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Naruto: STOP TALKING! START HELPING!( takes out AK-47)

Kushina: ( Grabs a double-barreled shotgun) DIE!

KG: Come on! Fire! FIRE!

Naruto: The weapons are having no effect. That damn purple things. KILL IT!

Tsume: I'm trying!

Kiba: Fire in the hole!( throws grenade)

KG: Kasumi where are the reinforcements?

Kasumi: They have yet to arrive. They are one the way.


Tsume and Naruto: KIBA!

(I grab them)

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Next Morning

Naruto groaned as he got up from his bed. He turned his head to meet the rays of sunshine if only there were some. The sky was covered in grey clouds and it seemed like it would rain later. Naruto certainly didn't mind the rain at all, but the idea of having his clothes wet wasn't a likable one. The blonde got to his feet before he heard a shift in his bed. He turned his head to see Tsume with her head on his stomach while she slept peacefully. Naruto smiled and lightly caressed her hair while caused Tsume to shift slightly, but nothing more.

Not wanting to wake her up, Naruto carefully placed her back on the pillow of the bed and looked out the window. He could see the massive lots of land that his clan owned since the Uzumaki-Namikaze formed with the Inuzuka. Large stripes of what were once free space were now taken up by buildings of all shapes and sizes. Naruto smiled and yawned as he headed for the shower.

"I think I should tell Fu-chan what happened later. It wouldn't be good to keep this a secret from her," Naruto said as he hopped into the bath and had the warm water running over his body which he didn't know woke up someone else.

Tsume opened her eyes and leaned up from her bed that she had been sharing with Naruto. She heard the water running and knew that the blonde was already awake and about. The second clan head to the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka compound was already a morning type of person so this never really bothered her anyway. She contemplated going in to have some fun with her mate, but a knock on the door seemed to cause that to go out the window.

Tsume stood up and dressed herself with the bed sheets as a temporary robe for herself since she slept in the buff. She quickly opened the door and noticed one of her female clan members, Sayuri Inuzuka, behind the door with her head bowed.

"Good morning Tsume-sama. I'm here to speak with both you and Naruto-sama about some things," Sayuri said and Tsume titled her head to the side and was about to answer before she heard the door open as Naruto came out with a towel on his head. Obviously not expecting company, Naruto was exposing a certain part to both females before noticing anything. Tsume snickered and Sayuri gave a deep blush before her face reddened like a rose as she looked at the ground.

"H-H-Hokage-sama," Sayuri said and Naruto turned his head to see the two female Inuzuka checking him out before the blonde gasped.

"Ahhh what are you doing here?!" Naruto asked as he ran back into the bathroom to grab another towel. Tsume chuckled and invited Sayuri inside while Naruto came out with a new towel wrapped around his waist. He rubbed the back of his head and lightly chuckled while Sayuri coughed and held up a note.

"I-I was told to give you this by Kushina-sama," Sayuri said and Naruto nodded as he took the note and read it while Tsume looked over his shoulder. It was a simple list of training regimes for the members of the clan as well as for the installation of jutsu scrolls, weapons and the like in vault.

"Hmm I guess that's true. Alright thank you Sayuri-chan, you can go back now," Naruto said and Sayuri bowed as she left the room easily as Naruto sat on the bed and rubbed a hand through his hair. Tsume sat next to him and smiled as she nudged his shoulder.

"Something wrong?" she asked nuzzling her neck to his and Naruto chuckled as he shook his head.

"No not really. Just thinking about some things. So are you ready to begin the first full day of the new clan?" Naruto asked and Tsume nodded. They each got dressed and giving the other a quick kiss as usual the two left their room and started their descent down the stairs. Naruto decided to forgo his black jacket this one time and simply wore a dark orange shirt with black jeans and a the standard Hokage cloak.

"Good morning," Naruto said as multiple members of the new clan acknowledged their clan heads. Everyone waved and bowed to the two and Naruto could honestly say that it was a lot more people than he thought, but he didn't mind. He even saw the dogs of most members outside taking in the fresh air.

"Morning Naruto. How are you today?" Kiba asked as he high-fived his best friend. Naruto grinned and did the same.

"Doing good, but I'll have to head to the Hokage Mansion and get some work done. Judging from the mess you all made last night with that party then I can assume that you cleaned up?" Naruto asked and most of everyone chuckled with nods. Naruto sighed and sat down in a specific chair and before long Kasumi came up to him and smiled as she sat on his lap.

