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Konoha's Cryptanalysis Department

Shikaku walked into the department building for the analysis team and looked around. There was a bit of a stuffy feeling as he came inside. He looked around and rubbed the back of his head.

"Man, where is everyone?" he wondered before he heard a loud crash as dust picked up in a room. He quickly walked over to the noise and looked inside the room. Shikaku covered his mouth with a small cough while he heard someone yell.

"Shiho, why are you so clumsy?" he yelled and Shikaku saw a light blonde girl with a loose ponytail for a hair style. She wore a small white jacket and dark blue jeans. The girl coughed before bowing to her boss.

"I'm sorry sir. I fell on accident. Forgive me," she said while the man sighed while rubbing the back of his head.

"How you became one of our analysts I don't know. Just be careful next time with those documents," he said and she nodded.

"Umm am I interrupting something?" Shikaku asked and the two turned to him. The man quickly stood to his feet and smiled.

"Oh Shikaku-san, I'm sorry about that. We're a little busy around here lately. What can I do for you?" he asked and Shikaku held up the book that Naruto had given him.

"Hokage-sama what you to go over the contents of this book. I don't know why, but it seems to be very important to him," Shikaku said and Shiho adjusted her glasses.

"Why would Lady Tsunade need a book like that?" she asked while Shikaku and hr boss sweatdropped.

"Shiho, don't tell me that you forgot? You were there at the ceremony. You should remember that Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze was made into the Hokage a few days ago," the man said while Shiho widened her eyes.

"That wasn't a joke?" she asked making the two face-fault. They both sighed while Shikaku gave the man the book.

"Please look it over for him," Shikaku said and the man nodded before Shiho took the book from him.

"Boss can I do this one? I might not be a cryptanalyst yet, but I can look over a book for clues. Please let me do it," Shiho said while the man sighed. He turned to Shikaku who shrugged his shoulders at the suggestion.

"Fine, but you and Shikaku-san are reporting to Hokage-sama about your findings," he said and Shiho nodded with a glee before running off while Shikaku rubbed his head.

"Shouldn't she be with a genin team or something?" Shikaku asked and the middle aged man nodded his head while rubbing his temples.

"Yeah, but she's always been coming here so I asked Hokage-sama to allow me to take her and she agreed. It's been about two months now," he said while Shikaku scratched his cheek.

"I see. Well I'll see you in a bit," Shikaku said as he left the room.

Hokage Mansion

Naruto was currently looking over some documents that came up from some of the villagers about opening up new shops around the village districts. The blonde leaned back into his chair and looked at the ceiling. He closed his eyes for a few minutes and gave a small smile, but that didn't last long as he heard Shizune come in.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing? Please get back to work," Shizune said and the blonde nodded with his eyes still closed.

"How are the preparations coming?" He asked and Shizune held up a notepad with a small nod.

"The place of their stay has been assigned to them and we're currently waiting for their arrival. Also we have a mission request by the doctors at the hospital. Their saying that we are running low on supplies and we need to get some. I suggest that you summon a team and send them on such a mission," Shizune said and Naruto nodded. He opened his eyes and leaned forward.

"Alright I see what you mean. Is anyone still here?" he asked and Shizune gave Naruto the list of all available shinobi still on command. It wasn't such a mission that needed all that much work so Naruto made it a C-rank, just on the off chance that they encountered some trouble in their mission.

"Tell me Shizune-chan, what would you think if I changed the academy a little?" Naruto asked and Shizune raised an eyebrow at his question. She tilted her head to the side a little with confusion written on her face.

"Is something wrong with the academy?" she asked and Naruto looked out at the village. He narrowed his eyes before giving a blissful sigh.

"I just find it to be a little lacking in the shinobi department. I mean looking back on the missions I know we all still had a lot to learn. Things that should've been in the academy. It's nothing like it was back in the day which someone told me. I'm thinking of adding some things," he told her and Shizune placed a finger on her chin.

"Like what?" she asked and Naruto sighed.

"Well for one we're going to be teaching them all how to climb trees and walk on water. They didn't do that for us in the academy and why the hell was there a flower arranging course in it?" Naruto asked seething and Shizune gulped.

"Umm I'm not sure Naruto-kun, it guess the civilians decided it for some reason," Shizune said and Naruto planted his head into the table with a loud thud.

"This is supposed to be a dictatorship position. Why are civilians making the decisions? I'm all for taking other people's ideas, but what the hell?" Naruto asked and Shizune gulped.

"Umm, well Sarutobi-sama was the Hokage during that time so why don't you ask him?" Shizune asked while Naruto shook his head and placed his elbows on the table.

"Nah, Jiji is enjoying his retirement or so I've heard so I won't bother him with that. Has anything else come up?" he asked and Shizune shook her head.

"Not at the moment. Now please get the work done," she said and Naruto sighed with an nod as he continued his work before he looked up at the ceiling.

"You know if you all are going to be staring at me all the time then please say something and stop being so damn quiet," the blonde said to all the anbu present making them sweatdrop.

"Ahh forget you guys," he said before there was a knock on his door. He sighed again and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Come in," he said and immediately the blonde say Sasuke come into the room. The brunette handed him the scroll and Naruto took it into his hands. Sasuke settled for a small glare at Naruto, but the brunette Uchiha didn't say anything. Naruto sighed as he looked at a document, but he spoke to Sasuke anyway.

"Are you going to tell me something or do I have to order it out of you?" Naruto asked while Sasuke gave an unsettling glare. He grabbed Naruto by the collar which immediately got him about three anbu pointing their swords at his vitals, but Sasuke didn't care as he glared hard at the blonde hard. Naruto waved his hand for the anbu to disappear and they did so.

"I can accept a lot, but how the hell can I just accept what I just read? This is insane. What am I supposed to do? I hate Itachi for killing my family, I hate my family for try to takeover Konoha. Tell me what am I supposed to do?" Sasuke asked and Naruto rolled his eyes at the Uchiha.

"First of all you are to let me go," Naruto told him and the Uchiha did so and the blonde slumped back into his seat before picking up some more documents.

"I couldn't tell you what to do. Hell when I learned about Itachi I was skeptical also, but the file says it. Face it Sasuke, he's not the person you thought he was. He wasn't a cold-blooded killer. He was just your brother who was following his Hokage's orders. Tell me Teme, what do you want to do?" Naruto asked and Sasuke turned around. He growled before Naruto heard another knock. What was this? Annoy Naruto day or something?

