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Naruto, Shizune and Kurenai were standing in front of a gate. It all reminded Naruto of the Chunin exams as he and every other jonin surrounded the forest by the gates.

"Are you ready Shizune-nee, Kurenai-chan?" Naruto asked and his two partners nodded. Soon the gates swung open and every jonin ran through the gates. They quickly jumped into the trees and scattered around the forest to find different scrolls.

Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai ran through the trees while their eyes moved all around to find scrolls. They had three days to get this done so there was no need to the moment. The three knew about the dangers in the place, but Naruto had been spending plenty of days here so he was a lot more used to it. He turned to see Kurenai and Shizune following him and the blonde turned forward. He quickly stopped surprising the girls as they stopped also.

"Okay I'm going to narrow down a search," Naruto said as he closed his eyes. He went through a few handsigns and yelled.

"Byakugan!" Naruto yelled as his eyes flared with the Hyuuga clan's dojutsu. Naruto search throughout the forest for any scrolls that could be found and he saw a few, but the others might have been well hidden from even his byakugan. Naruto changed his eyes back to their ocean blue color and turned to the two jonin-level ladies.

"Alright there are a few scrolls so lets get to the before anyone else does," Naruto said making the two nod. They quickly shot off for the nearest scroll so they could get this over with.

Namikaze Compound

Everyone continued to watch Naruto and his team go through their trail and gulped.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Fu asked not wanting to lose a close person to her.

"He'll be fine I'm sure. After all he is our favorite blonde," Haku said with a gentle smile making everyone calm down slightly. Kasumi was watching with more intent than everyone else before everyone was broken by the sound of someone.

"How do all of you know this guy anyway?" Tayuya asked them with a lot of curiosity in her voice. Everyone turned to her and smiled as Haku was first to say something.

"He saved me from throwing my life away and taught me to live for myself and the person I love," Haku said as she gave a small blush on her face.

"I wanted to start a family with him and he was the first human I came to love. I would trade nothing for Naruto-sama," Kasumi said giggling like mad.

"He gave me a home when I was traveling. He's also very cute and amazing," Fu said in a small voice, but everyone heard her nonetheless.

"He trusted me and loved me for me. He didn't hate me despite the pain I caused him," Kyuubi answered as she had left a clone behind to make sure of anything happening.

"I'm simply his mother who was really pissed off when she learned about her son and gave that damn council a piece of her mind," Kushina said giggling while everyone backed away slightly.

"I don't know much, but he's a good man. I know it and I'm his fiancee," Yugito said smiling as she had made a complete 180 on her opinion about Naruto.

"This guy? What's so amazing about him and the fact that all of you are sharing him?" Tayuya asked not being able to understand the big deal over Naruto even if everyone told her.

"He's strong," Fu answered.

"He values all of us as equals," Kasumi responded.

"He keeps his promises to us and would rather die than see any of us get hurt," Haku told her.

Tayuya looked at them all who were smiling while they talked about Naruto's good points and sucked her teeth. She just didn't understand and Kimimaro noticed that she didn't. All Tayuya's life she had been alone or with bastard people like Orochimaru. So it must've been hard for her to understand how Naruto's clan girls could see Naruto in a way that she couldn't.

"Tayuya I might have just me Naruto-sama also, but I know I can trust him. You're just going to have to see it for yourself," Kimimaro said to her and Tayuya mentally cursed before she left the room.

"You think she's okay?" Fu asked and everyone shrugged, but Kimimaro calmed them all down.

"Don't worry about her. She'll come around sooner or later, but she's just curious as to why Naruto would help her and me for no reason since its never happened before," Kimimaro told them and everyone nodded before looking back to see Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai landing on the ground in front of a scroll.

"Looks like he found one," Fu said, but Kyuubi narrowed her eyes.

"It's not that easy and he knows it. I've trained Naruto-kun to know such things," Kyuubi said and everyone immediately tensed when they heard those words.

With Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai

The three jonin stood before a scroll that was stuck in the ground. It had the symbol for 'Earth' on it and Naruto reached to grab it, but stopped making Shizune and Kurenai see that he realized it also.

"It's never this easy is it?" Naruto asked them making Shizune and Kurenai shake their head in a negative. Naruto sighed and closed his eyes.

"We know you're there so get your ass out here!" the blonde yelled and immediately three anbu came out looking as menacing as they could with their animal masks on.

"Well it seems that the blonde isn't as dense as we thought. That wire wouldn't cut his hand right off if he didn't notice," an anbu said to his team and Naruto's eyebrow twitched.

"Please, did you really think that I wouldn't notice that? It was kind of obvious, but then again I guess the anbu aren't so great that they can afford to underestimate me," Naruto said as he opened his eyes to reveal the Sharingan. Seeing the dojutsu Shizune, and Kurenai slowly took their respective spots.

"Well looks like you have some balls kid. I'll show you what an anbu can do," the one in the center said as he charged Naruto making his team sweatdrop.

"There he goes ignoring the plan...again. He's gonna get killed one of these days doing that," another male sounding anbu said while the feminine one responded.

"Don't I know it. However, we might as well fight now since he started it," the girl anbu said as they charged Naruto and his team. Naruto turned to Shizune and the girl nodded. She quickly went through her handsigns and took a breath of air.

"Ninpo: Dokugiri (Ninja Art: Poison Mist)," Shizune yelled as she blew a poisonous gas that engulfed the entire area. The anbu quickly backed away from the mist as they saw everyone disappear. Soon they all separated when they dodged a kick from Naruto making the blonde smile.

"Alright so you dodged that one, but I'm not done," Naruto said as he backflipped. Immediately Shizune came from behind him making one of the anbu widen his eyes. Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai had been drilling their exercise for this and they were working quite well. The anbu dodged them as Shizune backed away and Naruto dealt with two anbu at once. The blonde quickly took out two of his swords and clashed with the anbu using all the training his mother had put into him. He saw another anbu being distracted by Kurenai and Shizune as the blonde tried to keep the other two focused on him.

