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"She forgot to tell us where this thing even is!" Naruto yelled making all the jonin gasp. They all knew that the blonde was right. She hadn't told them where they were to go to take this event or exam as some of them called it.

"Maybe we should just ask her then," Shizune said to all the jonin in the room who were nodding, but then an anbu came into the room and looked at all the jonin. Some paid attention to him while the anbu coughed.

"Tsunade-sama has done this on purpose. As Hokage you need to be able to make accurate deductions and pick up on the clues that have been left to you as the leader of Konoha. Tsunade-sama has sent me to give you all the clue while she tends to her office," the anbu said and soon enough everyone started to pay attention to what anbu was about to say.

"The place of new beginnings. It's where you begin and where you improve. Where the Will of Fire burns the brightest," The anbu said and then he shunshined off leaving everyone in a stump.

"What's that supposed to mean!" someone yelled while all the other jonin thought it over. Naruto racked his brain for the answer to the clue they were all given. He looked around and saw a few jonin and their teams smirk as they walked out. It seemed that they had the answer and left. Hehe, so much for being fellow jonin. Naruto saw Kakashi and the other jonin smirk as they left also. Naruto narrowed his eyes and thought over the clue again.

"Let's see a place of new beginnings? There are so many places that could be like that in Konoha, but for shinobi it's now limited. Where you begin and improve it must be-," Naruto widened his eyes and grinned like mad. He had to give props to Tsunade. She left clues as to where it was held. She said she wanted to make it like the Chunin exams and where were those held last year?

"The Academy," Naruto thought and smiled. He was almost sure of it. In fact, he could say that he was downright good with the answer.

"Shizune-nee, Kurenai-chan I know it," Naruto said whispering to them. Kurenai and Shizune knelt down while Naruto whispered in their ears. Both of them gasped thought it over. Naruto's theory did make a lot of sense and it was definitely sound.

"I think Naruto's right Shizune. That might be the place," Kurenai said and Shizune nodded. She then stood to her feet and pointed to the others.

"Then should we tell everyone else?" she asked and Naruto shook his head making Kurenai and Shizune raise their eyebrows at him while Naruto explained.

"A similar thing like this happened back in the Chunin exams. There was a door with two guards at it they placed a genjutsu on the floor and made it our room number, but we only went up two stairs when we needed to go up one more. It was to see if anyone could figure it out and get to the real place on time or they would fail. Plus it meant less competition for others who did figure it out. Shizune-nee, Kurenai-chan a Hokage does the leading, they can't afford to be lead by the nose," Naruto said surprising the two women. They knew he was right as the less competition they had the better.

"I guess you're right Naruto-kun. I'd rather not go up against all of them," Shizune said and Naruto nodded. He was happy that his team agreed with him.

"Alright then like the others let's leave without saying anything," Naruto told them. Shizune and Kurenai agreed and the three left the room which was still filled with quite a number of jonin, but they knew that some of them would figure it out if given the time.

"Alright we should use this day to get used to each other and come up with some formations. The event isn't for another five days so I want to know about my teammates. Let's walk back to my house as we talk. I'll do a Kakashi-sensei like introduction. So Shizune-nee, Kurenai-chan tell me your likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams then I'll do the same," Naruto said making Kurenai and Shizune giggle as they walked back to his house. Shizune decided to go first and began her introduction.

"Alright as both of you know I'm Shizune Kato. My likes are cooked bean rice, taking walks with Tonton and Tsunade-sama. My dislikes are pork, debt collectors and Tsunade-sama when she's drunk and doesn't get her work done. My hobby is visiting cultural heritage sites since I find the history fascinating. My dream is to settle down someday and be a great medic nin," Shizune responded. Naruto and Kurenai smiled at some of that while Kurenai started hers.

"Okay then, I'm Kurenai Yuhi. I like going to the hot springs, I like to read books, and I enjoy spending time with my squad when I can. I dislike perverts, those who don't take their jobs seriously and those who make a mockery of genjutsu. My hobby is enjoying the sunset with an evening drink in my hands. My dream is to prove to the world that genjutsu is just as good as ninjutsu," Kurenai said and Naruto nodded. They were still walking through the village, but came into the clan part of it and walked past the Uchiha Hyuuga compound.

"Wow you girls really do it well. Now then I guess it's my turn. As you should know I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. I like training, all my loved ones, and people who work hard. I also like ramen and all the members of my clan. My dislikes are perverts, people who give up too easily, the time it takes to cook ramen and that damned Orochi-pedo. My hobby is training with Kaa-san and Kanari-chan also training Kurenai-chan, Fu-chan, Anko-chan and Hinata-chan. My dream is to still be the greatest Hokage and become a good clan head," Naruto said making Shizune and Kurenai giggled although the latter had given a small blush across her face as they came up to Naruto's house.

"So when should we start training? I now understand why Tsunade-sama gave me the time off so I'm free to do what I want for now," Shizune said and Naruto nodded.

"Alright we'll start now. I think we should head to a separate training ground. I'm sure the jonin are all going to their training ground also," Naruto said and his partners agreed with him. Naruto opened the door to his house and saw that the place was vacant. He raised an eyebrow before seeing a note on the back of the door.

"Naruto-kun we all went back to the Forest of Death to train. Kyuubi felt the mental link to you and found out about the event. We won't say anything and we hope you do well. I'll be taking over Fu's fuinjutsu lessons. Hinata has a D-rank mission with some of the others being lead by a chunin. Kimimaro and Tayuya had to go see Tsunade about something and Kasumi is training in her taijutsu with Kyuubi. We might be here all day so we'll see you later.

Kushina Uzumaki,"

Naruto sighed as he looked at the note, but didn't complain and put it in his pocket.

"Well it seems that we have the house to ourselves so I guess we'll use this place's training area," Naruto suggested while Kurenai tapped him on the shoulder.

"Why'd you have us go into the Forest of Death if you had a training area?" Kurenai asked simply out of curiosity's sake. Naruto sheepishly grinned and rubbed the back of his head while he sat down on the couch.

"Well that area's not really that big. It's only big enough for three people to practice perfectly and the Forest of Death provides more experience so that's why. Since they know I think the others will vacant when the event starts. Now then I chose you two for some personal and practical reasons. Shizune-nee you're a medic nin so I really wanted you on my team. You're also a mid-ranged fighter who's good on her feet. Kurenai-chan you're a long range fighter with your genjutsu and I'm a close range fighter. We all balance out not to mention that I want to see how Kurenai-chan and Anko-chan do against other opponents than themselves or me," Naruto said and Kurenai widened her eyes. So that's why he didn't pick Anko and Kurenai to be on the same team. It was all still in the interest of training.