"Come in," he said Kakashi came through the door. He immediately took a glance at Sasuke snarling before turning back to Naruto.

"Hello Naruto, enjoying the Hokage position?" Kakashi asked and Naruto moved his head back and forth slightly.

"I'm enjoying it. So what did you want Kakashi-sensei? I'm sort of in the middle of a talk right now," Naruto said and Kakashi nodded. He rubbed the back of his head and got to the point.

"Right, sorry about that. When you're done with Sasuke I would like you to follow me, Hiashi-san and Inoichi-san. We have something of importance that we need for you to see," Kakashi said and Naruto moved his Hokage hat down to cover his eyes before nodding. Kakashi quickly left the scene while Naruto turned back to Sasuke.

"I'm pissed off Naruto. For so long now I thought that if I killed Itachi I would avenge the clan and be happy. I should've been perfect and simple,'s not dammit," Sasuke yelled while the blonde made a shadow clone to do his paperwork for him.

"I'm even more pissed off than ever and I don't fuckin' know why," Sasuke said and Naruto leaned against the wall. He glared at Sasuke while the Uchiha glared back.

"It's quite simple then. Tell me, who are you pissed off at?" Naruto asked and Sasuke gripped his head.

"Everyone, well I don't know!" Sasuke said and the blonde Rokudaime Hokage narrowed his eyes.

"Well you have to be pissed off at someone. Who is it? Your family? The village? Me, for telling you this?" Naruto asked and Sasuke clenched his teeth tight.

"I don't know. I don't know! I love my family. I liked the village. I'm glad you told me," Sasuke said and Naruto continued on.

"Then you're angry at Itachi?" Naruto asked and Sasuke bit the lower half of his lip making it bleed while tears fell down his face for the first time in front of anyone. He, the proud Uchiha, was on the verge of a mental breakdown and Naruto knew it the most. He'd been that way a few times.

"I don't know anymore," Sasuke said and Naruto sucked his teeth in annoyance. He had stuff to do and this was getting the blonde nowhere.

"Then who Sasuke? You're mad, both of us can tell that so answer the question. Who are you angry at?" he asked and Sasuke charged at Naruto. He let out a punch in anger and slammed it into the wall, but Naruto didn't flinch.

"I hate myself dope! I betrayed my village just like Itachi did. I became like him in so many ways that I hated. I'm confused, dammit what should I do?" Sasuke asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"You do what I did," Naruto told him and Sasuke looked the blonde dead in his eyes while Naruto spoke.

"I was angry also. I hated the village for treating me like trash. I hated it so much that I often thought about killing some of these people. Even when I had Tsume-chan and the others around there were still times that I wanted to lash out at the village. But I forgave the village. I can never forget it, but I won't let it hinder me and I move on. You should do the same," Naruto told him and Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the ground.

"Is it that easy?" He asked and Naruto shook his head.

"No, you'll be in agony over it, but it's for the best. At least trust me on that as the Hokage," Naruto said and Sasuke sighed. He closed his eyes for a few minutes while Naruto tapped his foot.

"Fine, but I want to see Itachi. One way or the other I'm going to pry the information out of his ass if it's the last thing I do," Sasuke said and Naruto chuckled.

"Yeah well, that's nice; however I need to go," Naruto said as he threw on his Hokage robe before heading towards the door, but he turned around to see Sasuke next to him.

"What are you doing?" the blonde asked and Sasuke folded his arms.

"You told me to stay close to you if I wanted to see Itachi so I will," Sasuke said and Naruto dropped his jaw. He cursed his mouth while the anbu snickered at their Hokage making Naruto's eyebrow twitch.

"All of you do my paperwork until I return. That is an order," Naruto said and they all stopped laughing long enough to gasp making the blonde snicker.

"I'd normally tell you to not have read too much into that statement, but fine. Just stay in this room for now until I get back," Naruto said as he left the room. Sasuke narrowed his eyes with a sigh as he sat on a couch in the room.

With the real Naruto, Kushina and Fu

The three were currently on a boat towards Uzugakure and Fu settled for reading a small book on advanced sealing.

"Man Fu-chan, you're like a real seal master since you're so interested in the arts of fuinjutsu," Naruto told her and Fu chuckled as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Ahh is that right?" she asked and Naruto shook his head at her while Kushina watched the two interact. It warmed her heart to see her son so interactive with the people she had seen. He cared about them all and didn't seem to take it for granted in the slightest. Naruto sat next to Fu making the Nanabi jinchuuriki blush with a slight gulp.

"Are you alright Fu-chan? You're beet red," Naruto told her and Fu's blush brightened with a slight nod.

"I-I'm fine," she said and Naruto placed his forehead to hers. Fu widened her eyes at the close contact and Naruto narrowed his eyes into a small smile.

"You're cute when you're blushing Fu-chan," Naruto said making Fu drop her book on accident.

"What do you mean blushing? I'm not blushing at all," Fu tried to admit and Naruto's smile brightened again. He quickly moved closer while Fu felt her body go stiff.

"Well I have to admit that it's quite the shock that you like me. Nanabi really has quite the loud mouth doesn't she?" Naruto asked and Fu dropped her jaw.

"She told you that I liked you?" Fu asked in disbelief that her friend would rat her out like that, but then Naruto smiled again.

"No, you just did. It was more of a rumor from Nana-chan, but you confirmed it," Naruto told her and Fu pouted at the blonde Rokudaime Hokage.

"Naruto that wasn't fair and you know it wasn't-," Fu paused as Naruto quickly kissed her. She widened her eyes at his lips and their touch over hers. She could hear some of the people around her chuckling and pointing at them, but she didn't really mind. She just couldn't ignore the fact that Naruto could be kissing her.

"N-Naruto-kun, people are watching," she said as Naruto's blonde hair mixed in with her green hair.

"Don't worry about them. Just concentrate your eyes on mine," he said as he kissed her again. Fu closed her eyes and softly pressed her hands to Naruto's chest while the blonde deepened the kiss. Kushina watched the two interact and shook her head. Her son was just like Minato in that respect.

Naruto separated from Fu with a small smile while Fu opened her eyes. She glared into Naruto's eyes and only had one word to come out of her mouth.

"Wow," she said making Naruto snicker. He brushed his hand on her cheek and scratched his cheek wit his other hand.

"Sorry if that was sudden, but I want you to know that you mean a lot to me Fu-chan. Do I mean a lot to you?" Naruto asked and Fu gulped with a slight nod of her head.