"What's the matter kid? Is it hard to fight the two of us at once?" one of them asked as they kicked Naruto into a tree. The blonde gasped as he got back to his feet. He grinned like mad before cracked his neck.

"Are you kidding? I'm having a blast dattebayo," Naruto said as he quickly got to his feet. He went through his handsigns and grinned like mad as he finished.

"Hyoton: Makyō Hyoso( Ice Release: Demon Ice Mirrors)," Naruto yelled as ice mirrors formed around the two anbu. They both appeared cautious, but Naruto didn't step inside just yet. He quickly summoned two clones to his side and each stepped inside the ice mirrors.

"Tell me, can you keep up with this speed?" Naruto asked as the two clones blurred out of sight through the mirrors. The two anbu quickly tried to dodge, but the two Narutos were fast as they managed to get a series of hits on them both.

"This kid is good," the anbu said as the other smirked before going though her own handsigns.

"But he has no idea how to beat people like us," she said as she finished and slammed the ground.

"Doton: Ryu no Jishin( Earth Release: Dragon Quake)," the female anbu yelled as the ground began to shake violently. Naruto and his team felt the entire forest shift out of place as they turned around. Shizune and Kurenai widened their eyes when they saw the trees topple over and the ground erupt underneath them. The three could feel their center of balance get thrown off completely before Naruto gave a hidden smirk.

"Kyuubi-chan this HPT is fun. They just used a Kage level jutsu to throw off my own. Thank you for training me or I never would've experienced this," Naruto said to her and Kyuubi smiled with a gentle nod.

"I aim to please Naruto-kun. Now show them how good you are," Kyuubi said and Naruto nodded as the quaking intensified. Shizune and Kurenai were having trouble keeping their balance, but Naruto wasn't finished. He had learned a lot growing up and he wouldn't stop here just yet.

"See brat? This is a Kage level jutsu right here for ya!" an anbu yelled and Naruto grinned a bit more as he saw his ice mirrors shattered along with his clones. The blonde backed away before summoning three clones.

"Oh don't worry. I'll show you something also," Naruto as he and his clones went through their handsigns. They all finished as Shizune and Kurenai felt the urge to back up.

"Katon: Karyu Endan no Jutsu," Naruto yelled sending the blazing fire at the anbu.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa," A clone yelled making the flamed even hotter with the huge burst of wind it gave.

"Raiton: Tsubame( Lighting Release: Swallow)," the next clone yelled and all together the last clone finished.

"Hyoton: Kōri no Nami (Ice Release: Ice Wave)," The Narutos yelled as the anbu widened their eyes.

"This kid really wants to challenge us doesn't he?" the anbu asked getting a nod from her two partners as they were engulfed in the four colliding jutsus making a huge explosion that rang throughout the forest. The dust kicked up all around them as everyone covered their eyes.

"Naruto-kun isn't that a little overboard? Shizune asked and Naruto shook his head.

"No they survived it. Now then I think it's time we disappeared," Naruto said making Shizune and Kurenai wonder what he had in mind.

It took a bit, but the three anbu came back into the destroyed clearing only to see that their targets weren't around.

"Well looks like they got away. I really hate that brat," one of them said before they heard a voice.

"Alright we got the scroll lets get out of here before they catch up," Naruto said as he, Shizune, and Kurenai ran off into the trees. They quickly disappeared as the anbu chuckled.

"Does he think it's that easy?" one of them said as the three ran after them leaving the place vacant. About three minutes later, Naruto poked his head from a bush and chuckled while he tossed the scroll up and down.

"Well that went off quite well," Naruto said as Kurenai and Shizune came from behind two trees. They walked over to Naruto in slight shock of how well his plan worked.

"I'll never understand the limits of the Kage Bunshin technique," Shizune said to them before Naruto laid on the ground.

"You alright Naruto?" Kurenai asked and the blonde nodded. He just hated to use something that chakra taxing even with his reserves as they were.

"Just fine Kurenai-chan. Just need a break," Naruto said as his eyes changed back to their normal blue color.

"So what now? We have an earth scroll so that means we have to find a lighting scroll and a wind scroll also keeping in mind that there are fakes in this forest," Shizune said resting on the ground while Kurenai did the same.

"We'll simply have to search. I couldn't tell what types of scrolls I found so we'll have to check them all," Naruto said making Kurenai and Shizune nod as they rested in the forest. Soon small tremors came from different directions and so did plenty of explosions making them curse.

"I guess everyone else is fighting also," Naruto told them as they tried to relax for a bit longer before moving which due to the multiple explosions, destruction, and random incidents made this all the more worse for them to simply sit around.

"Man the chunin exams have nothing on this," Naruto said making the two girls nod. Naruto noticed the sun going down and cursed.

"Kurenai-chan, Shizune-chan we have to get moving. Nighttime is really when the creatures in this place come out and trust me that you don't want to be here when they do. Now then lets get out of here dattebayo," Naruto told them and the three shot off for a small cave that Naruto knew about.

They had reached the place by nightfall and slowly secluded themselves inside. The three also noticed it was raining and decided it was best to continue in the morning.

"We might need a new plan. Even if Naruto-kun did well against two anbu which is astounding in its own right I still think that we should have a different strategy than that," Shizune suggested. Kurenai sighed as she brushed a hand through her hair.

"I agree. I was able to trap that third anbu in a genjutsu but he was about to break it until you did that jutsu combination. Reminds me of one mission I took at the time," Kurenai said and Naruto nodded. The blonde took out a scroll and unsealed a canteen of water and offered it to Shizune and Kurenai.

"Water ladies?" Naruto asked and the two quickly took their turns drinking the cold water that Naruto gave them.

