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Next Morning

Naruto sighed as he woke up in Tsume's room. Apparently when he and Kasumi had gotten back to the compound Tsume "offered" for Naruto to spent the night and he gladly accepted which in turn started a long night of moans and even screams of pleasure throughout the compound. It was still weird to some of the clan members of the relationship that Naruto had going with Tsume, but no one really cared. Kiba had stayed with Tenten for that night and Hana had a late night mission so they were pretty much by themselves which they didn't mind in the least. Everyone else had go home for the rest of the night.

Currently Naruto was getting up from the bed and saw Tsume was gone. He wondered where his Inuzuka head had gone, but his question was soon answered as he smelled the delicious scent of food coming from downstairs. The blonde's stomach grumbled and he quickly got dressed into his clothes. Granted they were slightly tore, but that was beside the point for right now. The blonde got to his feet and immediately walked downstairs. He saw his three elemental swords leaning on the wall outside their room and the blonde picked them up and tied them to his back like always. He then continued his walk downstairs and saw Tsume in the kitchen setting up some food for the two. Tsume turned to see her blonde mate awake and it brought a small smile to the Inuzuka.

"Good morning Naruto-kun. How did you sleep?" Tsume asked him. Naruto grinned and took a seat at the table.

"I slept real good Tsume-chan. Fighting all day for the one you love makes one tired," Naruto replied and Tsume gave a small blush to his response. She quickly decided to set the food on the table and gave Naruto his own food which the blonde accepted with open arms.

It didn't take long for Naruto to get to eating his food and for Tsume to eat hers. They both enjoyed the silence of the compound and simply relished each other's presence. It was then that Tsume studied Naruto's form for a bit. She admired the toned muscles the blonde was starting to show along with the way his eyes seemed to be piercing anything they saw. She felt a mysterious warmth from them and his bright attitude. She figured someone like Naruto really had no chance of being real, but he was right in front of her. In a lot of ways Naruto was so much better than Kobayashi that much was certain to Tsume. He had all the endearing qualities of a mate that Tsume could feel attracted to. He wasn't intimated by her even when she wanted to be he still wasn't. He knew when it was time to be serious and time to be fun. He actually made her feel like a woman, which she was, but being the Inuzuka head somehow gave the appearance of being the 'male' dominant so that's what most thought Tsume was, but not Naruto. He just saw a tough, strong woman leading the clan. Tough and strong, but still a woman nonetheless.

"So Naruto-kun what are you going to do now?" Tsume asked. Naruto looked up from his food for a second and thought over her question.

"Well I'm gonna go see if I can't help Fu-chan with some fuinjutsu today and also train in some kenjutsu. I do need a partner also," Naruto said letting it trail towards Tsume. The Inuzuka head chuckled and took a bit of rice into her mouth.

"I'd love to, but I can't. I have a mission later so I'll need to be well rested and start packing," Tsume told him. Naruto's good mood deflated slightly at not having Tsume around for a bit. Now he would have to find something to do after giving Fu her lesson.

Tsume noticed Naruto's depressed look and grinned before she ruffled his hair. Which was a sign of complete affection to members, normally lovers and mates, so Naruto was alright with it.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun. I'm sure you'll have something to do while I'm gone," Tsume said and Naruto just sighed. He hoped she was right about that. Naruto had no idea that his prayers were just about to be answered for him. The Namikaze and the Inuzuka were brought from their moment by a frantic knock on the door. Tsume walked towards the door and opened it to see an anbu in front of her.

"Tsume Inuzuka, is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze with you?" He asked her in a rushed tone. Tsume nodded and motioned for Naruto in a hurry. The blonde quickly ate his food and made himself known to the anbu.

"What's going on Tsume-chan?" Naruto asked and Tsume shrugged that she didn't know. Both turned to the anbu who seemed to be relieved.

"Finally I found you. I tried your house, but they said you weren't back yet. They told me to check the Inuzuka compound and I found you. Lady Tsunade has requested your presence immediately," the anbu said and Naruto raised an eyebrow. He wondered what was up with Tsunade and nodded. He then bid Tsume a goodbye and good luck on her mission. Tsume watched her blonde leave her house and she quickly shut the door and started to pack for her own mission.

With Naruto

Naruto and the anbu ran towards the Hokage Mansion and out of the corner of Naruto's eye was Kiba and Akamaru along with Kasumi.

"Hey Naruto," Kiba yelled and Naruto turned his head to see his best friend rushing towards him. The blonde gave Kiba a quick hello and gave Kasumi a slight pat on the head making the girl growl lowly. It seemed she was still as much a dog as she was human. Kiba told Naruto he had been informed to come to the Hokage Mansion also and soon they all dashed for the mansion. It didn't take long only about five minutes and they came into the receptionist room and ran up the fleet of stairs. Naruto knocked on the door and waited for his permission to enter.

"Come in," Tsunade yelled and the anbu opened to door. He bowed to the Hokage as Naruto, Kiba, and Kasumi came through the door.

"Tsunade-sama, I've brought Namikaze-sama and Inuzuka-san," the anbu said making Naruto narrow his eyes with the damn -sama added to his name, but he quickly dismissed it off. Tsunade nodded and allowed the anbu to leave. Naruto and Kiba saw Shikamaru, Neji, Choji and Haku in the same room along with Sakura whose eyes were bloodshot, probably from crying too much.