"Well you've certainly thought it out. Now how should we execute our formations?" Kurenai asked and Naruto took out a piece of paper.

"Simple, we will choose our formations based on my dojutsu that I use," Naruto said making Shizune and Kurenai even more confused than they already were. Naruto chuckled at their confusion, but took an ink pen and wrote on the paper.

"Alright I'll show you," Naruto said as he showed them the Sharingan, Byakugan and his Shinseinagan. Kurenai and Shizune were amazed by them and Naruto proceeded to change his eyes back to their original blue eyes.

"We'll do our formations based on these three dojutsu. The Byakugan is a close combat type dojutsu so when I use that Shizune-nee and I will close to mid range while Kurenai-chan will be support from long range. The Sharingan is for close to mid-range jutsu so when we do that I'll be doing the close combat while Shizune-nee and Kurenai-chan will be long range. I believe that I can hold out with jonin for a good while. The Shinseinagan is sort of a wild-card ladies, but when it's active it allows me to use two bloodlines at once. So when that happens Kurenai-chan will do the most unexpected thing to most jonin and will go to the front. You've been working on your taijutsu so you can definitely startle anyone who knows you. When she gets to the front I'll move to mid-range and Shizune-nee will stay back at long range since she's our medic. Is that good for everyone?" Naruto asked. Shizune nodded seeing the sound plan he came up with and Kurenai found no room for argument. She knew she improved in her taijutsu and if Naruto knew it also then their was no problem with it.

"I have no arguments Naruto-kun," Shizune said and Kurenai nodded in agreement with her. Naruto grinned with a nod of his own and stood to his feet.

"Alright dattebayo. Let's get to practicing and then we'll try some collaboration techniques mainly Kurenai-chan and I will try to do some good genjutsu. Her mastery of genjutsu and my Tsukuyomi. I think it could be devastating," Naruto said and Kurenai, while she didn't show it, was more than happy to try and work on a genjutsu collaboration.

"Alright then let's get to work. We only have five days to get this right," Shizune said not wanting to waste any time and neither did Naruto or Kurenai as the three walked into the training area.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

"Leader-sama what trickery is this?" Zetsu asked as everyone narrowed their eyes while they looked at Orochimaru who was grinning like mad.

"Silence. It is for the benefit of the group that we have Orochimaru with us," he said while Itachi glared at the Snake Sannin. Besides him, there was no other Konoha shinobi in Akatsuki same with a few others.

"Why do we need him? We were fine on our own hmm," one of them said while Pain glared at him.

"Are you questioning the word of a god?" Pain asked and everyone remained silent. No one could really match him and few actually wanted to try. Every member of Akatsuki sighed as they came into view. There was Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Konan, Sasori, Zetsu, and Pain. All, but two who were missing nin from their respective villages.

"No Pain-sama we're not questioning you. It's just that he did betray us before," Kakuzu said glaring at Orochimaru. Everyone else nodded in agreement with Kakuzu's accusation. Pain sighed and looked at Orochimaru.

"The only reason we're letting him back is because he's of use to us. Nothing more than that. We were more powerful with him than without. Now if that's over I will pair Orochimaru with Zetsu. He will be a part of reconnaissance for us. We will also make use of the bases that he has around the elemental nations. Zetsu, Orochimaru will meet up with you at the desired location. Don't be late," Pain said and Zetsu nodded with a bow.

"Yes Pain-sama. We won't be late," the black half said and everyone faded out while Pain turned to Orochimaru.

"I won't accept tricks this time. So you'd better watch how you do things around us," Pain said and Orochimaru chuckled.

"Kukuku you don't have to worry about that. So long as I get what I want I'll be sure to do what you want...for now," Orochimaru said leaving Nagato and Konan behind. Soon Zetsu popped out from the side of the wall next to them and Nagato narrowed his eyes again.

"Zetsu watch him also. Orochimaru is probably the only person I can't figure out. We must be ready for anything," Pain said and the venus flytrap man nodded before slinking back into the wall.

"Konan let's go. We have things to do," Nagato said as he and Konan left the room.

Back in Konoha

Tsunade sat behind her desk with a cheery grin on her face. She couldn't wait for the five days to be over. She would start packing to leave as soon as the winner was announced and placed in Konoha. Raikage was right next to her while he looked at a picture of the Yondaime.

"I still hate him and now his kid knows that jutsu. How great is that?" A said rolling his eyes while Tsunade chuckled from behind her desk.

"It's not all that surprising. He's become quite the man," Tsunade said and A nodded knowing that the boy did seem to be quite special especially since he could fell Yugito the way he could.

"Tell me Tsunade. I felt a chakra from that boy. It's quite high almost surpassing ours. Is he a jinchuuriki?" A asked and Tsunade stiffened, but nodded that the blonde was. A chuckled and turned back to the picture.

"His own kid. Oh the irony. Bee and Yugito are the only ones to have more chakra than me. To think we paired up two jinchuuriki. This is probably gonna be one powered up kid," A said and Tsunade didn't even want to think about it at the moment.

"Please don't tell me that. I've got enough of a problem and I don't need anymore," Tsunade said and A chuckled at her knowing how she already tried to deal with the Kyuubi jinchuuriki.

"I still think it's amazing that you came up with something like this. I'm sure the others in my village would want to see this also," A said and Tsunade nodded, but this was only a Konoha affair and as such no other village was really permitted to watch this event. Tsunade just allowed the Raikage to watch as an act of kindness.

"Well you'll be able to enjoy it to the fullest in a few days," Tsunade said and A nodded wishing the days would fly by so he could watch. After all Tsunade's crystal ball was a great thing to have around when she used it. Soon there was a knock on the door and Tsunade sighed.

"Come in," She said and immediately Kimimaro and Tayuya came through the room. A raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything as he watched the two nin appear before Tsunade.

"Something I can help you with Kimimaro-san?" Tsunade asked and Kimimaro bowed.

"Tsunade-sama do you think you could make Tayuya and I shinobi. I believe that we can't just do nothing while he stay at Naruto-sama's house so we'd like to offer you our services," Kimimaro said and Tayuya grunted the same thing. Tsunade placed her elbows on the table and raised an eyebrow.