They were able to make it through the night as they each took turns standing guard over the area. They each spent time doing their own thing while on guard and were lucky enough to not run into anymore trouble over the night as they slept.

It was now morning as they exited the cave. Shizune yawned and so did Kurenai while Naruto stretched himself awake. They quickly observed their surroundings and walked out.

"Alright it's only day two so we'd better hurry up. By the end of today we should have the other two if we don't run into any trouble," Naruto said and they quickly ran off towards another scroll. They hadn't encountered anyone for a while as Naruto hopped to the top of a tree. He quickly took the scroll for the edge and cursed. It was a Water scroll so there was no use for it.

"Dammit, so what do we do with this one?" Naruto asked and Shizune grinned.

"Let's keep it around. Just in case. I have a good feeling about it," She said making Naruto and Kurenai wonder what she was thinking, but they could think about that later. Unknown to them a single handsigns went up with a slight grin.

"Kai," someone yelled as an explosion came across the tree they were standing on. Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai widened their eyes as the tree was coming on top of them. They slightly cursed before Naruto grabbed them and threw a kunai at a tree a few feet away form them and then vanished in the Hiraishin and appeared on the ground.

"It seems their getting sneaky now. Some stay hidden while others fight. How nice," Kurenai said making Naruto and Shizune agree with her. They didn't see any sign of anyone around them so they simply continued on.

Naruto came up to a scroll and noticed it was a Wind scroll so he took it as it completed the other part of their scroll set. Naruto placed it in a blood sealed scroll as they noticed they were already in the middle of the forest where the tower was. Naruto rolled his eyes before grinning a bit.

He saw two anbu arrive as they narrowed their eyes behind their masks at him. They quickly drew their swords while Naruto cracked his knuckles.

"So we have more today? This is getting' good. Kurenai-chan, Shizune-chan I think it's time that we started to get serious," Naruto said as he twisted his sharingan in his eyes.

"So another sharingan user? Well we know how do deal with you as well as show you what we learned for Kakashi Hatake," the anbu said and Naruto chuckled making everyone wonder what was so funny.

"Well I'll teach you somethings that even Kakashi-sensei doesn't know," Naruto said as he strained his eyes on one of the anbu's piece of armor. It quickly started to burn in black flames making the anbu widen his eyes.

"What the hell is this!" He screamed as Naruto stopped. His eyes still weren't used to the strain of the Mangekyou to such a degree. The anbu quickly discarded the armor making Naruto slightly smile.

"Damn you brat. For that you're going to pay!" One of the anbu said as they charged at him. Naruto shifted his sharingan back to normal and grabbed his three swords. They quickly flared as Naruto and the anbu clashed. Kurenai and Shizune moved back as they went through their handsigns.

"Genjutsu: Zetsubo no Aki( Illusion: Fall of Despair)," They said together as the ground started to split in half. The anbu gritted their teeth as they backed away from the pit, but Naruto wasn't about to let them escape from him.

"Not done yet," Naruto said as he kicked on of them in the air. The blonde made three clone as they each when into the air. Naruto brought all three of his swords together and closed his eyes as his clones made two rasengans in each other their hands.

"Rasenrengan," They yelled as the slammed the anbu in the stomach only for the anbu to disappear in a substitution making Naruto curse as he stopped his technique. The blonde turned his head as he narrowly dodged a swipe to his head.

"A Hokage must assess the situation and act accordingly. Can you do that?" one of them asked and Naruto chuckled as he brought his fire sword to the anbu's neck only for him to parry the blow and countered as all three of Naruto's swords went into the air. Naruto cursed as he dodged a swipe and grabbed all three of them back in mid-air.

"Of course I can do that. You think I'm not telling Shizune-chan and Kurenai-chan what to do right now?" Naruto asked as the anbu saw Shizune grab Naruto and threw him higher into the air.

"Ready Naruto-kun?" Kurenai asked as she appeared behind him. The blonde grinned and shook his head as Kurenai grabbed him. The three of them had been trying this attack all those days and now it was working like a charm as Shizune did another handsigns.

"Aiiii I still think this is a bad idea, but I'll go with it," Shizune told them as she finished her handsigns with the anbu looking up in awe.

"Hold your breath. Ninpo: Dokukiri," Shizune yelled as she surrounded the place in a poisonous mist as she signaled for Naruto and Kurenai to go for it.

"Alright Kurenai-chan I know you don't use ninjutsu a lot, but make an exception this once," Naruto said and Kurenai sighed.

"Fine Naruto," Kurenai said with a sigh as she and Naruto did their handsigns.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu," Kurenai yelled while Naruto finished his handsigns.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa," Naruto yelled as the sent the team jutsu into the mist making it explode. The three jonin dropped to the ground as Naruto huffed. They quickly looked at the searing ground only for the anbu to come out of the trees chuckling

"We're anbu brat. We can handle that so you're going to have to do more than that," They said as Naruto narrowed his eyes at them and sighed.

"Alright you want big? Then I'll give you big," Naruto said as knelt down on one knee. Kurenai and Shizune wondered what he was up before Naruto grinned making the two jonin widen their eyes. Naruto's shadow stretched out and shot for the anbu making the two raise their eyebrows. They quickly dodged the shadow only for it to come back around as Naruto made it follow the both of them.

"Naruto even has the Nara clan's dojutsu," Shizune said in awe before she saw an anbu coming for her. She quickly dodged the intended strike and grabbed the anbu's arm allowing Naruto to capture him effortlessly.

"Thank you Shizune-nee," Naruto said as he grinned while he go the other anbu. Both were subdued in Naruto's jutsu as the blonde chuckled.

"Kagemane success. Nice job Shizune-nee, Kurenai-chan," Naruto told the two girls. Both nodded and smiled. They must've been facing new anbu as most anbu wouldn't be this easily captured.