"Alright so everyone's here then. I will get right to the chase. Last night, Sasuke Uchiha left the village," Tsunade said and quickly got some reactions. Shikamaru, Haku and Neji narrowed their eyes while Kiba, Naruto, and Choji showed shock. The blonde tokubetsu jonin balled his fists and gritted his teeth. Was power that much of an obsession to Sasuke that he would leave Konoha to go get it?

"He left? But why and how?" Haku asked the Hokage who was about to explain, but Shikamaru stopped her and he continued.

"If we think about it, it's not that impossible to believe. Sasuke has his ambitions and to fulfill it, he needs power and he thinks he's not getting that in Konoha so he left. I also think that the fight that Sasuke saw with Naruto might have spurred Sasuke on to achieve his power," Shikamaru theorized and everyone could agree that it was a sound idea.

"So when did he leave?" Naruto asked trying to keep his anger in check. Tsunade noticed that, but didn't say anything about it.

"I presume that Sasuke left last night. Apparently Orochimaru is quite anxious to see the Uchiha and couldn't wait so he sent four of his best guards to go get Sasuke," Tsunade reported. Everyone gasped when they heard that and then Tsunade stood to her feet.

"Everyone you must retrieve Sasuke Uchiha at all cost. This is a B-rank mission for all of you. You'll be known as the Sasuke Retrieval Squad. Since he is the highest, Naruto will lead all of you off in fifteen minutes. Remember that time is of the essence people. Once Sasuke crosses the border, there is no way we can chase him down," Tsunade told them. Everyone nodded and were about to leave, but Sakura stepped forward.

"Lady Tsunade I would like to go with them," Sakura announced. Everyone looked at her in confusion and slight awe while Tsunade placed her forehead on her hands.

"I'm sorry Sakura, but you can't go. You already tried to stop Sasuke and that didn't work so you will stay back," Tsunade ordered. Sakura wanted to retort that and say something, but she knew that she should just keep her mouth shut this one time.

"Naruto," Sakura said and the blonde turned to her almost surprised that he didn't hear the -baka reference to his name. Sakura cried and held her hands to her eyes. She looked at the ground and bowed to the blonde.

"Naruto, I know I haven't been nice to you and you have every right not to listen to me, but please, please bring Sasuke home. T-This is a once in a lifetime request. Just bring Sasuke-kun back," Sakura said crying and everyone turned to Naruto. The blonde looked at Sakura with a slight impassive face, but in his eyes he looked at Sakura with some sympathy. Naruto walked up to Sakura and proceeded to lift her head up.

"Fine Sakura. If it'll make you happy then I'll bring him back. I promise, believe it," Naruto said to her. Sakura widened her eyes as she watched Naruto and the others leave the room. They all quickly dashed home to pack for their trip with Naruto and Haku going back to the Namikaze compound.

"I can't believe Sasuke-san left the village. I wonder what he's thinking right now," Haku said and Naruto sighed. Guys like Sasuke usually only had one track minds so it was relatively easy to know what was on their minds.

"I'm not sure Haku-chan, but for right now we'll have to hurry up and get our stuff ready," Naruto told her. Haku nodded in agreement and then Naruto grabbed her making the ice user blush before they disappeared in the Hiraishin.

Namikaze Compound

Instantly Naruto and Haku appeared into the house and the blonde quickly unlocked the gates. Both came inside to see Fu, Kyuubi and Kushina in the living room.

"Hello ladies," Naruto said earning a giggle from each of the three present. Fu got to her feet and walked over to the blonde and held up her book.

"So when do we start my lesson Naruto-kun?" Fu asked and Naruto then slapped his forehead. He forgot that he had to teach Fu the fuinjutsu. Dammit Sasuke really could ruin things for everyone even when he wasn't there.

"Sorry Fu-chan, I just got a mission. It seems that Sasuke left the village so I've got to go get him back," Naruto said making the three women present gasp.

"We have to leave in about fifteen minutes so we can't really stop to talk," Haku said running into her room. Naruto chuckled with a nod, but then he bit his thumb and slammed the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu," Naruto yelled and instantly a small fox was placed next to him. The fox bowed to Naruto and then Kyuubi.

"Aya, can you teach Fu a little bit of fuinjutsu while I'm gone?" Naruto asked the tiny fox.

"Yes Naruto-sama it would be my pleasure," Aya said and jumped to Fu's shoulder. Naruto patted Fu on her other shoulder and gave an apologetic smile.

"Deal with this for now Fu-chan. I promise I'll help you when I get back," Naruto said to her. Fu merely nodded and turned to Kushina.

"Would you mind helping me also?" she asked. Kushina raised an eyebrow, but nodded that she would love to. They didn't notice that Kyuubi had disappeared back into her seal. It wasn't that she wanted to, but she figured that there might be something worth investigating about Naruto's dojutsu that she designed.

"Well I'm gonna go pack. I'll see you girls later," Naruto said going into his room.

Fifteen minutes later

Naruto and Haku appeared in front of the Gates of Konoha and they saw Shikamaru, Neji and Choji along with them. It didn't take less than a minute after Naruto and Haku that Kiba arrived and everyone was in place. Naruto looked from everyone and checked all his clothes. He had his two of his swords on his back and the third was strapped to his waist. The blonde nodded to himself and walked forward. Everyone found the situation ironic. They never thought they'd be taking orders from Naruto, but the world was a funny place wasn't it?

"Alright guys. I'm still new to leading missions so it's still an experience for me, but we'll get our job done. Okay show of hands, how many people like the emo?" Naruto asked and it was to be expected that no one raised their hands. They all at best tolerated Sasuke if not anything else.