"I really do like you Naruto. You've taught me so much. Given me a new life to live and even made me into a better shinobi than I was when I in Taki. I can't tell you how much I'm grateful to you nor how much I really love you," Fu said as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck making the blonde blush.

"Fu-chan people are watching us," Naruto told her as he saw some of the sailors smiling with their thumbs up at him along with Kushina giggling.

"You're worried about that now?" she asked as Kushina stood to her feet.

"Alright you two, it's time to go. Save that for when you're alone dattebane," Kushina said to them both making Naruto and Fu blush before the former helped the latter to her feet.

"Stop the boat please," Kushina told them and the captain raised an eyebrow.

"umm we're still not at our destination. We're going to Kirigakure," he said but Kushina shook her head.

"No, we stop here. You can continue. I know the rest of the way by foot. Naruto, Fu come on and prepare to get wet," Kushina said as she jumped off the edge and dived into the water. Naruto and Fu glanced at each other before they jumped off the edge after her leaving the captain and his sailors confused before they saw an imperial boat. They watched it pass them while a beautiful woman and two of her associates were on it.

"Hey wasn't that the-," one of the sailors started while the captain finished.

"It was the Mizukage of Kiri. Man she's hot. I wonder where she's going," he said before the continued on their voyage to Kiri.

Meanwhile, obvious to who they missed, Naruto, Fu, and Kushina continued to swim underneath the water surface as Fu saw schools of fish pass by her. She marveled at the undersea world. She had never seen something so nice before, but she could definitely get used to it if given enough time.

She followed Naruto and Kushina for about ten minutes of underwater swimming and the the redhead of the group pointed upwards and everyone went to the surface. They all coughed and let the air fill their lungs.

"Alright we are almost there, but just to let you know. There is a 12% chance that we'll die from the whirlpools that surround the island," Kushina said and making Naruto and Fu gulp. She could sense their worries before Naruto spoke.

"Kaa-chan, do you know why the whirlpools form only around where we live? Did someone cause this?" Naruto asked and Kushina shook her head.

"They've been here since the first ancestor of the Uzumaki. Maybe even longer than that why?" she asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He could see the heavy whirlpools of water swirling violently before he turned back to Kushina and Fu.

"Alright we'll go to the island, but when we do I want the two of you to rest while I look into something," Naruto told them making them look at him suspiciously, but they nodded.

"Well I have an idea of how we can get to it anyway. So let's go it," Kushina said as she stood up on the water. Naruto and Fu did the same as Kushina told them her plan and needless to say, they were both looking at her like she was crazy.

"Kaa-chan that's never going to work," Naruto told her and Kushina snickered.

"That's what you think. Now then less talking and more action," Kushina said as she closed her eyes. She focused her chakra and a chakra chain grabbed Naruto's leg hoisting him into the air with a yell. Kushina chuckled as she twirled the blonde around in the air before Naruto held out his hands and grabbed Fu.

"Get going dattebane!" Kushina yelled as she threw them at the whirlpools. The two teens young teens yelled out their fear before Naruto slapped Fu's arm with his Hiraishin seal and crossed his fingers.

"Be careful Fu-chan. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto yelled as he made three clones. They each grabbed Fu and sent her flying past Naruto as she passed the whirlpools and into the island. Kushina watched Naruto fall before he Hiraishin-ed back to her before he was swept away. Naruto grabbed Kushina's arm and the two Hiraishin-ed to Fu and made it to the island where Fu was resting.

"Don'!" she said while Kushina chuckled at her.

"Come on, we made it didn't we?" She asked, but Fu only pouted and turned her head while Naruto chuckled at the blonde. The blonde would've been happy, but he had to go back; however Kushina stopped him.

"Sochi, don't go yet. Let's get this first, spend the night for a day or two then we'll go," Kushina said and Naruto nodded as they walked through a thicket of bushes. The three travelers walked together and saw a few bodies on the ground. Naruto narrowed his eyes and so did Kushina. Fu stayed silent for them both and didn't say anything as they walked. Soon the three came up to some doors while Fu patted Naruto on the shoulder.

"Are you alright Naruto-kun?" Fu asked Naruto sighed with a simple nod. He smiled as he brushed his hand on Fu's cheek.

"I'm fine Fu-chan, thank you for the concern. Just a little bit shaken. So Kaa-chan, what's behind those doors?" Naruto asked and Kushina smiled.

"These are the doors to our village, but what I want you to have as the current clan head of the Uzumaki is the clan's special seal book. It has records of seals that goes back to the time of the Shodaime Uzukage. Even I don't know what's in there," Kushina said and immediately Naruto mood shot up as he grabbed Fu and swung her around with his hands on her waist.

"Wow, isn't that awesome Fu-chan? I get a secret scroll filled with lots of juicy fuinjutsu," Naruto told her while Fu snickered.

"I'm happy for you Naruto-kun, but could you let me down now?" she asked and Naruto immediately set her down while Fu giggled.

"So why am I here?" Fu asked and Naruto patted her shoulder softly.

"Are you kidding? When I get it then you're going to learn from it too. It's about time that our clan had something that no one else did. This is gonna be awesome," Naruto said as Kushina gritted her teeth, but the doors wouldn't open. She cursed before Naruto closed his eyes and held out his right hand.

"Kaa-chan, Fu-chan stand back," Naruto said to them as they backed up. Naruto's hand cackled while he looked at the door. He quickly charged at them with a yelled.

"Chidori," Naruto yelled as he slammed the wall. Due to it's old age, it didn't take long for the wall to get toppled over into a loud crash picking up some dust making Kushina and fu cough while Naruto turned around.

"Sorry about that, but I had to get them down," he told them both making the others nod. They all walked inside and the sight of the place was, well quite not what Naruto was expecting. Buildings were destroyed, tons of houses were either fallen to the ground or half burned. There were some skeletons of people on the ground making Naruto bit his lower lip. Fu gasped in shock while Kushina held her head down.

"Kaa-chan, I promise not to get mad, but please tell me who did this," Naruto told her as Kushina looked around. Fu turned back to Kushina and the redhead sighed.

"Uzugakure had a lot of enemies who were afraid of us. Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri were some of them. They are probably the main reasons that we're gone," Kushina said and Naruto nodded. Fu and Kushina felt his chakra flare while the Rokudaime Hokage balled his fists. He lowly growled and just when they thought it would rampage, the blonde closed his eyes and moved his head upwards. He opened them to see the dreary looking clouds that showed it would be raining in a few minutes. Naruto sighed as he turned to Kushina and Fu.

