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Hokage Mansion

Naruto rubbed the top of his head in embarrassment as his room was filled with his friends. The blonde chuckled at them all as everyone seemed to be talking at once to him.

"Okay, wait. Stop yelling! Now then one at time please," the blonde told them all and everyone soon stopped to calm down while Sasuke came up first.

"How could you of all people get this position? It's not right. Is this a joke?" The Uchiha asked while Naruto narrowed his eyes. The jonin glared at Sasuke while Kakashi patted his shoulder.

"Sasuke be respectful. Naruto's not a casual friend anymore. He's Hokage," Kakashi said and the brunette Uchiha huffed his annoyance at this subject while Naruto sighed.

"It's alright Kakashi-sensei I'm used to it from him. To answer your questions Sasuke, this isn't a joke. I'm not even sure myself how I got this position, but like I said I'll do it to be best of my abilities while Baa-chan's gone," Naruto responded while Kiba and Haku smiled.

"Well we're happy for you Hokage-sama," They both said while Naruto glared at the and stood from his seat.

"No, not you two. You and a few others have the right to call me Naruto. No -sama or Hokage. Just Naruto for both of you," Naruto told them making Kiba and Haku nod as they fell back.

"Yosh, Naruto-kun's youth will shine brightly over the village. I vow to be this faithful to my village and if I can't do this then I will-," Lee stopped as Naruto sightly groaned. He had to chuckle that maybe it was Lee's personality, but didn't mind it much anymore.

"Well congratulations Naruto on achieving your dream. Even if it came a few years than needed," Neji told him and Naruto settled for agreeing, but then Kurenai came though the door making others turn to her. She was holding a handful of papers and placed them in front of Naruto. The blonde gasped at the size while Kurenai stood next to him.

"Matters that must be attended to Naruto-kun. Please sign these while Shizune and I go organize some other things," Kurenai said to him before leaving. Naruto looked at the size and shuddered.

"So this is what it's like to be on the receiving end of paperwork. That's...brutal," Naruto thought to himself before he took out a pen.

"Ya well. Since it's my first day as Hokage I need to get this mess done so everyone will have the day off so enjoy it. Now then everyone, but Kimimaro, Tayuya and Sasuke leave the room," Naruto ordered and everyone was about to leave except Sakura. Naruto looked up at the pink haired genin stared at him. The Kyuubi jinchuuriki narrowed his eyes at her.

"Is there something I can help you with Haruno-san?" Naruto asked not enjoying the stare the Sakura was giving him. Everyone turned back to see Sakura staring at them both and so did the anbu. They were all getting ready to move in case of anything while Sakura stepped forward. Everyone tensed as she came up in front of him.

"I don't recognize you as Hokage," Sakura said to him and Naruto raised an eyebrow. Kiba gasped along with Haku while Kimimaro and Tayuya glared at her. Even Sasuke wasn't that blunt while Naruto stood to his feet.

"Hmm and why is that?" He asked curious to know. He might have had an authoritative tone, but he didn't feel like being casual with something like this.

"It's because I don't think you could do a better job of running this village like Tsunade-sama or Sasuke-kun. I know who rightfully deserves this position," Sakura said while Sasuke rolled his eyes. The Uchiha sighed and decided not to say anything. They say that prison makes you think a lot and makes you more humble. Sasuke could probably attest to that. It might have only been a weak, but his dealings with the other inmates had taught him some things. It taught him that no one is capable of taking on the world alone. Something he should've known from the beginning.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you Sakura, but Baa-chan and our daimyou chose me. I still wonder what they see in me to hand me this position, but I'm not letting them down. You can believe what you want, but I'm not backing down from my responsibilities. Now get out before I have my anbu throw you out," Naruto told her and Sakura immediately flinched at the blonde's tone before Ino pulled her back before she did something even more stupid.

"Sorry about that Hokage-sama we'll leave you alone now. Right Kiba-kun?" Ino asked while Tenten glared at the blonde.

"Ino don't you dare!" Tenten yelled while they all closed the door leaving Naruto, Kimimaro, Tayuya and Sasuke in the room. The blonde sighed as he walked back to his desk and sat down. He looked out the window for a bit before turning back to the three.

"Alright first things first. Kimimaro, Tayuya for you to prove your allegiance to my clan and this village, show me your necks. Same for you Sasuke," Naruto told them as everyone looked at him strangely. Kimimaro immediately did so showing his curse mark and Tayuya followed. Sasuke reluctantly did also while Naruto closed his eyes.

"Those of my clan can not bear such marks. They will be taken care of right now," Naruto said as he opened his eyes to reveal his Mangekyou sharingan. He quickly focused on Kimimaro's and the black flames devoured the seal before Naruto stopped. The blonde did the same to Tayuya and Sasuke and while everyone felt a small burn on their neck, they didn't mind at all.

"Hmmm that's weird. My eyes don't hurt when I use Amaterasu anymore. I wonder why," Naruto thought to himself before he told Kimimaro and Tayuya to step forward. The two immediately did and Naruto took out a headband.

"Kimimaro, you were abandoned by Orochimaru and left to die, but I saw the use in you and you trusted me. Will you follow me and help protect my village?" Naruto asked and Kimimaro grabbed the headband and wrapped it around his arm.

"You are my master Naruto-sama. I'll follow you to my dying breath," Kimimaro said as he backed away. Naruto turned to Tayuya and the redhead settled for a light glare.

"Still need anymore convincing that I can protect you?" Naruto asked and Tayuya's eyes roamed the Hokage office for a little while before ultimately turning back to Naruto's.

"No I don't shit- umm," Tayuya paused as Naruto rolled his eyes. He sighed while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Go on. You're allowed to," Naruto said as he tapped the desk with his finger. Tayuya breathed easily while she gave a small grin.

