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Naruto, having heard all of Kyuubi's explanations about the Shodaime and his heritage as an Uzumaki, found a new resolve to train harder for the sake of the clans. He could only imagine the responsibility that would entail, but he didn't care. He was already the clan head of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan so he wasn't going shirk his responsibilities. Kyuubi or as her new name by Naruto, Kanari, stood to her feet and smiled.

"Alright Naruto-kun, it's time for us to get started. I want you to remember that we've got two years to turn you into an even more amazing shinobi. Now then, tell me what you want to learn first and we'll go with it," Kana said and Naruto nodded while he stood to his feet. He went over all of Kyuubi's information and thought it over for a second. There were so many things that he wanted to try, but he wasn't sure what to start with. Kyuubi waited patiently for Naruto to ask for his training, but no matter what he would be trained in everything that she had to offer.

"It's too much to pick, but I guess I want to know if I have Mokuton jutsu. To be that related to the Shodaime I can't wait to see," Naruto said and Kyuubi giggled. She figured that he might want the Rinnegan, but that could wait also.

"Alright then Naruto-kun. Let's get started. Try not to tire yourself out...yet," Kyuubi said and Naruto gulped, but nodded as they began.

With Naruto and Fu

"So you see Fu-chan, if you write it this way then apply chakra to it then you get this result," Naruto said and Fu nodded in understanding. She felt a lot more capable knowing that she was learning one of the most difficult arts in the Shinobi world.

"I think I understand, but why do the brush strokes have to be so careful?" Fu asked and Naruto chuckled before he took out another pen and some paper. He wrote the kanji for the word 'Fire' and turned to Fu.

"Because Fu-chan, it it's going to backfire if you don't. I wrote the kanji for fire, but I wrote it with errors. Now see what happens when you put chakra into it," Naruto said and made Fu back away. He made another clone and made it put chakra into the paper. When the clone did, a massive explosion came from the spot shocking Fu at the power of it.

"That's what happens. If I did it right, then it would be fine and the fire would've just ignited the paper, but it exploded. That's why brush strokes are important. I can't have you releasing chakra into the seals until you work on your brush strokes so I'll give you some exercises. I want you to start working on the kanji for 'fire', 'water', 'earth', 'wind', and 'lighting'. I won't teach you anymore till you get those five right down to the spot," Naruto said making Fu widen her eyes and drop her mouth.

"That's not fair Naruto," Fu said as she pouted in a cute way. Naruto grinned and patted her shoulder.

"Come on Fu-chan don't be made. I'll give you a reward if you do well," Naruto said making Fu blush with the way he used his deep voice. It was then that she took out a pen and five pieces of paper. She also watched as Naruto bit his thumb and slammed the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu," Naruto yelled making Fu turn around and she saw a crimson fox looking at Naruto then immediately bowed.

"Y-Your Naruto-sama, our summoner other than Kyuubi-sama," the fox said in a feminine voice making Naruto raise an eyebrow. The blonde then smiled and knelt down.

"And what is your name?" Naruto asked making the fox gulp. Apparently, Naruto was quite famous in the fox realm as a lot of them wanted to meet him.

"I-I'm Kairi," she said as she bowed again. Naruto grinned with a nod took out a piece of paper.

"Would you mind delivering this to Tsunade-baachan? And when your done could you stop by my house and get one of the book on fuinjutsu from my bookshelf?" Naruto asked and Kairi nodded with a yip. She took the scroll into her mouth and vanished from view. He turned back to see Fu's confused face on him and smiled.

"Come on Fu-chan chop chop," Naruto said and Fu immediately went back to her writing while Naruto watched her.

With Naruto and Kushina

While the Chi Bunshin was teaching Fu her fuinjutsu, the other was getting a hard lesson from Kushina on kenjutsu as the multiple sounds of metal clashing rang through the forest.

"Come on sochi, you have to be faster than that," Kushina said as she dodged one of Naruto's elemental swords. The blonde cursed as he blocked one of his mother's lethal strikes and made an impressive spin in the air before kicking his mother to the side surprising her. Naruto landed on his feet and grinned while he drew his sword back into his hands. Kushina smiled and nodded.

"Good sochi. Keep your movements free and don't hyper-extend. Your doing great, but that's not all I can do," Kushina said and closed her eyes. Immediately Naruto dodged a chakra chain and widened his eyes. He saw Kushina dash for him and he blocked her sword, she put more weight into her body as the two clashed. Naruto gritted his teeth while Kushina smiled at him. She was still holding back and Naruto knew it. It pained him because this was strictly kenjutsu. No sharingan, no byakugan, no shinseinagan or any other kekkai genkai that he had. As the blonde clashed with his mother they both jumped back from each other and he could feel his sword humming. Their vibrations around his hands becoming more violent. Naruto narrowed his eyes as felt his wind sword howl before it calmed down.

"What's up with these swords?" Naruto thought, but didn't think about it anymore as he trained with his mother.

With Naruto and Hinata

Naruto watched Hinata fight with against a tree post while the blonde examined her foot work and her palm strikes. He could see that the majority of her attacks were just like any other family members expect for Neji. He could strike with his fingertips and so could Naruto. That accounted for faster movement and better power behind an attack. At the moment, Hinata's problem was her mainly her speed and attack delivery. He saw her trying hard, but she also probably needed to get some more confidence.

"Nice Hinata-chan, just keep it up. Later you and I will have a spar and we'll be able to see in greater detail where your flaws are," Naruto said and Hinata nodded with a large conviction in her eyes that Naruto didn't miss.

