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3 years later( Naruto's age:9. Tsume's Age: 29)

Naruto had gotten used to the training that Kyuubi had put him through as he was finally showing the signs of his development. Naruto had learned how to harness his chakra as he mastered tree climbing along with water walking. Naruto perfected the kage bunshin technique as he was able to fully utilize it's features. Naruto was a bit more muscular as he showed little signs of baby fat on his body. In addition to making his dojutsu, Kyuubi taught Naruto all she knew about the elements of katon, raiton, and fuuton. Naruto had become quite skilled at all three thanks to the kage bunshin jutsu. Naruto could now do element manipulation as he learned genin to high chuunin level jutsus involving the three affinities. Naruto also managed to learn a bit from the Inuzuka clan as he trained with Kasumi. As it turned out, Kasumi was actually half-wolf and was the daughter of Kuromaru. Naruto always trained with Kasumi as they had even gotten the basic stances of the Inuzuka clan down. Naruto and Kiba hung out like brothers as they always seemed to have fun and train together. Hana took a liking to Naruto as he seemed to cause more family unions to happen. Tsume, for her part, loved Naruto's company. He was always a fast learner and he never complained about the training she gave him. Tsume could only chuckled as Naruto had some special place in her heart, though Tsume had a tough time admitting it to herself. Naruto had also gotten closer to Kyuubi as he gave her a quick kiss for her efforts in training him. Kyuubi grew flattered at Naruto's company as she found out she had come to love the blond. Naruto's studies also grew as he was now second only to Sasuke, but that was because he wanted to be. He didn't feel like having Sasuke argue with him over the stupid things such as ranks. All in all, Naruto was becoming quite the academy student though he still had people and their harsh treatment to deal with, but he seemed to handle it better.

Naruto woke up to the sight of his room as he looked up at his chest and smiled as he saw Kasumi sleeping soundly on his stomach. Naruto chuckled as he closed his eyes.

"Kyuubi-chan are you there?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi smiled as she got out of the house that Naruto made for her. Naruto had renovated his mindscape to fit Kyuubi's needs as he made a small house for her along with a beautiful field of flowers. Naruto also gave her some company as multiple kits played with her. Kyuubi was extremely grateful for the gift that Naruto had given her. Smiling, Kyuubi made her presence known.

"I am here Naruto-kun, just enjoying the bed that you made me. These silk sheets are amazing," Kyuubi told him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he got up. Kasumi soon awoke also as she liked her blond's face. Naruto chuckled at the affection, but soon got up as he let Kasumi get to the floor. Naruto soon knelt down as Kasumi climbed up to his head and curled into his hair. Naruto chuckled at the act and went to wash up. Naruto entered the bathroom as he took a quick shower and brushed his teeth as he soon exited the bathroom.

"So how far are we into the training Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi chuckled as she took a thinking pose as she rubbed a small fox's coat.

"You have gone through the genin to chunin training much faster than I thought. Your kenjutsu skill are around the high chunin level and your chakra control is low Jonin now. Your taijutsu is high chunin. Genjutsu is still pretty low, but with me here you will be fine for now. As for your training with the Inuzuka clan, I would say that you are high genin-low chunin. You know the starters for their jutsus and stances for right now. All in all, you are the ideal academy student Naruto-kun," Kyuubi told him. Naruto smirked as he nodded. Naruto soon put on his black swirl shirt along with his black anbu pants. Naruto strapped his sword on his back. Naruto decided to take a few shuriken and kunai for practice as he and Kasumi exited the apartment.

"So how is the dojutsu coming?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi chuckled at his question, but gave him her honest answer.

"It's coming along quite well. I have half the process of it done. Trust me, trying to make an eye that can copy anything it sees is frustrating, but it is a very fun challenge. The only thing that I can't change is how you receive it," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto quirked up an eyebrow as he was to busy listening to Kyuubi talk to notice the intense glares he got.

"What do you mean Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi sighed as she straightened herself on the bed.

"All dojutsu are activated by either some form of stress or a life-death situation. So you will have to have a situation like that to unlock this eye. I can't find a way around that sorry Naruto-kun," Kyuubi told him. Naruto merely shrugged as he ran towards the academy.