"Yeah me neither. Kiba and I know from experience how much of an ass Sasuke is, but that teme is a part of Konoha and in the words of Shikamaru 'it'll be troublesome, but we have to get him back. We lay down our lives for our comrade'," Naruto stated and everyone chuckled. Shikamaru gave a small blush and rubbed the back of his head.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Shikamaru replied and everyone chuckled a bit more. After that, everyone got serious and Naruto decided to start. While he was packing, he used those fifteen minutes to come up with a plan of action.

"Alright then. We'll do this in pairs. Since there's six of us I think it would be better if we didn't fight them alone. Tsunade-baachan said Orochimaru sent some of his guards to get Sasuke. I think I don't have to tell all of you that if Orochimaru sent them then they aren't pushovers. So I think we'll play it safe with that. I'll make the correct adjustments as we go along through this mission," Naruto told them. Everyone agreed with him and the blonde started to tell them everything.

"Alright then. Since we have a wide range for vision and smell. I think Neji and Kiba will be in front with Me and Kasumi-chan in the back of them. Next will be Shikamaru and Choji since their families compliment each other's skills. Well Haku-chan has been training with Tsunade-baachan and she's got excellent trackers skills along with stealth so she'll be our back support," Naruto assessed. Everyone seemed to follow him and the blonde walked past the gates.

"Alright everyone, let's move," He told them. Everyone nodded and Kasumi changed to her dog form. She slipped into Naruto's jacket and everyone shot off. They figured Sasuke couldn't have gotten far and they wanted as much time as they could possibly get.

With Sasuke

Sasuke and the Sound Ninja Four were currently walking through the forest of Fire country and onward to Oto. Sasuke grinned as he finally had the chance to get his power and kill Itachi.

As they walked, Sasuke turned to see the other four had stopped walking and the brunette Uchiha raised an eyebrow.

"What are you doing? Let's go," Sasuke told them. The four looked at each other and nodded.

"Yeah yeah, keep your shorts on motherfucker. Sakon tell this ass what's up already," Tayuya yelled and Sakon sighed. He nodded and brushed his hand through his hair.

"First of all Sasuke, before we continue to walk anymore, I'm afraid you'll need to die this once," Sakon said with a grin. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and watched the other three smile also. He tensed when he saw Sakon reach into his pocket, but he calmed down when Sakon held a pill in his hand.

"Unknown to you, the curse mark has a second stage. There are two ways of getting it. The first is the longer way of having your body grow accustomed to the seal, but the second is what we've done. This pill will force your body to adapt to the seal and it's power granting you more power than you could ever think of," Sakon told him. Sasuke seemed to grin at the chance, but the fact of having to die made him question it.

"So if I die how will I be able to use the seal?" Sasuke asked. Sakon nodded and turned to his six armed comrade. He was called Kidomaru and he really was a freaky person. He placed a seal on the ground and out came a small container. Sasuke looked at the wooden container and turned back to Sakon.

"That's what we're for. We are experts at barrier jutsu and for the duration that your inside this box your body will get used to the seal which will prevent it from completely killing you. When you awaken you will feel amazing," Sakon told him and handed Sasuke the pill. The Uchiha looked at the pill for a bit and sighed.

"Fine then. I'm in your hands, but if this is a lie then I'll make you regret it," Sasuke said looking at all four of them. The four grinned at Sasuke while the Uchiha took the pill and swallowed it down. Nothing happened for a few minutes, but then Sasuke's body started to heat up and he suddenly fell to the ground.

"Arrrgh!" Sasuke yelled as he hit the floor.

"Quickly, we mustn't waste a single second," Sakon said and everyone gathered around. They did their handsigns and immediately Sasuke was placed into the container.

"Shikokumujin( Four Black Mists Formation)," They all yelled simultaneously. Suddenly a black mist appeared for a while and was absorbed into the container. It was placed with four or five suppression seals on it. Everyone sighed and slumped to the floor.

"Looks like we made it in time," Kidomaru said to them. Everyone nodded and then they gave the container to their big teammate, Jirobo.

"Why do I have to carry it?" Jirobo asked them.

"Because your fat ass is the strongest of the four of us. Now stop your fuckin' complain' and get to trudgin'," Tayuya ordered. Jirobo gritted his teeth at her, but grabbed the container and hoisted it over his back.

"Fine let's just go. We can't disappoint Orochimaru-sama," Jirobo said and everyone immediately nodded. They knew he was right so it was time to go. They all dashed for the trees and went on their way.

With the Sasuke Retrieval Squad

The Sun was going down. It was starting to turn to nighttime. They had been tracking the Sound Ninja Four for hours and they didn't seem to be getting any closer, but they felt like they were so they decided to keep running. Kiba, Akamaru and Kasumi could still smell Sasuke's scent so it wasn't lost to them. Haku was also using her exceptional abilities at tracking to find them. She told the group that they weren't very far behind. Apparently one set of tracks was more sluggish than before like it was carrying something heavy. So on that note, everyone quickened their pace.

"Hey everyone, let's stop for a minute. We'll take a break. In the meantime Neji and I will scout ahead," Naruto told them. Everyone nodded and quickly settled down. It was then that Naruto and Neji went a bit further ahead and left the others to their own devices for a bit.

After gaining some distance between their group, Naruto turned to Neji and pointed out in front of him.

"Neji on the count of three let's use the byakugan to see how far they are from us. We might be able to sneak up on them if we're even a little close to lucky," Naruto told him. Neji nodded and the two counted.