"It's alright. Let's go, but we should hurry. It's about to be dark and it's about to rain. Might be a storm," Naruto told them. As he felt his swords shaking. He grabbed them all to make sure they were alright in their sheaths as he turned to Kushina and Fu.

"Come on, let's go," Naruto told them and they walked behind him as they all looked around Uzugakure.

Land of Fire

Naruto looked down at the ground and narrowed his eyes. Around him was Genma, Hiashi, Inoichi, Kakashi, Izumo and Kotetsu. Naruto knelt to the ground and five bodies. Their faces were peeled off and their innards were completely gone. Naruto seethed a the thought of something happening without his notice. For this not to even notify the anbu was something weird.

"When did you say this happened?" Naruto asked in a serious tone making everyone flinch. They all glanced at each other and didn't say anything which irritated the blonde before he turned around and showed them his serious face.

"When dammit?" he asked and Genma bowed.

"About 5 to 6 hours ago Hokage-sama," Genma said and Naruto turned around. He turned to Hiashi and stood to his feet.

"Hiashi-san, the both of us together," Naruto told him and Hiashi nodded. The two closed their eyes and went through their handsigns then yelled in perfect unison.

"Byakugan," they said and they quickly looked around while Naruto stared at the body. He saw signs of a residual chakra energy that went over all five bodies. It was green-ish glow that outlined them all and Naruto could see a small trail going into the woods, but he saw it soon disappear.

"Hiashi-san, do you see anything?" Naruto asked and the Hyuuga head shook his...head.

"No Hokage-sama. Whoever was here is long gone. We'd need an Inuzuka to help track him if the trail is this cold," Hiashi said and Naruto knelt down to the bodies. He closed his eyes and sniffed. It wasn't dignified or well-mannered he knew that, but being around the Inuzuka a lot taught you somethings. He smelled the bodies before he narrowed his eyes.

"It won't matter now. For right now we'll go back, but I want everyone on high alert throughout the village gates. I don't know what we're dealing with her, but it isn't good," Naruto told them making everyone nod.

"Izumo, Kotetsu how long have you two been together?" Naruto asked and the two looked at each other while Naruto hurried them for an answer.

"Umm since the academy days Naruto-sama. Why do you ask?" the wondered and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He looked back at the bodies and sighed.

"You two are off gate duty for right now. I'm giving out this B-rank mission. Search along the Land of Fire's border with Genma. Report back to me in 24 hours, even less if you find something suspicious. Understood?" he asked and the three immediately nodded as they bowed their heads.

"Understood Hokage-sama," they said and shunshined out of sight. Meanwhile, Naruto stood to his feet and turned back to everyone else. He snapped his fingers and one anbu came to the ground.

"While I'd rather not cause a panic with people since the Mizukage is coming I won't do anything until something happens so for the time being I want the security of the village to be stepped up. Report any sightings that you see," Naruto said to him and the anbu vanished without a word while the blonde turned around.

"Let's go back to the village," Naruto told everyone as they took the bodies for some analysis to the Hospital.

"Dammit Boss, please hurry back. Something weird is going on here," The clone said in thought as they vanished from the scene.

Orochimaru's Base

Kobayashi sighed as he leaned on the wall. He was in the lower levels of Base watching some crazy people fight it out. Right next to him watching the action was Ayakamaru, Kuromaru's former mate. The former Inuzuka head grinned as he saw the fighting going on.

"Hehe it looks like their about to get it on finally," Kobayashi said while Ayaka stood to her feet. She yawned while she licked her lips.

"Hmm pathetic. Like I would lose to people like that. Yeah right, this dog form is enough for that," Ayaka said while Kobayashi snickered.

"That's right. No one is like you Ayaka-chan," Kobayashi said as he hugged her. Ayaka smiled as she licked his cheek with her tongue.

"Of course no one is like me. Who do you think I am?" she asked and Kobayashi rolled his eyes before everyone heard someone come down the stairs. It was someone that no one had seen before, his red steely eyes and his light skin. He wore a black jacket and red shirt with some anbu pants and open-toed sandals. On his back was a medium sized katana that was strapped down. He walked past Kobayashi before the Inuzuka glared at him.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" Kobayashi asked, but the man ignored him. The Inuzuka twitched his eyebrow and grabbed his shoulder.

"Don't ignore-," he didn't as he was slammed into the wall before the man turned around.

"Don't touch me with your filthy hands mortal," he said to the Inuzuka while Kobayashi stood to his feet.

"So what? You think you're are kami or something?" He asked while the man looked up at the ceiling.

"It's not matter of yours. Once I find what is rightfully mine then I will leave," he said and Kobayashi narrowed his eyes.

"So what are you looking for?" he asked wiping the blood from his chin.

"I'm looking for what's mine or what's been denied to me. I'm looking for my swords," he said and Kobayashi snickered making the man glare at him.

"Kind of stupid to be wasting your time with swords since you have one on your back," he said while the man looked at his sword in disgust.

"The human-made piece of steel pales in comparison to the swords I seek. Not even the greatest master of this mortal world can comprehend the powers of these swords," he said and Kobayashi felt his interest in the subject rising.

"Hmmm, well no swords like that are here. So tell me who you are? You obviously have a superiority complex just like the Uchiha clan as I remember them," Kobayashi said and the man narrowed his eyes.

"I find no use in you so there is nothing more to tell you. Now begone from my presence," he said while Kobayashi's eyebrow twitched. He growled and dropped on all fours and yelled.

"Tsūga," Kobayashi yelled and everyone watched the best fighter in the ring spiral violently at the mysterious man. The man in question closed his eyes while Kobayashi laughed.

"Am I too fast for you?" Kobayashi asked as he neared the man only for his target to jump in the air in a backflip before he took out his sword. He uttered some words and before long Kobayashi was slammed into the ground with a loud crash before the man landed his dismount. Ayaka widened her eyes while Kobayashi groaned. He turned around only for the tip of a sword to appear at his neck.

"Try that again and I'll kill you. Mortals should know their place," he said while Kobayashi growled. He was about to get up before the man planted his foot into Kobayashi's stomach.

"Now then who is your leader?" he asked and Kobayashi snickered.

"Fuck off," he said and the man closed his eyes. He let his foot fall back before he kicked Kobayashi into the wall making a big dent in the wall as Kobayashi slumped to the floor.

"Well whatever. When I envelop this world in darkness I will make you my own personal slave before I kill you," he said while Kobayashi's narrowed his eyes.