"There is no way around it Kyuubi-chan. I don't mind. I have had life-death situations too many times already what's one more," Naruto said to her. Kyuubi caught the joke, but didn't laugh as she cared too much about him to think about such a situation. Naruto noticed that she went quiet and panicked.

"Ahh sorry Kyuubi-chan. I promise to be careful. I wouldn't do that to you," Naruto said with a quick apology. Kyuubi smiled with a nod though Naruto couldn't see it.

"Alright Naruto-kun. I don't want to lose you so do be careful," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded as he arrived at the academy grounds.

"And now is the time when I train my concentration to stay awake," Naruto said as he got a laugh from Kyuubi. Naruto also chuckled as he entered the classroom. Naruto was instantly met with glares that ranged from jealousy to hate and strangely lust. Naruto sighed as he saw only one true smile out of the group of students as he looked at his closest friend.

"Hey Kiba, how are you doing?" Naruto asked him. Kiba smirked as Akamaru and Kasumi barked their hellos. Naruto sat next to Kiba as he smiled.

"Doing good here Naruto. Are you still up for training at my house later?" Kiba asked him. Naruto nodded with a smile as Kasumi leapt to his lap and curled into a ball as she closed her eyes.

"I still can't believe my eyes when I see that. You got the most stubborn female in the clan. That is still quite the feat Naruto, but I am happy for you," Kiba said to him. Naruto chuckled sheepishly with a slight thank you. Soon the class settled down as Iruka and Mizuki entered the room. Naruto didn't miss the glare he got from Mizuki as he sighed. This was going to be a long day.

Council Room

While Naruto and Kiba were in the academy, Sarutobi and Tsume were attending a council meeting which both were sure about that it was about Naruto. Tsume had told Sarutobi about the dinner and conversation Naruto had with her family. Sarutobi was shocked that Naruto could talk to Kyuubi, but was also shocked when he was told that the Kyuubi attack wasn't intentional on her part. Sarutobi learned that she was manipulated by someone into attacking the village. Sarutobi got the confirmation from Naruto as they spoke at one point. Sarutobi was quite relieved at the news, but figured that he shouldn't tell the council about things. They obviously wouldn't buy it and they would think that the 'demon' took over Naruto. Tsume agreed with him to the secret as both entered the room. Tsume sat in her seat as did Sarutobi. Soon all members of the council filed in. There was the civilian part and the shinobi part. Soon followed Sarutobi's old teammates Koharu and Homura. Soon everyone sat down as Sarutobi decided to get the headache over with.

"Alright the council is now assembled. Now what are the concerns of everyone today?" Sarutobi asked with a sigh as he and Tsume knew what was coming. Soon a member of the civilian council stood up.

"We are here to express our concerns over a certain...boy in the village," some merchant said to him. Sarutobi sighed again as he turned to the civilian side of the council. He knew they were talking about Naruto or else they would have said his name.

"So what is the concern?" Hiruzen asked them. Someone smirked as they stood.

"I want to know why we are keeping that...that...thing in our village. He is obviously going to be the end of us if we don't do something," a pink monkey's mother said as she looked at him. Tsume muttered something about excessive screaming and bloodlines as she turned her head clearly uninterested in the conversation.

"That thing has a name Sakuno and I suggest that you say him name or else I will assume that there is hostility in your speak," Sarutobi said to her with a glare that made her flinch. Sakuno sat down with a grumble, but someone else stood.

"What Miss Haruno means is that we should take some precautions to make sure that Naruto Uzumaki doesn't use the demon's power to exact his revenge on us," another man said to him. Tsume slightly chuckled at his statement as she drew some people to her. Tsume whispered to herself, but didn't know everyone else was listening.

"Maybe if you didn't try to beat him within an inch of his life nearly everyday then you wouldn't have anything to fuckin worry about," Tsume said to herself, but everyone caught it. Some on the council smirked at her statement, but nodded.

"Hey that boy is at fault here. I don't know about you, but my family was killed because of that damned demon brat," The man said to her. Tsume growled as she unleashed some KI that made the man shiver.

"Oh Kami shut up. If anyone is a demon here it is you damn people along with a large majority of the village for beating on a little boy who did nothing to you at all," Tsume yelled as her growling increased. Everyone gasped at her as some on the council seethed.

