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Naruto sat on the couch as he looked at his sword while Kasumi and Yugito watched the blonde ponder over his thoughts. The air in the room was tense for some reason as Yugito and Kasumi had nothing to really talk about.

The Nibi Jinchuuriki continued to sip her water while the silence seemed to be deafening for her. It was so quiet that the smallest sound would cause someone to jump, however both the girls were very happy when Naruto decided to say something.

"Yugito, what can you tell me about Raimin?" Naruto asked making the older blonde raise an eyebrow at him. She set her glass on the table and thought over his question.

"Well I wasn't around the guy much. I just know that he was our village's second strongest ninja. He was always fascinated by his sword for some reason. In truth no one knew why he left Kumo in the first place. They just know that he was considered the Storm of Kumo because whatever raiton jutsu was used on him he would be able to return it twice as strong with his sword," Yugito said and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He held the journal in his hands and rubbed his eyes. He thanked her for the information while Kasumi walked up to him.

"Anything I can help you with Naruto-sama?" Kasumi asked and Naruto looked at her for a moment. He looked at the scroll with the money from Raimin as well as the bounty for Naruto's kill and the blonde handed them to Kasumi.

"Yeah, Kasumi-chan can you put these into the vault?" Naruto asked and Kasumi nodded. Naruto still had plenty of money in the bank, but he wanted a personal vault also just in case something ever happened with the bank.

Kasumi took the scrolls of money and disappeared from the room leaving Naruto and Yugito alone. The younger blonde sat back into the chair and was about to continue reading until he saw his clone come back down with the fuinjutsu book the blonde requested. Naruto took the book into his hands and turned to Yugito.

"Well I'm gonna go. Stay here as long as you want I guess. Kasumi-chan will show you out if you want to leave," Naruto said and Yugito nodded before putting her glass near the sink.

"Where are you going so late?" she asked making Naruto snicker at her while he opened the door.

"Se-cr-et," Naruto answered and closed the door making Yugito narrow her eyes while she pouted which to Nibi was rather cute in a way.

"Hehe he got you so good. I might really like him," Nibi said and Yugito groaned before rolling her eyes while she looked around the house a little more.

Soon Kasumi returned and saw Yugito on the pouch looking at the moon. She raised an eyebrow and walked outside also to join the Nibi jinchuuriki in her thoughts.

"Something bothering you?" Kasumi asked and Yugito shrugged her shoulders. She really wasn't sure when she was going to leave since she did her job and wondered if the others were already asleep.

"Not really just wondering if I should go now. Naruto said that I could stay here as long as I wanted so I just thought I'd look around before leaving," Yugito said while Kasumi's tail wagged for a second. She got a gleam in her eyes and smiled.

"Well if you're staying then how about a little game?" Kasumi asked and Yugito turned to the dog-girl with the word 'curious' written all across her face. Kasumi smiled and walked back inside with Yugito following her. She went into a nearby closet and placed a board on the table. Yugito looked at it and sighed.

"So shougi, we meet again," Yugito said glaring at the board while Kasumi took the pieces and placed them in the order they were to go in.

"I've never played before, but I saw a Nara doing it and it looked fun so I asked Naruto-sama to buy me one. Let's play," Kasumi said and Yugito nodded. They each sat back on the pouch and started to play the small game of shougi.

Next Morning

Darui knocked on Yugito's door and sighed. A, C and himself had been up that night since they were slightly worried about Yugito, but then they heard her come up the stairs that night with her cursing her head off while she slammed her door shut. Everyone agreed to check on her tomorrow out of some fear of getting their heads chewed off and since he was the first one up that job fell to him.

"Yugito, how long are you going to make me knock?" Darui asked and soon the door opened while Yugito glared at her Kumo teammate.

"Can't you see I'm moping right now? I'm not coming out right now," Yugito said before slamming the door back into his face while Darui nodded.

"Good talk I guess," He said turning away while Yugito laid near her bed in shock. Kasumi had utterly destroyed her in shougi. It was then that she found out that Kasumi lied. She was so damn gung-ho over shougi it was insane. Yugito had played her for five games and all of them she lost. Kasumi had eyed her like she was a mouse that just got jumped by the cat and left to die.

"I'm never playing her again," Yugito said in thought while Nibi laughed her head off at her jinchuuriki's expense.

"She sure showed you Kitten. As much as I don't like being around dogs that girl is alright in my book," Nibi said which only served to add to Yugito's headache and frustration.

With Tsunade

The Godaime Hokage was currently walking towards the Konoha Hospital. She had heard Haku following her and the woman was ready to get started with her training while Tsunade walked inside.

"Alright Haku, we'll be starting your training as soon as-," Tsunade was soon interrupted by a shout of excitement that made her and Haku turn towards the noise.

"YAHOO! I'm free!" Kiba yelled out as Shizune signed him out. He was jumping up and down while Akamaru ran circles around him before he saw his owner get smacked upside the head by his girlfriend.

"Kiba stop yelling. Sorry about that Tsunade-sama. You know how he is," Tenten said while Tsunade nodded. Kiba rubbed his head while he grinned before walking out the door with Tenten following him while reprimanding him for embarrassing her in front of her idol.

"They never change do they?" Tsunade asked and Haku sighed.

"That might be a good thing Tsunade-sama," Haku said and Tsunade nodded while they walked up the stairs. They both turned to a door and opened it. Haku widened her eyes when she saw one of the four people she and the others had fought with to bring Sasuke back. She was resting in the bed and Haku narrowed her eyes.

"Tsunade-sama, she's with Orochimaru," Haku said getting ready to fight, but stopped when Tsunade ordered her to back down which got Haku confused.

"Well if it isn't the girl who we fought with. How fuckin' nice," Tayuya said in her bed while Haku narrowed her eyes at the redhead, but she didn't say anything since Tsunade told her not to do anything, but she really wanted to.

Tsunade walked up to Tayuya's bed and folded her arms across her ample chest making her assets bounce slightly.

"Shizune told me about you. She said you agreed to tell us all you knew about Orochimaru. Mind me asking why?" Tsunade asked and while she wasn't going to turn away free information about Orochimaru, she wasn't stupid either. Tayuya narrowed her eyes and laid back on the bed.