"I don't shithead. I still think we're screwed, but you seem to know what you're doing. I'll follow you," Tayuya said wrapping her headband around her waist. Naruto nodded with a small smile on his face as he took out a paper.

"Right now there is no team or anything so I'm going to place the both of you as one. Kimimaro you are obviously a jonin and Tayuya will be a chunin for the time being. Go and enjoy your day off guys," Naruto told them the two shunshined out of the room leaving only Naruto and Sasuke. The Uchiha glared at the Uzumaki before Naruto stood to his feet.

"As your Hokage I order you to stop chasing Itachi," Naruto said bluntly making the anbu widen their eyes while Sasuke slightly closed his into a glare. He was about to yell our shout, but then Naruto laughed and waved it off.

"I'm sorry I couldn't keep it up. That's not me at all. I couldn't tell you to do that while being serious," Naruto laughed and Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He slightly calmed down when Naruto started to laugh.

"Alright Sasuke, I know how much you want to go after Itachi. Me having your sharingan has taught me some things. Let me tell you something that will help you. If you want to stay on Itachi then keep near me," Naruto told him and Sasuke seemed confused before the blonde elaborated.

"What I mean is that if you want to kill Itachi then the best way is to stick with me. For reasons that I can't tell you, Itachi is after me. Along with others like me. If I know him then he'll come after me again. When that time comes then you will fight him all you want, but Sasuke are you sure that things are as cut and dry as you think they are?" Naruto asked him and Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean? Itachi murdered the entire clan. I would think that was as cut and dry as we think," Sasuke told him and Naruto lifted a finger to his chin. He could order someone to tell him of the events that happened that led towards the Uchiha massacre, but something told him that he should do it himself. He didn't know why. Maybe it was the Uchiha clan dojutsu blood flowing through his veins. He didn't know.

"Tell me Sasuke, in all the time you knew Itachi did he ever think badly of the clan?" Naruto asked and Sasuke went back to the finer points of his memory.

"No, he loved the clan and everyone in it. He mostly kept to himself, but he didn't have any enemies. What are you getting at Naruto?" Sasuke asked and Naruto stood to his feet. He quickly summoned two kage bunshin to handle his paperwork while the blonde snapped his fingers. Immediately an anbu appeared behind him on one knee.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" The anbu asked and Naruto turned him.

"Bring me the file on Itachi Uchiha right now. I want to see something," Naruto told him and immediately the anbu shunshined out of sight. Sasuke wondered what this was all about before he turned to Naruto.

"You fill out the position rather naturally. At least you can do something right," Sasuke told him and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Hardy har har," Naruto fake laughed while the anbu placed the file on the blonde's desk. Naruto looked sighed as he looked at it. In here were the files that no one other than a Kage could look at. He gulped and quickly opened it. Naruto scanned through it all. He talked about Itachi's behavior, his grades, time in academy, even the anbu missions he took. It also noted some of Itachi's thoughts.

"Here Sasuke, you read it," Naruto told him and the Uchiha looked it over. He quickly went through everything and narrowed his eyes. His hands shook for a bit before he spoke.

"May I take this home? I'll give it back, but I want to see this in depth," Sasuke told Naruto and he blonde allowed it.

"Go ahead, but I want that back in two days. I'd rather not worry about where it is all the time," Naruto told him and Sasuke left while an anbu showed himself.

"No disrespect umm Hokage-sama, but do you think that was a good idea?" The anbu asked and Naruto rubbed the back of his head. He tapped the desk before smiling.

"What did I tell you Anbu-san? I told you to call me what?" Naruto asked and the anbu took off their mask.

"Sorry Naruto-kun. It takes some getting used to. Now then do you think that's a good idea?" Yugao asked and Naruto looked out the window to see Sasuke reading the file like his life depended on it.

"Somewhere in the back of my mind, no I don't think that was a good idea. However that emo needs to lighten up and get out of his obsession. I also want to prevent Orochimaru from using any misguided information should Sasuke meet him again. I still think it might do some good," Naruto figured and Yugao could agree with him on that part. She then saw the clones working and sweatdropped.

"All along it was that easy and no one the other Kages figured that it could work. How weird," Yugao thought to herself before Naruto got up from his seat.

"And where are you going?" she asked and Naruto groaned.

"Council meeting. Seems people want to meet with their new Hokage. Please watch the place in case Shizune-nee or Kurenai-chan come back," Naruto told her and Yugao nodded in a mock salute as Naruto left the room.

Council Room

Naruto entered the room quickly and took his place at the center of the room. He saw the other clan heads enter and he was even surprised when Kushina came in. Guess she was representing his clan for the time being. He doubted Sasuke would show up, but he knew why so he pardoned it for the time being.

"Greetings Hokage-sama," Hiashi said and Naruto gave a slight wave. That honorific was still a pain to hear, but he figured that he might as well just get over it and let it settle in for him. It might just be a small preference to get used to.

"Hello Hiashi-san. How is the Hyuuga clan?" Naruto asked and the Hyuuga head bowed.

"It's doing well. It's really a shock that someone so young has been made our Hokage," Hiashi said to him while Kushina closed her eyes with a grin.

"Well what do you expect? He is my son after all," Kushina said making the other heads nod. It was then that Shibi turned to the blonde and while the civilian council hadn't shown up yet he figured they could all get some answers.

"Pardon my intrusion Hokage-sama, but if you would indulge me for a bit then I would like to as you about your eyes," Shibi told him and Naruto seemed confused as did everyone else, but he allowed the Aburame head to talk.

"Go on," Naruto told him and Shibi nodded.

"It's about that dojutsu that you have. I'd like to understand how it works. I believe you called it the Shinseinagan. It's called the Divine Eye of Light. Please tell me how it allows you to copy bloodlines. I can't understand the copy of dojutsu or physical bloodlines," Shibi told him and everyone turned to Naruto. The blonde sighed with a small nod as he placed his hand on the table.