"He is a demon. How do you know that you aren't being corrupted by its power right now?"Sakuno yelled. Tsume narrowed her eyes as she unconsciously became more feral.

"I know because I have actually talked to him. I have spent time with him and I have invited him to my house for dinner. He is the sweetest boy I know. The fact that he doesn't even hate you people shows how kind and forgiving he is. If he is a demon, then either demons are exaggerated by humans or there are nice demons. Either way, I won't stand for you arrogant...selfish...disgusting assholes insulting Naruto-kun," Tsume yelled at them as her hands clawed at the table in front of her. Most people, even Sarutobi gasped at her speech as everyone took in the last word of her mouth. Shikaku, Shibi, and Hiashi gasped at the word 'Naruto-kun' that Tsume said to everyone. Sarutobi smiled with a nod as he brought everyone's attention to him.

"What Tsume says is quite true. You who don't know Naruto don't have the right to say what he is and what he isn't. So if that is it, then this meeting is-,"

"Wait a minute," Sakuno yelled. Sarutobi sighed as everyone turned to her. Sakuno turned to Tsume and pointed her finger at her.

"It is more than obvious that he is playing you. No demon is kind and nice. You might be will to risk your kids safety, but I am not. I say that we banish him," Sakuno uttered. Some of the civilian council smirked, but the shinobi side narrowed their eyes. Shikaku, Shibi, and Hiashi held no malice towards Naruto as they were always neutral in their affairs. Chouza, Tsume, and Inoichi had more sympathy with Naruto than anyone else. They felt that his life was very unfair. Tsume soon stood up as she cracked her knuckles. Sarutobi along with the shinobi part of the council sweated as everyone on the civilian side was oblivious the insane amount of KI in the air. Tsume chuckled as she looked at Sakuno.

"I dare you to try it and see what the hell I won't do to your ass Haruno. You seem to be forgetting your place in this council. You have no real power here. All you do is ADVISE the Hokage in his job. You don't make decisions, you don't change laws, and you sure as hell don't decide who stays in this village and who doesn't. So shut up sit down and for the sake of all our eardrums SHUT UP!" Tsume said as she sat back down. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the problem didn't escalate any further. Sakuno reluctantly obeyed as she kept her trap shut. Sarutobi mentally smiled he coughed drawing all attention to him.

"Tsume is correct in all aspects. Now this meeting was clearly a waste of time, now this meeting is adjourned," Sarutobi said in a tone that left no room for a debate. Everyone followed out before the clan heads. Soon the clan heads left also as everyone walked up to Tsume.

"You were rather fierce in there," Inoichi said to her. Tsume huffed as she didn't feel like talking.

"Come on Tsume, what is wrong with you?" Hiashi asked her. Tsume stopped as did everyone else.

"I just hate them for belittling him for something out of his control. It makes me wonder who the true demons are," Tsume said to them as she walked back to the compound for some much needed rest. Everyone followed her lead as they went back to their respective compounds so they could rest from the day they all had.

With Naruto and Kiba, 5 hours later

School had ended as both boys left the academy grounds. Both looked to see Sasuke surrounded by countless girls as they all had hearts in their eyes.

"I don't know what's worse the girls or prick they worship," Kiba said to him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as that was a rather perplexing decision to make for both of them. Both boys walked through the streets as they ignored the glares that seemed to be more intense than usual.

"Well Naruto, let's hurry up and get to my house so we can train," Kiba said to him. Naruto nodded as both ran off as they soon made it to the compound.

Inuzuka Compound

Tsume slept on the couch as she rested her nerves from dealing with the annoying council members. Tsume didn't really let it bother her, but what Inoichi said to her did. Despite what people thought, Tsume was quite levelheaded and rational. Seeing her yell was quite a shock. Tsume blushed as she had never really yelled at anyone, yet the thought of people insulting Naruto took her over the edge as she wasn't going to allow that to happen. Tsume didn't know why she protected Naruto the way she did. Maybe it was interest or maybe it was the way he smiled at her, She wasn't sure of either option. She just knew that she really cared for Naruto.