"Well then now what should I do with you?" Naruto asked before he went through his handsigns while the anbu did the same.

"Hehe kid whatever jutsu you do then we do it also so good luck with that," The anbu said but they only saw Naruto's grin deepen.

"Thanks I'll keep that in mind dattebayo, but for now I'll do something neither of you can do. You told me to do something big so I will," Naruto said as the sand around the area picked up. The anbu gasped as Naruto ordered Shizune and Kurenai behind him. The sand quickly rose above Naruto's feet as the anbu widened their eyes.

"Sabaku Taiso( Sand Imperial Waterfall)," Naruto yelled as he summoned a giant sand wave flooding the two anbu and a large portion of the forest sand as the blonde stepped down and placed his hand over the sand.

"Sabaku Soso( Sand Imperial Funeral)," Naruto said as the sand compressed and slammed into the ground crushing whatever was inside. Shizune and Kurenai shifted their stance from the pressure that hit the ground. Soon the earth settled down making everyone sightly feel better.

"Was that necessary Naruto-kun?" Shizune asked and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah I just knocked them out. They'll be fine. If I wanted I could've killed them, but it's not in my best interests to kill our own shinobi," Naruto answered and Kurenai couldn't agree more with him.

"Besides I think we're here. I'm sure we're supposed to be here anyway," Naruto said looking at the tower. They only had a day left, but it wouldn't make much sense to leave so they were in a stump, but Kami smiled on them as they saw three people.

"Man this is so troublesome. How many more scrolls do we have to find?" Asuma asked while Kakashi came out of the clearing.

"Maa maa Asuma. We have two of our three scrolls and an extra one. We just need a Water scrolls now right Gai?" Kakashi asked and Gai came through the clearing.

"That's right. Then we can enter the building. At least I think this is the place," Gai said before they spotted Naruto, Shizune and Kurenai.

"Hey guys. It looks like you'd like a Water scroll wouldn't you?" Naruto asked and Shizune pulled one out with a gentle smile on her face.

"Well it looks like they have what we need. So should we fight them for it?" Gai asked before Kakashi closed his eyes.

"Naruto as your former sensei won't you hand the scroll over?" Kakashi asked and Naruto grinned like mad.

"Sorry sensei, but I aim to win this thing and if that means knocking you out then I'll do that dattebayo," Naruto said and Kakashi sweatdropped.

"Well then, we also have an extra scroll. I can't do anything with this Lightning scroll," Kakashi said and Naruto narrowed his eyes. It was exactly what Naruto and his team needed which made the the blonde chuckle.

"That's just like you Kakashi-sensei. So are you going to give me that scroll or am I going to have to take it from you?" Naruto asked as Asuma tensed and so did Gai while Kurenai and Shizune did the same.

Namikaze Compound

"Well it looks like the shithead doesn't know how to negotiate," Tayuya said making mostly everyone nod in agreement with her.

"Lets not count him out just yet. I know you he'll come up with something. After that, he is our number one unpredictable ninja," Haku said and everyone chuckled as they knew it to be true about Naruto.

Hokage Mansion

"Well it seems that the brat is quite cunning when he wants to be," A said as they all looked at Tsunade's crystal ball. Tsunade chuckled with a nod as she found herself checking up on Naruto and his team a lot more than the other jonin.

"I wonder if that brat knows what he's doing. Better hope he doesn't die," C said making almost everyone chuckle, but Tsunade shook her head.

"Please that brat has more lives than a cat," Tsunade said making everyone chuckle before they heard panting in a seat next to them.

"Come on you three. That paperwork is still months behind," Tsunade said smiling while the three jonin who quit were crying anime tears as they signed papers.

"Man why the hell did you quit? This is worse that the HPT dammit!" The jonin reprimanded to his teammate.

"What if I have to sign papers to live then I'll do that!" The other yelled while the third sighed.

"Shut both your traps and sign dammit. I want to go home soon," he said as they continued making Tsunade chuckle as A, C and Darui sweatdropped.

"This woman really is crazy," They all thought simultaneously while Tsunade gave a creepy giggle.

"Oh you guys haven't seen anything yet. Things are just getting warmed up," Tsunade said and everyone wondered what she had planned for everyone.

Back With Naruto

"Well Kakashi-sensei I would fight you for it. Trust me that I've always wanted to fight you, but as the anbu said back at the Academy, a Hokage is militaristic, economical, and political and that means diplomatic dattebayo. So Kakashi-sensei you have a scroll I want and I have a scroll you want" Naruto asked holding up his scroll and Kakashi gave an eyesmile. Meanwhile, everyone who was watching gasped out loud as their mouths hit the floor especially Tayuya's.

"Alright Naruto, I can agree to that as can Gai, and Asuma," Kakashi said as he and Naruto exchanged scrolls. The blonde grinned as he walked back to Shizune and Kurenai.

"We have what we came for so lets get inside," Naruto said as he opened the door. Kurenai and Shizune chuckled and nodded as they walked inside while Naruto followed them inside.

"I think things are going to be even more of a pain with him around, but I'll take anything so I don't do Tsunade-sama's paperwork. I'd rather die," Asuma said and Kakashi chuckled.

"Well with this HPT you might just die so stay on your toes," he said as the three walked inside.

The entire room was surrounded in darkness again as everyone tried to get a feel for it. They quickly stayed together before the lights came on in a parallel order towards a staircase. Everyone narrowed their eyes while Naruto sighed.

"More stairs? Damn they love making people walk don't they?" Naruto asked making them chuckle as they walked through the lights. They saw anbu standing at key points across the floors like Naruto and the others were being escorted across the place. Soon an anbu stood in front of them with his hand out signaling them to stop. Everyone did so as the anbu chuckled.