"Maybe I just don't like the fuckin' bastard. Now then are we going to get this over with?" Tayuya asked getting to her feet like it was child's play. Tsunade and Haku narrowed their eyes at her and simply hoped that she wouldn't be difficult.

Tayuya, no matter what she said last night, was still a bit anxious. She felt like she had reason to be, but Kimimaro was stronger than her any day so if he could trust these shits then why couldn't she?

"Well? Are you going to keep staring at me or are we going to do this?" Tayuya asked again and Tsunade nodded. She left the room with Haku and Tayuya leaving also.

"You know I never thought that I would be doing this, but that brat really knows how to win someone over," Tsunade said making Tayuya and Haku look at her strangely. Tsunade chuckled and decided to explain what she meant to the two girls.

"What I mean is that I never would think that someone on Orochimaru's side would change that easily," Tsunade said and Tayuya chuckled which was more of a taunt than anything else.

"Yeah? Well don't get used to it, but Kimimaro seems to think that the guy is something special. I don't see what the big deal is, but I want to see what makes Kimimaro think so highly of him," Tayuya said and Haku wondered who Kimimaro was, but the way Tayuya talked about him he was also a former Orochimaru shinobi.

"Well yeah it still confuses me, but I can see where he gets it from. Now then, just tell us what we want to know and Haku will come get you later to take you to Naruto's house," Tsunade said and Tayuya stopped.

"Wait, I have to live there?" Tayuya asked in shock while Haku sighed since she wasn't really liking the idea either, but she would deal with it. She really cared deeply about Naruto and she wouldn't allow him to get hurt by someone else that she just met who used to be an enemy.

"That's right. Naruto said that he would take full responsibility of you and Kimimaro for your actions and on his word you must stay with him. Don't worry you'll get used to him in no time," Tsunade said making Tayuya scowl, but there was nothing she could do about it at all. Tsunade signed the girl out of the hospital since she had an abnormal healing pace. Tayuya was always like that. She could always recover faster than others, but not to the extent of Naruto. It might have been why she didn't need Kabuto to heal her that much not that she liked it when he touched her anyway.

Soon the three came up the the Interrogation Department and saw Ibiki waiting for them in front of the door.

"Alright Ibiki I want all intel out of her and then she's free to go. I'll send Haku for her later," Tsunade said and Ibiki nodded.

"Yes Hokage-sama," Ibiki said and Tayuya followed him inside while the doors closed behind her. Meanwhile Haku and Tsunade were walking towards a vacant training ground before Tsunade got an evil gleam in her eye.

"Well Haku, it's time to begin and I will train you hard," Tsunade said and Haku nodded. That's just what she wanted.

"Yes Tsunade-sama," Haku said as they walked off to start the brunette's training.

With Naruto

On the ground in front of Naruto were multiple leaves. He had been practicing his yin release and with his kage bunshins he was getting it down. He had stopped the Chi Bunshin since Kyuubi told him he was overusing it to which Naruto could agree with her on that and they put a stop to that till Kyuubi said it was alright.

"Come on Naruto-kun just keep it up. I think you've got the imagination part down and I think we'll continue this throughout the week. Now then while you're perfecting the Yin techniques I want you to begin doing the Yang release," Kyuubi said and Naruto huffed. Kushina watched as Kyuubi trained her son and smiled at Naruto's tired face. He had been doing this well since last night and he was getting exhausted. Not to mention that Kyuubi was teaching him other things while he slept so it was a lot better for him, but his body wasn't believing that.

"Alright Kyuubi-chan I got it. So do we start on the next step to the Yin release?' Naruto asked and Kyuubi shook her head. He had a lot more to learn and he wasn't ready for the next step just yet.

"Not yet Naru-kun now then. You can make trees quite well, but now we're going to try something else. Next will be kunai. Remember that kunai aren't like leaves so you need a better feel for it and since it's heavier than a leaf it will require more chakra to create. We're going to continue like this until you can make a solid looking human," Kyuubi said and Naruto sighed. Kanari watched him and smiled at her blonde's impatience, but that was the nature of things.

Meanwhile Fu had gotten through another book on Fuinjutsu and sighed. She had gotten better and when Naruto taught her the kage bunshin technique she was a lot better in one day then she could've been in a week. Naruto watched her progress and the blonde couldn't be happier.

"Alright Fu-chan, now I want you to read this book. Once your done we will put everything together. Don't worry about anything else. Now I'm going to do something that will help you and when it wears off I know you will be a great fuinjutsu user," Naruto told her and fu nodded. The blonde took out an ink pen and uncovered Fu's forehead which was blocked by her green hair. The blonde told her not to move as he came into a close proximity with the Nanabi jinchuuriki making her blush as his lips were right above hers. Naruto tracked the ink over her forehead while Fu fought to hold down the blush on her face. He wrote the word 'concentration' in kanji on her head and moved away before he added chakra to his hand and pressed Fu's forehead. The seal glowed for a bit and then faded. Naruto slowly backed away while Fu widened her eyes. She looked at the expert fuinjutsu that Naruto gave her and widened her eyes. She couldn't take her gaze off the book at all. She was reading at a fast pace while she did her best to talk and read at the same time.

"This is amazing. I feel like I can read this whole book in a matter of hours and then when I try it with my clones I'll be able to get it all down. What is this? No wait, don't answer. Let me try it. You wrote the kanji for 'concentrate' on my head to give me the awareness of concentrating on my book and now I can understand it better because of the chakra. The seal is integrating it's chakra into my sense to make me concentrate better right?" Fu asked and Naruto chuckled.

"While I didn't know all of that I know you're right Fu-chan. I can only use this once per person and it will never work again for some weird reason. It will only work for about three hours then it wears off and I figured that now would be the best time to use it," Naruto told her. Fu nodded not taking her eyes off the book while Naruto sweatdropped.

"I wonder if she even heard me," Naruto said to himself. The clone sat next to Fu and waited for her to finish and he would quiz her on everything she knew about fuinjutsu currently. It also helped that Fu had always been a naturally fast reader. Give her a scroll and she would have read it in about twenty minutes time. She didn't know why, but she was always fascinated with books. Maybe it was because she never got to read them back in Taki.