"I suppose that's true. What it does is that I can see the flow of chakra even more than the byakugan or sharingan can. I can see how chakra is used to make up the elements of different dojutsu and bloodlines and my chakra is changed along with it to allow me the access to those bloodlines. Depending on what it is. Like this, I don't think I could take your bloodline for insects Aburame-san. Your use of them is different so I doubt that's copyable. I'm more or less familiar with the Inuzuka traits so thanks to Tsume-chan I've gotten that rather easily," Naruto told Shibi and the Aburame nodded.

"So does that mean that you could take Inoichi's and mine?" Chouza asked and Naruto nodded.

"That's right I could, but it takes me a bit of time to get adjusted to each one. If I don't practice with it then I'm just a person who can use a bloodline wrongly. Does that answer your questions?" Naruto asked and they all nodded. Meanwhile Tsume raised her hand.

"So tell me Hokage-sama, when are we combining our clans?" Tsume asked and Naruto chuckled. He rubbed the back of his head with a small blush on his face. Tsume grinned like mad at Naruto's blush while Shikaku turned to him.

"So this clan is going to be one big clan and compound with only one head? How nice and totally troublesome," Shikaku said and Naruto waved his hand.

"Haha no it's not like that Shikaku-san. I doubt I could run something that big by myself. That's why until Tsume-chan decides it then Kiba will be the clan head along with me. It's better for the clan if we have two instead of one. There might be a few conflicts, but I think we can make that work out," Naruto told them and everyone seemed to agree with him. Soon they stopped talking as the civilians came through the door. Naruto made special attention to look at Sakura's mother, Sakuno.

"You're all late," Naruto told them while Sakuno sat in her seat. She glared at the blonde, but Naruto glared back. He was the same brat she had known those years ago and she'd know it now.

"Hmph don't get cocky brat. We're here aren't we?" someone asked making the shinobi side growl at the civilians. Naruto simply felt that these were some of the few people who didn't like him being Hokage.

"First off it's not brat. It's Hokage-sama to you. And when we gather I expect you to be on time," Naruto told them while they huffed.

"Whatever you say...Hokage-sama," another person said while Naruto rolled his eyes. He closed his eyes and simply allowed that to slide. He didn't feel like dealing with their shit at the moment.

"Yeah well, anyway Hokage-sama we heard that you've given everyone a day or two off for the time being. Is there any chance that you've thought anything over?" Inoichi asked and Naruto nodded. He sighed as he looked at the Yamanaka head.

"Yeah. I was just given this position yesterday so I know there need to be some changes. Tell me, what do you all think of the academy for one?" Naruto asked to the shinobi side and they all scoffed while Tsume spoke.

"Too easy. It's nothing like when we were kids," Tsume said and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"And what was that like?" he asked and Hiashi rested his hands on the table in front of them all.

"I believe that the Sandaime had just started his position around that time. During then it was more war and so we had more expected out of us. By the time we were genin we could take C to B rank missions. We didn't have D-ranks," Hiashi said and Naruto nodded.

"Who's in charge of the Academy?' Naruto asked and Sakuno stood to her feet with a cocky smile.

"That would be me...Hokage-sama," Sakuno said with some hate in her voice. Naruto narrowed his eyes and rubbed his head.

"Hmm well alright. I'll go back to that matter for later. Is there anything else I should know about?" Naruto asked and a civilian who wasn't like the others stood to her feet with a piece of paper.

"Yes Hokage-sama. We have been receiving constant complaints about violence from some civilians in certain parts of the village. I wanted to bring this to your attention," The female voice said and Naruto thanked her. Some of the civilians scowled at the goody goody woman who was nice to their Hokage, but she didn't care while Naruto noticed it.

"Thank you. I will take care of it immediately. Now then if that's all we can all go home. Well almost all of us. Meeting adjourned," Naruto told them as he rubbed the back of his head and went to his office. Tsume smiled as she followed him back.

Naruto opened the door to his office and thanked Yugao while the purple haired anbu shunshined out of sight and back to what she was doing. Meanwhile, Naruto saw his clones done as they had dispelled a few minutes earlier. Naruto sat in his chair before he looked at the Hokage Faces.

"Tou-chan, I hope you are watching me. I'll do my best dattebayo," Naruto said to himself as he smiled before he saw the door open. He watched as Tsume came in and looked around the office.

"I've often wondered what it'd be like to see you behind that desk and now I get to. You've done a really good job Naruto-kun," Tsume said and the blonde chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well I try Tsume-chan," Naruto said as Tsume sat on his desk. The blonde blushed while Tsume leaned close to him.

"You know, I've always wanted to try doing it in the Hokage's office," Tsume said while Naruto backed away in his chair. Tsume giggled as she followed the blonde until he hit a wall. Naruto gulped while Tsume was right in front of his face.

"Oh look at the time, Tsume-chan I have to go and-," Naruto paused when Tsume kissed him. He widened his eyes as he wondered if Tsume forgot that the anbu might be watching, which they were while trying to suppress their urges to chuckle and blush at the same time.

Tsume wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck as she sat on his lap. She quickly used her tongue to invade his mouth while Naruto closed his eyes and simply submitted. His hands roamed Tsume's body just like all those other times as their kisses go more passionate. Naruto moved his hands lower to her butt making Tsume lightly jump.

"Naruto you dog," she said while Naruto gave her a sure smile as they continued. Tsume unzipped Naruto's jacket and kissed his chest. Naruto gave a light moan at her kisses while the anbu gulped.

"Are they really going to do this with us watching?" one asked while the other silently giggled.

"Shhh this is getting good," he said as they all continued to watch. It was their duty to watch their Hokage stay out of danger even if...that meant watching him get it on with one of his shinobi. Damn they hated their duties at the moment.

Naruto rubbed Tsume's thighs while Tsume gasped from his touch. He laced soft kisses on her neck as he trailed them down her elegant form.