"One...two...three! Byakugan," they shouted at the same time and they instantly used their byakugan to see over a long distance. Due to training with clones, Naruto could probably see as far if not slightly further than Neji, but it didn't matter. As for them, both shinobi could see four figures and a large container. They seemed to be resting for a bit.

"You see them Neji?" Naruto asked. He knew he could see them, but just wanted to be sure that Neji could also.

"Yeah I see them. I think their resting right now. Though there must be some kind of special barrier jutsu cause I can't see what's inside that container they have. I see their from Oto who attacked us so they must be with Orochimaru. That means it's the group that Sasuke took off with. I think Sasuke might be inside that container, for what I don't know though," Neji told Naruto. The blonde nodded and he could even see the thin layers of chakra that covered their area. Apparently someone didn't want Naruto and his group to get to them undetected. Well that was to be expected anyway.

"Alright then. Come on Neji, we'll rest then we'll continue. We don't wanna lose them," Naruto told the Hyuuga. Neji agreed and the two went back to their group to tell everyone else what they had discovered.

Their break lasted for about thirty minutes and then they decided to go. By then, the sun was long gone and night had settled it. The moon was high in the sky and the perfect time to move was now.

"Alright is everyone ready?" Naruto asked. They all nodded and the group ran off. Naruto and Neji warned them about the traps so it would be easy to avoid. They were at least an hour and a half away from the enemy, but they still had to be cautious.

"Alright everyone, let's move. Remember to stay alert and avoid traps," Naruto told them. Everyone nodded and quickly took off to the trees to erase the distance between them and the Sound Ninja Four.

It took quite a bit of time, at least half an hour or so, to actually get within range of the enemy for the Konoha shinobi. Naruto's plan was, when they were close enough, to cause a distraction while someone grabbed the container and shot off while the others fought the Oto shinobi. They start to creep through the thicket of bushes, careful not to make a sound. When they got close enough, Shikamaru noticed some wires and told everyone to stop.

"Hey Naruto, you see these?" Shikamaru asked. The blonde jonin nodded and everyone decided to step back and wait for a bit.

"We shouldn't touch these. Their laced with chakra. One touch of these and the vibration will alert our enemies. We should proceed with caution. We're still quite a distance from them. If we want any chance of getting to Sasuke then move easily," Neji told them. Everyone nodded and made it their mission to get through the traps the enemy laid. They moved softly and were able to get through most, but it scared the hell out of everyone when Kiba almost touched one with his foot. It was all thanks to Shikamaru and his shadow possession that they weren't detected, but what they didn't know was that one of them was double wired and Choji stepped on it.

With the Sound Ninja Four

All four of the group were sleeping peacefully around the container that held Sasuke in it's place. As they slept, Kidomaru felt his index finger twitch and his eyes quickly shot open. He then sucked his teeth and stood to his feet.

"We got company closing in fast," Kidomaru told them. Everyone's eyes shot opened and Tayuya cursed their luck.

"Oh fuck. Just what we need right now. Let's get the hell out of here," Tayuya uttered and everyone nodded. Jirobo quickly picked up the container and the four shot off through the woods to get clear of the incoming annoyances.

About twenty minutes later, Naruto and his team came to the site where the Oto shinobi were and cursed.

"Dammit, if only we were faster. Sigh, alright let's hurry up. The stealth part is pretty much over since they know we're following them. It would be best if we caught up with them now before they gain anymore distance over us," Naruto told everyone. They all nodded and quickly vanished into the night. The long game of cat chasing mouse was going on for a while. It even continued well into the daytime that Naruto and his team caught up with the Oto shinobi.

The Sound Ninja Four stopped in an open field and Jirobo placed the container on the ground.

"I've had enough of this running shit! Their probably weaklings so let's go take them out now!" Jirobo told them. Everyone sighed and looked at their big teammate.

"Dammit Jirobo, now is not the time. We have to deliver the Uchiha to Orochimaru-sama immediately. We don't have the time to deal with your issues," Sakon told him. Jirobo huffed and looked towards the tree where Naruto and his group were about to come from.

"Fine then you guys go ahead. I'll take care of them all right here and now," Jirobo told his teammates. Everyone gritted their teeth and him, but they did think about it. They really needed to get some time away from Naruto's group and if Jirobo could stall them then that was all the more great for them.

"Fine, but you'd better catch up if you know what's good for you," Kidomaru said using his six arms to pick up the container. Tayuya, Sakon and Kidomaru then ran off leaving Jirobo in the fields. About five minutes later, Naruto and his team came through the bushes, but the blonde had Haku stay back just in case.

"Alright make it easy on yourself and hand over Sasuke right now," Naruto yelled out while his team glared at Jirobo. The Oto shinobi chuckled and turned to see the face of everyone.

"Well I guess I should congratulate you guys on actually getting this close to us, but this is as far as you go," Jirobo told them. He infused his fist with chakra and slammed the ground making it quake. Everyone felt their balance shift slightly and almost fell to the floor.

"That's some monstrous strength," Kiba said to them, but then turned to Naruto and grinned. The blonde had a glare. If it was going to be a power fight then Naruto had learned from one of the best there was.

"Not bad. Now let me try," Naruto said covering his own fist in chakra. He slammed the ground and made it shake even louder than Jirobo. The blonde was actually pissed off. He didn't have the time to deal with this asshole. Jirobo gasped at Naruto's strength and wondered how a puny runt could be stronger than him.

"This brat. He's no joke," Jirobo thought to himself. Meanwhile, Naruto lifted his hand and cracked it.