"Not bad. I honestly expected you to last longer or at least come running in her with your tails between your legs," he said making everyone growl at him or at least look with disdain in their eyes.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Shizune asked and the anbu shrugged his shoulders.

"Think what you want, but it doesn't change the matter that all of you made it. In two days I should add even if most are still fighting it out. Well anyway now is the time for you to all relax. You have one day to do what you want and I suggest that you use that time wisely because at the end of the day tomorrow will begin your third event," the anbu said and Naruto sighed.

"Exactly how many events are there to this thing?" Naruto asked and the anbu chuckled.

"About four, don't worry as the fourth will be the most entertaining for all of you," the anbu said making everyone slightly tense, but then they were escorted away and into some rooms that were made for everyone.

Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai sighed in their room as they smiled at each other.

"So this is actually quite fun isn't it?" Naruto asked making them nod. The blonde rummaged through his stuff before he pulled out Raimin's journal. Shizune and Kurenai wondered what he could be reading, but didn't say anything as they washed up while Naruto continued to read.

"The blonde sighed as he began from where he left off in his book about the swords from Raimin's journal. He looked over the journal, but found that nothing seemed to be about the swords until he stopped a a particular page.

"Day 16

I don't know long it's been, but I've finally gotten back to this journal since it took me awhile. I'm in celebration of one thing due to my success with my lightning sword I've ben granted to be one of the Raikage's personal guards. I'm now easily one of the best shinobi he has to offer, but I also realize that he looks at my sword with interest. I had fought him about three days ago and as expected I lost utterly, but he said he was impressed when I had returned his jutsu with twice the power it had with my sword. I had told him that I had been training and so he took an interest in me from that day forward. He asked me who made the sword, but what I did could've had me killed. I lied to him. I told him that I made it and that it was impossible to make another. He seemed to believe me, but I could see the lust for power in his eyes. Maybe that's why he wanted me as his personal guard. Only to have my sword as close to him as possible, well he's in for a damn good surprise if he thinks I'm going to give him my sword. I'll be damned if I do,"

Naruto narrowed his eyes and took his lightning sword in his hands. He quickly unsheathed it and stared at the shiny metal. He traced his finger over it and slowly he felt mesmerized. It was like the sword was calling him for some reason. Maybe he just needed some sleep, but he knew something was up with the swords and he really wanted to know. So against his better judgement Naruto continued to read the journal. He skipped what seemed like a freakin month in this book as it didn't explain much about the swords or Raimin himself just about daily events that were going on. He finally stopped at something that seemed interesting to him.

"Naruto what are you reading?" Kurenai asked and Naruto gave her the book. He told her it was all about the swords in front of him and Kurenai seemed slightly interested, but that was for another time.

"Maybe you should go see Yugao about stuff like this. If anyone knows about swords then it's her," Kurenai said and Naruto kept that in mind.

"Got it. Thanks Kurenai-chan," Naruto told her and what happened was unexpected as Kurenai kissed Naruto on the cheek making the blonde blush.

"What was that for?" he asked and Kurenai shrugged her shoulders.

"Just for teaching me and Anko. Also for just being you. So thank you Naruto...kun," Kurenai said closing the door that separated their rooms while Naruto smiled.

"You sure know how to make a woman jealous," Kyuubi said and Naruto chuckled before laying back in the chair he was sitting in.

"Come on Kyuubi-chan. You know I love you also. After all who doesn't love a woman with red hair, red slitted eyes and a sexiness that make you go mad?" Naruto asked making Kyuubi blush at his words.

"Hmm well don't I feel special," Kyuubi said and Naruto chuckled with a nod as usual. He then went back to his book as he started on the page that interested him.

"Day 34

It's been a month and a few weeks since I've gotten my sword. I've really risen through the ranks, but I know this can't last. Simply because of something that I know now. I've come across a secret that the sword which embodies the element of Water is probably somewhere in Kiri. I tried talking with Raikage about it, but he said that I couldn't go even if there was a chance of finding a legendary sword. I figured that power hungry, Hyuuga clan dojutsu obsessed excuse for a Kage would jump at the chance like this, but I can see that I was wrong. So on that note I did something that surprised even me. I disobeyed my Raikage's orders and left for Kiri. I knew I couldn't return. They would find out what I had done before I got back and I would be branded a missing nin. I might as well take this journal with me as I've grown fond of it. I think I'll leave everything else. Besides I can't lose that easily. After all I've been known as the Storm of Kumo. How sufficient that the second strongest person in Kumo would turn against it,"

Naruto closed the book and sighed as he placed it back into a bag. He was beyond confused at the moment as he noticed that it was getting dark. Besides Kakashi's team he had no idea if anyone else made it this far, but he was sure that someone did. However the blonde was tired so he went to sleep on the couch and allowed the night to claim him.

Nighttime, Namikaze Compound

"Well now that that's over with I can finally start what I wanted to start," Fu said as everyone watched her. The Nanabi jinchuuriki grinned as she crossed her fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Fu yelled as an exact clone came next to her. She smiled as her fingertips glowed with white seals.

"Alright from what Naruto-kun taught me then these are containment release seals with a small 'backdoor' safety seal," Fu said to herself as she ordered the clone to lift up its shirt. The clone obeyed her as showed its seal. Fu chuckled as she rolled her eyes.

"So mine is a hexagon seal with a small blitzer seal. How nice, whoever sealed Nanabi inside me obviously didn't know what they were doing. How fortunate," Fu said as she slammed the five seal into the clone making it gasp and wince from the hit. The seals glowed as Fu and everyone else in the house covered their eyes. Yugito and Nibi wondered what she was doing as the light slowly calmed down. Everyone opened their eyes and Fu smiled brightly.

"Yes I did it!" Fu yelled as everyone turned back to her clone or what was supposed to be there. Everyone saw a tall woman about Kyuubi's height with a dark green Kimono. She had light green hair flowing past her shoulders. She had green slitted eyes while she was wearing black sandals on her feet.