With Tsunade

The blonde Hokage sighed as she heard that Sasuke had woken in the hospital. She would have the trial tomorrow since there was no avoiding this. Sasuke had left of his own free will and no doubt she knew people wouldn't accept that. To them, even if Naruto had the sharingan, few doubted he could master it like Sasuke could so that's why they wanted the Uchiha around. Tsunade knew about Naruto's use of the Mangekyou Sharingan. She had been told by Jiraiya about it and said it was truly genuine like any other sharingan that the old sage had seen and to Tsunade, Naruto might have been greater at using the sharingan that Kakashi since the white-haired jonin hadn't even unlocked that part yet.

Tsunade sighed and set her head down on the table. She had to gather the clan heads together for the trial and Naruto wasn't anywhere to be found. She knew Kyuubi was training him, but she would still like to know where the blonde had gone.

It was then that a puff of smoke made Tsunade jump as Kairi appeared on her table. Tsunade looked at the fox for a bit and then she noticed the scroll in it's mouth.

"A summon?" Tsunade said to herself and Kairi wiggled a bit before turning to Tsunade.

"Tsunade, I presume?" Kairi asked and Tsunade nodded. Kairi smiled and dropped the scroll from her mouth and smiled.

"This is from Naruto-sama," Kairi said and Tsunade looked at the scroll. She unfurled it and looked inside.

"Tsunade-baachan, if your wondering then I'm in the Forest of Death currently. I was hoping to get an update on Kimimaro, Kiba and Haku. The fox there is Kairi. She's new a bit. I sent this in case you needed to contact me for anything. Later dattebayo,"

Tsunade grinned and took out another piece of paper. She started to write inside it while Kairi waited for her to finish. Tsunade knew Naruto was gonna be mad that this was happening, but she needed him to attend. Tsunade finished writing and gave the scroll to Kairi.

"Can you give that to Naruto for me?" Tsunade asked and Kairi nodded with a bow then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Tsunade grinned and sat down and about five minutes later Shizune came through the door holding a scroll in her hands.

"I have the scroll Tsunade-sama. I can't believe you're going through with this idea. Are you only doing this to get out of work?" Shizune asked and Tsunade's smile widened.

"Of course not Shizune. This is for the benefit of the village. The HPT will cause the village to give an uproar," Tsunade said and Shizune sighed. She felt things were going to get rowdy after this.

With Naruto and Fu

Naruto continued to watch Fu work and corrected her on certain strokes while Fu continued to pout her frustration, but she didn't mind it at all after a while. Her arms were slowly getting used to it and before long Kairi poofed back surprising the two.

"I'm back Naruto-sama," Kairi said holding a scroll in her mouth and a book with her nodded with a slight thanks and sent Kairi off. The fox girl bowed and left while Naruto gave the book to Fu.

"Here Fu-chan this is a book I used on fuinjutsu writing when I first started. Use this and you'll have it down in no time," Naruto told her. Fu nodded and began reading the book while the Chi Bunshin opened the scroll. It read the lines and widened its eyes.

"Boss has got to know about this now!" The bunshin said and told Fu he would be right back leaving the Nanabi jinchuuriki o her reading in the field.

"He's in a hurry isn't he?"Nanabi asked while Fu continued to read through the book.

"Maybe something happened from his reaction to that scroll," Fu suggested and Nanabi shrugged while she laid in her cage.

"So when is something gonna happen between you and him?" Nanabi asked making Fu blush while she brought the book close to hide her face.

"What are you talking about?" Fu asked and Nanabi rolled her eyes at her container.

"Oh get real girl. It's time to wake up and smell the hot tea. You like him so much that you nearly strained yourself to keep from blushing while he was teaching you," Nanabi said and Fu sighed. Was it that obvious?

"I-I wasn't," Fu said, but Nanabi didn't believe any of it. She could see or rather feel the affection that Fu had for the blonde. She still remembered when she saw him training in the fields near Tanzaku Gai. It was really amazing how much they had known each other over those months. She still blushed when she remembered her encounter with the Hokage and how she hid behind Naruto's shoulder that one time.

"See? look at your face. Your blushing so much that your not even focused on your reading," Nanabi said and Fu widened her eyes before turning back to the book in front of her.

"Then stop distracting me!" Fu yelled making Nanabi laugh and she decided to quiet down...for now anyway.

With Naruto and Kyuubi

Naruto sighed as he laid on the ground. He knew the two natures to have for Wood release would be a combination of Suiton and Doton natures, which he wasn't proficient in. Well if he counted Haku's hyoton release which included water then he was probably good with that, but he didn't know any doton techniques at all. Sand was a type of earth, but not the type of earth that required to make wood at all.

"Well this isn't good. I don't even have doton release Kana-chan," Naruto said and Kyuubi nodded. She hated to admit it, but she didn't know much either. At best the element was probably a sub-element that Naruto didn't know about.

"It's alright Naruto-kun. Don't get depressed yet. Tell you what, we'll work on you learning Yin release first, then Yang release and then your Yin-Yang Release," Kyuubi said and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"But Kyuubi-chan shouldn't I have the Rinnegan before I try that? I don't want to fry my brain," Naruto said and Kyuubi giggled making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

"Sorry about that. Well I'm not sure if you need it or not. According to the Sage of Six, these techniques were some of the highest level of techniques in the world. I'm sure anyone can do it, but most think it's a myth a best so they don't attempt it, but imagine Naruto-kun. You with your imagine and being able to make that imagination a reality and bring it to life. You will have surpassed Minato if you master that. I said I'd make you stronger than the Yondaime and like you, I never go back on my word," Kyuubi said and Naruto grinned. He quickly got to his feet and was ready to try it, but then his Chi Bunshin came through the forest

"Boss, Boss, you have to read this! It's out of this world," The blood clone said making Naruto and Kyuubi turn to him. He handed Naruto the scroll and ran off to go back to Fu.

