruto with a scowl on his face.

"You tryin' to prove something brat?" Akira asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He tried to focus his chakra on the two bloodlines that he would use at the moment.

"No I just don't want Kasumi-chan getting hurt over something that has to do with you and me alone," Naruto retorted and Akira raised an eyebrow. He saw Naruto's mysterious smile and for some reason it pissed him off so much, but he had to admit that Naruto was right.

"Katomaru get back. I'll take care of this whelp myself," Akira said to his companion. Katomaru wanted to retort, but Akira sent him a glare that made the dog whimper and walk back. He then turned back to Naruto and the marks on his body grew more evident.

"Alright brat. It's just you and me now brat. I'll make sure you know your place," Akira boasted and everyone gulped when the chakra around him grew a bit more malignant.

"Bring it on Akira. I'll show you how serious I am about keeping Tsume-chan, Hana-chan and the Inuzuka clan from you clutches," Naruto said to him. Akira growled and seethed. Naruto always had such a mouth and it was pushing Akira to the limits of his patience. In a flash, Akira erased the distance between him and Naruto as he let out a punch.

"Then try it!" He yelled and his fist collided with Naruto's sand, but unlike the last time Akira didn't withdraw his fist. He persisted through and pumped chakra into his hand. Naruto widened his eyes when he saw Akira's nails coming through his sand. The blonde looked at his left hand and sighed while his shinseinagan flared.

"Time to see if this works like I want," Naruto said and using that one hand, he did his one-handed handsigns and, finding all the small traces of water in the ground, he stomped the dirt. Haku smiled with a sense of pride and watched Naruto use her clan's bloodline.

"Hyoton: Sensatsu Suishō( Ice Release: 1000 Water Needles of Death)," Naruto yelled out and the countless barrages of needles charged at Akira. Said Inuzuka gasped and in a blur of speed evaded the the water needles. He backflipped then skidded to the right dodging all the strikes. Naruto narrowed his eyes and quickly maneuvered his body to the right when he saw Akira throw a kunai at him. It was easily blocked by the sand so Naruto didn't have too much trouble with it.

"Alright it works now then I'll make you pay!" Naruto said going through some another set of handsigns. Akira widened his eyes when he saw the sand swirled around his foot and slowly creep up his body. The Inuzuka cursed while Naruto wrapped Akira's entire body in sand and hoisted him into the air with a glare that made Akira nearly shake from looking into his shinseinagan eyes.

"Moeruze Sabaku Kyū( Burning Sand Coffin)," Naruto yelled out as he remembered what Gaara tried to do one time when he, Kiba and Haku fought him in the chunin exams. Everyone watching gasped at the captured Akira, but the most surprised where Tsume and Hana.

"Naruto-kun's doing it. He's beating Akira. Kaa-san I think Naruto-kun could win." Hana said and Tsume chuckled.

"You doubted Naruto-kun? Hana you need more faith in him," Tsume said and Hana narrowed her eyes at her mother.

"Kaa-san weren't you sweating slightly went Akira sent that giant katon jutsu at Naruto-kun?" Hana asked and Tsume turned her gaze from her daughter who chuckled at her.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was watching the match, but he clenched his teeth tighter and tighter when he was being reminded of the distance between him and Naruto. The blonde had surpassed him in nearly all aspects and Sasuke was getting sick of it. First it was the council telling him he needed women to revive his clan. Second, Genma wouldn't send him on higher missions to test his power. Lastly, he was forbidden from using the one source of power he felt he had. They all wanted to stop him. To keep him as the village's prize. He wanted revenge. He didn't have the time for girls. When Sasuke saw Akira fight with the curse mark, he suddenly realized the power that Konoha wanted to hid from him. The speed that make Naruto actually focus to see. The power and chakra that was poured into the techniques and the strength. There didn't seem to be any downside to this.

"Orochimaru was right. I've got to get out of here. If he can give me power then I'll take it from his slithery hands. He might actually be useful to me," Sasuke thought with a grin that made Sakura and Ino looked at him with worry in their eyes.

Naruto used his sand to tighten Akira making the Inuzuka wince at the pressure of the burning sand. It also added that he was starting to get burn marks across his body from Naruto's sand. Naruto made another one handed handsign and he calmly placed his hand on the ground.

"Hyoton:Hiryū no Haka( Ice Release: Grave of the Ice Dragon)," Naruto yelled as the ground began to open up, inside was a hole filled with ice spikes and everyone had to wondered where Naruto was getting all this water from.