"Nanabi! That's Nanabi! Kitten she's out and I'm willing to bet that so is Kyuubi. How did they get out? I want out!" Nibi yelled acting frantic which she had every right to be.

"So that's what you look like," Fu said as Nanabi brushed her hair before slightly stretching her arms and legs.

"Ahhh it feels good to be out of that cage. Even if I have this seal on my arm. Thank you gir...uhh Fu. It was unexpected, but I do thank you. Don't worry I have no want for revenge on you or really anyone. Well I won't say that as I want to kill some people involve in this, but I won' since I'd rather not go back to that cage. Thank you Fu," Nanabi said as she patted Fu one the shoulder.

"No problem," Fu said to her and Nanabi nodded while her eyes roamed the place.

"Now where it Naruto-kun so I can 'thank' him also?" Nanabi asked as Fu sweatdropped along with everyone else in the house while Nibi was in a frantic.

"Kitten I demand that you ask your fiancee how he taught that girl how to release Nanabi. Hell even I don't get that. I've missed the outside world," Nibi said and Yugito sighed. She really had come at a wrong time for Nibi to get frantic on her.

"Maybe later," Yugito said as Fu talked with Nanabi.

"Well Naruto-kun's away at the moment, but he'll be back. So for the mean time we should all get some sleep as I'm tired," Fu said with a yawn and everyone nodded as they went to sleep.

Back with Naruto

Naruto was sleeping soundly before he felt a slight push on his form. He tried to ignore it, but Naruto squinted his eyes as he saw Yugao's face. She seemed to be smiling before Naruto's eyes adjusted to her form. Her hair was draped over his face so he could smell a soft fragrance in it.

"Yugao-chan?" Naruto asked as he leaned up. The female anbu gently smiled as she motioned for him to get up. Naruto quickly got to his feet and immediately Yugao grabbed his arm and took him from the room. It was so fast that Naruto only got the chance to take one sword and that was his fire sword which was the closest to him and which he personally liked the most.

"Come on Naruto-kun, it's time for your hidden exam," Yugao said and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Exam for what? The fourth portion isn't until the day after tomorrow," Naruto said as Yugao quickly turned into the hallway and ran up the stairs. Naruto saw a few teams coming through the door. Two of which were Shikaku's team and Anko's team. He smiled when he saw that Tsume had made it, but she seemed to be a wreck slightly though she didn't look like she minded it.

Saving that for later, Yugao dragged Naruto up the stairs. Naruto almost tripped over some things multiple times, but he quickly got his balance as he saw Kakashi, and Genma there.

"Kakashi-sensei what are you doing here?" Naruto asked and Kakashi rubbed his head.

"Well the anbu woke me up and told me to follow them. Same with Genma. We're supposed to be waiting for something," Kakashi answered and Naruto nodded as he sat down. He saw Genma yawn making Naruto slightly smile.

"I guess you were asleep also?" Naruto asked and Genma nodded. He chuckled slightly as they noticed a door in front of them.

"Kakashi-sensei did this place always have this door?" Naruto asked and Kakashi nodded.

"Yes it has, but I've never been inside it before. I guess today might be the first," Kakashi answered as Naruto sat down. He saw Yugao wave to him goodbye as she shunshined out of sight.

Naruto, Kakashi and Genma waited for about ten minutes before they saw Anko, Shikaku come up to meet them.

"Well well it looks like Naruto-kun beats us here. I feel like I slacked a bit," Anko said with a small giggle as she sat next to Naruto. Meanwhile Shikaku sat next to Genma as they all waited for someone to appear. Soon the door opened as an anbu came through the door.

"Obviously you four are wondering why we brought you here?" the anbu asked the obvious making everyone glare at him as the anbu sweatdropped, but he continued.

"Don't worry as you aren't being disqualified or anything like that. Rather this is for a later competition that will take place after the third event. Now then as for why your here this is a privilege given to the teams that made it from one to two days to complete this event. Think of this as a bonus round. The task for this will be quite simple all you have to do it test how powerful you are with a certain element. If your element is wind then you will be dealt a fuuton jutsu and you must return it at twice the power. If you don't then you lose the bonus round simple as that right?" The anbu asked and everyone stared at him blankly.

"No," They all said simultaneously making the anbu sweatdrop.

"Well you'll figure it out when you go inside," the anbu said as a symbol shot up on the top of the door with the kanji for lightning.

Everyone raised their eyebrow, but Kakashi was the one who stood to his feet.

"Well I guess I'll see what it's all about," Kakashi said as he walked through the door. Everyone waited cautiously as they watched the door. All was quiet for a few minutes before everyone heard something.

"Arrrgh," Kakashi yelled and everyone wondered what happened. They saw lightning cackle behind the door for a few minutes before there was a big explosion. Everyone waited with baited breathe as the door opened. They saw Kakashi with his hair friend and the jonin had most of his clothes fried.

"Well it's not as hard as you think. Whatever jutsu they use on you, you have to return it with twice the power or you fail. Maa, I did mine so I'm going back to take a shower and go to bed," Kakashi said as he walked away as everyone wondered where that calm attitude came from. Soon the door closed as the kanji for fire went up. Naruto turned to Anko, but she insisted that he go first. Naruto gulped as he stood to his feet and passed through the door.

"You think he'll be alright?" Genma asked as the door closed in front of them.

"It'd better be alright or I'm gonna hurt those anbu," Anko said worrying over Naruto.

Meanwhile the blonde walked inside and saw an anbu on the far corner away from him.

"Are you ready tokubetsu jonin?" the anbu asked and Naruto gulped. He gripped his sword and nodded. The anbu went through his handsigns and quickly finished.