"Would you like me to lick your boots too asshole?" he asked only to be slammed across the face.

"That's master Sato Saranzo to you," he said before walking off. Ayakamaru ran to Kobayashi and helped him up to his feet.

"Are you alright Kobayashi?" she asked and Kobayashi stood to his feet. He rubbed his chin which stung a little.

"Damn that asshole hits hard. Had I gone to my curse mark two then I would be the one kicking his ass. Nonetheless, he hits hard and he smells of blood. He's killed someone recently, but whatever. That's it, I'm going it. I'm gonna asked Kabuto for that vial for the Curse mark 3 stage. With it I might even gain the power of a kage. No one will be able to beat me, not even you Sato Saranzo," Kobayashi said with a chuckle while blue haired woman came up to him.

"Got your ass kicked huh Kobayashi?" she asked while the Inuzuka got to his feet.

'Shut up Guren. I'm going to go and see Kabuto right now," Kobayashi said as he walked off before the blood on his cheek spilled off.


Kushina brought Naruto and Fu to a small vault underneath the Uzugakure Mansion. It was quite a long ways down, but they finally made it and Kushina closed her eyes.

"On this door are five seals. Each representing a rank of fuinjutsu. There is the beginner, adept, experienced, mentor, and master. Each seal is made with certain steps left out and you must fill in the correct thing or it will fail. So far only two people have ever gotten this right. Mito-baachan and myself," Kushina said and Naruto grinned.

"Well there's about to be four in that group. Right Fu-chan?" Naruto asked and Fu nodded with a smile.

"Alright then you can start. I'll take out the easy one for both of you," Kushina said as she looked at the top of the wall.

"Storage seal," it said and Kushina looked over the seal. She took out an ink pen and drew on the paper in front of her. She added a small line, a vertex angle and a small circle. The paper glowed then settled as the door to the vault slightly opened.

"Your turn guys," Kushina told them making Naruto and Fu nod. They could all hear the horrid storm outside raging about outside and so the two jinchuuriki decided to hurry up so that they could go back.

"Alright time for the adept seal. Fu-chan why don't you go first?" Naruto asked her and Fu nodded. She walked up to the seal and looked at it.

"Explosion seal," she said to herself and smiled as she wrote the missing pieces. She drew a circle around the already available pieces. After the circle came a a small slash across, then one left and right. The a straight line down the middle. She doubted that she was a master fuinjutsu user yet, but she could still be happy with her progress. Fu wrote some small words and finished.

"Done," she said and the seal glowed whole the door opened more slightly.

"Nice one Fu-chan, now it's my turn," Naruto said as he looked at the experienced seal.

"Seal for Fire techniques," Naruto said and quickly he wrote down the appropriate pieces which was nothing too hard, he figured. He quickly finished and the seal glowed while the door opened. He sighed and Fu took his place for the mentor seal.

"A chakra restriction cancellation seal complete with a reverse trigram seal. Damn that's a tough one," Fu said as she took out a chakra restriction seal paper. She quickly wrote a small cancellation over it, but at the same time doing the workings for a reverse trigram seal that the wall asked for. It took her some time, but the Nanabi jinchuuriki finished and the seal glowed while opening the door.

"Excellent, both of you. Just one more and that book is ours," Kushina said and Naruto walked forward. He looked at the wall, but it was blank. He narrowed his eyes and turned around.

"There is nothing on the wall Kaa-chan, how am I supposed to do this?" Naruto asked, but Kushina continued to smile and said nothing. Naruto sighed and turned around. It was blank, what was he supposed to write. He sighed as he sat down and thought it over.

It had been over an hour and Kushina chuckled at Naruto racking his brain to figure out the answer. She slowly stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder.

"Calm down sochi, you'll get it soon enough, but I'll give you a hint. Naruto-kun, what are you?" Kushina asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow while Kushina stepped back. What was he? He was a lot of things. He was a shinobi, a jinchuuriki, the Hokage of Konoha, a tokubetsu jonin. There were so many things that he was so what could that be?

Naruto closed his eyes and thought it all over. The previous seals, the trip to Uzugakure, his sealing abilities and it all had to do with this test. Soon Naruto quickly opened his eyes and smiled as he stood to his feet. Kushina smiled and so did Fu as Naruto took out a piece of paper.

"I am an Uzumaki. You want an Uzumaki fuinjutsu seal," Naruto said as he wrote on the paper. He wrote the kanji for his last name then he wrote a small signature seal on top of it. He quickly set it down and the seal glow and the door immediately opened. Naruto walked inside and there was a small pedestal. On it was a book called Uzumaki Fuinjutsu: Hidden Scroll of Sealing. Naruto gazed on it and picked the book up. Instantly a note fell out and he picked it up.

"Dear Uzumaki clansman,

You have proven yourself worthy to carry the Uzumaki name. We are the proud clan of fuinjutsu. All the things that the world feared about us is in this book. Use this book to reclaim the glory of the Uzumaki. Never waver. Never falter. Keep your head held high and never take your power for granted. That is not the Uzumaki way. Unite all our hidden clansmen and make sure that they know of the power of the Uzumaki. Become a reckoning force in the eyes of the world around you.

Shodaime Uzukage,"

Naruto grinned as he closed his eyes. He turned to the two women behind him and smiled. He quickly grabbed Fu and Kushina .

"We did it you guys. This is the best I cold ever ask for. I can't believe that we got it. Thank you so much for this," Naruto told them making Fu and Kushina chuckle.

"I'm happy to do it Naruto-kun," Fu said and Kushina agreed with him.

"Well then, now that that's done, we can get out of here before the rain comes in on us. Now let's go to sleep and we'll go to Konoha tomorrow with plenty of time to spare," Kushina said and the two fuinjutsu users agreed with her.

Kushina guided them from the Uzugakure Mansion and towards one of the house that wasn't burned. It was a still standing structure and the rooms seemed to be in decent shape for a good nights rest.

"Well than I guess I'll take this room and see you two tomorrow. Good night," Kushina said and Naruto and Fu waved goodbye to her. The two could hear the storm raging outside and Fu slightly flinched before hugging Naruto making the blonde look at her with concern.

"Are you alright Fu-chan?" Naruto asked and Fu nodded with a nervous chuckle.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine," she said before thunder rolled through the village making Fu tighten her grip on Naruto's clothes while she buried her face into his jacket.

"Umm Fu-chan are you scared of lightning and thunder?" Naruto asked and Fu slightly gulped with a nod. She was so pathetic. How could she be scared of such a thing? It was so weird.