"Maybe he's using his own chakra. With his reserves as large as they are it wouldn't surprise me," Kurenai stated making some people nod. It was still a strange sight, but Naruto was finished.

"Alright give up Akira. I can drop you in this ice grave right now if I want to. It's over," Naruto told him. Akira narrowed his eyes at Naruto and then smirked. His body was shaking and suddenly he bursted out laughing. Kasumi suddenly got a chill up her spine and so did Hana and Tsume.

"You think you've won kid? You haven't even scratched the surface of what I can do. My fun time with you is over and I'll get serious-," Akira's curse marks wrapped around his entire body. His hair grew longer and his teeth sharpened.

"So try-," His skin grew dark and his eyes turned into perfect slits.

"Not to die!" Akira screamed out and Naruto felt his sand crumble. The blonde widened his eyes at the new Akira who looked more like an animal than a human being. Kasumi stood to her feet fast, but Naruto shook his head and told her to stay where she was. Kasumi gritted her teeth, but complied with Naruto's orders. The sand around Akira dropped and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He was probably in some trouble right now.

"Great, out of one problem and into another. His chakra increased drastically. What did Orochimaru give him anyway? Wait, was it that hickey he tried to give me that one time?" Naruto wondered and suddenly paled.

"Well brat are you ready to fight?" Akira asked. Naruto looked at Akira and held up his hand.

"Just one question," Naruto said and Akira gritted his teeth. Was now really the time for questions?

"What?" Akira asked in a pissed off tone.

"Where did you get that hickey?" Naruto asked. Everyone got a blank look on their face then sweatdropped. Leave it to Naruto to make a situation less serious by asking a question like that.

"He..he..heh HAHAHA!"

Everyone turned their heads to see Kiba laughing along with Haku. Both laughed and after them was Kyuubi, then Hana, and even Tsume. It seemed everyone just forgot the mood and started laughing. Akira gritted his teeth and growled at Naruto.

"What does it matter where I got this? You'll be gone soon enough anyway," Akira said and in a blur of speed, he quickly appeared in front of Naruto. The blonde gasped and was sent flying into a tree. Everyone stopped laughing and saw Akira in a foul mood. Naruto got up slowly, but fell to his feet.

"Damn that hurt," Naruto said holding his stomach. Akira quickly appeared in front of him and kicked him across the field before the blonde could react. His speed and increased to an amazing degree and in that speed he appeared behind Naruto. The blonde cursed and twisted his body to avoid the strike. Naruto barely dodged the hit and with a flip of his foot he managed to hit Akira over the head, but the Inuzuka blocked that hit and grabbed Naruto's jacket. The blonde gasped when Akira wrapped his arms around Naruto's body and the two were sent spiraling into the ground.

"I've been working on this technique for a bit. If you survive which you won't tell me what you think," Akira said as they spiraled into the ground.

"Gyaktsūga( Reverse Passing Fang)," Akira yelled as he slammed Naruto into the ground head first. It was simply a variation of the Primary Lotus, but it probably wasn't as powerful, but with Akira's curse mark, the destruction behind it was devastating. Everyone gasped when they saw the dirt and dust pick up from the explosion.

"Naruto-kun!" Hana yelled. Tsume narrowed her eyes and gritted gritted teeth through it. She wanted to move, but she couldn't.

The dust settled and Akira still in his new form smirked when he saw Naruto on the ground. The blonde was motionless while Akira walked up to him.

"That's the difference between you and me," Akira said with Katomaru barking in agreement with his statement. Kasumi widened her eyes and quickly ran to Naruto's aid. The blonde's clothes were in tears and he wasn't looking good at all.

"Naruto-sama! Naruto-sama! Are you alright?" Kasumi asked. Naruto squinted his eyes on Kasumi's form and then turned to Akira.

"Akira you bastard. I'm not done with you!" Naruto said and Akira turned around and scowled at the blonde. Hana and Tsume smiled while Kiba cheered for his buddy. Naruto struggled to his feet, but with Kasumi's help he stood up just fine.

"Still trying to act tough huh?" Akira said and with his quick speed he grabbed Naruto by his throat and kicked Kasumi away from the blonde and into a tree.

"Pathetic. A real pup knows when to walk with its tail between its legs," Akira said and Naruto glared dangerously at the Inuzuka with his shinseinagan active. Akira narrowed his eyes at Naruto's and brought the blonde closer to him.