"Well I have no real problem with that and since you're Naruto's clansmen I technically can't say no to that so I won't. I can't put you two into the service now because of an event that is going on in a few days and besides it wouldn't really be my call on it, but someone else's. You'll know about it when the event is over. Naruto really has two good followers," Tsunade said and it pleased Kimimaro to hear that while Tayuya merely grunted a thanks. The two then left to go do some training while A raised an eyebrow.

"That was a Kaguya wasn't it?" he asked and Tsunade nodded. A pondered the thought for a few minutes, but then let it go.

"I thought they died out. That must be the last one," A said and Tsunade nodded again. They felt the silence take over, but then A looked out the window.

"I can only wonder who's gonna win this thing. It will be interesting," A said and Tsunade chuckled.

"I have my bet on a certain person," Tsunade said and A shuddered.

"Kami help him then," A said which got a tick mark from Tsunade as she tried to let that one slide, but it was proving very difficult for the Slug Princess.

Back with Naruto

The sun was setting and the three were exhausted. They had drilled over the techniques they could and would use during the exams and were tired.

"Alright I think that's enough for one day," Naruto said and the others nodded. Shizune's clothes were in slight tears while the sweat was dripping from Kurenai's face. Naruto helped his partners to their feet and got them some water back in the house.

"I think we should rest for tomorrow. My arms can't take much more of this," Shizune said and Naruto shook his head at her, but he could understand her problem. Shizune while a jonin had a small stamina problem, but nothing Naruto couldn't take care of in five days.

"Well I guess you two can go home now. Unless you want to stay here and for the night," Naruto said and while they appreciated the offer that the blonde gave them the two women shook their heads and said it wasn't needed. Naruto knew they were tired and while he had the stamina to back him up he knew they didn't have that leisure.

Having rested for about an hour or so, Shizune and Kurenai left Naruto's house leaving the blonde all alone in the giant place. Naruto thought to go see how everyone was doing, but he figured that they would be fine and if they needed him then Kyuubi would call him.

"Oh well I guess I'll take a shower then," Naruto said to himself as he took off his clothes and jumped into the bath. He sighed as he felt the hot water on his body as his hair dripped over his face. He stayed in the bath for about half an hour since he had been extra dirty and the hot water just felt too good to leave in a few short minutes.

"Ahhh this is heavenly," Naruto enjoying his bath to it's fullest. He stayed in there for about another ten minutes before he stepped out and used his towel to dry his body down.

The blonde stepped from the shower and came into his room. He put on some knew clothes which consisted of a red muscle shirt and black shorts. He turned on the light and sat on his bed and thought that while he wanted to continue reading Raimin's journal on his swords he also wanted to practice his Yin release. He chose the latter and Kyuubi told him to try and make kunai from it. So on that note, Naruto grabbed one kunai and one shuriken. He felt the kunai first and knelt down while he closed his eyes. He took a meditative pose and focused his chakra and allowed his imagination to run along the features of the kunai. He breathed easily and sat in silence for the next few minutes. Naruto opened his eyes and saw nothing. He slightly cursed and looked at the ceiling

"It's a copy. A simple copy. Just try it again," Naruto said to himself as he closed his eyes again. He concentrated on the kunai again and tried to make it work for him. He had leaves down and now he was on to kunai. He took in the kunai's weight and density. He fingers traced the pointed tip of the kunai down to the handle and face his left palm up while he balanced the real kunai in his right hand. Soon a kunai started to form while Naruto sweated a bit. It was harder than a leaf so it took much more chakra for him to accomplish the task. He opened his eyes and smiled when he saw the same kunai across from his other hand.

"Alright I got it, but my chakra is low from the training. I guess I'll get something to eat," Naruto said as he dropped the two kunai and left the room. He immediately came back with a warm cup of ramen and the blonde slurped up the delicious noodles. He quickly emptied the cup of noodles and wanted to get back to work.

"Okay let's continue," Naruto said as the night went on. In Naruto's room where about twenty kunai and ten shuriken with the blonde grinning like mad. He just got the concept of kunai and shuriken down, but he knew that Kyuubi would have more in store for him.

"Looks like I should clean up this mess," Naruto said before he heard a knock at the door The blonde raised an eyebrow before he made two clones to clean up the mess while he answered the door. The door knocked again and Naruto opened the door quickly. He was surprised when he saw Hana come through the door.

"Good evening Naruto-kun," Hana said and Naruto invited her inside.

"Hello Hana-chan, what's the matter?" Naruto asked and Hana smiled which made Naruto look at her in a weird way.

"I just wanted to see you. Kaa-san told me about the HPT. It sounds interesting and I knew you were going to join," Hana said as she sat on the couch. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he went into the kitchen and got Hana something to drink. Hana graciously accepted the drink and sipped it. It was some herbal tea which she never minded as she loved the flavor of it.

"So what's the problem?" Naruto asked and Hana smiled before she gave Naruto a quick kiss surprising the blonde before she pulled back allowing him to savor her herbal tea flavored lips.

"I just needed to say thank you. I tell you Naruto that Kaa-san while she looked energetic was really having a hard time till she met you. You also brought her back to her cheery self and while she's still pushy she's also a lot more happy. You really changed our lives you know," Hana said and Naruto sheepishly chuckled while he rubbed the back of his head in slight embarrassment of Hana's kind words.

"It's no big deal Hana-chan. I love you and Tsume-chan. Kiba's like the brother that I always wanted. I'd do anything for you guys," Naruto said and Hana nodded.

"I know you would and we're grateful for it," Hana said as she leaned in close to Naruto. The blonde barely had the time to react as he felt Hana's lips intrude upon his. Naruto widened his eyes, but Hana didn't give him the chance to get over his shock as she quickly pushed him to the couch. Hana released the kiss with a smile while Naruto's face was beet red.

"Naruto-kun I need you. I love you so love me back," Hana said and Naruto snapped out of his stupor. He gave a gentle smile as he placed his right hand on Hana's cheek and watched her nuzzle it for a bit.

"Hana-chan I love you too," Naruto said and Hana smiled as she and Naruto connected back into their kiss.