"Ah, Mmm. That's good Naruto," Tsume said as she pressed her body to Naruto's. The blonde was about to go further before they all heard a knock at the door.

"Oh shit," Naruto said as Tsume got off of him. She quickly did her clothes while Naruto did the same. He quickly went back to his desk while the door opened. Tsume moved to the far side of the room while the two avoided eye contact. The person who came through the door was Kushina who seemed to notice the two trying hard to avoid each other which made her giggle.

"Hey I don't really care what you do in here Hokage-sama, but maybe you should think before you act dattebane," Kushina said and Naruto coughed with a small blush on his face.

"I-I'll keep that in mind Kaa-chan. So what did you need?" Naruto asked and Kushina smiled.

"Simple sochi. We're going on a field trip to Uzugakure. I want you to see something there. It might be best to bring Fu with you also as she's your student. Just leave a clone here and we'll be gone tomorrow," Kushina told him and Naruto sighed. He was about to retort, but Tsume urged him to go on and so on that note, the blonde consented and agreed to it.

"Alright. Now then I have some things to do so please leave me to them," Naruto told her and Kushina turned to see Tsume scratching her cheek. She giggled before nodding and quickly turned around.

"Ahh Kaa-chan, what is Kanari-chan doing?' Naruto asked and Kushina smiled at the thought of Kyuubi.

"She's catching up with one of her friends. Fu's...acquaintance. She looks forward to meet you though. She said her name was Nana," Kushina said and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"I guess Nanabi's out and she wants to meet me. Great," Naruto thought to himself before he saw Kushina leave. Tsume rubbed the back of her head and smiled.

"I guess that was close," she said while Naruto stared at her for a few minutes.

"Ya think?" he asked as she sat on his desk again.

"Wanna continue?' she asked and Naruto looked at her like she was insane. He scratched his cheek before Tsume gave him a kiss.

"Well see you later Naruto-kun," Tsume said as she walked out of the room. Naruto slumped to his chair with a sigh before he rolled his eyes.

"Go ahead and laugh. You all know you want to," Naruto said to the hidden anbu and each one let out a laugh making the blonde grit his teeth.

"It's not that funny. Hmph," He said as Shizune came through the door with when she saw the documents done.

"Ahh Naruto-kun, your done already?" she asked and the blonde nodded. Shizune cried as she grabbed Naruto's hands and knelt down.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, you have no idea what it's like to be with someone who doesn't do their work and you have to find them 18 hours of the day. Thank you so much," Shizune said and Naruto scratched his cheek while he sweatdropped.

"Baa-chan what did you do to Shizune-chan?" Naruto wondered before Shizune put another load in front of him.

"Please get these done also Naruto-kun. Thank you," Shizune told him as she walked off. Naruto's eyebrow twitched as he looked at the next amount. He really cursed his luck, but then he realized that this was the leftover work that no one had finished for the tournament. Those damn cheaters. How couldn't he see it coming?

"(Sigh), great a whole new pile. Oh well, I guess I'll get started now. Kami only knows that I'm the only one who can even keep up with this amount anyway," Naruto said as he rolled up his sleeves. He grinned like mad as he took out a pen. This would probably take most of the day he figured.


He was known as the Sandaime Tsuchikage of Iwa. He was also known as the Great Fence Sitter. His name Onoki. He was also considered the master of the famed kekkai tota, Dust Release.

Onoki sat in his chair as he looked over the information. He grinned like mad when he saw it.

"So Konoha has a new Hokage and it's Minato's descendant. How nice. I can't wait to see who strong he is. Maybe we'll take Konoha down easily. This could work after that humiliation we suffered during the last Great ninja war. Kurotsuchi, I want you to infiltrate Konoha. Make sure you aren't noticed," Onoki said to his granddaughter. Kurotsuchi was a rather tall girl as compared to most genin.

"By myself Jiji? Isn't that a little overboard?" she asked and she doubted that she could get very far alone. She wouldn't like to try it even if she hated Konoha for the most part.

"Hmm I suppose your right. I'm just sort of excited. Konoha's gonna be easy to attack now," Onoki said as he got to his feet.

"Arrrgh my back," Onoki said making Kurotsuchi sigh at her grandfather.

"Jiji you need to stop pushing yourself or you're going to get hurt," Kurotsuchi said helping Onoki before the old man flew into the air.

"Hmph don't belittle me Kurotsuchi. It's a hundred years too early for you to think that you could take care of me," Onoki told her while Kurotsuchi rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right Jiji. Now then I'm going to go. Send someone else for the mission," Kurotsuchi said to him while Onoki sighed. He really had a weird granddaughter.

"Well that doesn't matter for now. Right now I need to make plans," Onoki said to himself.


A woman was currently behind her desk. She was doing paperwork while she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," she said and immediately the door opened to reveal her supposed secretary. He was an aged man with one of his eyes patched up. He quickly walked to the Mizukage and presented her with a paper.

"Mizukage-sama, we have new reports of Konoha's actions. It seems that they've selected a new Hokage," the man said as the woman stood to her feet. She was wearing a long sleeved, dark blue dress that fell down to her knees. It only covered up to her shoulders and her ample sized breasts. Her hair was an auburn color that dropped down towards the back of her...umm back. She was also wearing a mesh shirt that covered a bit more of her body than her dress. She also wore mesh legging that came down her slender looking legs. She also wore some high heeled sandals and shin guards on her legs. All in all, she was a very beautiful woman that any guy would drop dead for.

"I see well that's interesting. Who might it be?" she asked with a smile as her advisor, Ao, handed her the note.

"Mei-sama, this guy is young. However if we're lucky we can get the drop on Konoha before they get us," Ao told her while Mei narrowed her eyes.

"Mei...drop...lucky...attack," Mei said as she stood to her feet and patted Ao on the shoulder.