Naruto gazed at the scroll from Tsunade and raised an eyebrow. He turned to Kyuubi and the female bijuu nodded allowing Naruto to read it. He unfurled it and opened it.

"Naruto, it's good to hear from you. I know it's only been a few hours since you disappeared and as you know the sun is going down so I'll make this quick. I got your message from your summon, Kairi and I want to tell you that Sasuke has woken up,"

Naruto narrowed his eyes and so did Kyuubi at the mentioning of Sasuke, but the blonde continued on and read the rest of the note.

"Fortunately or unfortunately, we have to have a trial for him since he left. I must have all the clan heads present tomorrow. It's might take most of the day so I hope you have the time to spare. That's one thing and the other one is...Congratulations brat. You've been selected to participate in Konoha's up and coming HPT. I'll go into further detail of what it is at a later convenience. See you tomorrow brat,"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the words HPT. He wondered what that was supposed to be, but he also sighed when he read that he'd have to appear at Sasuke's trial just like all the other clan heads. It would actually be his first meeting as a clan head. Naruto sighed again and rubbed the back of his head.

"Looks like I'm gonna be busy," Naruto said and Kyuubi nodded. She was upset that Naruto had to set a day aside for his clan head duties, but that's what the Kage Bunshin technique was for.

Naruto furled up the scroll and placed it into his pocket.

"Well let's get done what we can get done," Naruto told her. Kyuubi nodded and closed her eyes.

"Alright Naruto-kun, it's like I said. Yin release governs your imagination. You must think of something you want and bring it to a form. It's difficult since you're creating something out of nothing. It's extremely difficult, but you can do it. I'll try to demonstrate if I can," Kyuubi said and Naruto watched as she breathed easily while she kept her eyes closed.

In about five minutes, Naruto saw Kyuubi's chakra leak from her body and watched as it formed into a small fox which refused to move. Naruto widened his eyes while Kyuubi slowly opened hers.

"Wow I didn't think I'd actually get it, but that's what it is. Imagination pushed to the limit of it becoming real. I only used my chakra since I'm not all that good with it. The key is to clear your mind of all other things and create one soul thing that you want," Kyuubi instructed and Naruto nodded. He quickly sat down and closed his eyes. Kyuubi watched him as he sat there in silence. The trees swayed around him while the wind blew his hair.

"Imagine what I want to create and use my chakra to give it a form," Naruto said and for an experiment, he envisioned his father, Minato Namikaze. He pictured his father's yellow hair and the clothes he was wearing when he first met him. He, however, knew that he couldn't bring his father back and that this was only an experiment. He just wanted to start big.

After ten minutes Naruto opened his eyes and didn't see anything around. The blonde cursed and laid in the grass.

"So much for that," Naruto said and Kyuubi giggled. The blonde narrowed his eyes at her and Kyuubi poked him in the head.

"Naruto-kun these are high-level techniques. Of course you won't get them that easily. I was lucky enough to make that fox right there. It looks more like an ornament, but I know I did it. You'll do it to and I'll help you," Kyuubi said and Naruto nodded

"Thank you Kana-chan," Naruto said and Kyuubi kissed his forehead. She then got to her feet and Naruto got up with her.

"Well I'd say that we got a bit done today. Just send a clone when you leave and I'll teach it even further. Not a single day can go to waste," Kyuubi said and Naruto nodded.

They walked away from their spot and came back to the area to see Fu resting at their campsite along with Hinata. Kushina was smiling and Naruto was suddenly flooded with all the memories from his experiences with Fu, Hinata, and Kushina making the blonde fall to the ground.

"Okay, nice work Fu-chan, Hinata-chan. Kaa-san...your evil," Naruto said huffing making Kushina giggle.

"So are we going back to the house now?" Hinata asked and Naruto shook his head.

"Nope, we're camping. That's why we have our bags and everything else. So we'll get in some food and wash-up then we'll go to sleep," Naruto said and all the girls nodded as the all underwent preparations.

With Kimimaro

The bone user was currently getting up from a chair while Ibiki and Anko nodded to each other.

"And that's all you can tell us from Orochimaru and his bases?" Ibiki asked and Kimimaro nodded. The last thing he wanted was to cause for Naruto, his master, so he told all the truth and nothing but the truth. Ibiki and Anko looked at him for a little longer and nodded.

"Alright, in accordance with Tsunade-sama and Naruto's orders, you can go. Anko knows the way to Naruto's house so she'll take you there," Ibiki said and Kimimaro nodded with a bow and left the room. He had been in there for eight hours and he was relieved to be done.

"Alright Kimimaro let's go. Though I doubt Naruto will be home. He said he's going on a training trip. I don't know where though. Well I'll just drop you by his house," Anko said and Kimimaro nodded. As the two left the Interrogation Department, but both stopped when they saw Tsunade leaning against the wall.

"Tsunade-sama?" Anko said and Tsunade got to her feet.

"Hey Anko, I see Kimimaro's done with his interrogation. I'll take him now. I promised the brat I'd look him over and I want to get that done before tomorrow," Tsunade said and Anko nodded. Kimimaro then followed Tsunade to the hospital while Anko decided to find out what Kurenai was up to.