Hana and Naruto quickly embraced each other as they felt their bodies heat up from their attraction. Naruto could taste the herbal tea coming off Hana's lips and they tasted so good as a result. He could feel Hana's need for him through her kiss as she stuck her tongue in his mouth. Naruto didn't complain about it at all. He felt Hana's soft breath as the two were locked together. Both stopped their kiss for a few minutes of air and looked in each other's eyes. Naruto saw the sheer desire of a woman who really wanted him while Hana saw the endless ocean in Naruto's own eyes. It was then Naruto surprised Hana when he grabbed her butt and brought her lips back to his. Hana was surprised by the initiative that Naruto took with her, but didn't complain at all. She cupped the blonde's cheeks as she hungrily tried to take him all in her mouth while Naruto sucked her tongue possessively. Hana moaned into the kiss while Naruto touched all around her back, but she realized that she was quickly losing the fight as Naruto leaned up and immediately pushed Hana towards the couch while he was on top of her. She slowly felt herself in a daze from the experience, but Naruto stopped which made Hana pout before he grabbed her by the hand and guided her upstairs.

"A bed is better than the couch I think," Naruto said as he quickly opened the door to his room. He saw that his clones were dismissed already and the mess on the floor was gone. He quickly turned around only for Hana to dive back into his lips like they were a drug to her. She used her hands to roam his back while they shared in their kiss which was becoming more and more intimate. Naruto separated from Hana and aggressively attacked her neck. Hana's breath hitched as she moaned out her from the lavish attention that Naruto was giving her.

"N-Naruto," Hana said as the blonde rubbed her sides. He was also admiring the form of the Inuzuka for all his worth. Naruto caressed Hana a little more before he slowly took off her shirt. Hana raised her arms in the air while Naruto pulled the strip of clothing from her body. Naruto threw it to the floor, but mentally cursed when he saw she was wearing an undershirt.

"Hana-chan are you teasing me?" Naruto asked and Hana smiled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Naruto-kun," Hana said and Naruto chuckled at his lover for a bit. He watched as Hana slowly eyed his form like a creature stalking its prey. It made Naruto hot for some reason, but he wasn't sure why. He just quickly grabbed Hana and pulled her back into a passionate hug. Naruto's fingers trailed her arms for a bit before they rested back on her warm sides. Hana in turn raised the top of Naruto's muscle shirt and grazed her hands over his body. She shivered at the delight of his body. However she didn't get far before Hana let out a small yelp as Naruto attacked her earlobes. He slowly bit them and Hana whimpered at his touch. She felt herself get wet from the sensation of the ecstasy of the moment. Naruto slowly pushed Hana back and she wondered why he was doing that until she felt the wall behind her as the blonde dominated her. Hana felt her will leaving her before Naruto looked up at her face.

"Hana does this feel good? You're shivering," Naruto said and Hana gritted her teeth while she closed her eyes tight.

"D-Don't say such things," Hana responded and Naruto could feel her nipples poking at him through her undershirt making Naruto chuckle. He moved back and slowly took off his shirt giving Hana a full view of his upper body. His toned muscles from the years of training and the amazing stomach that was growing more and more ripped as she saw him. Hana unconsciously licked her lips when she saw how good looking the blonde was. Her eyes traced his form a little longer before she saw Naruto right in front of her. He kissed her gently and lifted her shirt which revealed her breasts to him. Naruto visibly gulped and looked at the C-cup breasts and the perky nipples Hana had. The Inuzuka woman tried to hide her body from the blonde, but Naruto smiled and caressed her cheek.

"Sorry Hana-chan, but I want to see all of you," Naruto said as he grabbed Hana's arms and moved them out of the way for the blonde to see her breasts again. Hana gulped while Naruto inspected her body. He smiled as he kissed her right nipple making Hana slightly moan while he latched onto it and calmly began to suck and swirl the nipple in his mouth while his other hand was preoccupied with massaging her left nipple. He sucked and twisted her nipples in his hands and mouth making Hana bit her lower lip.

"N-Naruto that feels good," Hana said in hitched breaths. Meanwhile Naruto was enjoying the small taste that Hana' breasts provided. He had to admit that they weren't as big as Kyuubi's or Tsume's, but he didn't care about that. Hana was very much attractive in her own right and thats what he focused on. Hana grabbed Naruto's hair while pulled him forward making Naruto take more of her breast in his mouth. She could also feel Naruto's member hitting her stomach as a result and gulped as she began to get wet in a certain place. Hana had never had any type of experience with a man before not really having gone past simple kissing so this was a new experience to her all together. She had been around the village so not being called out on that many missions left her hymen intact which sort of nice since she wanted to give it to Naruto. She had studied on all the pleasure points of a man, but Naruto was exploiting hers too much for her to even try, but he would let her have her turn or she would make him at the very least.

"Hana-chan these breasts are amazing," Naruto said as he licked them over again. Hana moaned multiple times to his words and his actions as she felt her resistance thinning, but she smiled at the split second that Naruto stopped and grabbed his left. She guided it down to her wet spot and Naruto gasped in surprise. Hana was certainly embarrassed, but she wanted this from Naruto.

"T-Touch me Naruto-kun," Hana insisted and Naruto gulped. The blonde nodded and sucked her breasts while he slowly used his left hand to go inside her panties and massaged her wet slit. He didn't know she was feeling so aroused by his actions.

"Hana-chan you're so wet," Naruto said to her and Hana blushed while Naruto played with her wet lower lips. He massaged it left and right while paying some close attention to her clit. Naruto's slowly moved down her stomach and toward her nether lips and after what seemed like an agonizing to the Inuzuka Naruto's wet lips latched on her pussy and began to lick the folds inside and out. Hana squirmed under the ferocity of Naruto's tongue while she tugged on his hair.

"Yes Naruto! Right there! I-It feels so good," Hana yelled and Naruto was more than happy that she was. He wanted her to do that. To scream out her pleasure for him. He probably loved that he could make her feel this good. He made that even more evident when he slightly bit her clit while Hana used her growing nails, due to her Inuzuka bloodline, to grip his head. She would have to pay Naruto back for that moment.

Naruto could suddenly feel her pussy shiver and he knew what was coming, but didn't relent. He easily slipped his finger inside and moved up inside and out signaling Hana that she could let go anytime she wanted. Hana gritted her teeth and tried to hold out for as long as she could, but with Naruto's teasing it was hard before she had to release her first orgasm.

"Naruto-kun!" Hana yelled as she sent her pleasure into Naruto's mouth. The blonde greedily took it all without a bit of hesitation although he could feel Hana's hands keeping him there before she relaxed and slumped to the ground. Naruto appeared in front of Hana and made her blush when he showed her the juices that escaped his mouth and ended up on his hands. It was then that he licked his fingers clean allowing Hana to blush at the sight of Naruto taking her juices into his mouth and to Naruto it was a bit strange, but he found it to be sweet more than anything else.