It another part of the woods, Hinata and Naruto were sparing with each other. She had been rather hesitant to fight the blonde, but Naruto told her that she needed to improve and she would need to get better than she already was. Hinata nodded and told him she would train hard and not be left behind by him.

"Come on Hinata. You're still holding back. Your enemies won't hesitate to use that to their advantage," Naruto told her while Hinata huffed. She quickly nodded and got back to fighting as she tried her best to hit him, but Naruto dodged all her strikes while making sure to avoid her vital points.

Next to the pond, Naruto was busy training Anko and Kurenai in two different things. Kurenai was now fighting with fairly with Naruto's clones while being blindfolded and so was Anko. The two girls could feel that they had gotten better. Their senses were on a higher level than before and could honestly say that they were pleased with it.

"Alright ladies this is a good time to take a break," Naruto told them making Kurenai and Anko sigh with nods of appreciation.

"I think my arms are about to fall off," Anko said and Kurenai nodded in agreement with her friend.

"Now then, if we could only beat him without these blindfolds then it would be alright I guess," Kurenai said and Anko nodded.

Thanks to Naruto, everyone was taking full advantage of the training camp and while others were being trained by Naruto's kage bunshins, he himself was being training by his mother and Kyuubi. Just like Kyuubi said, she was a much better teacher than Jiraiya was and could make Naruto much better so on that note the Forest of Death was filled to the brim with sounds of fighting which did more than to keep the dangerous animals away for obvious reasons.

Nighttime, Konoha Hospital

"Alright Kimimaro-san, you're free to go. Naruto-kun's compound isn't far and you'll find it in no time. Just keep to your left and his house is the farthest to the back," Shizune said since she had been to Naruto's house before and Kimimaro nodded. He had yet to see the place and checked out.

"Thank you Shizune-san, but can you tell me where the Interrogation Department is? I'd like to get Tayuya if I can when she's done," Kimimaro said and Shizune nodded. She pointed him in its direction and the bone user ran off to go meet up with her.

While he walked, Kimimaro took in the fresh air around him and sighed. It had been a long time since he had been this peaceful and the village had a small aura of warmth that Kimimaro wasn't used to, but he didn't mind it in the least. He sighed as he reached into one of his pockets and took out something that Naruto gave him with made the Kaguya sigh again.

"Naruto-sama this thing looks weird," Kimimaro thought as he held a small wallet in his hands. Naruto had given it to him before he left. Kimimaro had never really been one for money since he always stayed near Kabuto so this was a bit different to him. He then took out a list and looked at it. It was the small menu Shizune said she had wrote for him and looked at it. It said that he had to drink a lot of milk to held his brittling bones so she suggested that he buy a carton of milk as soon as he left.

"I guess I'll get this done first," Kimimaro said and walked into a store. He looked around the place and walked up to a carton with a cow's face on it. He rolled his eyes and took it from the fridge and took it too the counter.

"That'll be 228 yen," the cashier said and Kimimaro opened the wallet, but not before hearing the woman giggle at him for an obvious reason as he gave her the money and walked away with the milk in his hand.

"I'll get you for this Naruto-sama," Kimimaro thought as he opened the carton and started to drink the milk while he walked towards the Interrogation Department.

With Tayuya

The ex-Oto kunoichi had just been released and cricked her neck. She'd been sitting in a damn chair for the past eight hours. She had told them everything she knew about Orochimaru and wherever his bases where. She had cooperated and so she was allowed to leave like it never happened. She saw Haku leaning on the edge of the wall waiting for her.

"I guess you're here to pick me up?" Tayuya asked and Haku nodded. She began to walk away and Tayuya followed, not that she had much of a choice as she just got free and wouldn't like to be put into a position like that again.

As they walked in silence, the quiet unnerved Tayuya somewhat. She saw Haku's face was slightly impassive and didn't seem like she felt like talking, but Tayuya wasn't known for reading certain moods in the air and this was one of them.

"So what's this guy like?" Tayuya asked and Haku raised an eyebrow at her question while Tayuya sighed then specified.

"What is, what's his name-...Naruto. What is the guy like?" Tayuya asked and Haku turned to her a little confused. She had been thinking over her torture with Tsunade and just wanted a nice, cold bath to end her day. If she came off cold then she didn't mean it. She was slightly concerned about Naruto having two former enemies stay with them, but she was always like that. She hated to admit it, but besides Naruto, Kiba, and Kakashi Haku was pretty much wary of anyone else before she got used to them. It was a part of the always running life she had with Zabuza, however she divulged.

"Well Naruto-kun is a mystery in more ways than one. He's a good person and caring. He's also the type to get angry immediately if any of his precious people are hurt. He's strong. Kiba and I can attest to that. We were there when he fought to take Tsunade-sama back. He's simply amazing," Haku said and Tayuya raised an eyebrow.

"Right, it sounds like you really like the guy," Tayuya said and Haku gave a small blush, but chuckled. She really did like Naruto, but for some reason she never really acted on her feelings. She wasn't sure why she never did, but that was for later.

"I suppose I do like him," Haku said smiling while Tayuya rolled her eyes. She would never fall for someone like this. At least that's what she thought at the time.

After a few more minutes of walking Tayuya and Haku saw a figure coming up to them while the figure was drinking a milk carton. Tayuya raised an eyebrow before widening her eyes. It was Kimimaro walking towards them and he was the one drinking milk. Tayuya snickered while Haku looked a little amused.

"Got milk Kimimaro?" Tayuya asked making the Kaguya twitch his eyebrow at her.

"Very funny Tayuya. This is just what I've been told to do so my disease is cured. I don't have the time to think over my options," Kimimaro said taking another gulp of milk while making Tayuya give a grin.

"well if your both done I'd like to go home," Haku said and walking a bit ahead of them leaving the two ex-Oto nin alone.

"Is she alright?" Kimimaro asked while Tayuya shrugged her shoulders.

"Fuck if I know her moods swings," Tayuya said as she walked with Kimimaro behind her.

With Naruto

"Alright everyone, the first week is over and we've all trained hard. Now let's go home and see if we can't enjoy a nice warm soak. I might not look it, but I'm pretty good at cooking dattebayo," Naruto said and all the girls squealed in delight.