"Ao, shut up or I'll melt you," Mei told him with a sweet smile as she took the note into her hands while Ao gasped.

"What did I do?" Ao thought to himself before Mei too took the picture and glanced at it. She looked over Naruto's features and smiled.

"The son of Minato Namikaze. He's also an Uzumaki. He's not bad looking either. Rather he's quite cute," Mei thought to herself with a smile as she wondered if she should meet with the blonde.

"Ao, make preparations for me to go to Konoha. Send them a note. I'd like to meet with their Hokage in person," Mei said with a charming smile. Ao absently nodded as he walked off while Mei smiled behind her desk.

Back with Naruto

The blonde sighed as he finished his paperwork. It was already late into the night as he had finished the worthless documents that needed to be finished. He quickly got up from his chair and snapped his fingers. All the anbu in the room came down and bowed to the blonde.

"You can all leave if you want. I won't force you to stay here. Just be sure to switch the village surveillance every six hours. Understood?" Naruto asked and the anbu nodded.

"Yes Hokage-sama," They said as they shunshined out of sight while Naruto opened the door and left. Kurenai and Shizune had already left also and the blonde walked into the streets. He sighed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"man I'm tired right now," Naruto said before he heard a reply.

"Well that's to be expected Hokage-sama. You've only had this job for two days," Kyuubi said and Naruto sighed.

"So I take it Nanabi is out and about?" Naruto asked and Kanari nodded with a small smile on her face.

"That's right. She said that she wants to see you so she left. Also Yugito wants to talk to you. Something about her bijuu. Namely Nibi-chan so I'd like it if you did that," Kyuubi told him and Naruto nodded with a small yawn. He rubbed his eyes before he spotted a figure in the distance. Her green hair and green kimono with a black striped pattern.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked and the green haired woman smiled at him as she came into the light.

"I have lots of names, but I really like being called Nana," She said and Naruto widened his eyes. He was looking at Nanabi in the flesh. She smiled at him as she looked at him.

"Nanabi I presume. So how do you like the outside?' Naruto asked and the green haired woman took a deep breath and smiled.

"Feels good and it's all thanks to you Naruto-kun for teaching Fu how to release me. Thank you, now come here," She said as she grabbed Naruto's shoulders surprising the blonde before she quickly kissed him making Naruto widen his eyes as Nanabi quickly pushed her tongue into his mouth. Naruto barely had the time to recover before Nanabi let go with a smile on her face. Naruto coughed with a blush while Nanabi smiled.

"Nice kiss Naruto-kun. See you back at the compound," Nanabi said and Naruto watched her leave. He sighed as he found someone similar to Tsume.

Naruto continued to walk home as he tried to get that kiss out of his mind, but it still felt good no matter how he tried to deny it. Something about it was rather intense and perfect in a way.

Naruto walked up to his door and quickly opened it. He yawned again before he turned on the lights.

"Welcome home, Hokage-sama," everyone said while Naruto's eyebrow twitched. He sighed when he saw Kyuubi and Nanabi sitting on the couch smiling at him.

"I'm back everyone. So how have you all been doing?" Naruto asked while Kasumi pointed to Tayuya and Haku.

"We had a sparing tournament and...Tayuya won," Kasumi said while Tayuya chuckled as she folded her arms.

"You're dammit right I did. It's too early for you fuckers to beat me," she said while Naruto chuckled at her. Tayuya grinned while Naruto clapped his hands.

"Alright everyone. Go to bed. Tomorrow I'm assigning missions so I want you all to get some sleep. Kyuubi-chan, Nanabi-chan I'd like you both to be with me and Fu while Kaa-chan takes us to Uzugakure," Naruto told the two bijuu and they nodded as everyone began to walk off towards their rooms before Yugito came up to Naruto.

"Umm Naruto, do you think you could teach me also?" Yugito asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" he asked and Yugito slightly blushed as she held up her shirt showing her seal also. Naruto gazed at it and Yugito's blush deepened.

"Umm I-I'd like you to teach me fuinjutsu so I could release Nibi also. I know it's selfish, but I really consider Nibi my friend. My very very perverted friend. But I think she doesn't belong in a cage. She should have freedom just like anyone else. So please teach me," Yugito told him.

"Kitten," Nibi said in slight shock of how willing Yugito was willing to help her. She'd always been friends with Yugito. From the day she was sealed to right now. She'd always been with Yugito so something like this was amazing.

Naruto stared at his fiancee and smiled he patted her shoulder making the older blonde seem full of hope.

"Sure Yugi-hime. I know how you're feeling. I don't mind it at all. Just know that fuinjutsu isn't for everyone. Turns out that Fu-chan just has a natural for it. Even though I sped it up with her training using the seal 'concentration' kanji on her head she still had a better handle on it. Just don't feel overwhelmed. If you don't know something then tell me and I'll slow down. I'll help you Yugi-hime," Naruto told her as he knew that not many people were fuinjutsu masters. He, Jiraiya, Kushina, Kyuubi and Fu, on some level, were the only masters still alive that the blonde knew of. Maybe there were more that he didn't know about.

"Thank you Naruto-kun," Yugito said kissing him on the cheek making Naruto chuckle as they both retired for the night.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Nine figures came into view on the ten hands. The members of Akatsuki gathered while Hidan and Kakuzu dropped the Gobi jinchuuriki in front of everyone.

"Not that hard at all. He was still a pain in the ass. Tell me, why are we gathering these guys so early? Weren't we going to wait for two years before all this?" Hidan asked grumbling while Nagato looked down at him.

"Silence Hidan and just do your job. We're not sealing him just yet. We must capture the others before sealing them or it will break the seal. Does anyone have news on the others?" Nagato asked while Sasori and Deidara spoke.