"Hana-chan that was really good and I'm glad you enjoyed it," Naruto said as Hana panted. She never felt so good in her life. Not even when she masturbated did it feel that amazing.

"N-Naruto-kun that was amazing," Hana said and Naruto grinned with confidence. He saw Hana get back up and reset herself. She looked at Naruto's raging member throb in his pants like it was begging for some release. Hana giggled at it and Naruto's honesty that he was feeling good too. She soon crawled to Naruto making the blonde gulp. Hana placed on hand on Naruto's firm chest and reached forward to give him a solid kiss. She could feel the sweet taste of her juices in his lips, but she didn't mind or rather she found it erotic in a sense. Hana slowly pushed Naruto down and traced a finger over his firm body.

"I'm gonna get you back for that," Hana said as she kissed Naruto's chest. The blonde found her touches to be good as she licked his muscles which she had come to love. Hana let one hand fall down to Naruto's black shorts as she skillfully stripped them off. In truth Hana wasn't sure how she did it. She just wanted to see Naruto naked like she was and that must've done something to her. She even felt more exotic when she smelt the room filled with sex. Her senses were far more in tune she noticed, but she could think about that later.

"I'm gonna make you scream my name also Naruto-kun," Hana said and Naruto gulped. She kissed and kissed until she was down to his throbbing stick and she giggled at it slightly. She slowly touched it and watched it twitch while Naruto gave a small moan. Hana smiled and tried to circle her hands around it, but she could and was amazed by its size. Naruto was probably the perfect dream for any woman to want. He was young, equipped and had plenty of stamina. He was like the thing that women would kill for if they knew about him, but he was all hers for the night. Hana gave Naruto a small lick making the blonde grab the sheets of the bed and when she was satisfied by that reaction she planted a kiss on his cock before opening her mouth and taking it all inside.

"H-Hana-chan that feels good," Naruto said as he felt the back of her throat. Hana tried her best for the blonde as she made sure for him to enjoy her mouth. She wondered if her jaw would dislocate if something happened, but she didn't care. Heck, she didn't care if he made her gag so long as he loved it.

"It's just starting Naruto-kun," Hana said and she quickly began to bob her head up and down while Naruto mashed his teeth together. He could feel the workings of Hana's mouth over his member while he tried not to let go right then and there. He could tell thats what she wanted from him. He could also feel Hana playing with his balls trying to find his weak points. Hana had gagged a few times when she felt Naruto buck his hips into her mouth, but she didn't mind. Truth be told she always wondered what it was like to be manhandled by someone. Hana popped Naruto out of her mouth and smiled at the blonde.

"Naruto-kun do you love me?" Hana asked unexpectedly and Naruto huffed while trying to catch his breath, but Hana sucked him not allowing the time for him to recover making Naruto want to have an orgasm also, but she always stopped before he could. It was an endless torture for the blonde and Naruto nodded fast not being able to take the process that much longer.

"Hana-chan I do love you. I love you a lot!" Naruto yelled out and Hana smiled. She quickly took Naruto back into her mouth and with a few more bobs she allowed Naruto to have his own orgasm.

"Hana-chan!" Naruto yelled as he spayed his semen inside her mouth making Hana widen her eyes. She gulped down what she could and she was also inspecting it. She found it to be a little salty, but she enjoyed the taste of it. When she finally let go some spayed on her breasts. Hana giggled while Naruto panted. He was sweating profusely from his experience while Hana traced her finger through the semen and scooped it into her hands.

"Nice Naru-kun. You really know how to make things interesting," Hana said as she showed Naruto the nice scene of her licking the semen from her hands showing they were clean. Naruto blushed at the scene which made Hana giggle at him. She then stepped back and got on all fours with her special place pointed at Naruto.

"Naruto-kun make me yours right now! I need you," Hana said and Naruto gulped. He placed his cock at her entrance making Hana's arms buckle which Naruto didn't miss.

"Hana-chan are you a virgin?" Naruto asked and Hana nervously nodded. The blonde smiled and slowly twisted her head. He gave her a kiss while he slowly pushed inside her. Hana closed her eyes as she felt the intruding size of Naruto go inside her and she was in a bit of pain, but that was to be expected. She let a few tears fall down her face, but Naruto's gentle caresses helped to ease the pain somewhat for her. Hana could feel Naruto's size and gasped when he saw fully inside. Her knees and arms buckled as she almost fell to the bed, but Naruto managed to catch her and hold her steady.

"Are you okay Hana-chan?" Naruto asked and Hana didn't respond for a few minutes. She sighed and smiled at the blonde.

"I'm fine Naruto-kun. You can move now," Hana said and Naruto nodded. He started with slow thrusts so Hana could get used to the pain, but he might have underestimated her as an Inuzuka. Hana turned around and gently caressed Naruto's cheek while she smiled.

"Harder Naruto-kun! You have to fuck me harder!" Hana yelled and Naruto widened his eyes. He grinned and grabbed Hana's hips. He fully bucked his hips inside and out of her spot. Hana's moans filled the house and Naruto was lucky that no one was in at the moment. He could only imagine the explaining he would have to do, but all he could think of was the fact of how hard Hana was squeezing his dick. She really wanted him and she wasn't letting him go. Hana could feel Naruto reach her woman as she widened her eyes.

"It's so big! What have I been missing?" Hana wondered as Naruto spun her head and grabbed her back into a kiss. Her lips felt so enticing to the blonde like he always needed more of them during their session.

"Hana-chan you're so tight. I about to lose it," Naruto said, but Hana didn't hear him. She was far gone in the session as she felt Naruto's love for her. She loved it this way. It was then that Naruto turned her body around and had her facing him as he saw her enjoying the pleasure he was giving her. The sweat rolling off her face while he came over her while bringing their lips together as Hana proceeded to wrap her legs around Naruto preventing him from escaping her gasp. She was also becoming more feral as her teeth grew from the pleasure. Her nails clawed at the bed before she wrapped them around Naruto's back. The blonde winced at the pain for a bit, but he got over it. He was also happy to hear Hana scream his name all over the compound. Hell, she might have done it if the place was packed with people, but she didn't care. She wanted to voice the pleasure Naruto was giving her and nothing would stop her either.