"Finally a nice warm bath," Fu said while Kyuubi started walking.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's get going," she said and everyone ran off back home while Hinata opened to go home and have her bath there.

Everyone exited the Forest of Death and began to run towards the Namikaze compound with Hinata giving Naruto and the others a goodbye as she ran off for the Hyuuga compound.

"I still can't believe that you got all the questions right Fu-chan," Naruto said and Fu's face gave a small smile.

"Hey they were hard enough. I'm still lucky that I got them all. Sheesh what do you call a reverse tetragram seal that's been placed over a modified blitzer seal? Do you know how hard it was to answer that!" Fu yelled making everyone chuckle at her. Though Anko and Kurenai had no idea what that was called, but Naruto answered for them.

"But you got it anyway Fu-chan. You got it right when you said 'a perfect reserve buster seal that if given too much chakra will cancel all chakra on the wearer," Naruto said remembering his studies on fuinjutsu from Kyuubi back in his earlier years. To this day he still didn't understand a lot of it, but he got most of it and that's what counted.

"Oh wait, why are we running?" Naruto asked and stopped. The others stopped with him and the blonde grinned.

"Gather around ladies," Naruto said and everyone touched a piece of Naruto's clothes. The blonde closed his eyes and his chakra locked onto the house as they all disappeared in the Hiraishin.

Namikaze Compound

Kasumi sighed as she walked around the house. She had been in the yard reading over some taijutsu scrolls and practicing them with her clone so she could improve, but that was getting old and fast. She laid on the couch and sighed as she looked up at the ceiling.

"Naruto-sama when are you going to come home?" Kasumi asked and immediately she fell off the couch when she saw everyone immediately teleport in making her gasp.

"Hey Kasumi-chan," Naruto said sheepishly grinning while Kasumi pouted and walked up to him.

"Don't 'hey Kasumi-chan' me Naruto-sama. Where have you been?" Kasumi asked and Naruto chuckled again while Kasumi reprimanded him about telling her things and while he was getting chewed out, Naruto saw Fu, Kyuubi and Kushina walk into the bath. The one thing about this house if you didn't remember anything else was that it had one huge ass bathroom. Enough room for four people which made Naruto wonder exactly who his parents had over there house that would warrant that much space.

"Naruto-sama are you listening to me?" Kasumi asked breaking Naruto's stupor and he smiled with a nod.

"Yeah Kasumi-chan and I'm sorry. It won't happen again," Naruto said and Kasumi. Kasumi nodded and gave Naruto a hug while Naruto wrapped his arms around Kasumi. The two stayed in their hug for a good while before he heard two coughs from two people. Naruto and Kasumi looked and the blonde widened his eyes.

"Tsume-chan!" Naruto said and Tsume walked up to him while Hana came up from behind him and so did Kiba making Naruto widen his eyes.

"Hey Naruto-kun. I came to visit. Haven't seen you for a while," Tsume said and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Tsume-chan you saw me two days ago," Naruto told her and Tsume smiled while adopting a thinking pose.

"It's been that long?" she joked making Naruto roll his eyes while he and Kiba bumped fists.

"So Kiba you got out of the hospital huh?" Naruto asked and Kiba nodded.

"That's right man. The sweet taste of freedom. Kasumi let the three of us in and she was supposed to tell you that," Kiba said and Naruto glared at Kasumi or at least the spot where she was last standing as she disappeared.

"She'll come out of hiding," Naruto said making Kiba chuckle with a nod. He then sniffed Naruto and covered his nose.

"Man dude why do you smell like a damn forest?" Kiba asked and Naruto sighed while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well the funny thing about that is-,"

Naruto ended up telling Hana, Kiba, and Tsume about his training trip for the week and said that they just got back a few minutes ago. He told them about his training in Yin release for the moment and other things. All three were surprised at him for even trying to attempt that, but Naruto then told them about the history Kyuubi told him about the Sage of Six Paths and his connection to the Senju, Uchiha and Uzumaki making the three Inuzuka even more surprised. When Naruto just told them was an amazing thing.

"So are you telling me that you're related to Tsunade and you're a cousin of Sasuke?" Kiba asked and Naruto nodded with the simple question making Hana and Tsume widen their eyes.

"Even I didn't know that about the Sage of Six Paths. Did you tell Tsunade or Sasuke?" Tsume asked and Naruto shook his head.

"No, Tsunade-baachan's got enough things to do already and Sasuke...well would you really tell him that he was a descendant of the guy who created the very start of ninjutsu? He'd have a damn fit," Naruto said making Tsume and Hana nod in agreement.

Meanwhile Kiba walked over to the table in the center of the room and saw the books on the table.

"Hey Naruto, what are these two books?" Kiba asked picking them up and Naruto turned to them.

"Oh umm well Kumo's Raikage is here and he gave me the stuff from Raimin's kill. I got the rest of his money along with his journal and a book about sword mythology. I was planning to read the journal some more. For now I've only read the first page," Naruto said and Kiba raised an eyebrow. He read the first page like Naruto did and narrowed his eyes. He stared at the lighting sword on the floor and grinned.

"No wonder this guy was an A-rank missing nin. With that sword I'm surprised he's not the Raikage," Kiba said as Hana took the book from him. Tsume sat next to Hana and both read the page and like Kiba they stared at the lightning sword.

"Well you really know how to pick 'em Naruto-kun," Hana said and Naruto nodded. It was then that there was a knock on the door causing everyone to look up. The knob twisted and what came through the door surprised the four.

"I told you that you need to stop being a dipshit and speak your mind dammit," Tayuya said coming through the door while Haku sighed.

"You really need to use a better vocabulary," Haku said and Tayuya got a tick mark on her head.

"I'll fuckin' curse when I want to fuckin' curse got that!" Tayuya said and after them was Kimimaro who flicked them both on the head before bowing to Naruto.

"Sorry about the noise Naruto-sama," Kimimaro said and Naruto absently nodded. Haku and Tayuya turned while one blushed in embarrassment and the other widened her eyes.

"N-Naruto-kun sorry about that. I'm gonna go take a shower," Haku said running up the stairs.