"The Ichibi jinchuuriki hasn't done anything for a while. It seems that something interesting is happening and their trying to select their Godaime Kazekage. It won't happen for a bit longer, but we'll continue to watch him," Sasori said to him making Nagato nod while Zetsu and Orochimaru spoke.

"The Nanabi jinchuuriki is in Konoha along with the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. It seems that she lives with him as part of his clan," Orochimaru said making Itachi narrow his eyes.

"I heard news that the Nibi jinchuuriki is in Konoha also. They made a political marriage to Kumo of the Kyuubi jinchuuriki and the Nibi jinchuuriki," Kakuzu said while Kisame chuckled.

"Well well the Kyuubi jinchuuriki must be quite the stud since we last saw him. I can't wait to take a shot at him again," Kisame said, but Itachi closed his eyes.

"That isn't advised Kisame from the new information that I received from Konoha. Word like this travels fast in our world. It turns out that the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju has left the village for a span of time and the village named the Kyuubi jinchuuriki as the new Rokudaime Hokage," Itachi told them making Kisame widen his eyes while Orochimaru lightly seethed at the thought, but ignored it.

"That brat? Really? Well damn, I wonder what makes him so special," Kisame said to himself while Nagato's gaze remained impassive.

"Kisame, Itachi I'm taking you off the Kyuubi jinchuuriki," Pain said making Kisame gasp while Itachi sighed.

"Why? I'm not scared of no guppy. I can take him on no problem," Kisame said while Itachi turned to Kisame.

"Kisame that guppy broke my Tsukuyomi. We're all underestimating his growth. It's wise if you don't get ahead of yourself," Itachi told him while Pain nodded.

"Konan and I will take care of the Kyuubi jinchuuriki when the time comes. During that time, no one is allowed to go after him. So in turn, you will not go after the Nibi jinchuuriki nor the Nanabi jinchuuriki. Focus on the Yonbi, Rokubi, and Sanbi when you find it. The Ichibi can wait. You all have your orders," Pain said as people left.

Pain came from his astral project and so did Konan. The two looked out at their country where it was raining. Ame no Kuni was a quite place. There wasn't much crime to go around since everyone feared 'god' and his 'angel' from passing judgement on them.

"Nagato if we leave the Kyuubi jinchuuriki alone for too long he might become too powerful. Even for-,"

"Silence Konan. It doesn't matter how powerful he is. I am a god. He will never beat me," Pain said before a spacial distortion came between them revealing Madara to them both.

"Don't be arrogant Nagato. You know your limitations better than anyone. Itachi said that the kid possessed the Mangekyou sharingan of the Uchiha clan. That alone makes him terrifying. Don't go acting arrogant. You agreed with my Tsuki no me project. With it I will have a power that rivals Madara Uchiha," Tobi said while Nagato and Konan narrow their eyes at him.

"Hmph I said I agreed with it, not that you called all the shots here. Just do your part and we'll do ours," Nagato told him as he quickly left. Meanwhile Konan turned to Madara and glared.

"Not to mention that you haven't met with the other Akatsuki besides Itachi, Pain, myself and Orochimaru. I still don't like you," Konan said walking off while Tobi rubbed the back of his head.

"Ouch why are they so mean to me? Tobi is a good boy," the orange mask wearing man said as he left.

In Suna

Temari sighed as she opened the letter. It had seemed that the council was in charge until they could erect a new Kazekage. She had been generally surprised when Gaara said that he would handle the position. Temari and Kankuro were relatively supportive of their brother, but knew that the village was still coming to terms with him. Gaara still had a few haters, but he even had some people who liked him. Such as Matsuri and Sari, two girls who liked him but weren't shinobi just yet. It was really amazing to see such a thing.

Temari opened the letter and widened her eyes. She looked at it and quickly yelled out.

"Gaara! Kankuro! Come here now!" Temari yelled and immediately the two boys came down the stairs of their house.

"What are you yelling about?" Kankuro asked and Temari gave them the letter. Kankuro scanned it and gasped while he gave it to Gaara. The Ichibi jinchuuriki looked at it and narrowed his eyes. He looked out the window and smiled.

"That guy. Always surprising," Kankuro said while Temari nodded.

"Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze you've done it. Now it is my turn to prove to my village that I can do more," Gaara said to himself thinking out loud making Temari and Kankuro agree with him.

Back in Konoha, morning, Hokage Gates

Naruto, Fu and Kushina were heading off as the guards let them pass. They quickly shot off for Uzugakure, but Naruto left two clones to train with Kyuubi and maintain his duties as the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha.

"So Kaa-chan how long before we get there?' Naruto asked while Kushina took out her map. She smiled as she turned to Naruto.

"About a day and a half. Not long. Now let's hurry up. If we're lucky then what they have intact will be beneficial to the village," Kushina said as they ran off and disappeared into the forest.

Mission Room

Naruto and Iruka were sitting next to each other while the Chunin lightly chuckle making the blonde turn to him in confusion.

"Something funny?" he asked and Iruka shook his head while he rested his elbows on the table.

"Ah nothing Naruto. It just that all those years seemed to fly by. Two years ago you were the genin who became the Rookie of the Year. 6 months after that you entered the chunin exams and became a tokubetsu jonin and now your the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha. You've achieved more than most jonin have in their lives. It's a comforting feeling," Iruka said and Naruto leaned on the table.

"I know what you mean. It's a weird feeling, but I like it. I only hope that I can be a good Kage to everyone and protect them all as best I can," Naruto told him and Iruka nodded with a smile before they heard someone knocking. They entered the room and Naruto saw Asuma, Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru come through the door.

"Good morning Hokage-sama," Asuma told him and Naruto nodded while Ino sighed.

"Never though I'd actually see him behind that desk. The world is a weird place," Chouji said before Asuma rubbed he back of his head while Naruto chuckled.