Closing her eyes Anko walked off. She'd found that this was much better and fun to do so she did it. She had Naruto to thank for that.

With Tsunade and Kimimaro

Both entered the Konoha Hospital and Tsunade smiled at Kimimaro.

"That brat, always doing the unexpected. Only he would get me to get a look at one of Orochimaru's former shinobi," Tsunade said and Kimimaro looked at the ground. The Hokage gasped and patted his shoulder.

"Oh sorry. I didn't mean it like that. You did tell us everything so I guess the brat is a good judge of character," Tsunade said and Kimimaro nodded absently.

"How does he do it? I thought I was completely loyal to Orochimaru until my life ended, but now I find myself following Naruto. It feels strange," Kimimaro said and Tsunade nodded in agreement with him.

"Yeah, he's a weird one. He always has that weird power that just makes people want to be near him. No matter what, he just wants to see everyone happy and not throw their lives away," Tsunade replied making Kimimaro give a small smile.

They walked into an examination room where they saw Shizune waiting for them. The brunette saw her master and Naruto's newest clan member arrive to the room.

"Shizune prep the table," Tsunade said and Shizune nodded. Kimimaro watched the two women work then laid on the table. He closed his eyes and Tsunade got cracked her knuckles and was ready to work along with Shizune.

"Alright let's see," Tsunade said as her hands glowed in a green color while she placed them on Kimimaro's body. Shizune stayed next to her and watched Tsunade work.

The blonde Hokage scanned Kimimaro's body and turned to him.

"Do you know what kind of disease you have?" Tsunade asked, but Kimimaro shook his head.

"I'm sorry, but I don't. Kabuto wasn't sure what I had either. I only took medication that temporarily helped me," Kimimaro stated making Tsunade sigh. So she was dealing with an unknown disease.

"Alright then, let's see," Tsunade said and her hands roamed Kimimaro's body again. She went from his head and down to his throat. She sensed all the chakra points and vitals in his body and went down to his chest. Tsunade narrowed her eyes and kept moving. Her hand went to his stomach and then traveled through his arms and legs. The old Hokage widened her eyes and turned to her assistant.

"Shizune get me a vial for calcium right now! I want you to extract it and prepare for some minor surgery tomorrow," Tsunade said and Shizune nodded then walked off in a hurry. Her hands stopped glowing and Tsunade allowed Kimimaro to lean up.

"You have osteoporosis. It's a condition where the bones in the body dwindle and become brittle. This is mostly due to a massive decrease in calcium, vitamin D or tissue loss. Your ability as a member of the Kaguya clan and it's use of bones uses up a large amount calcium. Normally this isn't an issue, but overextended periods of time without proper calcium will cause the disease to affect you in other ways. If you had kept fighting with Naruto in the forest, you would have used up the rest of the calcium in your body and that would've killed you," Tsunade said and Kimimaro slightly widened his eyes. The Hokage saw his distressed face and smiled.

"Luckily for you and Naruto, this isn't anything major now. Had we waited a day or more, then it would be a big surgery, but now we can take the appropriate steps. I've had Shizune prep you for surgery tomorrow and I'll get right to work after my meeting. Right now Shizune's gonna give you a shot with a full bottle of calcium. This will revitalize your bones for now and try to soak up as much sun as you can tomorrow. That'll help you a lot," Tsunade said and Kimimaro nodded. Shizune came back with the bottle and she gave Kimimaro the shot in his arm.

"You should stay here for the night. I'll come get you tomorrow," Tsunade said and Kimimaro nodded. He laid down on the hospital bed while Tsunade and Shizune turned out the light. Kimimaro went to sleep and thought about the next day.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

"Madara, what is the meaning of this?" Pain said to the man behind him. Madara chuckled while next to him was Orochimaru. Konan tensed, but Nagato told her to calm down and so she did.

"If we want this to work then we need Orochimaru. He's a powerful asset," Madara said behind his mask while Pain narrowed his eyes at Orochimaru.

"He had his chance at Akatsuki and left. I don't see why we need him," Pain said while Madara's sharingan flared.

"It's ideal that we have him. Deal with it," Madara said then vanished into his black hole leaving Orochimaru with Nagato and Konan. The air around the three was tense while Orochimaru walked away.

"I'm watching you so don't do anything that will get you killed. After all, you're still a mortal and I am a god," Pain said while Orochimaru chuckled.

"Kukuku, wouldn't dream of it," Orochimaru said and walked off while Konan stood next to Pain.

"Nagato is this a good idea?" Konan asked and Pain walked around the room.

"For now we'll go with it, but don't let Orochimaru out of your sight. Who knows what he'll try," Nagato said and Konan nodded as the darkness enveloped them.

Next Morning

Naruto saw the sun rise and the blonde stretched himself awake. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Kyuubi had the nice idea of training him in the mindscape while he slept so that was good and nice. Naruto turned to see Kushina, Kyuubi, Fu and Hinata still sleeping and grinned. He made the four Chi Bunshins then left them with the girls. He had to go home and change his clothes so that he wasn't in the same thing from yesterday.

"See you ladies later," Naruto said and ran off into the trees. Naruto yawned as he ran through the trees, but then his senses kicked in an dodged a kunai that embedded itself on the tree limb next to him. Naruto turned around with his own kunai, but widened his eyes and chuckled before seeing the smile in front of him.