"What's that look for?" Akira asked. Naruto coughed slightly from the last attack. Even if he used his sand to cushion that blow it still hurt like hell. Not to mention that the use of two bloodlines at once was taxing on his chakra. He only had one shot it was all he had going for him right now.

"Kyuubi-chan I need your chakra right now. Not a lot, but enough," Naruto said in thought and Kyuubi looked at the ground for a second.

"If it's only a little then fine Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto nodded and he knew he would have to put it all into what he had planned. He was sure Akira was tired also. That curse mark must have been taking up his chakra. It just had to be. Plus...that form was getting tougher to look at.

Naruto suddenly felt his chakra reserves fill and he could feel it go through him. Naruto grinned and reached into his pouch. For what he had planned he would need to do it faster, but this was alright for now. Naruto took out a seal and slammed it on Akira's chest. The Inuzuka looked down at it and while he was distracted Naruto sent a chakra enforced punch to his face making Akira fly into a tree. Katomaru whimpered at the sight of his master getting her and Kasumi was the same, but both followed their masters wishes and stayed back.

Akira coughed and looked at the blonde who put some real distance between them and grinned.

"So the pup still has some fight left huh?" Akira said with a smirk. Naruto cracked his knuckles. Akira wanted for the blond and Naruto breathed deeply. He would only have one-shot at this and he hoped it worked. Naruto charged at Akira in an extreme speed that made Akira whistle at his speed, but he could keep up and ran at Naruto. The crowd looked on as the two were about to collide. Some of them closed their eyes for fear of what would happen to either of the two fighters.

"It over now brat!" Akira yelled and swung his fist and Naruto grinned which wasn't lost to Akira and, making everyone gasp, he disappeared in the Hiraishin and appeared behind Akira. Naruto quickly went through his hands signs and gripped his right arm. It cackled in lightning loudly and the blonde wanted to be quick.

"Chidori," Naruto yelled and slammed Akira into the air. Akira gasped at the hit, but Naruto wasn't finished. He was going to make Kyuubi's chakra boost count. Akira screamed as he was launched into the air and Naruto grinned. He really had to thank his father for making the Hiraishin, no matter how chakra draining it was. The blonde disappeared again and appeared behind Akira then held out his left arm. A blue ball appeared in his hand and Naruto could only grin that Kyuubi's chakra was being used and his plan was working.

"Not done yet! Rasengan," Naruto yelled and slammed the spiraling sphere into Akira's back. Akira yelled out his pain as he was sent flying into the ground. Naruto still didn't want it to end. He wanted Akira down and he was going to make sure as hell that Akira stayed down. Said Inuzuka slammed into the ground with a gasp and Naruto vanished again. He appeared above Akira with both his hands stretched out.

"Rasenrengan," Naruto yelled and smashed the dual rasengans into Akira again making them both grind against his back and make the field explode. The wind, dust, and dirt picked making everyone closed their eyes from the impact.

"So that's what he wanted my chakra for. Naruto-kun your so reckless," Kyuubi thought with a smile.

"That's my sochi. He's just like his father," Kushina said mentally.

It took a while, but the dust finally settled and everyone saw a panting Naruto standing over an unconscious Akira. His curse marks had receded and the Inuzuka was back to normal. Naruto gave out heavy breathes and turned to all the others watching.

"I think I overdid it," Naruto said as he hit the floor and passed out also. Everyone seemed generally shocked by the outcome, but nonetheless people were happy. Tsunade grinned and walked up to the two unconscious fighters.

"The winner is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. He wins the fight!" Tsunade declared.

"Naruto-kun won!" Hana yelled and suddenly Kiba stood to his feet. He ran over to Naruto and grabbed the blonde.

"Nice going man. You really showed him," Kiba said to the unconcious blonde. Everyone else crowded him while Kiba helped Naruto to the compound.

"I guess he's gonna sleep it off Kaa-san. Kami only knows how this fight looks," Kiba said turning to the damaged field. Tsume nodded and looked at Naruto sleeping face.

"He really fought hard not just for me and Hana, but for the Inuzuka clan also. I knew I made the right choice when I met you," Tsume thought as everyone walked off.

Inuzuka Compound, 5 hours later, sunset

Naruto's eyes cringed as he looked at the room he was in. The last thing he remembered was knocking Akira out with his new rasengan version the Rasenrengan. It really worked out better than the blonde planned. It would have made a better impact if he used that alone instead of mixing the Chidori, Hiraishin, and three rasengans into one move. It really made him pass out too.