"I suppose it is. Now then as for your mission. The two days ago I was able to go through everyone's files and their mission record and you all have an impressive one. Since Baa-chan's HPT took a bit of time I'll give you a C-rank mission. This mission details that you deliver this message to Suna. Take it to them immediately. Baa-chan was going to mail it but because she ran off that lands to me. So please get that done," Naruto told them making everyone nod.

"Understood Hokage-sama," Asuma said as he and his team were ushered out of the room. Naruto sighed in relief before he saw Haku and Kiba come through the door. They were both smiling and Naruto smiled with them.

"Got a good mission for us Naruto?" Kiba asked and Iruka was about to tell Kiba to show Naruto some respect, but the blonde stopped him.

"It's alright Iruka. I want them to be casual with me. There is no need for -sama or Hokage from them. It's simply Naruto. Now then, Kiba and Haku I've got a good mission for you guys. It'll be the first one where you're alone. I hope you'll be okay," Naruto told them while Haku gently smile and Kiba gave him a thumbs up.

"What are you talking about man? We're gonna be fine. Nothing to worry about," Kiba told him and Naruto merely nodded as he looked up.

"Doing this one by yourselves?" Naruto asked and the two nodded while Naruto sighed.

"I feel left out already," Naruto said as his placed his head on the desk. Haku and Kiba chuckled at the blonde before Haku patted him on the shoulder.

"Come on Naruto-kun, we an take one together next week or something like that. Maybe a B-rank mission for you to get out of the village," Haku suggested and Naruto agreed. He leaned up and gave them their mission.

"Your mission is a B-rank mission. You're to head to Tanzaku Gai and help protect the place since its been targeted by bandits lately. Hope to it guys," Naruto told them and the two agreed then ran out the door while Naruto slumped in his chair making Iruka chuckle.

"Missing the action huh?" He asked and Naruto nodded. His old self he might want an S-rank mission, but he wasn't that insane. He'd just have to wait for them to return even if he was a clone.

"(Sigh), boss is luck. He's going to Uzugakure while I'm staying here. It's not fair," The clone thought before Hinata, Shino, Sakura and Kurenai came through the door.

"Well hey guys how are you doing?" Naruto asked while Hinata and Shino bowed making the blonde sweatdrop.

"We're fine Hokage-," Hinata stopped when she saw Naruto's playful glare. She lightly giggled and corrected herself.

"We're fine Naruto-kun. We're ready to take our mission," Hinata told him and Naruto nodded. He quickly turned to Kurenai with a smile.

"I guess you get away from the secretary work," he told her and Kurenai nodded with a small playful glare.

"That's correct. I would like to give my team a C-rank mission Naruto," Kurenai said keeping off the -kun in public.

"I see well that's fine with me. Are you sure that everyone is good for it?" Naruto asked and Kurenai nodded knowing he was talking about Sakura. He wasn't being mean but he wanted to be realistic. He always trusted Kurenai's judgement. She was one of his precious students after all. Which made Naruto wonder if he could build a dojo for his clan. It was an idea to ponder for another time.

"Alright then. Here is your C-rank mission. Good luck Kurenai-san, Hinata-chan, Shino-san. Good luck Sakura," Naruto said as they all left. Iruka looked at Naruto's face and sighed.

"What's wrong?" he asked and the blonde leaned his head into one arm.

"It's nothing. Just got to get used to knowing that some people won't see me as a fit Hokage leader," Naruto said while Iruka sat back.

"It's simple. Do you trust in your abilities?" He asked and Naruto quickly nodded that he did. Of course he trusted in his own abilities.

"Then don't worry about others. People will come around," Iruka reasoned and Naruto could agree with that he figured.

"I guess you're right. Well guess I'll do something while waiting for other people," Naruto said as he snapped his fingers. Immediately a white hooded anbu in a bird mask appeared behind him.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" he asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Please go get Shikaku-san for me. I'll need him to look into something for me," Naruto told the anbu and the bird masked anbu quickly obeyed then left.

"What do you need to look into?" Iruka asked and Naruto stayed silent with a small smile on his face leaving Iruka in the dark.

Forest of Death

Kyuubi sat with Naruto in the forest and the blonde easily made a kunai and smiled.

"How's that Kyuubi-chan?" he asked while Kanari looked it over. Kyuubi had left a clone behind also to help Naruto into the next stages of Yin release and the beginning stages for Yang release.

"This is good Naruto-kun. That metal is slightly off and so is the weight, but everything else is fine. Remember that you must facto r in everything to make an exact copy. Now try it again, then when you have that down we will start on bigger things. Now it's impossible to make anything given how limited chakra is. Just keep at it soon. Now then enough of that. Now is the time for you to start learning Yang release. The power the governs life. Now you will bring the inanimate objects to life in some way. Go for it," Kyuubi said and Naruto scratched the back of his head.

"But how do I start? I mean I don't know how to add Yang release. With Yin release it was about making my imagination do the work for me. I can't do that with Yang-release," Naruto told her and Kyuubi agreed.

"That's why you need to focus. Don't worry one day it will come natural to you and you'll understand, but right now you're learning them separately. To combine them is much harder than this, but I know you can do it," Kyuubi told him and Naruto agreed. He sighed as he closed his eyes. He picked up a kunai and felt it with his hands.

"Close your eyes. Imagine chakra coming into your object. Let the chakra flow from your body into you inanimate object. Keep it steady and no over exertion of your chakra. Keep it steady. Very good Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said as she watched Naruto's chakra pour into his object. The sweat dripped from his face while he tried to do it, but before long he opened his eyes and huffed as the chakra faded.

"Kuso, I had it Kyuubi-chan," Naruto said and Kyuubi shook her head confusing the blonde.

"You were adding chakra, but you enhancing it not bringing life. Keep it steady like I told you. This isn't something you can copy Naruto-kun and it takes even more chakra to perfect. Just keep it up," Kyuubi instructed and Naruto nodded feeling his confidence come back to him as they took a break.