"Katon: Teikoku no Gisei( Fire Release: Imperial Sacrifice)," The anbu yelled as Naruto grabbed his sword. If what he read in Raimin's journal was right then his sword should be able to do it too. He saw the fire coming for him and the blonde shifted to a defense stance. His sword flared as the fire slammed into it. Naruto gritted his teeth as he felt the pressure of it, but he widened his eyes as he was pushed back and slammed into the wall. Naruto dropped his sword and looked at his hands. They were shaking...badly.

"That was...different," Naruto thought before he saw the anbu smile.

"Can you stand brat?" the anbu asked as Naruto grabbed his sword. He quickly stood to his feet and glared.

"Don't you mind me Teme. I'll show you how good I am for a tokubetsu jonin. Again!" Naruto yelled as the anbu went through the same handsigns.

"Katon: Teikoku no Gisei," The anbu yelled as the fire slammed into Naruto's sword. The blonde gritted his teeth as his sword flared, but he was still blasted away into the wall. Naruto cursed as he saw his hands slightly burned.

"Maybe you should give up now," The anbu said and Naruto chuckled as he got back to his feet.

"Do you really think...the guy who gives up here...would ever be Hokage?" Naruto asked as he grabbed his sword and stood back up. He asked for the anbu to begin as the anbu agreed. He sent the fire at Naruto, but the result was the same as the blonde was blasted away more than three times.

Naruto cursed as he stared at his fire sword. It was his sword. Raimin said that it embodied fire. It was the master of fire. Naruto stared at his sword and watched it flare.

"You really are a weird blade. Why won't you return the attack for me?" Naruto asked as he stood to his feet. He slowly stumbled as he struggled to get up.

"Let go. Let go of your fears. Let go of your doubts. Let go and trust in me," a voice echoed in Naruto's thoughts. The blonde was in a daze which confused the anbu. His clothes were slightly burned and his hands were slightly burned also.

"Again. Go again. Can you wield me? If you can then return the fire and let it resound in your heart. Your Will of Fire burns and keep it burning to wield me," The voice said as Naruto turned to the anbu.

"Again," Naruto said and the anbu rolled his eyes behind his mask.

"Look brat, you might as well give up. I have nothing against you while you and your team made it far, but if I give you one more then it's likely that you won't be able to do the next event," the anbu said and Naruto chuckled.

"I'll worry about that dattebayo-," Naruto said as his sword flared again. He smirked as he stood to his feet and and slightly stumbled. He shifted from a defensive stance that he'd been using straight to an attack stance surprising the anbu.

"-and you just worry about me returning that jutsu of yours right back at your mask-wearing face!" Naruto said as the anbu sighed. He mentally chuckled and went through his handsigns again.

"Fine kid. Don't die. Katon: Teikoku no Gisei," The anbu yelled sending another roaring fire at the blonde. Naruto took his attack stance and smiled. The fire collided with his sword and Naruto tightened his grip over it. He cursed as he felt the searing pain of the fire over his hands, but then it was nothing. The pain was gone, the burning...gone, the sensation of the fire...gone. He didn't feel anything anymore. Soon a small seal was starting to form over his left hand. Naruto twisted his foot as he control the flames with his sword. The anbu watched in awe as the blonde yelled out his determination before sending the fire back at the anbu with twice of everything. Power, fire, energy, chakra. Everything that the anbu had to deflect before he had to dodge out of the way making the fire cause a huge explosion.

Naruto huffed as he looked at his sword and how it shimmered in front of him. He smiled at it before turning back to the anbu.

"That's how you do it dattebayo," Naruto said and the anbu nodded while being speechless when he saw Naruto's actions.

The blonde chuckled as he left the room only for Shikaku, Genma and Anko to come up to him.

"Naruto are you alright?" Genma asked looking over the blonde's scars and burns. Naruto chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Fine just a little...burned out," Naruto said as he wished them luck and headed downstairs back to his room. He opened the door to see Shizune and Kurenai sitting on the couch waiting for him. Imagine their surprise when they saw him.

"Naruto are you alright?" Shizune asked as she rested him on the couch. Naruto muttered that he was fine as Shizune glowed her hands over his body. Naruto slightly hissed, but sighed in contempt as he felt Shizune healing him.

"What were you doing?" Kurenai asked and Naruto smiled a bit.

"Just...doing some extra credit," Naruto said, but it was obvious that Kurenai and Shizune wanted an explanation so the blonde simply told them what happened. He told them everything that they had done making Shizune and Kurenai worry even more about him.

"What you did was insane Naruto," Kurenai scolded and Naruto nodded.

"Sorry I know Kurenai-chan. I won't worry you like that again," Naruto told her and Kurenai settled with a gentle nod as Shizune healed him up. In a little under 20 minutes most of Naruto's injuries were taken care of by both Shizune and Kyuubi.

"Well go to sleep. We don't need you getting hurt than you already did. Use the rest of tomorrow for rest. Understood?" Kurenai asked and Naruto gulped.

"Yes ma'am," Naruto said to her and he wondered if she was going to be one of those controlling girlfriend types, but he knew Kurenai just like for him to be careful like that.

In little to no time at all, Naruto was back to going to sleep as Shizune and Kurenai retired also for the night. They had kept their door open though in case Naruto decided to act like Naruto which made the blonde chuckle slightly before he drifted off to sleep.

Next Morning

Naruto groggily woke up from the couch as he saw the room was empty. He noticed the time and saw it was around the afternoon. He slowly got up, but cursed as he felt pain all over his body. He remembered last night and sighed as he laid on the couch. He noticed a note on the door and struggled to get up.


Kurenai and I are going to get some things done with the others who have the day to themselves we'll be back a bit later in time for the next event. STAY on the couch and rest up.