"Kimimaro, you're out of the hospital too?" Naruto asked and Kimimaro nodded. Meanwhile Tayuya and Naruto locked eyes.

"It's the blonde shithead!" Tayuya yelled and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"It's the loud-mouth, foul language girl!" Naruto yelled and Tayuya gritted her teeth at the blonde while she stomped on the floor.

"Who are you calling a loud mouth you damn fucker?" Tayuya asked while Naruto balled his fists. The two glared at each other while Tsume, Hana and Kiba wondered what happened or what was happening.

"Who's that?" Tsume asked and Kiba looked up from the book on sword mythology at Tayuya.

"Oh she's one of the four who tried to escape with Sasuke. Naruto brought those two back or convinced the taller one and the taller one brought the short one," Kiba said while Tsume and Hana nodded in understanding.

Tsume then stood to her feet and clapped her hands.

"Alright both of you stop fighting," Tsume said while Naruto sighed and Tayuya growled at her too.

"Who asked you fuckin' old hag!" Tayuya yelled and Tsume smirked. Kimimaro immediately backed away while keeping his impassive face while Naruto backed away along with Kiba and Hana.

Tsume and Tayuya glared at each other while Tsume grew a tick mark on her head.

"Who the hell are you talkin' to brat?" Tsume asked and Tayuya narrowed her eyes.

"To the fucker in front of me are you blind hag?"

"You just got out of the hospital, don't make me put you back in there dammit!" Tsume yelled and Tayuya growled at her while while the intensity of the room grew more cold.

"I'd like to see you try it you damn cocksucker!" Tayuya yelled back and Tsume was about to retort but they both were hit into the ground while the others saw Kushina in a bathrobe while she smiled.

"You're both too loud dattebane. Now shut up or get out!" She yelled out making Tsume nod and Tayuya growl, but she agreed also.

"Phew, I thought this house was going down," Naruto said making Hana and Kiba nod with him. Before long Tsume and Tayuya huffed at each other and walked in opposite directions.

"Kimimaro, you can't be serious. I mean come on man. Is this the guy that really convinced you?" Tayuya asked and Kimimaro nodded. Tayuya sighed and looked at Naruto laughing with Tsume, Hana and Kiba.

"What's so special about him?" Tayuya asked and Kimimaro just let her talk. He figured she would learn in her own way about Naruto and she might, emphasis on might, learn to like him. In the meantime, he walked over to the blonde and bowed.

"Would you show me to a room Naruto-sama?" Kimimaro asked and the blonde nodded. He quickly got up and walked away with Kimimaro to show the Kaguya his room while leaving Hana, Kiba and Tsume in the room, but not for long.

"Ahh that was a good soak. I'm going to bed," Fu said coming down to get some water and with her cup she immediately walked down the hall and disappeared, but not before saying something.

"Oh and you guys should stop yelling. Kyuubi-san finally went to sleep and trust me that she hates getting woken up. Just a warning," Fu said then vanished.

Naruto soon came back and saw the four still in the room. He sighed then laid on the couch.

"Well Kimimaro's going back to bed and so is Haku-chan. Kasumi-chan's around her somewhere, but for now everyone is asleep. Kurenai-chan and Anko-chan left so I guess that's it," Naruto said before Tsume sat next to him.

"So you were telling us about Raikage and how you defeated that A-rank missing nin right?" Tsume said and Naruto nodded. Tayuya widened her eyes while she leaned on a wall. She was only listening half-heartedly, but even that piqued her interest.

"He defeated and A-rank missing nin? This fucker? No way," Tayuya said in thought and the blonde continued.

"Yeah about that, well Tsume-chan they wanted to thank me for the whole thing became a marriage proposal," Naruto said and Tsume widened her eyes. Hana gasped and Kiba did also like they all thought it was a bad dream of some kind.

"Are you serious?" Tsume asked and Naruto nodded. He then patted Tsume's back and kissed her cheek.

"Don't worry much Tsume-chan. Raikage knew about the CRA and said that it didn't interfere with anything so I can still be with you and you can still be the alpha female if you want," Naruto said and immediately everyone perked up.

"Well that's good. I can't wait to meet her. Did you meet her already?" Tsume asked and Naruto nodded.

"Her names Yugito Nii. She's really nice when you meet her," Naruto said and Tsume nodded, but not before kissing Naruto on the lips.

"Well good. So long as she knows her place then I don't mind," Tsume said and Naruto sweatdropped.

"Tsume-chan, you're scary," Naruto thought while Tayuya sighed.

"What a weirdo. Are you a pedo or what lady?" Tayuya asked and Naruto glared at her. Hana did also and so did Kiba.

"Kissing little boys. You might as well be like Orochi-," Tayuya stopped when she was brought to the Tsukuyomi while Naruto glared at her.

"I can take a lot Tayuya, but I don't like you say that to Tsume-chan. She's nothing like Orochimaru. Kimimaro wanted to save you and I allowed it. Remember that I could've let you die in those woods, but I didn't. You're more than welcome to leave if you want, but you won't stay here and insult the ones I love got it?" Naruto asked glaring with the sharingan at her making Tayuya narrow her eyes and even if she wouldn't admit it during her lifetime she just found the smallest amount of respect for the blonde.

"Hmph whatever shithead. I've got nowhere to go so I guess I can stay here. I'm sorry shithead," Tayuya said growling the most part like she was trying not to explode just saying the words. Naruto sighed and released the Tsukuyomi while Tayuya dropped to the floor.

Naruto sat back on the couch and Tsume was about to yell at Tayuya, but luckily the Oto nin had beat her to it.

"I'm sorry about that. I went to far I guess," Tayuya said with a small grumble and Tsume lost the nerve to yell if only slightly.

"Shithead I'm tired so where do I sleep in this place?" Tayuya asked and Naruto told her to follow him as they disappeared from view.

"Well Kaa-san, she's a piece of work huh?" Kiba asked and Tsume growled.

"She's got a real mouth that one, but I'll straighten her out sometime," Tsume said making Hana and Kiba laugh. They then noticed that Naruto came back and sighed.

"Well sorry about that Tsume-chan," Naruto said and Tsume waved it off.

"It's alright Naruto-kun. Now it seems like you're the only one who's up. Maybe we should go too," Tsume said and Naruto grinned.