"Hey Gaki, what are you doing here on this fine day?" Anko asked making her presence known. Naruto grinned jumped up to the tree in front of him and stood before the still good-looking Anko.

"Hey Anko-chan, just doing some training. You know how it is," Naruto said and Anko nodded with a cheeky smile.

"So where you off to?" She asked and Naruto groaned.

"I have to go get ready for Sasuke's trial. You'd think that they'd wait till he was out of the hospital to do this," Naruto said and Anko nodded. She heard about Sasuke's trial also. In fact the whole jonin section heard about it.

"I see. Well good luck with that," Anko said and Naruto nodded. He then turned to her and grinned.

"So did you get a scroll about this HPT thing also?" the blonde asked and Anko smiled.

"Yep. Though I have no idea what it is. I heard it was given to all the jonin and tokubetsu jonin. Tsunade won't tell anyone what this is," Anko said and Naruto sighed. Looks like he got no where with that.

"Well I'm gonna go," Naruto said before Anko grabbed his arm.

"Come on Foxy-kun, why not stay with me for a little longer?" Anko said licking her lips and Naruto chuckled before turning around.

"Because Tsunade will have my head if I don't go. And since when did you start calling me Foxy-kun?" Naruto asked and Anko shrugged her shoulders.

"Should it matter? Tell Tsume, he should share the love," Anko said and Naruto grinned.

"She already does, though she's the alpha of them. Unless you think you can beat Tsume-chan," Naruto said and Anko immediately shook her head. The blonde grinned while Anko pouted.

"Well see you later Hebi-hime," Naruto said with a wink then disappeared in the Hiraishin leaving Anko on the tree.

"Now he's just being a tease," Anko said to herself and ran off to find Naruto's little group, if he had one.

Namikaze Compound

Naruto came through the door to his house and saw that it was vacant. He sighed and walked up the stairs then looked into his closet. He didn't really have anything in the way of formal wear to a council meeting so the blonde took off his jacket and pants and took out his black jacket and black anbu pants. He decided to wear an orange sash that he bought at one point and wrapped it around his waist. He didn't think he'd need to, but Naruto just took one of his elemental swords with him just in case and the blonde immediately left his house and hit the streets.

He walked towards the Hokage Mansion and noticed that most of the people were up already and walking around. He was greeted to the usual good morning greeting with 'Naruto-sama' or 'Namikaze-sama', but he ignored it.

"Hey Naruto," someone called making the blonde turn his head. He saw Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai at a table and smiled.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei, Asuma-san, Kurenai-chan," Naruto said and all three jonin nodded.

"You going to Sasuke's trial?" Asuma asked and Naruto nodded. The bearded jonin sighed and took a puff of his smoke.

"That's not going to go well," Asuma said making Kurenai and Kakashi nod.

"Well good luck Naruto. Oh did you get the scroll about the HPT?" Kakashi asked and Naruto nodded.

"I wonder what it's about," Kurenai said and Everyone shrugged.

"Well I'm gonna go. I'll see you guys later," Naruto said leaving the three jonin behind.

It didn't take long before Naruto met up with Tsume as she was walking also. Tsume was wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants with her dark green jonin vest.

"Well Tsume-chan let's hurry up and get this over with," Naruto told her. Tsume chuckled with a nod and the two started walking.

Hokage Mansion

Naruto and Tsume walked up the stairs and came into the meeting room. They saw Hiashi, Chouza, Shikaku, Inoichi, and Shibi in the room at their seats.

"Good morning Inuzuka-san, Namikaze-san," Inoichi said making the two nod giving their own good mornings. Tsume sat in her seat and Naruto sat in his. Naruto was right next to Hiashi and Shikaku while Tsume was between Inoichi and Chouza.

"This is so bothersome. Why do we have to be early for this?" Shikaku said while Naruto rested his head on the table.

"What can we do? That's life," Naruto said which made Shikaku snort in agreement.

Hiashi turned to Naruto and the blonde could feel his gaze on his head. It's like he was begging for the blonde to turn around.

"Can I help you Hiashi-san?" Naruto asked without turning around. Hiashi nodded even though Naruto couldn't see it.

"How is Hinata's training going?" Hiashi asked and Naruto grinned. So that's what this is all about.

"She's doing great. I think you'll see some improvement when I'm done with her," Naruto said getting a raised eyebrow from Hiashi. Feeling tense, Naruto changed the question.

"Where's the civilian council?" Naruto asked and everyone sighed in relief.

"Those Uchiha suck-ups can't attend. This has to do with Sasuke as one of our shinobi so we deal with it. Thank Kami," Tsume said getting a collective nod from the other clan heads.

About three minutes later, Tsunade came through the door and sighed. She gave a glance at Naruto and smiled before sitting in the center of everyone.

"Alright, I'm sorry to call you all like this, but we must do the trial for Sasuke Uchiha right now," Tsunade said and everyone nodded in agreement with her while an anbu came into the room and bowed before the council.

"Bring Sasuke in," Tsunade ordered and the Anbu immediately bowed and left to go get the Uchiha.

Less that two minutes later, Sasuke came in with a few bandages, but he had a scowl on his face as he sat in a chair while everyone was looking down at him. Sasuke made an extra glare at Naruto, but the blonde glared back. This was his own fault and he'd realize that.

"Sasuke Uchiha, do you know why you've been summoned her today?" Tsunade asked in a stern voice while the Uchiha refused to speak. The Shinobi council narrowed their eyes at the brunette Uchiha, especially Hiashi.