Yes Naruto-kun! Harder! Faster! Oh Kami you're amazing!" Hana yelled out making Naruto go faster. The bed was rocking back and forth from them both while the sweat stained the entire bed and sheets. Hana could feel Naruto's cock tighten and she knew what was coming. She could feel her end coming also. Her sense were in overload over the entire thing.

"Hana-chan!" Naruto yelled out.

Naruto-kun!" Hana yelled.

They both orgasmed into each other with Naruto's semen flooding Hana's wet vagina while Hana's juices stained Naruto's cock. They both dropped to the bed and huffed. Hana smiled at Naruto and the blonde did the same to the Inuzuka.

"Naruto-kun that was amazing," Hana said and Naruto nodded. He chuckled and softly caressed Hana's cheek.

"I'm glad you liked it," Naruto said and Hana's eyes gleamed making Naruto gulp.

"Then make me feel good again and take my other virginity," Hana said shaking her ass at Naruto. The blonde widened his eyes and Hana saw his dick stand to attention at once. Naruto gulped and saw Hana's eyeing his dick with a smile. The blonde quickly got to his feet and aligned it at her ass. He quickly pushed it in and Hana visibly shook. She felt his cock was bigger than before as he quickly screwed her insides. Hana felt even more filled up than before as she grabbed the sheets of the bed and to Naruto. Her ass was a lot tighter. He could tell she was enjoying it and so was she.

"Yes Naruto-kun! It hurts, but it feels good! Screw my ass!" Hana yelled out and Naruto quickly went faster. He gritted his teeth while he and Hana continued.

"Hana I take go on. I'm gonna come," Naruto said and Hana allowed it. The blonde yelled as he released another load inside Hana's other hole as the two dropped to the bed again.

"Naruto-kun, you're an animal," Hana said breathlessly and Naruto chuckled.

"Well I try," Naruto said as he felt sleep claiming him. Hana giggled and slept next to Naruto as they allowed the night to claim the rest of that day.

Five Days Later

Naruto gave his family a goodbye as everyone saw him leave. They were all grinning like mad when they heard what the HPT was. Everyone ganged up on Kasumi for not telling them, but she countered it by saying that she promised to Tsunade not to say anything. Everyone just as easily forgave her and they all which Naruto luck. They all really wished they could watch it, but Kyuubi didn't let any of them down. She had also been practicing her Yin release and managed to make a crystal ball like the one that Sarutobi and Tsunade had when she had seen it one time. She said she'd be going with Naruto and quickly disappeared leaving everyone else gathered around the ball especially Tayuya who wanted to see what Naruto was all about. She had to admit that the blonde had piqued her interest especially when she saw him training with Shizune and Kurenai three days ago. She really wanted to see if Kimimaro was right and she would see how good the blonde really was. Everyone else was more than happy to see Naruto fight.

Even Yugito was at their house. She wanted to go their and see the others as she had introduced herself to them about two days ago. Everyone easily accepted her and she was surprised to learn that Naruto was a jinchuuriki which got even Nibi more excited. Kushina, Haku, and Fu also watched. They really wanted to see what Naruto's training had done for the blonde. Aside from the Namikaze compound and Kiba Inuzuka, no one knew about HPT or what it was about.

Oh also Sasuke had been release three days ago. It should've been four, but he had been in a few fights in the days he'd been in the prison so he had to stay one more day. Sasuke had been looking around a few days, but simply didn't do anything for those few days not like he could since he was always watched even if he didn't know it.

With Naruto

Naruto met up with Shizune and Kurenai. The three were walking towards the Academy. They had been training and felt they were ready. They were going to show everyone. Naruto even managed to fix some of Shizune's stamina problems, but it was enough for her to pass at the moment.

"Are you guys ready?" Naruto asked making Shizune and Kurenai nodded. They both grinned and everyone came up to the academy or what was supposed to be there. They came to a grassy field and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He had been to the Academy all his life and never once did he hear that the academy was destroyed.

"Did we take a wrong turn?" Shizune asked making Naruto and Kurenai shake their heads.

"I've been to the Academy all my life and this is the same route I always took. I know we're right," Naruto said and Kurenai nodded.

"It's a genjutsu over...the entire building," She said and Naruto nodded with a smirk. It felt so different yet the same.

"A genjutsu for a floor in the Chunin exams and now it was the entire building. If you don't make this then you aren't fit to be Hokage. Your awareness must always be on high alerts for danger. That's what a Hokage should be. Always aware of the unexpected," Naruto said making his partners nod. Kurenai released the genjutsu and the entire Academy appeared in front of them. The quickly walked inside and saw it was void. It must've been declared a day off for academy students.

"So where do we go?" Naruto asked and the three noticed the stairs at the edge. Naruto knew for a fact that those were never there before. Everyone cautiously walked down the stairs and saw it was completely dark at the bottom. They ventured nonetheless and came down the stairs.

"Why's it so dark?" Shizune asked and Naruto wasn't sure neither was Kurenai. It wasn't a genjutsu, but then the lights came on and there appeared a door with an Anbu next to it. He glared at the three and opened the door for them.

"Bewared that there is no turning back once you enter this door," the Anbu said and the three nodded. Neither Kurenai nor Shizune wanted to be Hokage, but they were more than willing to help Naruto do this if he wanted to. They owed him a lot and this could make up for some of it.

"We're not running away," Naruto said stepping forward while Kurenai and Shizune nodded with him. They'd spent five days training for this day there was no way that they would run away. The Anbu glanced at them all and narrowed his eyes with a smirk behind his face. A Hokage needed the guts to not back down to anything.

"Very well, you may pass," He said as he placed chakra seals on their backs. Naruto raised an eyebrow, but continued walking as he felt his chakra leave him. Kurenai and Shizune did also, but the three continued to walk as the Anbu closed the door. They all gasped when they saw desks and hundreds of rows for the jonin. It looked exactly like an academy student room only a lot bigger for all the jonin. The group of three saw nearly all their jonin friends. There was Kakashi, Gai, and Asuma who were quite few rows from each other. Shikaku, Chouza, and Inoichi were in separate aisles all together. Ibiki, Anko and Tsume were so far from each other that Naruto had to turn his head to see all three of them. Shibi, Genma, and Hiashi were also apart from each other. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he saw the room filled with anbu circling the entire room in single file going sideways. Soon an anbu at the center called out to them.