"Good morning Naruto-sama," Kasumi said and the blonde chuckled as he grazed her cheek.

"Good morning Kasumi-chan," Naruto told her and soon he noticed all the other members coming as well. He saw Tayuya, Kimimaro, Haku and Fu making their appearances. Naruto looked at Fu a bit longer than the others and sighed while he clapped his hands. He was about to say something before his stomach grumbled causing people to laugh at their first clan head.

"I'll make us some breakfast. Naruto-kun, now might be a good time to tell the clan about the problem at yesterday's meeting," Tsume said and Kushina eyed her son cautiously while they walked into the kitchen with Haku behind them.

"Naruto-sama did something happen?" someone asked and the blonde sighed for who knows what time and turned to Fu.

"Fu-chan, come here for a minute," Naruto said and Fu obeyed as she came near him. Everyone seemed confused and while Naruto didn't want to start the day off with worry he knew it would be better to get this out in the open now.

"Naruto-sama did something happen?" Kimimaro asked and Naruto nodded. He stood to his feet and decided to speak.

"Yesterday I received a...letter from Taki," Naruto said and Fu widened her eyes. Tayuya and Kimimaro narrowed their own. Tsume, Kushina and Haku turned an eye to Naruto speaking with the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka clan members, but kept working to prepare the breakfast for Naruto and the clan members.

Fu paled at the thought of Taki. She had often wondered why they didn't know she was in Konoha, but she always hoped that it would stay that way. Unfortunately that wasn't the case as it seemed.

"What's wrong with a simple letter?" Sayuri asked and most of the members agreed with her while Naruto finished.

"It was told for me to hand Fu over to Taki or they would retaliate against Konoha," the blonde said making people gasp. Haku stopped cooking and turned to Tsume and Kushina who nodded while someone stood to their feet.

"No way! They can't threaten us. Who the hell do they think they are!" a middle aged man said and Kiba agreed.

"Naruto you did say no didn't you?" Kiba asked and the blonde closed his eyes as he turned to Fu.

"Fu-chan, I denied their letter. They're coming here to discuss...terms to your allegiance. Tell me Fu, what do you want to do?" Naruto asked and Fu gulped. She looked down at the ground while everyone waited for her words. She then turned her head to see Kyuubi, Nibi, and Nanabi looking at her. Nanabi gave her a small smile and Fu smiled back.

"I'm an Uzumaki-Namikaze. My allegiance is to Konoha and the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka compound," Fu said with a genuine smile and Naruto grinned as he hopped to his feet and slammed his hand on the table.

"We always look out for our own. No one threatens us. We are all family. Isn't that right?" Naruto asked and people cheered while the dogs barked.

"HAI!" they all said and Naruto smiled as he turned his head.

"Fu-chan I want you and Kiba in the Hokage Mansion with me when they arrive. Tayuya, Kimimaro you are to survey the rooftops for anything strange. Notify me if anything occurs understood?"Naruto asked and the four nodded while the blonde then turned to Yugito who was sitting on the floor with Anko. He glanced at his two students and sighed.

"Anko-chan this is a clan matter you know," Naruto said and Anko smiled as she got to her feet. She wasn't wearing her standard trench coat or mesh armor, but her hair was let down from the pineapple formation. She was actually wearing a purple kimono similar to Fu's and Haku's. She had a small box in her hands and before long she smiled.

"I know that Gaki. That's why I decided this yesterday," Anko said as she knelt in front of Naruto. The blonde widened his eyes as did most of the other clan members. He casted a small, playful glare on Anko as she gave him a cheeky smile.

"Naruto-sama I, Anko Mitarashi, swear on my life to dedicate my services to the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka clan. I make the plead to join this clan and use all of my abilities for its benefit. Please accept this token of my loyalty," Anko said as she offered the book to the blonde. Most people couldn't believe that this was the same woman who didn't have a feminine side to her name, but she looked so cute in that attire.

Naruto smiled as he took the box from Anko and opened it. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed a single scroll in it. He quickly took it in his hand and on it was a little note.

"Inside this scroll is the teachings of a new type of jutsu that I've tried to create. I call it Chiton( Blood Release),"

Naruto glanced through the entire note and raised an eyebrow. A new technique called Chiton? Naruto had never thought if a use of blood in such a way, but Anko seemed like the type of woman who would think about it. Naruto chuckled and took the scroll.