"Only nature types. Ones made by shinobi and the like I have no problem with, but I just don't like lightning," Fu said as it rolled again making her jump. Naruto chuckled at his other student making her pout.

"It's not funny," she said and Naruto nodded. Naruto flicked on the light switch and surprisingly there was some electricity, but Naruto knew that with how old the place was then it would go out in another 4 or 5 hours if not the next 4 or 5 minutes.

"Why are you scared of lightning?" He asked as he got out of his day clothes. He kept his T-shirt on along with his boxers making Fu blush wildly. Granted she had seen him in his boxers before since she had been living in his house as one of his clansmen, but she wanted to be a true clansmen. Once who would serve him, protect him and even love him more.

Fu quickly got out of the bed making Naruto raise an eyebrow before she left. She grabbed something from her backpack and continued out the door.

"Did I do something?" Naruto wondered and after a few minutes, Fu came through the door and a dark green kimono. She wore a small flower in her hair and she carried a small box. Naruto looked at her in awe for a little while.

"Fu-chan?" He asked and Fu got to her knees and bowed to Naruto making the blonde widen his eyes.

"Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, I, Fu, would like to officially join your clan. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. The kindness, the teachings and...the love. I promise to use my gifts, abilities and talents all for the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan. As for my loyalty I present you with this," Fu said placing the small box forward. Naruto gratefully accepted the box and opened it. Inside the box was a simple scroll. The blonde unfurled it and inside the was a large seal. He unsealed it an what came out was a jeweled kunai. It was endowed with plenty of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other jewels. Naruto gaze on it and turned to Fu.

"I found it during my travels I found it to be beautiful and so I kept it. It was my most prized possession and I'd like you to have it Naruto-kun," Fu said to him and the blonde gently smiled. He gently patted Fu's shoulder and nodded.

"Thank you Fu-chan. My clan has more than enough room to have you. Welcome to the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan," Naruto told her and Fu smiled with a nod.

"Now that I think about it, I should really do something for Haku-chan. She's been with me even since I can remember. I'll definitely do something for her," Naruto thought before he turned back to Fu. He noticed she looked so beautiful in her Kimono and blushed.

"Where did you get that kimono?" he asked and Fu blushed.

"Umm I brought it with me. I wanted to show my loyalty a few days ago, but some things stopped me from doing so," Fu explained and Naruto nodded. Soon the storm rolled again and the lights went out making Fu jump into Naruto's arms.

"Easy Fu-chan, you're alright," Naruto told her as he stroked her hair. Fu gulped with a nod before she removed herself from Naruto's chest.

"Umm Naruto-kun, do you think that I'm attractive?" Fu asked making Naruto blush. He scratched the back of his head and gulped.

"What brought that on?" Naruto asked and Fu pouted at him cutely again.

'Come on. Just tell me," Fu said to him and Naruto sighed with a nod.

"Of course Fu-chan. Someone would have to be crazy to think you were attractive. Why are you asking me?" Naruto asked her and Fu gulped.

"Because I want you to love me. For the longest time since I've met you I've been trying to be near you. You seemed to fill the void in my dull life. Back in Taki, people always hated me and no one cared for me. They said I shouldn't be shown love so I started to believe that, but then someone like you comes along. It might just be my wishful thinking, but and I don't know if it's because I'm too young, but I think I'm completely falling for you," Fu confessed and Naruto sat at the edge of his bed hearing everything.

"Fu-chan," Naruto said and Fu gulped. She grabbed Naruto's hand and placed it on her chest. Naruto slightly blushed as Fu spoke.

"Do you feel it Naruto-kun? My heart? It's pounding hard because I'm talking to you like this. I want you. I need you. Please be with me. Be my first and my only," Fu said and Naruto blushed wildly before he gulped.

"But Fu-chan, don't you think we should know each other before-," Fu placed a finger to his lips and smiled.

"Be with me now, we have all the time in the world to get to know each other. I know a lot about you and you know a lot about me. I've connected with you more in these months than a simple date ever could. So, please love me," Fu said to him and Naruto gulped.

"Alright Fu-chan, but promise me one thing," Naruto told her and Fu smiled with a nod.

"Never doubt the fact that I love you. Understood?" Naruto asked and Fu nodded with a smile.

And so on that note, Naruto kissed Fu again as the Nanabi jinchuuriki wrapped her arms around Naruto. She leaned in deep to him and pushed him to the bed. Naruto snaked his arms around Fu's waist as their kiss quickly heated up. Fu never had much experience in kissing, but Naruto didn't care about that at all. He just loved her for her. Fu placed one hand on Naruto's chest while the other cupped his cheek. Fu moaned in the kiss while their tongues swirled around with each other. The sounds of lightning and thunder were deafened by the small sounds of moans between the two before they parted with a trail of saliva connecting them.

"Naruto-kun," Fu said and Naruto traced his hands up Fu's kimono. She gasped from his firm touches as they trailed up her body and softly rested on her breasts. Fu gasped for a bit before she giggled from the sensitivity. Naruto snickered before he slowly took off the sash of Fu's kimono and watched it fall to the ground. Fu gulped and wondered how her body looked to Naruto's eyes.

Naruto traced her body up and down. He saw her wearing some green laced panties and a green bra. Fu seemed embarrassed by his steely gaze and tried with all her might not to hide her body from him as she wanted him to see all of her.

"Fu-chan you're beautiful," Naruto told her and Fu blushed again. She smiled before Naruto leaned up while Fu straddled his boxers.

"Then I need to check you out," Fu said as she quickly grabbed Naruto's head and brought the two back into a fierce kiss. Fu explored all of Naruto's mouth with her tongue as she could feel a lot of sweetness in them that wasn't there before. Fu slowly and somehow skillfully took off Naruto's T-shirt and dropped it to the other side of the bed. She gasped at the hard body and all the years of training that it endured. Fu licked her lips while her hands trembled over the form of Naruto's arms and his stomach.

Naruto gasped and her touches as he found them pleasant. Fu quickly lowered her body and kissed his chest while she trailed down his entire upper body. Her mouth laid soft kisses across the hardened muscles. She loved the feeling of it. The feeling of Naruto submitting to her touches and her feelings. She never felt so in control before. Fu unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground she showed her petite breasts to Naruto and the blonde gasped at the pink areoles while Fu grabbed his hand.