"Ugh what happened?" Naruto wondered as he slowly stood up from the bed. He rubbed the back of his head and saw some of his torn clothes on a chair. The blonde was out of his normal clothes and was wearing just his boxers and his white T-shirt. He saw everything was fine, but his swords were gone. Naruto sighed as he went downstairs, he at least decided to put his pants on before leaving though.

"I wonder where everyone is. I passed out before I heard if I won," Naruto said to himself. The blonde walked downstairs and saw the lights on. When he came down, he saw lots of people conversing and talking. One person looked at him and grinned.

"Hey everyone, look whose up," Kiba said alerting everyone. People turned their gazes to Naruto and the blonde was immediately met with countless cheers and claps. Not even a second after that did Naruto receive a bone-crushing hug from Hana.

"Naruto-kun, your up," Hana said making Naruto gasp.

"Not...for...long," Naruto managed to say and Hana blushed before letting him go for the blonde to breathe.

"Sorry about that. I was worried," Hana said and Naruto smiled.

"We were all worried," Tsunade said offering Naruto a drink. The blonde looked at the cup and quickly took it into his hands and gulped down its contents making people laugh at him.

"By the way, where are my swords?" Naruto asked them. Kiba sighed and looked at the ground in embarrassment.

"Yeah sorry about that Naruto," Kiba said pointing out in the field allowing Naruto to see Tenten checking the three swords out with a look of glee on her face. Naruto sweatdropped and then sighed.

"Forget it Kiba. So where's Akira?" Naruto asked them. Everyone seemed to quiet down while Tsume spoke.

"He was banished from the clan a short while ago. I told him to tell me the origins of that curse mark. At first he refused, but Anko gladly told me that it was from Orochimaru. So I not only banished him for danger to the clan for associating with an S-rank criminal, but he's been placed under arrest by Konoha since our personal clan matters are over now," Tsume said to Naruto. The blonde looked at the ground and narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, I see," Naruto simply said and for a while there was some silence from everyone, but then Kushina spoke up.

"However Naruto-kun, if you ever do anything that chakra exhausting again. I'll hurt you myself," Kushina said and Naruto chuckled. Tsume then squeezed Naruto's cheek making the blonde yell at her to let go.

"I'm with her Naruto-kun. Don't do that again," Tsume told him. Naruto nodded with a smile as he rubbed his cheeks free of the pain.

"Hehe got it," Naruto said and then he was met with a plate of food.

"Eat up Naruto-kun, this is a celebration after all," Haku and Kyuubi said at the same time. Naruto chuckled with a nod and settled for eating the delicious food. He saw some of the others around, but Sasuke and Sakura were gone. He assumed the emo left and the banshee with him. He also saw Fu conversing with the other genin. She seemed to be reserved about it, but Naruto knew she would come around.

"Come on Fu-chan lighten up. No one here is gonna hurt you," Naruto told her. Fu looked at Naruto and blushed before looking at the ground with a nod.

"So Naruto, by any chance did you think you would win that fight?" Kiba asked. Naruto stopped eating and looked at his plate.

"Honestly, I think I only one because Kyuubi-chan told me about my dojutsu special feature that I didn't know about. I'll have to train to get it down. Trust me I think the only downside to my dojutsu is the chakra tax. I guess it shows that even my dojutsu has a setback," Naruto said to Kiba.

"Are you kidding? With chakra reserves like yours why should that be a setback?" Kiba asked. Naruto chuckled with a nod.

"I see your point," Naruto said finishing his plate. He then stood to his feet and looked around the room.

"Kiba, where's Kasumi-chan?" Naruto asked. Kiba's smile faded and he pointed somewhere out in the woods.

"She left about half an hour ago. She was kind of sad so we just left her alone. We don't know what she's doing," Kiba said and Naruto sighed. Yeah, this was gonna be a long talk.

"Thanks I'll go look for her," Naruto said walking off, but he didn't get far before Tenten stopped him.

"Naruto, where did you get these swords? Their amazing. I haven't seen anything this well crafted since, well...anything. Tell me who made them," Tenten said to him. Naruto gave a sheepish chuckle as that was a hard one to answer. Sure he could tell her, but would she really believe that he simply got his fire sword because someone didn't know its value, he got the wind sword from a raging storm that happened a few weeks ago or that his lightning sword came from him thanks to an A-rank missing nin. Oh yeah, she'd really believe that of all things.