"It's not complete. Man, this requires some wicked control. Oh well, I'll practice it later," The blonde thought to himself and turned to Jirobo.

"Now move or we'll take you down," Naruto said to him. Jirobo laughed loudly and placed his hand on his head.

"Are you stupid or something? You think that just because you can do that you've beaten me?" Jirobo asked in between laughs. Naruto narrowed his eyes while Kiba and Choji gritted their teeth at him.

"We don't have time for this," Naruto said and threw a kunai at Jirobo. The man easily dodged the attack and watched as the kunai embedded itself into a tree past him.

"Was that all you got brat? Man your team must fuckin' suck if your their leader," Jirobo told him. When that was said two people snapped. Choji stepped forward and Haku made herself known from the trees.

"Naruto-kun, you go ahead. Choji-san and I will handle this guy," Haku told him. Naruto narrowed his eyes at really thought abut it.

"What do you think of this situation Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked his tenant. Kyuubi stopped looking at her designs for the dojutsu and looked up.

"If it's for time Naruto-kun, then this is the best option. I'm not sure what to say, but your calling the shots," Kyuubi told him. Naruto balled his fists and cursed. He never wanted them to actually split up, but he had no choice.

Naruto walked up to Haku and gave her a soft peck on the cheek making the girl blush at him.

"Be careful Haku-chan," Naruto whispered to her. Haku nodded and gave Naruto a gentle smile across her face. It made Naruto feel a little less tense. The blonde walked back to the others and sighed.

"Haku-chan and Choji will handle this. Let's go," Naruto told them. Neji, Kiba, and Shikamaru looked from Haku and Choji to Jirobo then back. They wanted to refute and protest to Naruto's order, but they all knew he was right. Time was of the essence and they had to get their mission done.

"Got it Naruto," Kiba told him. Naruto nodded and Jirobo stopped his foot.

"Don't think I didn't hear you guys. Your not getting past me!" Jirobo told them. Naruto ignored him and turned back to his team.

"Hold onto me guys and be prepared to run. We'll only have him shocked for a few minutes," Naruto told them. Everyone wondered what he was planning, but obeyed and each touched his clothing. Naruto grinned and using his chakra, they disappeared in the Hiraishin. The kunai that Naruto threw was one of his father's specially made kunai and instantly they appeared behind Jirobo. The Sound ninja gasped at what they did and Naruto shot off.

"Come on! Go now!" Naruto told them. Neji, Kiba and Shikamaru nodded and, with Naruto, they shot off forward leaving Haku and Choji behind. Jirobo sighed and turned back to his remaining entertainment.

"Well your shitty leader is just full of surprises, isn't he?" Jirobo asked and Haku grinned her sword. Choji cracked his knuckles and both glared at Jirobo.

"For insulting Naruto we'll never forgive you!" They yelled and quickly Haku erased the distance between herself and Jirobo. She had been training her speed while she spared with Kushina. Fighting with a kenjutsu legend really was fun and beneficial. She tried to slash at Jirobo, but he dodged the sword much to Haku's surprise.

"Not bad," Jirobo said and Haku narrowed her eyes. She quickly jumped back and avoided a hit from the Oto shinobi, but luckily for her Choji came rolling it at a high speed and slammed into Jirobo. Haku grinned at Choji's help and while he was spinning, she was doing her handsigns. Her sword grew colder and colder and she brought it back.

"Hyoton: Tsumetai Kaze no Ken( Ice Release: Sword of the Cold Wind)," Haku yelled and ran back at Jirobo. Choji stopped spinning and backed up while Jirobo nearly dodged Haku's strike. He looked to see only a bunch of ice shards where he would've been and sweated. He was already getting cornered and it was pissing him off.

"Alright if that's how you two want to play then I'm game," Jirobo said and instantly Haku and Choji were put on their guard. This fight was just getting started after all.

With Naruto and the others

Naruto and his team raced through the forest to catch up to the enemy. It was then that Kiba closed the distance between himself and Naruto.

"Naruto are you alright?" Kiba asked him. Naruto sighed and nodded.

"I guess. Though I don't like that I had to leave them," Naruto said to the others. Everyone nodded in agreement with him on that. It really left a bad taste in their mouths to actually leave their friends behind.

"It's a mission. We'll just have to get ours done faster and help them out. We'll just have to trust them," Shikamaru said and the others agreed. They could feel themselves getting closer to the enemy, but then they were surrounded by a giant spider web and cursed.

"Well looks like you stumbled into my trap. Now none of you will escape," Kidomaru told them. Naruto turned to Neji and he nodded. He wasn't sure how good this might be, but it was worth a try.

Shikamaru, Kiba stand back," Naruto said as he did his handsigns, but dodged when Kidomaru threw three curved blades at them.

"You think I'm gonna let you go through with that?" He asked them. It was then that Kiba and Shikamaru went to challenge Kidomaru while Naruto and Neji got themselves out of the pickle they were in. Naruto restarted his handsigns and Neji focused his chakra again.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu," Naruto yelled and sent the blazing fire at Neji. The Hyuuga grinned and began to spin. The fire collied with Neji's Kaiten and the Hyuuga yelled out their new collaboration jutsu.

"Goen Kaiten( Flame Rotation)," Neji yelled out and a fierce spiraling flame was sent around the entire webbing melting it and allowing Naruto and his team their freedom.

"Impossible," Kidomaru said and after he stopped spinning, Neji turned his gaze towards Kidomaru and in a swift fashion, he appeared in front of the Oto shinobi and waved a palm strike and launched him towards a tree.