"Touch them Naruto-kun. Make me feel good," she told him and Naruto placed a hand on her chest. He let it sit in his hands for a bit before he slowly massaged it. Fu gave a small moan of appreciation. Naruto pushed close to one and gave it a soft lick making Fu raise her head back slightly in awe. Seeing that reaction, Naruto smiled and quickly latched onto her breast while his other hand placed with the other breast. Fu gasped in another sweet blissful moan as she wonder if this was really happening to her. She bit her lip to control the the urge to scream out her joy of ecstasy.

"Ohh Naruto-kun. T-That feels weird, but I like it. I love it so much. Mmm," Fu uttered while Naruto swirled his tongue around her breast before quickly moving to the next. Fu sighed in contempt of the ecstasy while her hand brushed over Naruto's head to bring him closer towards her. It felt so good to have this done to her that Fu could've lost her mind. For years, Nanabi had 'offered' to tell her about these things, but it felt so good to experience it for herself.

Naruto sucked and sucked on her nipples giving off a popping sound each time he did so. Fu shivered in the delight while Naruto stopped and pinched her pink nipples.

"That feel good Fu-chan?" Naruto asked and Fu nodded fast as her mouth just couldn't open up enough to actually say it. Naruto flipped Fu over making her shriek for a bit before he placed her on the bed. Fu looked at him in confusion, but it didn't last long as she felt the pleasure again of Naruto moving his lips down her body. She gasped while her hands gripped the sheet of the bed in the Uzumaki house.

"Naruto-kun, not there. Ohhh it's so good. I-I'm going crazy. Oh yesssssss!" Fu hissed out and Naruto moved down as he licked the thighs of her legs. Fu giggled from the tickles that followed. Soon the went down even further as Naruto stopped. Fu blushed when she saw him looking at her wet spot. Naruto could tell that Fu was wet and he was happy to know she was really feeling it well.

"Looks like you're enjoying yourself," Naruto told her and Fu blushed before the blonde grabbed the folds of her panties. Fu closed her eyes tight as she felt the last remnants of her clothing leave her body and hit the floor.

Naruto stared at Fu's small spot as it soaked with the essence of her pleasure. Fu gulped as she wondered if Naruto found something wrong with it. Naruto smiled and looked up at Fu.

"You're soaking wet down here Fu-chan," Naruto told her and Fu blushed while she averted her gaze, but Naruto stood up and hovered over her.

"You have to watch Fu-chan. You told me to love you so how can I if you look away?" Naruto asked and Fu gulped again. She looked back and Naruto knelt down. He raised Fu's slender legs to his shoulders and opened her womanhood. He peered inside the wet hole and widened his eyes at the lovely pink color inside.

"N-Naruto-kun you're embarrassing me," Fu said and Naruto turned to her.

"Oh sorry about that Fu-chan," Naruto said as he gave her a small lick. Fu widened her eyes and she moved her head back in pleasure of how Naruto licked her. The blonde noticed the reaction and quickly sucked on her womanhood. He shoved his tongue inside her hole making Fu claw at the bed with her nails before she grabbed Naruto head.

"Ohhh yes Naruto-kun. Mmmm that feels so good. Ohhh yes, I want it more," she said and she proceeded to roughly grab Naruto's blonde hair and pushed it further for him to explore her fathoms. Naruto swirled his tongue inside her womanhood more and more before he used his left hand to massage her swollen clit. Fu's breath picked up even further as she felt the rush of having her pleasure spots taken advantage off. She raise her back from the bed in pleasure as her breath hitched in response to her session She loved it. She loved this pleasure. She loved Naruto and she wanted more. She could somehow feel in Naruto's aggressiveness that he was sporting a raging hard-on. And boy how right she was.

Fu's moans, her face in pure ecstasy and her pleasure were making Naruto heard as he felt Fu's vagina quiver from his tongue. It tightened and he knew what was coming as Fu tightened her grip on his head.

"Naruto-kun, I-I can't stop it. I'm cumming!" Fu yelled and she sent all of her juices into Naruto's mouth. The blonde lapped them all as best he could, but some fell down his face and into his hands. Naruto scooped them all up while Fu's body arched back and just as easily slumped to the bed with a blissful sigh. Naruto licked his lips while Fu wiped the sweat from her brow. She huffed like mad, but then noticed Naruto's raging hard-on. Fu giggled at it while Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Did you enjoy me shouting your name that much?" she asked coyly and the blonde could only blush with a nod.

"Well since you gave me so much fun I think I should only return it to you Naruto-kun," Fu said as she jumped to her feet. She told Naruto to sit on the bed and the blonde easily obeyed while he gazed at Fu's naked form. She smiled while she grabbed Naruto's boxers. She quickly pulled them to the ground making Naruto's hard-on slap her slightly in the face. Fu gazed at the large muscle and wrapped her hand around it. It felt so hot and hard, just like a rock that was cooking in the hot sun. Fu licked her lips again before she moved her lips close to it. She had never seen anything like it before, but from the images that Nanabi gave her and from some 'books' the she read she had an idea of what she should do.

"You going to just look at it?" Naruto asked and Fu chuckled while she looked at him.

"Impatient aren't you?" She asked before she gave it a soft lick. She quickly watched it flip up for a bit before making her gasp out.

"Fu-chan," Naruto said blissfully and she smiled at that.

"I hate to admit it Nanabi, but you were right," Fu said in thought before she opened her mouth. She quickly took Naruto's length into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. She felt like she could almost choke on it, but it felt so good to have something like it in her mouth. Naruto balled his fists and bit his life from having Fu tease him in such a way. If felt so great to see her trying so hard for his pleasure. Fu gagged a few times, but quickly popped it out of her mouth before stroking it.

"It just got so much harder. I can't believe it," she said before she licked the lower base of Naruto's raging member. Meanwhile Fu slipped a hand down her legs and played with her still soaking wet spot while she licked Naruto's cock coating it in her liquid.

"Damn, Fu-chan. You feel so good. If you keep doing that," Naruto told her and Fu smiled. She wasn't sure why it was like this. Maybe it was Naruto or the fact that he was Hokage, but she loved to make some like him feel so good from her body.

"Like it Naruto-kun? Are you gonna cum? I can feel it," Fu said to him as she massaged his balls. Naruto felt the urge to buck his hips in her mouth while Fu took lapped the bits of precum from Naruto's dick. He gritted his teeth while Fu quickened her pace. She wanted him to cum. She needed him to cum. He had to.

"Fu-chan, you're going too fast. I think I'm gonna cum!" Naruto yelled as he sighed while Fu widened her eyes from feeling her mouth take in the white liquid. She removed her mouth from Naruto dick while some shot to her face. Fu wiped it off before swallowing the rest. It was sweet and salty. Just like ramen. How quaint that must've seemed to her.