"Umm...found them?" Naruto asked like an answer. Tenten raised an eyebrow, but before she could say anything Naruto ran off leaving a confused Tenten behind along with the festivities at the Inuzuka compound.

Naruto walked through the thick forest and saw that the moon was already out. He sighed and wondered where his cute dog girl was. Kasumi had always been with Naruto and not seeing her when he woke up was kind of saddening.

"Kasumi-chan, where are you?" Naruto wondered as he traversed the woods. He really wanted to find Kasumi, but for the life of him he couldn't. If only he could find her by some means of contact.

"Wait...duh," Naruto said closing his eyes. After a short time, he flashed the byakugan and using its ocular powers. He managed to increase the range of his find and actually found Kasumi about half a mile up ahead. Naruto grinned as he switched back to his regular eyes and shot towards her location.

Meanwhile, Kasumi sighed as she looked at the moon in the sky. She wanted to be with Naruto and see if he was up and about, but something stopper her from going. She headed out to the woods to think and be alone, but that wasn't working out for her at all. So she simply settled for sitting on the soft grass and looking at the moon. It was then that her ears twitched and she turned her head.

"Hey Kasumi-chan," Naruto said with a smile. Kasumi widened her eyes when she saw Naruto, but the blonde wasn't met with a smile only a frown.

"Naruto-sama, your up. I'm glad for that. I'd like to be alone right now," Kasumi suddenly said and Naruto stopped advancing towards her.

"Is there something you need to talk about?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi narrowed her eyes and her tail swayed a bit. She then proceeded to get up and face Naruto with her head down.

"It's something I want to think about on my own Naruto-sama," Kasumi said walking off. Naruto was about to turn around and leave Kasumi to her thinking, but then he stopped. He never was one to leave people to their problems by themselves so why should he start now. Naruto turned to see Kasumi gone a bit ahead and ran to catch up to her.

In a few minutes, Naruto was walking behind Kasumi who sighed. She knew Naruto wouldn't leave her alone if she had a problem, but he didn't have to keep following her right.

"So what is it Kasumi-chan?" Naruto asked with the same smile he always had on his face. Kasumi's eyebrow twitched and she continued to walk. Naruto walked up to her and Kasumi walked a bit faster. This process continued for about 5 minutes until Naruto narrowed his eyes and grabbed Kasumi's left arm surprising the dog girl.

"Kasumi-chan, please tell me what's wrong," Naruto told her with his softest glare. His smile was gone and the look of concern adorned his face. Kasumi trembled underneath his gaze and relented. She bit her lower lip and looked at the ground, but Naruto wouldn't have any of that. He gently cupped her cheeks and drew her eyes back to his.

"Tell me please," Naruto pleaded. Kasumi balled her fists and then lunged for Naruto's T-shirt and actually cried.

"Why Naruto-sama? Why did you fight without me? I know Katomaru was out also and that the fight was a one-on-one fight, but I could have help you so why did you tell me to stay back?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto widened his eyes at her words and it was his turn to look at the ground.

"Kasumi-chan I-,"

"Is it because you thought I'd get hurt or would I get in the way? I was fighting just fine so why did you take me out?" Kasumi asked clutching Naruto's shirt.

"No Kasumi-chan! You could never get in my way," Naruto told her.

"Then why? Why didn't you let me fight with you. I had been there when you fought that A-ranked missing nin, I was there when you fought your sensei, I fought Orochimaru with you, Gaara, and those Oto shinobi one that mission. I've been in every fight with you to the end so why couldn't I finish this one with you?" she asked again.

"I guess I was scared," Naruto told her. Out of all the things she could have guessed that definitely wasn't one of them. Kasumi stared into Naruto's eyes and the blonde wrapped her in a hug.

"What were you scared of?" Kasumi asked lowly, but Naruto heard her anyway.

"I was scared that I would lose you Kasumi. I never got over how I couldn't beat that Oto jonin and couldn't protect you. I didn't want to see that again. A useless me while you tried so hard to protect me. I just couldn't let that happen again. Kasumi-chan, you know I love to fight with you. I trust you to be my partner through it all and I'd rather have no one else by me than you," Naruto told her. Kasumi smiled and leaned into Naruto's chest. She gave it a soft rub and looked back up at Naruto.

"So I don't get in the way?" Kasumi asked. Naruto smiled and surprised Kasumi with a kiss on the lips making her gasp, but she wrapped her arms around Naruto and returned his affections.