"Naruto-san, you have to keep moving. I'll take care of this guy. Don't let them get away," Neji told him. Naruto sighed, but nodded. He gave Neji his thanks and he, Shikamaru, and Kiba shot off.

"Naruto-san, Sasuke might be a prick, but he's stuck in the darkness. I know you can get him out of it. Just like you did with me," Neji thought and grinned.

"Now then. How about I show you the Jyuuken of the Hyuuga family," Neji said and Kidomaru grinned. This might just be worth being a decoy.

With the other Sound Ninja Four

"Dammit wasn't Jirobo supposed to stall them? It figures he'd let some get by. This is so damn annoying," Tayuya said as she watched Sakon carry the container.

"It's not like we have a choice here. We have to get this brat to Orochimaru-sama," Sakon said and Tayuya sucked her teeth.

"What does it matter anyway? As soon as the brat is with Orochimaru, I'm getting out of there. Without Kin there's no point to staying anyway," Tayuya said to herself in thought. Normally she'd never try anything against Orochimaru, but she had enough. It was time for her to leave and leave she was going to do. Where she was going to go she had no idea, but any place without Orochimaru must be good.

"Well let's hurry up then," Tayuya said, but then Sakon sucked his teeth. He felt Naruto and the others right behind him again and they were fast approaching.

"Dammit don't these guys ever give up?" Tayuya asked and immediately Sakon gave Tayuya the container and them he made a copy of it.

"You go. I'll lead them away. Just hurry up!" Sakon said dashing off. Tayuya cursed and ran off. Meanwhile, Naruto and his friends came through the trees again and looked around.

"His scent is this way," Kiba said, but then Naruto looked the other way.

"Yeah, but she's going another way. They both have the same container. Looks like we'll have to split up," Naruto said and opened his jacket. Kasumi jumped out and stretched her legs.

"Kasumi-chan, can you go help Kiba?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi nodded and changed to her human form which still made Kiba and Shikamaru blush, but now wasn't the time for that.

"Alright Naruto. Kasumi, Akamaru and I are leaving. We'll be seein' ya," Kiba said dashing off after Sakon along with Kasumi. Naruto and Shikamaru turned to each other and nodded at the other for them to continue onward.

With Haku and Choji

Both shinobi were on the ground panting. They were dead tired. Still they managed to win. Jirobo's body was lifeless due to a giant slash across his chest and a fierce crater from a punch. Haku could honestly say that she and Choji just barely survived that fight. If Choji didn't eat that mysterious red food pill that she saw him take, then they might have actually died. It astounded Haku that the Oto shinobi had the same curse seal and even had a step beyond that. He really was a pain in the ass.

"H..ey Haku. a note," Choji said to her and Haku giggled while on the floor.

"What does it say Choji-san?" Haku asked not really wanting to speak, but she just did for the sake of it. Choji smiled as he looked at the wall which read 'Don't die on us and catch up when you can'. Choji finished reading and Haku sighed with a gentle smile.

"Hehe I don't think we'll be going anywhere," Haku said with a sigh. Choji nodded and the two rested in the sunny field.

"No kidding," Choji said as he closed his eyes and Haku closed hers.

With Neji

Neji was having a tough time also. His body's injuries were even worse tan Choji's or Haku's. He looked like he had been hit several times with bows from an arrow which he had. Neji was able to suppress Kidomaru, but it really costed him a lot. It turned out that Kidomaru was quite the archer and a deadly marksman. He had figured out the blind spot of Neji's byakugan which would leave him vulnerable. It took all of Neji's wits just to avoid all he serious injuries he would have taken. Neji managed to hit all of Kidomaru's vital spots with his Jyuuken. It turned out that the arrow that he used to hit the Hyuuga with was laced with chakra that was connected to his internal chakra network so Neji was able to take advantage of that and was able to strike his chakra network even from a long distance. Kidomaru wouldn't be causing Neji anymore problems. Now all he had to do was stay conscious.

"It's up to you Naruto-san. Bring Sasuke back," Neji said as he leaned on a tree and passed out.

With Kiba, Akamaru and Kasumi

Kiba, his dog, and Kasumi managed to catch up to Sakon. It wasn't hard when the guy wasn't really trying to move so that made it easier.

"Alright hand over that container and we might not kick your ass," Kiba said to him. Sakon chuckled and then gave a full blown laugh.

"Well there is a problem with that. You see it's like this," Sakon said and the container poofed away. It turns out Naruto was right. It was a decoy. Oh well, at least Naruto and Shikamaru were on the right track, Now Kiba and Kasumi could deal with Sakon no problem.

"Well I'm gonna make this quick for the both of you. I'll go all out from here on end. Ready brother?" Sakon asked and suddenly the second head on him grinned and responded.

"Ready brother. Let's show them the terror of Sakon and Ukon," The brother said and the two allowed the curse mark to completely take over their bodies. They looked to be one person, but they could actually split in two.

"That is one freaky trick. The circus must pay you a lot," Kasumi said and despite the situation Kiba actually laughed. The two brother gritted their teeth and charged at Kiba and Kasumi. Kasumi shifted into a high jonin taijutsu stance and was more than ready. Kiba and Akamaru used the man-beast clone jutsu to make two Kibas.

"Die," Sakon said as he sent a punch at Kasumi. The dog girl blocked it and went for a midsection kick to the ribs, but she underestimated the density of Sakon's skin and simply watched him skid back.