"Well I'm not going to be just yet and it's not that late. Everyone's just tired," Naruto said before he took Raimin's journal in his hands. He sat on the couch while he turned to his swords.

"Hey do you guys think you can help me?" Naruto asked and the three Inuzuka nodded.

"Sure, what do you want us to do?" Hana asked and Naruto pointed to his swords.

"Could you each hold one of those swords?" Naruto asked and they nodded. Tsume took the fire sword while Hana took the wind sword and Kiba took the lightning sword. It amazed Naruto that they didn't react to the three of them, but he didn't care at the moment.

"Alright just hold them for a bit while I read this journal. I'll read two entries and I'll try to make some sense of them," Naruto said while Tsume, Hana, and Kiba nodded. They then sat on the couch while Naruto opened the journal and turned to the next page of the book. He read aloud so Tsume, Hana, and Kiba could hear also while the lights around the house when down to a dim setting.

"Day 2, I went to the library like I wrote in my journal. I looked up the book on sword mythology and found something interesting. It turns out that my lighting sword might truly be a mythical sword. In the book it spoke of Kami and how he had five swords. These swords were given to five beings. The beings of Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, and Earth. These beings used the swords to create the elements of the earth, but they also helped to inspire nature in the world. It is said that the swords are attracted to those who contain a certain spirit. If all five bond to one person then that person is the so called 'savior'. I don't know what it means and maybe it's stupid to believe in myths. Nonetheless I continued to read the book. It told of each being wanting to be the superior with its sword and the five being warred against each other in the eyes of Kami. Seeing the war wage between them with the gift that Kami bestowed them, he scattered the swords over the world to only be wielded by those worthy of the swords. This book might have proved my theory that there are four more swords out there. I wonder how much stronger I'll get with them, but that's for tomorrow,"

Naruto closed the book while Tsume, Hana, and Kiba gauged his reaction. The blonde seemed confused and with good reason.

"Did you find out anything Naruto-kun?" Hana asked and the blonde sighed.

"Well Hana-chan so far this journal say that Raimin had the lightning sword a first and he went to find out its origins. It says that these swords were designed by Kami and he gave them to five beings. They were greedy with their swords and wanted to see who was superior so they fought it out which made Kami scatter the swords across the world. He said that when the swords are gathered then the 'savior' comes," Naruto said making Hana raise an eyebrow. Tsume and Kiba looked at the swords in awe.

"These are the swords of Kami? Well might explain why Ten-chan doesn't know who made them," Kiba said though in the past he chalked that up to the number of people who made swords who were around the elemental nations.

"Well Naru-kun, you have three so maybe you're it," Hana said and the blonde sighed. He knew it was getting late.

"Alright I'll think about this later. For now let's go to the next date," Naruto said flipping the page. He then read aloud again the last page for the night.

"Day 3, I got no sleep as the information that I learned yesterday was still in my head. I was so shocked over the information that I felt it might not be real. I took my sword to a master blacksmith and he saw that it was the finest piece of metal he had ever seen. He didn't even know what kind of metal it was, but he tried out the sword with his toughest metal and it sliced through it like the metal was nothing to the sword. He said that he didn't know what to make of it so I just kept it around. It was close to the jonin exams so I used the sword. I practiced with it all day and I feel that it likes me. I even entered a sparing match with this one guy I think his name was Darui or something like that. He had tried to fight me with his kekkai genkai, the Storm Release but my lightning sword made quick work of that and he was taken down. Okay I lied to myself it was a draw only because he was in a pissed off mood about something. He's so damn weird. Saying things are dull one time and getting serious the next. I refuse to tell Raikage about my sword knowing how damn arrogant he is about his strength. Well I should stop my journal here. I have a mission with A soon. He's so damn arrogant just like his father though I would say that Bee is funny with his rhymes and stuff. Looks like I should go now,"

Naruto closed the book and rubbed his head. He didn't want to think about this right now and he was tired.

"Naruto-kun, worry about it tomorrow. You're tired so you should rest. We'll leave the swords down here next to the couch. We have to go anyway. See you tomorrow," Tsume said and Naruto nodded. He was tired he knew that and he walked up the stairs.

"Alright Tsume-chan, I'll see you tomorrow," Naruto said and Tsume nodded as she, Hana, and Kiba gave the blonde a goodbye and Naruto turned out the lights downstairs.

Naruto came up to his room and sweatdropped when he saw Kasumi sleeping in it and sighed.

"Kasumi-chan, you are too free-spirited. I'm even too tired to yell at you," Naruto said as he got in the bed and went to sleep as the entire compound went dark.

Meanwhile the swords laid on the couch and each glowed brightly. The fire sword slightly flared while the wind sword howled and the lightning sword cackled. It only lasted for a few seconds before they settled down and nothing happened for the rest of the night and no one was none the wiser to what happened with them.

Next Morning

Tayuya groaned as she got up from her bed. She had just been able to sleep in a more than comfortable bed and she could honestly say that it was probably good to have one every once in a while. She got to her feet and rubbed her head. She only had her clothes from the previous day so she put those back on. Luckily for her, the hospital had washed them while she was passed out so it was alright. The Oto nin walked through the halls of the compound. She looked over the entire place for a bit and grinned.

Maybe this shitty place isn't so bad after all," Tayuya said mentally as she came into the living room. The sight she came up to sort of shocked her.

"Alright Kyuubi-chan can you sweep the decks of the house? I'll clean the dishes. Fu-chan and Haku-chan water the plants. Kimimaro sweep the floor and Kaa-san can clean counters," Naruto said to Kyuubi making the fox demon nod.

Tayuya raised an eyebrow when she saw Kushina cleaning the place while Naruto did the dishes. Kyuubi was sweeping the porches of the house while Kimimaro did the inside. She also saw Fu and Haku outside watering the plants.

"Shithead what are you doing?" Tayuya asked and Naruto turned to her, but still kept up the dishes.

"Oh you're up. Well then mind helping us all out?" Naruto asked and Tayuya narrowed her eyes. What was that supposed to mean anyway?

"What are you all doing?" Tayuya asked and Naruto chuckled.