"Anko Mitarashi, stand," Naruto ordered and she did so. Everyone watched with mixed expressions while Naruto grinned.

"I have no complaints. Anko you have always been a good student of mine. Welcome to the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka compound," Naruto said and he raised his hand before Anko could jump for joy.

"That's my vote, but we have two clan heads now so Tsume-chan must talk to you also," Naruto said and all eyes were on Tsume who was placing food on the table along with Kushina and Haku. The matriarch glanced at Anko and narrowed her eyes. Anko did the same and before long everyone could feel the tension in the air while Tsume cackled.

"No problems with me. I know her quite well. I have no complaints if you don't Naruto-kun," Tsume said and Naruto nodded as Anko grinned. She then proceeded to hug the life out of Naruto while the blonde gasped for air.

Soon there was a knock on the door surprising everyone while Kiba opened the door.

"Kakashi-sensei, what are you doing here?" Kiba asked and Kakashi rubbed the back of his head and smiled with a sweatdrop at the sight of all the Inuzuka and Uzumaki-Namikaze members around the house.

"Umm I came to speak with Hokage-sama. Is he here?" Kakashi asked and soon Naruto appeared behind Kiba.

"What is it Kakashi?" Naruto asked and Kakashi knelt and whispered in the blonde's ear. Naruto raised an eyebrow before he gave a heavy groan and shook his head.

"Alright I'm coming. For now just contain her and keep her in the Hokage Mansion," Naruto said and Kakashi nodded as he shunshined out of sight while Naruto closed the door.

"What was that about Naruto-kun?" Hana asked and the blonde snickered.

"It seems that Sakura found out about Itachi and tried to attack him. They have her contained and waiting for me to deal with it. Looks like I won't be getting breakfast," Naruto said with a chuckle and some people sighed and shrugged their shoulders as the blonde put his shoes on and sighed.

"Well I'm off. I won't give the clan a mission since you're all getting settled in, but be sure to be on time once you're finished," Naruto told them and he quickly Hiraishin-ed out of the house leaving mostly everyone else to their own things.

Hokage Mansion

Naruto shocked nearly everyone in the room as he instantly appeared. He quickly took in the situation and noticed that Sakura was laying on the ground tied up. Itachi and Sasuke were sighing and rubbing the back of their heads while Kurenai and Shizune were simply waiting for their Hokage to arrive which he did. Kakashi seemed to be out on the ledge reading his book while Naruto spoke.

"Great. Just what I wanted to be called for. Alright what happened here?" Naruto asked and Sakura growled.

"I was trying to save Sasuke-kun from his traitor of a brother. I thought that he would want him dead. I saw the two fighting and thought Sasuke-kun would want some help. Then before I know it Anbu are telling me not to fight him, but I thought Sasuke-kun was in trouble so...I did anyway," Sakura said and Naruto sweatdropped. He turned to Itachi and Sasuke.

"I was trying Sasuke to properly wield the Sharingan. He has made some progress, but I know he can make more. I saw this girl here trying to attack me and figured that she misunderstood and both Sasuke and I tried to explain, but she wouldn't listen," Itachi said and Sasuke nodded. Sakura huffed and stood to her feet.

"Naruto don't you know who this is? It's Itachi Uchiha who killed off the entire Uchiha clan. He's a murderer," Sakura said and everyone glanced at Itachi who barely showed a reaction to it, but Naruto and Sasuke could see the very small bit of remorse on his face while the blonde turned back to Sakura before Kakashi spoke.

"Sakura calm down. Remember who you're talking to here. He's not just Naruto anymore," Kakashi warned, but Sakura merely disregarded it.

"I still don't accept it," Sakura said making everyone narrow their eyes and Naruto sighed.

"Well I'll set that aside. Itachi, release Sakura. Sakura, stop attacking Itachi. I allowed him to come back to the village. I gave the Anbu, Jonin and Chunin the order to not attack Itachi unless I commanded it," Naruto said and Sakura narrowed her eyes.

"This is deliberate? Naruto are you an idiot?!" Sakura asked as she slammed the table which earned her two anbu with their weapons to her throat and stomach. She flinched at everyone moving in front of Naruto and the blonde stood to his feet.