"Didn't even hurt," Sakon said which made Kasumi growl at him. Alright so it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. Kasumi decided to go on the offense and, with thanks to Kyuubi for brushing her up on her speed, she disappeared in a fast movement that could rival Lee without his weights on. Kasumi might have been the female version of Lee. Not having any genjutsu or ninjutsu, but straight taijutsu. Maybe she should become the Taijutsu Mistress of Konoha, but anyway. Kasumi appeared behind Sakon and slammed her fist into his face, but didn't stop as she launched her foot towards his stomach. Sakon fell the ground and as soon as Kasumi touched the rocky floor she pivoted her body to bring her left foot towards Sakon's face sending the Oto man flying.

"Hmm I'm in good shape today. I must be hyped or something," Kasumi said and continued her onslaught. Meanwhile, Kiba and Akamaru were having a tough time dealing with Ukon. The bastard was as slippery as they came. Kiba and Akamaru jumped back then Kiba crossed his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Kiba yelled making two Kiba clones. Ukon raised an eyebrow, but watched as Kiba smirked.

"It's time to show you why this dog has a lot of bite!" Kiba yelled and immediately his clones charged at Ukon. The brother of Sakon was overwhelmed and tried to block each Kiba, but it wasn't meant to be as the Kibas kicked him into the air.

"I-nu-zu-ka," The Kibas yelled and soon the real Kiba and Akamaru appeared above him and became to spiral as they slammed into his body.

"Gatsuuga Rendan," Kiba finished as they sent Ukon into the ground. Kiba dispelled his clones and huffed. Akamaru yipped at him and Kiba patted his dog's head.

"It's alright Akamaru. I'm fine," Kiba said, but then he got a chill when he heard a voice behind him.

"But your not going to be for long," Ukon said and Kiba shifted his gaze behind him. Ukon slowly started to seep into his body and Kiba felt the right side of his body go numb.

"Dammit," Kiba said and Akamaru looked worried. Ukon had possessed a bit of Kiba and grinned.

"This is my kekkai genkai. I get to take over a portion of my enemy's life. We now share the same form. Your heart is my heart," Ukon said and Kiba gritted his teeth.

Meanwhile, Kasumi was continuing her relentless barrage of attacks on Sakon. She was really cutting loose and she felt more fluid with her movement. She was able to measure her chakra so that she could do as much damage as she wanted. She even made Sakon bleed a few times and that allowed her to see that she was making progress. Kasumi was about to unleash another punch, but stopped when she saw Sakon point to his left. Kasumi turned her head to see an Ukon possessed Kiba with a kunai to his throat.

"I think that's enough out of you girlie," Ukon said and Kasumi growled. Sakon stood to his feet and wiped off the blood from his face.

"Well that's the way it goes. Now stand there and take this," Sakon said slamming his fist into Kasumi's stomach. The dog girl gasped and dropped to the floor. Sakon didn't let up as he continued his constant barrage of attacks on Kasumi. Kiba balled his fist and quickly stabbed his leg. He stiffened through the pain, but Ukon yelled out that same pain and Kiba yelled.

"Kasumi just fight. I'll be fine. This guy won't risk killing me if he kills himself," Kiba yelled and Kasumi huffed. She saw the total conviction in Kiba's eyes and nodded. She grabbed Sakon's punch and grinned.

"There's a new taijutsu move I've been working on. Why don't you watch me do it," Kasumi said and quickly kicked Sakon back. She dropped to all fours and her claws scratched the ground. In a blur of speed Kasumi disappeared and quickly came behind Sakon. She launched him into the air with a kick and appeared above him. Kasumi gave a feral grin and quickly hugged Sakon tight.

"Omote Tsūga( Primary Passing Fang)," Kasumi yelled and she began to spin violently towards the ground. Kiba saw it was a simple version of Lee's Omote Renge, but what he didn't know that Kasumi wasn't she spun towards the ground Kasumi only had one thought.

"Kyuubi-sama thank you for the training," Kasumi said in thought and smiled at Sakon.

"Ya know, a human couldn't do this without strenuous exercise and fitness, but I'm different. As a half-dog half-human that limitation isn't set on me," Kasumi said and spiraled Sakon into the ground. Kasumi quickly rebounded and crossed her fingers.

"Okay, so I can do one jutsu sue me. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Kasumi yelled and made one clone. That was her limit. Only one clone and this was her only jutsu, but it would have to hold.

"Alright let's go," Kasumi said as she and her clone ran at Sakon. Kasumi kicked Sakon in the air and the clone kicked him across the plains. Seeing his brother in trouble, Ukon got off of Kiba's body and ran for his brother. Kiba grinned and quickly gathered his chakra.

"Come on Akamaru. Let's show them right now. Henge," Kiba yelled and both disappeared in a puff of smoke. Meanwhile, Kasumi and her clone were fighting Sakon and Ukon, but they all stopped when they hear a growl. Everyone turned and widened their eyes when they saw Kiba and Akamaru as a giant two-headed wolf dog.

"Alright now it's show time. Kasumi move!" Kiba yelled out and the dog duo launched into the air and with a giant spin they charged at Sakon and Ukon.

"Garuga( Wolf Fang Passing Fang)," Kiba yelled out and Kasumi instantly moved out of the way. Kiba spiraled into Sakon and Ukon and tore through their bodies.

"What the hell was that?" Ukon wondered. Kiba grinned and decided to speak.

"This is our transformation. We move so fast we can't even see, but we can smell you just fine. You have some of my blood on you and that's enough," Kiba said and was about to charge again, however Sakon and Ukon bit their thumbs.