"So what are you doing at the Hokage Mansion?" Kyuubi asked and Naruto sighed.

"Still probably handing out mission reports. I don't know. I hope the boss is doing well in his travels. Who knows what they'll find there," the Naruto clone said as he got to his feet.

"And what are you going to do?" Kyuubi asked and the blonde rubbed the back of his head.

"Well I might as well practice my Mokuton techniques not to mention Kimimaro-san's techniques. Also Kyuubi-chan can you take a look at my eyes," Naruto told her and Kyuubi nodded.

"Sure, but why? They shouldn't be hurting or anything," Kyuubi told him and Naruto shook his head.

"No not that, they feel good. Really good. Like better since the HPT. The Amaterasu doesn't hurt and neither does the Tsukuyomi. Do you know why?" Naruto asked and Kyuubi narrowed her eyes.

"Naruto-kun use the sharingan," She told him and Naruto opened his eyes to the sharingan. Kyuubi looked them over before speaking.

"Not Mangekyou," She told him and the sharingan twisted into a mixtures so spiral around wrapped around the corner of Naruto's center pupils. Kyuubi narrowed her eyes and placed a finger on her chin.

"They weren't like that before. Tell me Naruto-kun do you remember meeting any other sharingan besides Kakashi's?" Kyuubi asked and the blonde thought back in his memory.

"The only person I remember was Itachi. I had my shinseinagan active when he came for me during my mission with Kiba and Haku to go find Tsunade-baachan. I remembered breaking his Tsukuyomi with my own. Why?" Naruto asked and Kyuubi looked off in the distance.

"Hmm I designed your dojutsu to couple whatever it sees. So you had Kakashi's sharingan and then the Mangekyou sharingan. I think that when you saw Itachi's then the two sharingan combined to give you the Eternal Mangekyou sharingan. But if that's the case then your eyes shouldn't have been hurting in the first place. Why would they stop hurting now?" She wondered and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Maybe because I had to get used to it?" he asked wondering that that was good enough while Kyuubi sighed.

"It's good enough for now, but I'll look into it. That shouldn't happen, but forget it. For now you can do some sparring with me until you feel you've practiced enough," Kyuubi said and Naruto could agree to that for the moment.

"Alright then Kyuubi-chan. Here I come," Naruto told her and Kyuubi nodded with a smirk on her face.

Hokage Mansion

The Naruto clone sighed along with Iruka before Shikaku came into the door. He rubbed the back of his head and stood before Naruto.

"You called for me Naruto?" Shikaku asked and the blonde nodded as he held up a book. It was the book on sword mythology that Raimin's journal talked about.

"Yes can you take this to the the Konoha analyst team. Heck I didn't even know we had one until recently. Which I find cool. Anyway can you look over the contents in this book and get back to me on it. It's really important," Naruto told him and Shikaku took the book in his hand.

"Alright, no harm in that. At least no real work is involved," He said walking off while Naruto shook his head at his comment while he left Naruto and Iruka alone. It was then that Shizune came to the door and with a scroll in her hands.

"Naruto-kun, you've got a message from Kiri," Shizune said and the blonde raised an eyebrow. He wondered what that was all about before he opened it. He scanned it's contents and his hands trembled.

"Crap, boss now wasn't the time to go on break. You need to get back here!" The clone yelled out in thought before it stood to its feet.

"So the Mizukage wants to meet me. Well that's a surprise. Considering my chakra won't last for that amount of time," the clone said thinking the last part.

"So what should we do?" Shizune asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Stay here I'll be right back," The clone said as it vanished in the Hiraishin leaving Shizune and Iruka in the room.

With the real Naruto

Naruto, Fu and Kushina hopped along the trees towards Uzugakure before he saw a flash of yellow lightning and stopped.

"Boss!" The clone yelled making Naruto stop. He along with Fu and Kushina stopped for a few minutes and turned around.

"Huh? Didn't leave you back in Konoha?" Naruto asked and the clone nodded.

"Yes, but this is urgent. The Mizukage is coming to greet you. They sent us a letter," The clone said and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"There's no way. A letter from Kiri would take at least 3 to four days and no one should know if my being Hokage just yet," Naruto said while Kushina sighed.

"News travels fast Naruto-kun," she told him and the blonde now found that to be true.

"One of our shinobi intercepted he message and raced back to the village to deliver it. That's why it came faster than expected. So what should we do?" The clone asked and Naruto thought it over. He sighed as this less than liked timing before he turned to the clone.

"Place a seal for the Hiraishin on my chair and tell Shizune-nee to get a place ready for the Mizukage's arrival. I don't know what Kiri could want with me, but I'll soon find out I guess. How long will it take for us to get to Uzugakure did you say Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked and Kushina sighed.

"A day now," She told him and Naruto put a finger to his chin.

"And how long does it take Kiri to get to Konoha?" Naruto asked. Kushina thought it over as during her career she had been to Kiri before. By that Sandaime Mizukage was a weird one.

"About three or four days," Kushina said and Naruto nodded.

"Alright we'll continue to Uzugakure. We'll have to step up a few things, but I guess we can make it. Go back to Konoha then. I'll try and hurry up. Man this isn't going well," Naruto said as the clone vanished and so did Naruto's group.

Hokage Mansion

The Naruto clone Hiraishin-ed back to the office where Shizune was waiting for him.

"Shizune-nee makes some preparations. We're about to welcome the Mizukage to Konoha," Naruto said with a smile on his face and Shizune nodded with a small bow before leaving.

"I only hope this goes according to plan like I want it to," the blonde said to himself before he quickly got back to the work he needed to get done for Mei Terumi's arrive.

End of Chapter 42.

KG: Done. I think that was one way to reveal the Eternal Mangekyou sharingan. Even though I'm not clear on all it's capabilities. Well I'll look that up later. Anyway I'm alone...again. Where the hell is everyone?

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