Meanwhile, Naruto sighed in bliss before he felt Fu stop. He looked up rather confused at her.

"Fu-chan?" Naruto asked and Fu smiled as she stood to her feet.

"It's my first time so I'm sorry if I'm not good," Fu as she straddled Naruto with her hips. She gulped nervously before Naruto smiled. He quickly flipped her over and kissed her.

"Fu-chan just relax. I'm not going to hurt you," Naruto told her and Fu nodded. Naruto quickly kissed her again while Fu closed her eyes. She felt Naruto's manhood at her entrance before he quickly pushed inside. Fu tightened her eyes and bit her lips, but the kiss from Naruto made it more bearable. He slowly pierced her hymen and settled inside Fu allowing her to calm down. Fu shuddered from the size before she felt the pain wash away. She gulped and smiled.

"I-I'm alright. You can move now," she said and Naruto nodded. He moved slowly and Fu gasped as she felt her walls stretched from the thickness of his length. It felt so big and perfect inside her body. Fu gasped in euphoric bliss while Naruto moved faster. Neither carried about rhythm at the moment as Naruto enjoyed Fu's yells.

"S-So good and big. I love this. Naruto-kun, I love you so much. I can't love anyone else," Fu said and Naruto smiled to her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Naruto lifted Fu up as she sat directly down on his dick. She quickly moved her own hips as she found her rhythm to his thrusts. Fu held close to Naruto in bliss while Naruto held her tight.

"Fu-chan, you're so good and tight. I can't stop my hips. I love you so much," Naruto told her and Fu gasped out her approval.

The sounds of the ever raging storm were now clouded by the loud moans of the two jinchuuriki as they had been going for more than an hour with their stamina, but it was coming to an end as Naruto felt himself tighten along with Fu.

"Fu-chan I gotta cum again," Naruto said and Fu moved even faster making Naruto grit his teeth.

"Go for it. I don't care. Just do it now! I want it all Naruto-kun," Fu said and Naruto closed his eyes tight.

"FU-CHAN!" Naruto yelled and Fu leaned her head back.

"Ohhh Kami, NARUTO-KUN!" Fu yelled before the two dropped back to the bed. Fu could feel Naruto's semen rushing into her as she huffed. She fell back on Naruto's chest as the two jinchuuriki smiled to each other.

"Naruto-kun, thank you so much. I love you," Fu said as she nuzzled his cheek. Naruto chuckled with a nod while he held Fu close.

"And I love you Fu-chan. I'll be sure to teach you a lot more fuinjutsu when we get back. Maybe I should even make a fuinjutsu division for Konoha. What do you think?" Naruto asked and Fu chuckled.

"That would be quite interesting to see. Maybe you should do it," Fu said with a yawn. Naruto did the same and the two went to sleep in each other's arms.

A few hours later

Naruto opened his eyes and noticed how dark it was. He got up from the bed and noticed Fu still sleeping soundly. He got dressed and walked out of the house. He strapped his swords to his back and watched them hum even more. He could feel the storm raging violently at him. He narrowed his eyes at his swords before he disappeared from Uzugakure into the dense forest.

"I hope there is something there or I'm really going to die for this," Naruto said to himself. He trudged through the dense forested area before he felt a gale of wind slam him in the face. He added chakra to his feet as he slid along the ground before he huffed.

"Dammit," Naruto said as he took out his wind sword. He made it glow before he yelled.

"Kaze Kizu( Wind Cut)," Naruto yelled as he made a giant slash break the wind before he started running.

After about half an hour, he ended back at the ocean and saw the waves hitting the beach violently. He also saw the violent whirlpools raging even more in front of him. He gulped as he wondered if this was really worth dying for, but then again what the hell did he know?

"I knew you were going to do something insane again," Kyuubi suddenly said making Naruto jump.

"Way to say hello Kyuubi-chan," Naruto told her and Kyuubi rolled her eyes at his statement.

"How are things over there?' Naruto asked and Kyuubi scratched her cheek.

"Well they could be better. Trust me that you will know when your clone dispels," Kyuubi said and Naruto was almost too scared to ask.

"Well I'm going I'll see you soon," Naruto told her and Kyuubi smirked.

"I really hope. Cause I do worry about you," She said and quickly left.

Naruto sighed as he looked at the raging ocean. In every corner of his head this was insane, but he had to do it. Naruto crossed his fingers and grinned.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," He yelled and quickly about thirty clones came to existence. They all grabbed each other's legs and swirled around before sending the blonde into the air. Naruto was raised high above the whirlpools and held out his hand to form the rasengan. He quickly dashed down and slammed directly into the savage waters.

Due to his rasengan, Naruto traveled through the waters at a fast pace under the whirlpools. He looked underneath the water before he felt the pressure getting to him. He slightly winced before he began to swim. He looked around the water and cursed. The whirlpools were directly above him and he was losing air and fast. He could feel the need for air rising as he continued swimming. Soon it became too much as the blonde shot for the surface. He coughed when he emerged, but the waves were crushing him with their size as they sent him back under. He coughed again and emerged as he found his bearings. He still saw the island and so that was good to him.

"Tougher than I thought," he said before he dived again and made a kage bunshin. It grabbed him and threw him through the waters as he looked around. Naruto mentally cursed his luck before he saw something shining. It was edged in the rocks below right underneath the largest whirlpool. He quickly swam to it and glared hard. He saw a small handle and quickly took hold of it. He pulled on the handle before he cursed. He pulled and pulled, but it was wedged. Naruto cursed again as he covered his mouth. He held out his hand and narrowed his eyes.

"Rasengan," He yelled out mentally and slammed the rocks crushing them to pieces as he pulled out what seemed to be a sword. He gasped only for the waters to quickly rush at him swirling him around like a small toy before they quickly pushed him out of the sea. The blonde backflipped and landed on the sand before he dropped to his legs in exhaustion. He looked at the sword and found it to be the same length as his others. He smiled at it's blue sapphire-ish color and gripped the handle. A small amount of water swirled around it and the blonde smiled.

"Welcome to the family, sword that embodies water," Naruto said before got to his feet and walked off only to hear a voice.

"Please, it...coming...soon. Must protect or...destruction. One...more...find...or...lost," Naruto looked around and saw nothing. He narrowed his eyes and walked off. He had no idea what this would mean for him in a few years.

End of Chapter 43.

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