"You'd do well to answer Tsunade-sama Uchiha," Hiashi said while Sasuke scowled at them all and huffed his aggression.

"How could I not know? This is my trial or something right," Sasuke said and the council felt their chakra flare at his disrespect, but now wasn't the time for personal feelings so they all let it slide.

"That's right. We are discussing your punishment for leaving the village without authorization," Tsunade said and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Have you anything to say?" Inoichi asked and Sasuke looked up at them all.

"What I did is of no consequence to any of you. It's my problem and I wanted to deal with it in my own way. I'm sick of this village holding me back from my revenge on Itachi," Sasuke said making everyone narrow their eyes. Naruto sighed while he observed Sasuke. He had been in that spot so many times that it felt weird to be looking down at it, but now wasn't the time for that.

"And what would you do after you got your revenge on Itachi?" Naruto asked deciding to come into the conversation also. Sasuke thought over Naruto's question even if it did irritate him slightly. Everyone on the council waited for Sasuke's reply.

"I'm not sure, but I refuse to let that stop me from killing Itachi. Orochimaru offered me the chance to get power and I took it," Sasuke said making Naruto glare at him.

"Did you know that he simply wanted your body? He wouldn't train you if there wasn't anything in it for him. He wanted you since he couldn't get Itachi. Shouldn't that show how powerful Itachi is?" Naruto asked making everyone else widen their eyes. They didn't know that much about this. They knew Orochimaru was obsessed with immortality, but he wanted Sasuke's body or rather the sharingan. It was then that everyone was thankful that Naruto managed to bring back Sasuke.

"Orochimaru is a fool. He could never defeat the wielder of the Sharingan. I would have dealt with him as soon as I got all the use I could out of him. Besides only a sharingan wielder can defeat another sharingan wielder," Sasuke said making them all sigh. Naruto found it almost ironic and slightly stupid when he learned that he was Sasuke's cousin by family marriage. Senju and Uchiha being brothers, Senju married Uzumaki, Uzumaki and Uchiha distant cousins. How great was that?

"Wrong Uchiha, Orochimaru was and still is a genius shinobi. He could kill you without batting an eyelash about it. Sasuke, getting power the easy way isn't like a shinobi. If you want power then you should get it through hard work like everyone else," Shibi said in a stern voice. Sasuke seethed then turned to Naruto. He gave a hidden grin and Naruto could tell he was going to do or say something stupid.

"Then what about the dope there? He has his own dojutsu and took the Inuzuka, Hyuuga, and other kekkai genkai. He gets power so what's wrong with the way I do it?" Sasuke asked and before anyone could answer him Tsume stood to her feet.

"Because Sasuke I, as the Inuzuka head, taught Naruto the Inuzuka clan's techniques myself and allowed him to use them. I trust him enough to allow that," Tsume said making Naruto smile. Hiashi stood to his feet also.

"Naruto-san has apologized to my clan for coping our dojutsu. To me that is worthy of respect. In addition, we don't dwell on things like that. Naruto-san has proven himself, in my eyes, as an excellent user of the Jyuuken and I trust him to use it wisely. Tell us Sasuke, would you apologize to those you copied from?" Hiashi asked and Sasuke scowled since his plan backfired.

"So what? Are you going to send me to jail now?" Sasuke asked not wanting to hear anymore of this. Tsunade looked at everyone and wanted anyone's reaction.

"Your just like Itachi," Naruto said bringing everyone's attention to the blonde while they turned back to Sasuke who was seething. His hands visibly shaking while his sharingan flared in his eyes. Sasuke immediately stood up knocking the chair back while his shook his hands in anger.

"Don't you dare compare me to Itachi! I'm nothing like him! Take it back!" Sasuke yelled as he seemed to forget his place. Some of the anbu were about to move and intercept the Uchiha, but a silent hand from Tsunade stopped them as she wanted to see where Naruto was trying to take this.

"Oh your not? Itachi left and betrayed Konoha. You left and pretty much betrayed Konoha. Itachi joined a group of S-rank criminals. You tried to join Orochimaru, an S-rank criminal. Face it Sasuke, your just a younger version of the current Itachi," Naruto said and Sasuke remained silent. He knew for a doubt that he couldn't refute what Naruto said. He wanted with all his might to tell him off, but he couldn't and wasn't sure what to do. He looked at the ground and narrowed his eyes.

"So what should I do? I don't know what to do," Sasuke said surprising everyone. It was like Naruto completely shot Sasuke's arrogant pride to the ground. Naruto narrowed his eyes and felt everyone's stares on him wanting him to give the answer and while it was unorthodox to do so, Naruto jumped off his seat and walked towards Sasuke. He stared Sasuke in his eyes and grabbed the Uchiha by the collar.

"You stay. You're an ass for sure, but your Konoha's ass. As long as you're in Konoha, I'm not letting you go anywhere. Train here and earn your power the right way and then when the time comes you fight Itachi. That's what you're going to do," Naruto said in utter conviction. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto and the two engaged in a staring contest before Sasuke looked at the ground. Naruto stepped back and turned away.

The blonde returned to his seat and saw some of the others smiling at him.

"Well Sasuke, there is still the matter of your punishment," Tsunade said and Sasuke sighed. He looked up at everyone and was ready for it.

"Sasuke Uchiha for leaving Konoha without supervision. You are hereby placed in jail for four days and when you are released, you will be on probation and will have Anbu watching you until you are deemed trustworthy," Tsunade said and Sasuke wanted to say something, but didn't and simply nodded while Tsunade waved her hand allowing the anbu to take Sasuke away.