"I wonder why I yelled like that. I never really did, but I hate the way they treat him," Tsume said as she positioned herself for a more comfortable position on the couch. Tsume soon fell asleep as the door opened. Naruto and Kiba walked through the door with Akamaru and Kasumi right behind them. Naruto looked to see Tsume laying in the couch fast asleep. Naruto chuckled, but soon stopped as he noticed the frown on her sleeping face. That looked unnerved Naruto slightly as he narrowed his eyes. He was going to find out what happened to her today after his training. Naruto pushed the thought aside as he saw Hana in the kitchen reading.

"Hello Hana-chan. What are you reading?" Naruto asked her. Hana looked up to see the blond boy behind her as she smiled.

"Just reading some literature Naruto-kun," Hana said with a smile. Naruto nodded with a smile as he and Kiba took a training ground and practiced the training they had with Tsume. Hana smiled at their interaction as she decided to watch the two and read at the same time. Hana saw her mother sleeping and soon smirked as she got up. Hana walked over to her mother and saw the frown on her face. Hana smiled as she wanted to test this theory of hers out. Hana knelt down on her knees and whispered in her mother's ear.

"Naruto-kun," Hana said to her. Instantly the frown on Tsume's face disappeared with a smile as she went through her dream. Hana gasped at the action, but soon smiled.

"Note to self: Kaa-san might have a thing for Naruto," Hana said as she put that mental note away for later. Hana sat on the floor as she saw Naruto and Kiba spar along with Akamaru and Kasumi. Naruto seemed to fit right in with the Inuzukas as no one had any problems with him. He was in fact a better Inuzuka that most of the other members. Hana smiled as she wished Naruto could really be apart of her family.

"Naruto-kun, if you could move Kaa-san this way then I wonder what would happen if-," Hana thought as the idea went through her head. Hana smiled as she wondered if she should even go along with the plan that she put together.

Later that day

Naruto and Kiba smirked as they had finished training and were now eating quietly at the table. Tsume soon woke up as she looked at Hana reading her book.

"Hana did anything happen will I was asleep?" Tsume asked her. Hana shook her head with a smile that didn't go unnoticed by Tsume. Tsume decided to let it go and got up to take a bath.

"Though Naruto-kun is here," Hana told her. Tsume stopped for a split second then she continued to walk with a slight smile across her face. Tsume saw Naruto and Kiba eating as she took in his new features. She had seen Naruto nearly everyday that she never really saw the changes in his body. She could see he was a bit more ripped in his appearance and his hair grew more spiky, but not as spiky as hers. He exuded strength, power, and overall confidence. Tsume blushed as she decided to go take her bath. Tsume soon went upstairs as Naruto and Kiba finished their food.

"Kiba do you mind if I use your shower?" Naruto asked him. Kiba nodded as Naruto soon went upstairs. Naruto soon came up to the bathroom as he slid open the door. As Naruto walked in, time slowed down as Naruto took in the form of a naked Tsume. Naruto blushed as his eyes roamed her entire body. Tsume was a completely hot woman as far as Naruto could tell. Naruto heard Kyuubi roll around in her bed as she saw the sight also. Unknown to Naruto, his body was showing strong signs of affection towards the woman as Tsume looked down to see his member reacting to her. Tsume quirked up an eyebrow as she stared at his 'package'. Tsume only had one word as it come to mind.

"Huge," Tsume thought as Naruto's mind overloaded. Naruto soon collapsed as Tsume smiled. Tsume soon grabbed a towel as she quickly wrapped up her body. Tsume looked to see the small trickle of blood that came from Naruto's nose. Tsume smiled as she picked up Naruto and carried him to her room. Tsume laid him on the bed as she left. Tsume soon returned to the bathroom as she washed her body. Tsume could only smile as she found Naruto's reaction to her flattering.

With Naruto, 25 minutes later

Naruto soon groaned as he woke up to the sight of a room he had never been in. Naruto scanned the room as he looked to see the door. Naruto got up as he recalled the event that came to his mind. Naruto blushed as he had seen what very few men ever get to see.

"I hope she doesn't kill me," Naruto said to himself. Soon a visitor came as it made it's presence known.

"Aww Naruto-kun if you want to see a woman naked you just had to ask me," Kyuubi said to him. Naruto blushed as he was assaulted with visions of a naked and playful Kyuubi.

"K-Kyuubi-chan I-I am not like that. I-I mean I d-do like you, b-but I-I," Naruto kept stuttering which only served to add to Kyuubi's entertainment.