"Garuga," Kiba yelled and went after them again. Meanwhile, Kasumi did a tsūga and piggybacked off of Kiba's technique to enhance her own. The severe spiraling winds were mixed into her own and Kasumi's tsūga was now more than double the strength of a regular gatsuuga.

"Zettai Tsūga( Absolute Passing Fang)," Kasumi yelled out and the three attacked Sakon and Ukon, but the two brothers slammed their hands on the ground.

"Rashoumon," They yelled and immediately a large Oni gate came between them, Kiba and Kasumi.

"That wall is indestructible. Nothing can break it," Sakon and Ukon said. Kiba, Akamaru and Kasumi slammed into the wall and didn't stop either. They were going to break it one way or the other. When Sakon and Ukon saw the how the wall was cracking they started to sweat.

"T-That's not possible," Ukon said and they watched as Kiba and Kasumi tore through the wall. They gasped and tried to evade the incoming drill-like attack, but were too slow and they were hit right on with it again. Kiba, Akamaru, and Kasumi poured all their chakra into the attack and swiftly sent the brothers flying. When everyone stopped spinning Kiba and Akamaru poofed back to their human selves and dropped to the ground.

"I hope that's it. I can't fight anymore. I'm out of chakra," Kiba said with a smile. Kasumi nodded and dropped to the ground also.

"I can only hope that Naruto-sama is doing better than we are," Kasumi said laying on the ground. Kiba nodded in agreement and softly petted a sleeping Akamaru.

With Naruto and Shikamaru

"Shikamaru if you have a plan, then I would like it right now," Naruto said dodging a demon figure. Shikamaru sighed and dodged two more. They finally managed to catch up to Tayuya, but she wasn't going down without a fight. She was already in her Curse Mark Two form and was using her flute to attack Naruto and Shikamaru. Not to mention that she handed the container to a guy named Kimimaro not too long ago.

"Just a minute. Damn this woman is troublesome. Alright Naruto, you go ahead I'll handle this," Shikamaru said and Naruto shook his head.

"We should just take her together," Naruto told him and honestly Shikamaru would like nothing more, but time was critical.

"Naruto just go. Your the leader so you need to go get Sasuke back. I'll keep her here," Shikamaru said and Naruto turned to him. Shikamaru gazed into Naruto's eyes and realized he had his dojutsu active. It must have been for trying to fight Tayuya, but that wasn't the point right now.

"Like this," Shikamaru said and instantly Tayuya gasped when she was frozen in place. Naruto closed his eyes and turned to Shikamaru.

"Looks like you kekkai genkai is gonna help me fight," Naruto said and Shikamaru sighed. So the Nara clan wasn't the only one with the Shadow possession now.

"You really are troublesome you know that?" Shikamaru asked. Naruto shrugged his shoulder and smiled.

"Hey someone has to be don't they?" Naruto asked and with a kunai he disappeared behind Tayuya and shot off, but for some reason he looked back at the redhead and grinned before going on.

"Why did that fucker just grin at me? Well whatever now it's time to kick this current fucker's ass," Tayuya said in thought.

"You know your friend is dead. Kimimaro is never a pushover. He capable of being even your best jonin," Tayuya said and Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"Well Naruto's no pushover either. He'll win and you'd better believe that Sasuke is coming back to the village with us," Shikamaru uttered. Tayuya grinned and simply looked at the pineapple haired boy.

"What makes you think he'll win?" Tayuya asked. It was Shikamaru's turn to grin and he rubbed the back of his head which in turn made Tayuya rub her head also

"Well I trust in him. Besides as far as I know, no tokubetsu jonin is a pushover either," Shikamaru said making Tayuya widen her eyes.

With Naruto

The blonde tokubetsu jonin ran through the trees of the forest and was determined to catch up to Kimimaro. He wasn't going to stop here. That ass still had his ass-kicking coming for leaving Konoha. Naruto was gonna make Sasuke regret it. The blonde noticed Kimimaro in the fields and came down also.

"Slippery aren't you?" Naruto asked. Kimimaro had an impassive face on and simply placed the container on the ground.

"Don't interfere. It will only be bad for you. I will deliver Sasuke to Orochimaru-sama," Kimimaro said to Naruto. The blonde narrowed his eyes and unconsciously showed his shinseinagan again. 'Orochimaru-sama', 'Orochimaru-sama' man fuck that snake sannin. How the hell can people be this stupid when it comes to serving one guy? It really pissed Naruto off. It was like these fuckin' people couldn't think for their selves.

"If I hear you use that word, I'm gonna lose it," Naruto said an Kimimaro sighed. It was no use talking to those who didn't know anything about what others went through.

Soon the container poofed and both looked to see Sasuke come out. He had a grin on his face and turned his gaze to Naruto.

"Sasuke! Get over here. I'm taking you back to Konoha," Naruto told him. Sasuke 'hmphed' and ran off.

"It seems that Sasuke has made his choice," Kimimaro said blocking the path. Naruto narrowed his eyes and cracked his knuckles.

"Then I'll make the choice now. If Sasuke returns then I take him back, but if he doesn't then I'll take his ass back by force if I need to," Naruto said and Kimimaro narrowed his eyes.

"You'll never get past me," He said allowing the curse mark to cover half his face. Naruto went through his handsigns and gripped his right hand. It began to cackle and chirp with lightning while Naruto grinned while his eyes seemed magnified by the chidori's appearance.

"Then I'll beat you down until I can pass you," Naruto said and charged at Kimimaro.

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