"A very unorthodox method Namikaze-san," Shibi said and Naruto grinned.

"Yeah. Wasn't it awesome dattebayo?" Naruto said making the others chuckle.

"I suppose it was. Well if that's all Tsunade-sama, I'm going to go to sleep," Shikaku said getting up from his seat making everyone else sweatdrop. The Naras really were lazy, though Naruto could only wonder what time it was, but that was before he finally did have Tsunade in the room.

"Oh yeah, Tsunade-baachan what is this HPT thing that you sent to everyone?" Naruto asked and immediately the clan heads sat down and turned to her. They all wanted to know that also. Tsunade grinned and her eyes reflected amusement at their confused faces making them all eager for an answer.

"No spoilers. I'll tell you all before the end of the week," Tsunade said as she headed for the door and walked out. Everyone else sighed and headed for the door.

"Why do I feel like a prank is coming?" Naruto asked and everyone shook their heads.

"Who knows. This is just too bothersome. I'm going home," Shikaku said to them. Everyone nodded and walked out the door. They all left the Hokage Mansion and Naruto saw that the sun was close to setting. Was he really in there that long? Man, time must pass slowly in that room.

"I guess I'll get back to everyone else for whatever training I can get in today," Naruto said and gave Tsume a good bye. He walked down the road and suddenly his stomach growled making the blonde sigh.

"Oh right. I haven't eaten at all since I was in a hurry. Ichiraku here I come," Naruto said and ran in the direction of his favorite restaurant to visit some friends.

Ichiraku Ramen

Naruto entered the hut and smiled when he saw Teuchi relaxing and decided to come inside.

"Hey Teuchi-ojisan. Mind making me some ramen?" Naruto asked and all of a sudden Teuchi looked up to see Naruto grinning at him.

"Naruto, my boy. How have you been? I haven't seen you for a while," Teuchi said and Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Sorry about that. I've been a little busy. How's about fixing up some ramen for me? Say six bowls," Naruto said and Teuchi nodded.

"Is that Naruto-kun?" someone said and Naruto turned to see Ayame looking at him.

"Nice to see you Ayame-neechan," Naruto said and was instantly brought to a hug making it hard for him to breathe.

"I thought you forgot about us for a second," Ayame said and Naruto grinned.

"How could I do that?" Naruto asked while Ayame shook her shoulders.

As Teuchi did the ramen, Ayame and Naruto caught up on some old times. It was great having Naruto around again.

"So that's what happened with Sasuke," Ayame said and Naruto nodded.

"When it should make sense it doesn't," Teuchi said and Naruto could only agree with that. He set three bowls of ramen on the table and smiled. Naruto took his chopsticks and ate the noodles with fervor like he hadn't had the food in forever. Ayame and Teuchi watched the blonde slurp up the noodles and set the other three down. Naruto quickly downed those also and his stomach was full as it could get.

"Thanks for the ramen you guys. I'll definitely be back," Naruto told them as he waved goodbye. Ayame and Teuchi waved goodbye also.

Meanwhile, Naruto was walking the streets with a sigh of content before he saw the same purple-haired anbu jumping along the rooftops. The sun was already replaced by the moon so Naruto was treated to a nice sight of how her hair looked in the moonlight. It was then that the blonde decided to chase off after her while keeping himself hidden.

Yugao ran along the rooftops of the houses to go to the Memorial Stone. She a few flowers in her hand while she ran and she wasn't sure, but she felt like someone's eyes were watching her. She's was an anbu, she lived the paranoid lifestyle mainly because it was normally true. When your in the anbu normally your suspicions are true and you act on them, but for now she would simply watch herself.

Naruto continued to hide from Yugao as she ran across the buildings. All his training in stealth from Kyuubi was working out and the blonde wanted to keep it going. Naruto hid a little better when he thought she saw him, but when she kept moving, he did also.

This continued for about 30 minutes and the anbu entered a small training field and Naruto followed. He watched her stop and she looked at the Memorial Stone. He watched her set some flowers on the site and Naruto narrowed his eyes. She must have lost a loved one.

"Wait a minute. Anko-chan said that Yugao had a difficult time lately. I wonder if this is why," Naruto thought as he saw Yugao drop her cat mask revealing her beautiful face to the blonde while her hand softly touched the memorial stone. Naruto calmly watched and was about to leave until a kunai embedded itself near his face. Naruto widened his eyes and narrowly dodge Yugao's sword which was aimed at his throat. It was dark so Yugao couldn't really see his face. Naruto backflipped away from Yugao and went into the field. He took out the sword strapped to his back and immediately it flared. Yugao raised her eyebrow at the sword and wondered what type of sword it was, but didn't dwell on it long.

"Who are you and why are you following me?" Yugao asked while Naruto sighed. He really found it too late to fight and he was tired from the meeting. He really didn't want to start something that would likely have every anbu on him and Yugao.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. As for why I'm following you, well I don't know either," Naruto said and Yugao dropped her sword. It was the same blonde who Anko was talking to yesterday when she brought Kimimaro to the Interrogation Department. Yugao sighed and withdrew her sword.

"I see well if you don't mind I'll be leaving," Yugao said, but before she could leave she was stopped by Naruto.

"Now don't be in such a rush Yugao-chan. It's not like your doing anything right now so drop the cold look and relax. It's not like I'm a threat to you, well I could be, but I don't want to be. So why are YOU out here?" Naruto asked grinning like mad. Yugao narrowed her eyes and for some reason, she felt like Naruto wasn't going to let her leave and even though she was an anbu, she could feel that he could stop her from leaving if he wanted to. Deciding to avoid any more conflict, Yugao relented.