Shizune and Kurenai"

Naruto chuckled with a small sigh as he laid back on the couch. He slightly winced at the pain before he looked at his book. He looked at Raimin's journal, but looked more at the sword mythology book he had on the counter next to it. He looked at them both before he took up Raimin's journal. He looked it over and contemplated it for a while.

"What does he know that I don't know about these things? Kuso, I wish I knew or had some help. I wish Yugao-chan was here for some help," Naruto said to himself before the door opened.

"Ask for something and you just might get it," Yugao said as she took off her mask. Naruto gasped as she sat next to him and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Yugao-chan what are you doing here?" Naruto asked and Yugao smiled as she rested her mask on the bed.

"I'm not in this event so it's a break for me. I'm in the next one depending on some things," Yugao said with a small smile. Naruto chuckled next to her and leaned on the back of the couch before wincing at his pain which Yugao noticed.

"I guess you did take the bonus exam and it looks like your suffering for it," Yugao giggled and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Ha ha ha very funny Yugao-chan," Naruto said before Yugao calmed down.

"So what did you need with me?" Yugao asked and Naruto and Naruto turned to his swords.

"What do you know about the swords of legend?" Naruto asked and Yugao raised an eyebrow. She recalled all of her thoughts as she leaned back into the chair. She plopped one leg over the other and Naruto had to admit that she looked rather hot in her anbu armor that way which Yugao seemed to notice, but didn't mind being gazed on like that. Well she did, but Naruto was the second guy she allowed to glare at her like this without meeting her blade with Hayate being the first.

"Well I know they are just a myth. I could tell you more if I saw them myself," Yugao said and Naruto gave a small smile. He quickly got to his feet although the process was strained a bit as he placed his swords on the table. He unsheathed them all as Yugao looked at them. She gazed in awe at them as Naruto touched the wind sword. It howled like normal and then he touched he lightning sword as it cackled. Yugao was amazed at the whole thing and Naruto touched his fire sword which burned brightly making Naruto wonder what happened. Normally it would flare, but now it was burning a lot more.

"These are three of them if I'm right," Naruto said and Yugao held on in her hands. She took out her personal sword and compared the two or at least she tried to.

"Naruto-kun, your sword would beat mine any day. In fact I think your swords might be made of the best metal and handled with the purest care I have ever seen. These aren't made by humans or anything. A sword will always have flaws even a tiny one, but these there isn't one anywhere in the entire thing. Where did you find these?" Yugao asked and Naruto chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well funny story about that," Naruto said as he told her where he exactly found them and needless to say, she did the only thing he didn't want. She laughed.

"A sword shop? An A-rank missing nin? A storm? Anyone is going to laugh at that," Yugao said before she noticed Naruto's glare and coughed calming down.

"Alright I'm sorry about that. Now then let me see that notebook," Yugao told him and Naruto gave her the book. Yugao took it into her hands and skimmed through the pages of Raimin's journal or at least to the part where Naruto left off.

"Well it seems that he was right on the dot about this type of thing. Don't worry how about after this HPT I take you to someone who fixes my swords and for now we'll read these over," Yugao said and Naruto agreed with her. So on that note with nothing to do, Yugao spent the entire day with Naruto going over notes of Raimin's journal and bringing it back to the sword mythology book he had.

It was starting to get dark for them both as Yugao stood to her feet.

"Well that's enough. I think we'd better start your event. Also your team is downstairs waiting for you. So I'll be going," Yugao said as she shunshined out of sight. Naruto chuckled as he walked down the stairs.

"Naruto how are you feeling?" Kurenai asked and the blonde gave her a thumbs up.

"Never better dattebayo," Naruto said making Kurenai and Shizune nod in agreement. They soon saw all the groups who made it which was theirs, Kakashi's, Genma's, Shikaku's, Anko's and a few others while the anbu showed up.

"Well it seems that a few of you made it. That's good. Now we will start the fourth event which will be a small competition of survival. This is nothing like the Forest of Death as you will also be dealing with the political side of things. You will have to make important decisions as well as be expected of the worst case scenario when at a meeting and act accordingly. Now then only the leader of each team may go so who are the leaders?" the anbu asked and Kakashi came forward. So did Genma, Shikaku, and Anko. Naruto came up also as did a few other jonin.

"Good now then the other two will be taking something different, but for the leaders we will grant you one Anbu of your choice. Be aware that all situations are life threatening and they begin at the location with this hint. 'They see also and protect all. They are the ones who inspire and the ones who are fit to lead. From past to present they keep a vigilant watch over their place of birth'," The anbu said to them. Everyone thought it over, but some weren't sure.

"Now pick your anbu," The head anbu commanded everyone. Kakashi chose his and left. So did Genma, Anko, and Shikaku. Naruto grinned as he came up to a purple-haired woman in a cat mask.

"Mind accompanying me if you have nothing better to do?" Naruto asked and Yugao chuckled.

"Well alright. I've got nothing better to do and besides I want to tell you something about what you did to me while we talked at the memorial stone," Yugao said as Naruto sweated. He slowly backed away before Yugao smiled dangerously.

"If you ever put me in a shadow possession again, well Naruto-kun just don't do it. Cause truth be told I sort of like you. Your good company when you want to be, but I'll cut you if you do that again. Okay?" Yugao asked in a sweet voice and Naruto nodded fast.

"Understood Y-Yugao-chan. Now then lets get going," Naruto said and Yugao raised an eyebrow.

"Do you even know where we're going?" she asked and Naruto chuckled at her as he took the female anbu out the door while he waved goodbye to Shizune and Kurenai.

"Sure, we're going to the Hokage Stone Faces. Your supposed to be an anbu and you didn't know that? I worry about you Yugao-chan," Naruto said and Yugao eyebrow twitched.

"I'm gonna make you regret those word someday Na-ru-to-kun," Yugao said in thought as Naruto felt a shiver down his spine. He gulped as he wondered if he made a big mistake.

End of Chapter 39.

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