"Bird, Boar you can go back now," Naruto said and the two anbu quickly left allowing Sakura the ability to breath easily while Naruto stood to his feet.

"Think what you want Sakura, but that's my decision. Get over it!" Naruto said and Sakura growled, but walked away with a nod. Naruto sighed and slumped in his chair while glancing towards Sasuke and Itachi.

"So Itachi, how does it feel to be back in the village?" Naruto asked and Itachi closed his eyes, but did his best smile.

"I really don't know. Nothing that I wanted to happen happened, but I'm happy. I have my little brother and most people don't see me as a traitor, just the person who took the short end of the stick," Itachi answered which earned a snicker from Naruto and a reluctant one from Shizune and Kurenai.

"I see well that's good. Now then Itachi you should know that Sasuke is under Genma's instruction. I'd rather not move that around, but for now why don't you train Sasuke along with Genma. It's what the Teme always wants right?" Naruto asked glaring at Sasuke and the Uchiha growled.

"Hmph," he responded making the others smile while Shizune placed a paper in front of Naruto. It was to regulate the income of shops across Konoha to by and sell. Naruto immediately stamped it down and looked out the window. He narrowed his eyes when he saw thunderclouds form.

"Shizune-chan, Kurenai-chan you should both go home for today. I'm giving you the day off," Naruto said to them and Kurenai raised an eyebrow.

"Not that I don't appreciate it Naruto-kun, but why?" she asked and the slight stare that Naruto had on his face unnerved her slightly.

"Just something tells me that people should stay inside for today that's all. Maybe it's just a simple intuition," Naruto said and before long he felt a sudden rush of chakra through his body and smiled.

"You know having to do this process over and over is annoying," Naruto said and Kyuubi smiled as she surveyed the mindscape a little. It felt weird to be back after so long, but she found it rather comforting.

"Don't mind it so much. Just go with the flow Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said and the blonde merely nodded his head as he felt a certain calmness over his office, that is before their was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Naruto said and immediately Kiba came through with Haku. The three members of team seven had gathered around Naruto's office and merely decided to spend some time together.

"You know it's weird. Here we all are and yet there is nothing to do. Isn't that right Akamaru?" Kiba asked and the dog barked while Haku looked outside.

"It's going to rain," she said and Naruto nodded as he took out a scroll. He quickly placed it over the table and smirked.

"I suppose, but still being together like this isn't so bad, but I can't shake this eery feeling on my stomach that something is going to happen," Naruto said ominously and Kiba lowered his gaze.

"Yeah I felt that way also. What do you think it is?" Kiba asked and his two friends shook their heads before another knock on the door came.

"Come in," Naruto said and soon Tenten and Ino came through and spotted Kiba, but they didn't try to tackle him like the last few times.

"Something I can help you two with?" Naruto asked and Tenten nodded with a smile.

"Naruto-san do you think that I could use the den in the lower level of the Hokage Mansion? It would be perfect for forging some weapons that I have ideas for," Tenten said and Naruto raised an eyebrow. He wondered what she was up to, but merely nodded and watched Tenten leave.

"What about you Ino?" Naruto asked and before he noticed it Ino was sitting on Kiba's lap with a smile.

"Just wanted to spend some time with Mr. Sexy here," she said and Kiba groaned as he rubbed the back of his head before the lights went out. Everyone gasped while Naruto stood to his feet.

"What happened?" Naruto asked and everyone wasn't sure how to answer before the lights came back on.

"Weird," Kiba said and before long Naruto turned his head to see his swords in the air. They swayed around and got stuck to the ceiling. Naruto raised an eyebrow before taking them down and placing them by his side.

"Something is definitely wrong. I just know it," Naruto said to himself and he had no idea how right he was.

With Kobayashi

The former Inuzuka head was running through the trees at a breakneck pace. He and Ayaka were itching for a good fight. After having their bodies enhanced they knew the perfect people to try it out on. It wouldn't be long now, just somewhere into the night.

"Ayaka, hurry up we don't have all day. Well we do, but I'm not spending it trying to get to Konoha," Kobayashi said and Ayaka sighed as she hit the ground.

"Calm down Kobayashi-kun we'll be there in a jiffy. Besides it's not like he'll be able to beat us anyway. Do you know how crazy you are just want you're at curse stage 2? If you went to your third one then I doubt that Konoha would be left standing," Ayaka said and Kobayashi stood as he quickly punched a tree making it crumble towards the ground. He smirked and grinned like mad.