"I was just putting some flowers near the Memorial Stone. Can I go now?' Yugao asked getting impatient with the blonde's pestering. Naruto chuckled and lightly tapped her shoulder.

"No you can't. Not until you tell me specifically why your here," Naruto said and Yugao narrowed her eyes. Was she being told what to do by someone younger than her? Not even her anbu captain, when she was in the wrong mood, could tell her what to do.

"You do realize who your talking to right? I could kill you right now and totally make it look like an accident," Yugao said and Naruto chuckled. He had never been threatened like that before and while it was slightly intimidating he knew she was joking or rather he hoped.

"Well I don't think it'd do you much good to kill a clan head. Besides I might not look it, but I could take you on," Naruto said and Yugao scoffed. She wondered why she wasn't leaving and why this blond was touching all the right buttons to piss her off. She really didn't have to take this did she?

Yugao turned to leave and Naruto smiled as he remembered a special jutsu he had. Naruto turned to her and smiled.

"Kagemane no Jutsu( Shadow Possession Jutsu)," Naruto yelled and with the little stuff he could remember about it. Naruto sent his shadow and successfully got Yugao.

"Yeah I got it on my first try dattebayo," Naruto yelled jumping up not knowing that he was making Yugao jump the same way.

"I don't mean to interrupt you, but could you stop jumping like an idiot," Yugao said and Naruto grinned before stopping.

"Sorry, I got too excited," Naruto said and Yugao sighed. This really wasn't her day.

"If I tell you then will you let me go?" Yugao asked and Naruto nodded. It wasn't his intention to take things this far, but it was so much fun to push someone's buttons. Especially an anbu.

Naruto walked over to a tree and Yugao mimicked his movements. He at down and Yugao did in turn.

"Alright so what's up? Naruto asked and Yugao sighed.

"I...was here for Hayate. He was the Chunin exam proctor for the preliminaries," Yugao said and Naruto widened his eyes. He could never forget that guy.

"That guy with the weird cough almost every time?" Naruto asked and Yugao chuckled. It was probably good to get a small laugh in.

"That's right. He was like that. He was...killed in the invasion. I never got to say goodbye to him," Yugao said getting silent and Naruto looked at the ground.

"Oh sorry about that," the blonde said and the purple haired anbu grinned.

"It's alright I guess. I do miss him a lot though. Maybe doing missions takes my mind off of things," Yugao said to him. Naruto nodded and stood to his feet making Yugao stand also.

"Well I didn't want any trouble. So I guess I'll leave you alone now," Naruto said making his shadow recede back giving Yugao her free movement. The anbu smiled and ruffled Naruto's hair.

"Thanks for listening to me. I really needed to talk it out. I feel a little better," she said making Naruto nod.

"Yup, it's best to talk it out dattebayo. Well if you want to talk then just come to the Namikaze compound. I'll be willing to listen to you," Naruto said with a smile then disappeared in yellow lightning leaving Yugao in the field.

"Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto huh?" Yugao said to herself and vanished in a leaf shunshin.

Forest of Death

Naruto sighed as he appeared in front of the gates of the Forest of Death. The blonde was beyond tired and he just wanted to go to sleep. He entered the Forest of Death and quickly ran towards the campsite. It was dark so it was harder to see than he wanted, but he could deal with it. He jumped from tree to tree and quickly came up to the tree where he met Anko those hours ago. Naruto sighed and rushed himself towards the site.

It took the blonde another 10 minutes, but he made it to his campsite to see Fu, Hinata, Kyuubi and Kushina resting, but he also sighed when he saw Anko sleeping also. Naruto rubbed the back of his head and walked towards his group. He saw them sleeping leaned against a tree. He knew about his mother and wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of her being cautious of him.

"Looks like I was right that you'd show up here," someone said and Naruto turned around. He saw Kurenai in a tree looking down at him. Naruto waved to her and she jumped down.

"What are you doing here Kurenai-chan?" Naruto asked and the Genjutsu Mistress gave a small smile and flicked her hair.

"You didn't think you were done teaching me did you? Besides I only completed the first step to my training. You said you'd train me and you aren't leaving until I get some training done. Same with Anko over there," Kurenai said and Naruto paled. He could only hope that this late night stuff wasn't going to kill him when it really mattered. The blonde had a lot of life to live and didn't want to die from the strain of teaching all these girls while getting taught himself by Kushina and Kyuubi.

"Just give me a break once in a while. First my clones got tortured by Kaa-san and Kyuubi, then there was the trial with Sasuke and after that I had a talk with Yugao and now Tsunade-baachan won't tell us what this HPT thing is. I've got one massive headache," Naruto said and Kurenai nodded.

"Stress of being the clan head isn't it?" Kurenai asked and Naruto laid down.

"Like you wouldn't believe. Kurenai-chan I don't think I'm gonna survive these two years," the blonde said and Kurenai raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" She asked. Naruto grinned and closed his eyes.

"Cause if this stress won't kill me, then the training will," Naruto laughed and Kurenai chuckled along with him.

"Well if anyone can handle it then it's you I suppose. And whatever this HPT is I'm sure it's nothing major," Kurenai said and Naruto nodded before they both went to sleep. Little did Kurenai, Naruto, or any other jonin suspect of what it actually was nor what Tsunade was actually planning for all of them.

End of Chapter 35.

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