"In case you didn't do it back with Orochimaru, it's called chores and we do them together and now that you're up you can help us too," Naruto said while Tayuya rolled her eyes.

"No fuckin' way you sack of shit," Tayuya said and Naruto glared at her.

"Alright I guess you can sleep outside. Those who do help with chores don't eat or sleep in the beds," Naruto said and Tayuya dropped her jaw.

"What about that weird looking girl? Kasumi. She's not doing anything," Tayuya said and Naruto pointed to the ceiling. Tayuya looked up to see Kasumi washing the ceiling while she smiled.

"Naruto-sama says that even the ceiling should be clean since it was that way when he first arrived so I used my chakra to cling to the walls and I walked up to the ceiling," Kasumi said while Tayuya sighed and Naruto grinned.

"Fine fuckface. What should I do?" Tayuya asked not seeing much of a choice. If she tried to leave then she would be brought back and put in prison or she could suck up her pride and help with the chores.

"Well my clones are taking care of the bathrooms so could you wipe the walls," Naruto said and Tayuya strained with a nod as she snatched a clothe from Naruto and started to clean everything. She was still a little sleepy, but she always got up early so that was no big deal.

Everyone around the house was doing their chores in a great pace since really no one had been at the compound all last week. It took about an hour and a half, but everyone was done with everything and were resting throughout the various places of the house.

It was then that everyone heard a knock at the door and Naruto got up to answer it. The blonde stood to his feet and walked towards the door. He opened it and saw Yugao at the door with her mask on. She might not have shown it, but she was slightly smiling at the blonde while she slowly bowed.

"Hello Namikaze-sama, I'm here to tell you that Tsunade-sama has requested your presence along with the other jonin and tokubetsu jonin. She would like to see you right now. She also told me it's a surprise nothing more," Yugao said and Naruto nodded. He sighed and walked back upstairs.

"Naruto-sama where are you going?" Kasumi asked and the blonde shrugged his shoulders.

"Tsunade-baachan wants me for something so I'm gonna see what that's all about. I'll be here later. You can all do what you want. Fu-chan when I get back we'll have you work with Nanabi," Naruto said and Fu nodded while Nanabi was smiling her face off.

Naruto quickly took a shower and got dressed. He put on a dark blue jacket and black pants with a red shirt. He wore his blue shoes this time. He walked down the stairs and all the girls took in his appearance.

"See you later Naru-kun. Tell us about the meeting when you have come back," Kushina said and Naruto nodded. He grabbed his three swords and left the room with Yugao.

"So how is anbu life?" Naruto asked the purple haired anbu chuckled while she guided him to the mansion.

"It's fulfilling when it wants to be. Now then will you tell me where you got those swords? I've never seen them before," Yugao said eyeing the exquisite designs of all three. Naruto sighed as he held one in his hand.

"Wanna see it?" Naruto asked and Yugao quickly took the sword from his hands making the blonde sweatdrop. He watched as Yugao eyed the shiny metal of the sword while she displayed awe with it.

"This is amazing. Whoever made this really knew what they were doing. This metal it's far more superior thane even the ones that the anbu use. This is amazing,"Yugao said and Naruto chuckled.

"I suppose. Well looks like we're here," Naruto said and Yugao looked up. While they were talking they covered the distance and the purple haired anbu blushed.

"Sorry about that. Well I guess I'll go now. Good luck," Yugao said handing Naruto the sword and the blonde smirked.

"Hard to believe that a few days ago you tried to kill me," He said and she rolled her eyes through her mask.

"You held me against my will and almost annoyed me to no end with your questions. How was I supposed to act?" She joked and Naruto turned to her.

"Maybe emotionless like all anbu are," Naruto countered and Yugao's eyebrow twitched. Granted she was supposed to act like that, but no one really did. It was more of a option than an order.

"I'd rather not act like that. I take pride in my work so now you should get going or Hokage-sama will hound me for having you late," Yugao said and Naruto entered the Hokage mansion while Yugao shunshined off.

Naruto walked through the building and saw a sign that pointed towards the largest room in the Hokage Mansion which was coincidentally right below it. Naruto walked down the stairs and they were shaped in the form of a descending spiral staircase.

Having walked all the way down, Naruto came up to a door and was about to opened it before someone grabbed his shoulder. Naruto turned around and saw Anko and Kurenai behind him.

"Naruto, you're here too. I think Hokage-sama summoned all the jonin and tokubetsu jonin," Anko said and Naruto nodded.

"What do you think it's for?" Naruto asked and both jonin women shrugged their shoulders.

"We might as well open this door rand find out," Kurenai said and Naruto opened it. The three walked through and they gasped. Tsunade was on top of a small podium along with the Raikage and his associates next to her while Shizune stood behind her. He also saw all the Konoha jonin and tokubetsu jonin. He saw Kakashi, Gai, Tsume, Inoichi, Hiashi, Chouza, Asuma, Shibi, and Shikaku also. The place was littered with jonin and Naruto being the smallest of them all came to the front.

"Hey Tsume-chan I guess you're here also?" Naruto asked and Tsume nodded. The blonde then turned to see the others coming up also.

"This is so bothersome. What's this all about anyway?" Shikaku asked while rubbing his head.

"Who knows. Maybe something serious has happened," Inoichi told them and Naruto turned to the older blonde.

"Like what?" He asked and no one had a response for him at all before someone else came up to them.

"Well we won't get anything with just standing around so let's just see for now," Genma said coming up behind them. The others nodded while it was kind of hard to not tell the other jonin who were talking to shut up for a little while.

After a few minutes of allowing people to get adjusted, Tsunade came up to everyone and raised her hand. Everyone immediately quieted down and waited for Tsunade to tell them what was going on.

"Alright I can tell you're all confused as to why I summoned you all here, but I will tell you that this is not a serious matter. I have decided to liven up this village a little with an event of mine. I've had the anbu create this event without most of you knowing at least two or three weeks prior to this time. As you all know the Raikage has decided to stay and watch this little event," Tsunade said making everyone wonder where she was going with this. No one knew at all what she could be talking about, but Tsunade continued.