"Well I know what to look forward to when you get to an appropriate age," Kyuubi told him. Naruto forced the image of what she was talking about down until it was completely.

"Ero-Kyuubi," Naruto said to which Kyuubi laughed.

"Aww you don't like my teasing Naru-kun. That is a shame," Kyuubi said as she cut the mental connection with a smile on her face. Naruto was left to his thoughts. Naruto soon got up as the door to the room opened. Naruto turned to see Tsume standing there in her regular clothes with a smile on her face.

"Did you enjoy the view?" She asked him. Naruto blushed, but looked at the floor. Tsume chuckled as she walked up to him.

"Don't worry about it so much Naruto-kun. I can tell it was an accident. You wouldn't purposely peep would you?" She asked him. Naruto shook his head which really caused Tsume's opinion of him to increase, although it was high enough already. Naruto soon came back to what he wanted to talk to her about.

"Tsume-chan, will you talk with me?" Naruto asked her. Tsume raised her eyebrow in confusion, but nodded as both made their way to the bed. Both sat down as Naruto went over his words.

"Why were you sad?" Naruto asked her. Tsume looked at him in slight shock as she wondered if he read her mind.

"Why would I be sad?" She asked him. Naruto sighed as he looked at the ground.

"I watched you sleep for a while and you had a frown on your face as you slept. I wanted to know what was wrong," Naruto said to her. Tsume looked at him in a new light as she discovered that he was able to read emotions, even hidden ones. Tsume sighed as she put her hands on her lap.

"We had a council meeting about you today. People said stupid things about you and it pissed me off. I defended you as best I could and the whole meeting was just a plain headache," Tsume said to him. Naruto nodded as Tsume told him about the entire meeting. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he knew that the civilian council didn't like him, rather hated was a better word for it. Naruto listened calmly and even smiled when he heard that Tsume defended him against the pink monkey's mother. Tsume ended her story and tried to gauge Naruto's reaction, but couldn't. After a minute, Naruto surprised Tsume by crashing into her body with a hug. Tsume smiled as she rubbed Naruto's hair.

"Thank you Tsume-chan. I am very grateful to you for that," Naruto said to her. Tsume nodded with a smile on her face as she looked at Naruto who was busy thinking about something.

"T-Tsume-chan," Naruto said to her. Tsume looked at him as she replied.

"Yes Naruto-kun?" Tsume asked him. Naruto blushed, but steeled his resolve as he looked at her.

"Tsume-chan I believe that I l-like you a lot. I might in fact love you," Naruto said as he gave her his confession. Tsume's eyes widened, but soon settled as she looked at Naruto.

"I know I might be too young for you, but I promise that when I make chunin I will confess again and then I would like you to go out with me," Naruto said to her. Tsume mulled over his confession as it did indeed touch her heart. Tsume smiled as she went over Naruto's qualities over the years they meet. He had way more good qualities than bad and to her he was very cute. Tsume chuckled as she turned to Naruto. Tsume smiled as she slammed her lips into Naruto's as she gave him a deep kiss. Naruto was taken aback by the action, but soon recovered as he kissed her back. After the kiss, both leaned back as Tsume smiled.

"That kiss is our promise Naruto-kun. Become a chunin and I am all yours. Of course if we date you will need to be up on a few things, but get to chunin. I will be waiting," Tsume said as she got up to leave. Tsume put a little sway into her hips as she closed the door. Naruto went over the kiss as he seemed immensely happy over the promise they made. Naruto steeled his resolve as he left the room. Naruto soon came downstairs as he grabbed his stuff. Kiba took notice and waved Naruto goodbye.

"See you later Naruto," Kiba said to him. Naruto waved goodbye to Kiba and Hana as Kasumi came up and perched on his head. Naruto soon ran off as both wondered what his good mood was all about. Hana turned to Tsume who was still smiling.

"Did something good happen Kaa-san?" Hana asked her. Tsume laughed as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe, I am not sure just yet," Tsume said to her. Hana raised an eyebrow as she wanted to know what happened with Naruto. Hana decided to ignore it as herself, Tsume, and Kiba went upstairs to go to sleep.

"This was a good day after all," Tsume thought as she went upstairs to go to bed with a happy thought.

End of Chapter 4.

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