"You could never get in the way Kasumi-chan. Now let's go back. I'm sure some of the others are worried about you," Naruto told her. Kasumi nodded and the two continued to walk, but Kasumi stopped for a second.

"Naruto-sama do you think it's wrong for me to love you?" Kasumi suddenly asked. Naruto raised an eyebrow at her. He wondered what brought on a question like that and Kasumi decided to explain.

"K-Katomaru said that my love for you is sick. I know some of the other members have felt this way, but the way he said it unsettled me. Naruto-sama, do you think it's weird for me to as a dog to fall for a human?" Kasumi asked. Naruto gave a smile and walked up to Kasumi.

"Tell me Kasumi-chan, do you think it's wrong for me to love you?" Naruto asked making Kasumi stare at him. She wasn't sure how to answer that. She knew Naruto just turned the question on her, but she didn't mind. Maybe she wanted to answer it for herself.

"N-Naruto-sama, I'm not sure," Kasumi said looking at the ground. Naruto chuckled and looked at the moon.

"Kasumi do you remember the day that you actually changed into that form?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi looked over hr body and nodded. How could she forget the most drastic change she had ever wanted to undergo.

"Of course I do Naruto-sama. I could never forget it," Kasumi replied.

"Then do you remember what you told me you wanted that day?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi looked at the ground for a second to remember that day and suddenly she widened her eyes and looked at Naruto.

"N-Naruto-sama, I-I said-,"

"You said you wanted to start a family with me Kasumi-chan. Do you think I'd want to have a family with someone I didn't love. I think I told you this before Kasumi-chan, but I'll say it again. I love you Kasumi-chan, don't let anyone tell you different," Naruto told her. Kasumi widened her eyes and nodded.

"Yes Naruto-sama. I do love you. I know I love you. I'm sorry about that," Kasumi replied. Naruto smiled as he scratched his dog girl's ears making her growl lowly.

"Nothing to be sorry for Kasumi-chan," Naruto told her and the two walked back to the Inuzuka compound with soft smiles on their faces as they enjoyed each other's company.

Somewhere in the forest

Sasuke cursed and yelled out at the moon. He wanted power. He wanted his revenge. He wanted Itachi to pay for all the damn things he did, but he was no closer to completing his goal. The last Uchiha was fed up with Konoha and its restrictions. They just wanted to hinder him. No one wanted him to succeed. The only place where he could get his power was from Orochimaru.

"That's it. I'm leaving this damn village. Who needs these worthless people anyway. Always getting in my way. I should dump this damn village right now. Stupid CRA and it's rules. I don't even care about any damn girls. Why the hell should I have to go and find them then? That stupid sensei doesn't take me on any of the higher missions that I need to gain power anyway. They told me I shouldn't use the Curse Mark, my one ticket to power. Well fuck all of you. I'm going and by the next morning and you'll never see me again!" Sasuke shouted out.

"Well that makes this easier than we thought,"

Sasuke turned his head to see four people come out of the woods. One was fat, the other had six arms, another look like a freakin' one-eyed ghost and the last was a female.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked them.

"We're escorts of Orochimaru. We were told to bring you to Orochimaru-sama as soon as possible," The guy with six arms said to the Uchiha. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Well what took you so long? It's time to leave this damn place behind," Sasuke said and the four nodded in agreement.


Everyone turned to see Sakura arrive from the woods and Sasuke scowled. This wasn't what he wanted right now.

"Who's this bitch?" the redhead of the four asked.

"An annoyance," Sasuke replied.

"Sasuke-kun don't leave Konoha! Please take me with you. I-I can help you with your revenge just don't leave me," Sakura said in tears. Sasuke rolled his eyes while another of the four spoke.

"I'm gonna be fuckin' sick," The fat one said until the others nudged him to be quiet. Sasuke walked up to Sakura and looked her right in her eyes.

"How can you help me when you can't even help yourself at times?" Sasuke simply asked and turned to leave.

"Sasuke, if you leave I'll scream and-,"

Sasuke vanished and disappeared behind Sakura.

"Hmph, you really do like to try my patience," Sasuke said as he slammed her in the neck. Sakura gasped and dropped to the ground in tears.

"Kinda harsh aren't you?" one of them asked.

"I could care less. I'm going to grab my stuff. It's time to get started with my revenge," Sasuke said with a grin that was magnified by the moon as he walked off.

End of Chapter 31.

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