"What I've planned is the event that will make a truly genuine sense of competition between our jonin and tokubetsu jonin. You are here as you've been invited to take place in the HPT. I know you were all wondering what that is so I'll get right to it. I have deemed this competition to be similar to the Chunin exams. You must all participate and the winner will get a special prize. Now this event is called the Hokage Placement Tournament," Tsunade said and immediately there was murmuring throughout the entire underground basement.

Naruto was utterly confused. What was this all about? A Hokage Placement Tournament? The idea sounded ridiculous in nature.

"What's the purpose of this tournament?" someone asked while people turned to Tsunade for her answer to the question.

"The purpose of this is to bring competitive spirit to Konoha. One of the reasons why it's called the Hokage Placement Tournament is that I'm not going to be in office for long," Tsunade said making everyone widen their eyes. Naruto dropped his jaw while Kakashi showed shock and so did all the other jonin.

"Are you kidding me? After all the trouble I went through to get you you're not gonna be the Hokage? Tsunade-baachan are you insane?" Naruto asked out blatantly and while people would've chosen a more respectful way to say that they could be sure that they agreed with Naruto. Tsunade chuckled and folded her arms.

"Don't be so stupid brat. You didn't let me finish what I was saying. Now then if I can continue, Jiraiya has some news that concerns my medical expertise and it's more than a little out of the way to do. I'd be too far from Konoha, but this kind of money would be beneficial to the village. I have a request from someone from Numa no Kuni( Marsh Country). I don't know how long I'll be gone, but it'll be more than 2 years so I'll need to leave the village in capable hands while Jiraiya and I handle this and what better way to do that than to have a tournament of all the jonin to fight. However as with the position everyone must display a knowledge of things necessary to handle the position. It was tough, but I managed to seal this deal with Hi no Kuni's Daimyou to agree with it. He'll have a one-on-one talk with the winner of the tournament. When everyone leaves Shizune and I will pass out these waivers. I hope no one dies, but in the interest I think I should be careful," Tsunade said to everyone. Naruto calmed down when he heard her explanation of why she was leaving, but it didn't feel that believable. He wondered what she was really trying to do, but the excitement dwelling inside the blonde was almost too much.

"This is gonna be fun dattebayo," Naruto thought visibly grinning like mad making his associates stare at him though they could see why he was excited. Something like this wasn't common in the least.

"What happens if we don't participate?" Shikaku asked yawning and Tsunade glared at him with a sure smile on her face.

"Well you forfeit and you'll be doing paperwork that has piled up in the Mansion. I'm sure if all of you quit then it would get done in no time, but do you really want the work?" Tsunade asked and Shikaku winced. He had enough problems with his own clan documents. He didn't need anymore.

"So damn bothersome," Shikaku said making Tsunade chuckle. Tsume turned to Naruto and grinned.

"So are you participating?" Tsume asked and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Come on Tsume-chan, you know me. I'm never one to back down," Naruto said and everyone chuckled. There didn't seem to be any withdraws as no one wanted the task of dealing with however much paperwork Tsunade had yet to do. Seeing that no one seemed against it Tsunade decided to hold up her hand.

"Alright just so it's fair then there will be groups of three exactly like the chunin exams. No one is assigned to anyone else. If you want to be a team with your friends then do so. This will begin in five days from now. It's a bit short noticed but that's my fault. So make your teams. They must be comprised of jonin or tokubetsu jonin. The anbu around the village will be the exam proctors this will be good training for them also. Now then good luck to you all. It will begin at noon so be ready," Tsunade said before she left with Raikage, Darui, C and Yugito following him out. For him this would be so interesting to see. It would be a good chance to see just how strong Yugito's fiancee would be.

The place was quiet for a few moments before all the jonin started to converse among themselves. Some were really excited to doing something like this while others were still confused, but not wanting to deal with paperwork they didn't complain about anything.

"Yosh, Kakashi I will fight you to my dying breath and our flames of youth will shine bright this day," Gai yelled while Kakashi rubbed the back of his head.

"Hmm you say something Gai?" Kakashi asked while Gai growled talking about Kakashi's hip attitude and something like that. Naruto wasn't really paying attention at the time.

"Aiiiiii this can't be good. That means I have to join in. I don't want to," Shizune said and Naruto smiled at her. He patted her shoulder and consoled the medic nin.

"Well it's quite simple when you look at it logically. Hokage-sama needs someone to replace her while she handles whatever is happening in Numa no Kuni. It wouldn't be wise to leave us here without a leader and this way she will find the most logical choice from everyone. It's a bit cut and dry, but it works," Shibi said making the others nod with him.

"Sigh, fine if I must do this then I'll pair up with Inoichi and Chouza. We are the Ino-Shika-Cho trio after all," Shikaku said while Inoichi and Chouza nodded in agreement with him. Their family had been that was for hundreds of generations and it wouldn't stop anyway.

"Well that's great and all for you guys. I'll take Shibi then. I'm used to working with him. I guess someone else will do just as fine," Genma said and Shibi nodded with him.

"Alright then I'll take Kurenai-chan and Shizune-neechan," Naruto said as everyone turned to him. Kurenai raised an eyebrow at him, but the blonde smiled.

"Don't worry about details. Just trust me dattebayo," Naruto said and while Kurenai and Shizune wanted to refute him they simply didn't know how to or what words to say so they just relented and agreed to it.

In the end of it all Kakashi, Gai, and Asuma formed one group while Ibiki, Anko and Tsume formed another team. Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai were another and Genma, Shibi and Hiashi were their own group. Lastly was Shikaku, Inoichi, and Chouza. Everyone had gotten into their groups that they wanted and all though it took a while, more like an hour, everyone had their own groups and were handed their waivers at the door. The waiver read about the competitor agreeing to the terms of the event and disregard would be seen as forfeiture. Not to mention that if then died then there would be no penalties for it. Everyone naturally agreed to it before some people stopped.

"Wait, she never said where this thing started!" Naruto yelled as all the jonin sweatdropped. This just got a lot harder for them all.

End of Chapter 37.

KG: Alright people, you know what I'm planning well sort of, but I'd like some help. If you remember the part of the chunin exams were they had to get scrolls from each other I'm doing something like that, but I want to add a small twist to it. Why don't you all come up with that twist and I'll use it if I can. Please and thanks. That's all, laters.