"You three stop standing around and sit down! You blondie over here," the anbu said pointing to a seat. Naruto gritted his teeth and the word, but complied and sat down. He pointed for a seat to Kurenai and she followed his instructions, then it was Shizune's turn and she sat in her assigned seat. There were tons of jonin filling the room, but Naruto also saw that the place was missing a few jonin. Naruto managed a small wave at Tsume who smiled and waved back. He was also sure that he saw Yugao standing in the single file line behind the anbu captain in front of him. If Naruto remembered correctly then the time he left the compound was about eleven. It took them half an hour to get to the Academy so that meant that other jonin only had less than an thirty minutes to make it to the place.

The thirty minutes were up and only about another 30 to 35 groups showed up which was around 90 to 105 other jonin making the room semi-filled. There were still plenty of vacant seats, but that didn't matter as the door closed and they stayed closed. Everyone else sighed that they made it in plenty of time before the room was flooded by a KI, but nothing the jonin and tokubetsu jonin couldn't handle. Naruto had faced a lot worse after all dealing with Kyuubi and her "teachings".

"I resent that," Kyuubi said and Naruto rolled his eyes with a grin. It was then that the Anbu captain smirked behind his mask and cracked his knuckles.

"Welcome jonin and tokubetsu jonin to the Hokage Placement Tournament. Congratulations on the unlucky few of you who made it to this point. Now then we're going to be testing all of you right now," The anbu said and everyone winced at his tone. Kakashi turned to see how Naruto was handling it, but the blonde was just fine as he could be.

"First I'm gonna lay down some rules. If any of you are familiar with Ibiki's rules then this is a good one. Rule one, NO CHEATING! If you're caught cheating even once then you're out of here," the anbu said surprising everyone. He then smirked and held up some papers.

"Well I know you won't cheat simply because you're all getting different papers. A Hokage is a political, militaristic, and economical leader. They deal with other countries, deal with war, and deal with the stability of the village as a whole. You will be test on these things. Now then try not to leave already," The anbu said and easily he passed out all the test. Naruto looked at his and saw it was militaristic. He wondered what Shizune and Kurenai got, but he couldn't wait. They had all started. Naruto cursed that there were no mirrors so they couldn't cheat easily like in the chunin exams. Then people couldn't use their special abilities because of the chakra seals on their backs which couldn't be removed for some reason. Naruto tried not to rely on Kyuubi this time and said he would try it himself this time. Naruto read the paper and narrowed his eyes.

"A war is happening before your eyes. You see your side outnumbered by the opposing forces. You are all exhausted and your backup is half an hour away. Your side is unmotivated by its chances of survival. You are the only one who can help them. What do you do to help your side survive the onslaught and survive?"

Naruto sighed and pictured the situation. Anything he could think of to help him out. Naruto saw others writing and shook his head. He had his own paper to work with, but then he glanced at Kurenai. He saw her give a hidden as her eyes moved in a weird way. It's like she was pointing to something. Naruto followed her eyes to see Shizune writing on her face or rather tapping it aimlessly. Naruto widened his eyes and smiled. He heard the many distinct tapping of papers from the jonin and grinned.

"Yeah there is that way," Naruto said as he remembered Kyuubi teaching him morse cord that all jonin used when options were short. They would tap a code. It ranged from pens, to simple humming or anything else like a cough or something like that. An anbu threw a kunai at a desk near Naruto almost making the blonde flinch.

"You and your group fail. Get out of here!" The anbu said and the three jonin left quickly. Naruto gulped, but turned his eyes to Shizune's tapping. Naruto tapped his own pencil while Kurenai and Shizune got his message. A shinobi had to be prepared for anything especially the Hokage.

Naruto smirked as he looked back at his paper.

"I'd give them the morse code for a last stand. The most desperate action that requires retreat and counter strategy. Use smoke bombs to get out away from the enemy and lead the enemy to the allies that are waiting for us. Take any soldier pills that are with us and use a trap to confuse the enemy," Naruto said as he wrote on the paper. He hated to admit it, but he had Kyuubi help him with any difficult calculations that he might need done for him. He placed his paper down and held his head down. He turned to see Kurenai and Shizune smiling. It was like they knew which paper he had. He then widened his eyes when he remembered the anbu had passed out the papers. People knew and calculated the types of papers their teammates would get and hope they were right then help them out. Kurenai finished her test and placed it down and so did Shizune. It was strange to Naruto that Shikaku's team had finished the fastest and then Kakashi's team. Naruto's team was after those two and the others finished also. The anbu had caught about 5 to 10 other group which eliminated 15 to 30 jonin who were disqualified. Soon that part was over and Naruto sighed. The anbu grinned and and nodded.

"Well I guess most of you aren't weaklings," The anbu said and watched as they all stared at him.

"What are you all looking at? On to the next test he said he did a single handsign. The ground under everyone began to crumble while their chakra restriction seals dropped of their bodies. It seemed that they would only come off when that part of the test was over. Everyone felt their chakra return as the anbu shunshined out.

"Get out of you can and head to the Forest of Death if you think you're fit to be a Hokage," The anbu's lasting voice said as everyone gasped. There was about to be a cave in for everyone. This test really wasn't a joke.

Namikaze Compound

In the Namikaze Compound, Everyone gasped and showed worry for Naruto and his group as well as the other jonin.

"Is Tsunade-sama insane?" Haku asked out loud as they saw the roof collapsing on the jonin. They had their chakra restricted and it would be a while before it would all come back.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Fu asked while Yugito stiffened. Even Tayuya wondered if the blonde would be okay. Kasumi gulped while everyone else watched.

Hokage Mansion

At the Hokage Mansion, A and his associates were watching with Tsunade and widened their eyes.

"Tsunade you're insane!" A said and Tsunade chuckled at him. Shinobi had to be prepared for anything. This wasn't a chunin exam. This was a Hokage Placement Tournament.

"Don't worry I trust my shinobi," Tsunade said and watched the cave in.

Back at the Site

Naruto and the other's gasped as they saw the earth crumble around them the blonde ran to Kurenai and Shizune. The three met up and quickly dodged all the falling rocks.

"How do we get out of here?" Shizune asked as they watched the rocks fall. Naruto cursed as saw that a giant boulder was blocking their only exit.

"Kurenai-chan, Shizune-nee grab me and don't let go," Naruto told them. The two nodded and quickly wrapped their arms around Naruto.

"Kyuubi-chan I need your chakra right now," Naruto said in thought. He wasn't going to die here and he knew none of the other jonin would either or they wouldn't be jonin at all. Kyuubi refilled Naruto's chakra and the blonde closed his eyes. He locked his chakra to his house and his entire group vanished in the Hiraishin making the Namikaze compound cheer while Tsunade smiled, but then she watched her other jonin. It amazed her that Gai, Asuma and Kakashi destroyed the boulder together and everyone quickly used their chakra to get out of the cave through the walls which were a little slippery, but they were all jonin so it was nothing to them. It seems that Tsunade only made that place under the academy to only last for the first part so a seal exploded the place.

"Well that was interesting wasn't it?" Tsunade asked and A, Darui, and C looked at her.

"Are you insane?" They thought at the same time.

Namikaze Compound

Naruto, Kurenai and Shizune transported to the house and fell to the couch making everyone gasp.

"Naruto you're alright!" Haku said hugging him. Naruto coughed and so did Shizune and Kurenai. The three sighed and looked at the ceiling.

"That was too close for comfort. I thought we were dead dattebayo," Naruto making Kurenai and Shizune nodded.

"Man when she saw it was serious she wasn't kidding. I can't believe she did that. I'm surprised she didn't bring down the Academy too," Kushina said and Naruto chuckled.

"Baa-chan's not that crazy. She probably had a seal made strong enough to cause a cave in, but weak enough not to hurt the Academy," Naruto said and Kushina smiled.

"Just like in the days of the true shinobi. I guess peace does make you lax. Seems she's getting you all to take this seriously and if you don't you'll get hurt one way or the other," Kushina told them. Naruto, Kurenai and Shizune agreed with her and dusted themselves off.

"Are you alright Naruto-sama?" Kimimaro asked and Naruto grinned with a nod. He gave a thumbs up to everyone.

"It'll take more than that to take me down dattebayo," Naruto said to them. Everyone chuckled while Tayuya smirked. She was slightly happy that he lived. It would leave a bad taste in her mouth if he died that easily.

"Well at least you know how to survive shithead," Tayuya said although she wasn't really sure she should be boasting about that.

"Maybe you're right. A Hokage has to survive after all," Naruto said and everyone nodded with smiles on their faces. Naruto soon remembered the anbu's words and quickly got to his feet.

"Come on Shizune-nee, Kurenai-chan we have to get to the Forest of Death. How ironic," Naruto said as they left the house.

"Well I can't wait to watch now," Fu said and everyone nodded.

Forest of Death

Naruto, Kurenai and Shizune got to the place where they were supposed to go and grinned when they saw everyone of the other jonin had made it.

"Naru-kun I thought you didn't make it," Anko said as she hugged the blonde. All the other jonin chuckled also while Naruto smirked.

"Can't get rid of me that easily Anko-chan. How did you guys get away?" Naruto asked and everyone pointed to Kakashi, Asuma and Gai.

"Those three attacked the boulder and managed to break it. Kakashi had to use his Raikiri while Gai used his dynamic entry. Asuma managed to cut it in half with fuuton chakra. It was really a sight to see. When they broke us all out we all climbed the walls with our chakra and managed to make it back to the small door where the staircase was. In truth I'm surprised we made it," Ibiki said to him. Naruto chuckled with a nod and before long all the other jonin made it also. Everyone was lucky that no one died, but from those disqualified only 75 to 90 jonin and tokubetsu jonin stayed in the group.

Soon the Anbu units appeared and clapped their hands.

"Not bad. You all survived and you made it here. That's our jonin for you," one of the anbu said before a contestant yelled.

"Are you fuckin' stupid? We could've died! I want out of this damn event," a jonin yelled and the Anbu nodded.

"Fine you and your group are gone. Tsunade-sama's paperwork will be waiting for you and trust us that you would've been wiser to take this event. It's a lot better," the anbu said, but he and his group scoffed and walked off while Naruto sighed. Tsunade wasn't messing around. To be the village leader was a big deal and if you couldn't cut it then you just couldn't cut it simple as that.

"Anyone else wanna quit?" the anbu asked and everyone discussed it for a bit. Naruto turned to Kurenai and Shizune for their answer. He didn't want to force them into anything that they didn't want to do.

"I'm alright with it Naruto. Jonin are used to this sort of thing or at least they should be. I remember a mission like that and I got away fine. So I can continue," Kurenai said and Naruto turned Shizune.

"Compared to running away from debt collectors almost every day that was nothing. I can still continue if you want," Shizune said and Naruto nodded.

"Alright we're good," Naruto said and no one else was leaving. The anbu chuckled and pointed to the Forest of Death.

"That's good. You all have guts. Normally people like you die the fastest," the anbu said and everyone glared at them, but the anbu continued.

"Since you want to continue we will let you, but now we'll be starting this event. Now then, scrolls have been placed in the Forest of Death. You are to retrieve them each with one of the elemental nations symbol on it. Five scrolls in all, but there are also fake scrolls in their also. You have two days to get three scrolls that when each face each other one wins such as how an element beats another like Lighting beats Earth and Earth beats Water. Now then since there are three of you so you must each get three scrolls. Easy enough right?" the anbu asked and some seemingly nodded, but then the anbu grinned making Naruto and his fellow jonin narrow their eyes.

"But is that really a good HPT level event? No it's not. Well then to make it interesting you're all going to to fight," The anbu said smirking while everyone glared at each other. Anko glared at Kurenai while Naruto glared at Kakashi and everyone else glared at someone. The anbu chuckled bringing everyone's attention back to them.

"Hey calm down. You're not fighting each other," The anbu said confusing the jonin, but Kakashi, Naruto and the others were beginning to understand.

"Then who are we fighting?" someone asked and the anbu smirked. They all took out their swords which confirmed Naruto, Kakashi, and the other jonin's guesses.

"You'll all be fighting the ANBU of Konoha's Shinobi Corps," The anbu captain said as everyone gasped. Naruto grinned as he stepped forward. He grabbed one of his three swords and chuckled.

"So there are multiple scrolls in the forest and we must gather scrolls in the order of how they are superior to the other elements. There are also fake scrolls in there along with dangerous animals, and other things then we'll be facing you ANBU and we have two days to do all of this right?" Naruto asked and the anbu nodded. Naruto chuckled and grinned like mad.

"Then lets get it on dattebayo!" Naruto yelled and the other jonin were more than ready to begin their second part of the HPT.

End of Chapter 38.

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