"That brat. He dared to hold back on me? I'll fuckin' rip his legs from his body and harvest them for Orochi-pedo," Kobayashi spoke while Ayaka decided to take a rest to calm her before she heard her mate talk.

"What do you mean hold back?" Ayaka asked and Kobayashi smiled, but in all truth, he was raging inside.

"He didn't fight me seriously because he was protecting the pup and his friends. That's why when I fight him then it's going to be on my terms and no one else's. Hehe that brat's days are numbered and will end tonight," Kobayashi said before Ayaka growled.

"Do you really think that?" someone asked and Kobayashi turned around to see Tobi walking up to him. What the Inuzuka didn't know was what the mysterious man wanted with him.

"Hmm now I see a guy with a weird as mask. You'd think I'd be used to this shit by now," Kobayashi said rubbing the back of his head and Tobi merely glared at him.

"You seem to be underestimating the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. I'd advise that if you fight him then don't hold anything back as he will most likely end you should you fail to stop him," Tobi said and Kobayashi merely chuckled before he threw a kunai at Tobi. The mysterious man did nothing as Kobayashi and Ayaka watched the kunai faze through his body and hit the tree behind him.

"Hmm impressive, but I don't need your advice. I'm going to rip that brat apart then you won't have to worry about him anymore," Kobayashi said, but Tobi only shook his head.

"It's not me that has to worry about him, but rather it's you. I won't tell you what that means, but I just think that you should also be careful of him is all. Also why don't you do something for me?" Tobi asked and Kobayashi glared at him.

"Oh? And why should I do shit for you? Tsume was the last person to ask me that and I ended up in the hospital," Kobayashi answered.

"With the most perverted smile on your face," Ayaka added while Kobayashi merely huffed at her in annoyance.

"Think of what I want to know as...a way of insurance. I have in my possession a certain man. Here I'll show him to you," Tobi said and with his sharingan he warped the time-space dimension causing Sato Saranzo to come out of his eye and appeared before Ayaka and Kobayashi. The rogue Inuzuka looked at him up and down. He noticed the very blank stare in his face and realized that Sato was being controlled.

"Ahh scary. That's why I don't like the Sharingan. Too possessive. I knew I had seen his ass before. So he went and got his pathetic self captured huh?" Kobayashi responded and Sato drew his sword inching it at the Inuzuka's throat.

"Who do you think you're insulting you pathetic human?" Sato asked though in a monotone voice while Tobi patted his shoulder.

"Now now Sato. That's for another time. Now then might I ask you for your cooperation?" Tobi asked and Kobayashi snickered.

"Depends on what it is. Gonna tell me?" Kobayashi asked and Tobi closed his visible eye.

"Simple you are going to find the Light," Tobi said and Kobayashi raised an eyebrow as did Ayaka.

"What kind of stupid thing is the Light?" Ayaka asked and Tobi turned to Sato.

"Explain it to them," Tobi commanded and Sato merely nodded impassively and without emotion.

"Yes master. The Light. It is Kaa-san's, or as you humans call her Kami, power. Every thousand years she sends it to a new individual whether it be human, animal, or inanimate object. This power is very unique. While it is, but a fraction of Kaa-san's power, to humans it is overwhelming. I've only seen it once. The human glow in white fire. Their eyes take the shape of seriousness and their power is amazing. No human can properly control, it is my guess. This power is similar to the ones you call...Jinchuuriki. The Light is the bijuu and the person is the container in this sense. With that power the person who wields the five swords will gain direct access to Kaa-san herself. And with it they can have enough power to...kill her," Sato explained. Tobi narrowed his eye while Kobayashi whistled. Now that was damn exciting shit right there.

"I see. Hmmm impressive. I think I'll keep an eye out for it. What makes you think that it's in Konoha?" Kobayashi asked and Sato stared at him.

"Because it is that place that holds the most peace," Sato said and while Kobayashi didn't understand what he meant. He simply agreed.

"Well alright. Let's go wild!" he said and jumped off while Ayaka followed him. Tobi soon removed Sato from the scene and then disappeared as well.

"I think I shall offer my assistance as well," he said to himself before completely leaving.

Nighttime, Konoha, With Naruto

The blonde was currently outside. It seemed he was wrong and it didn't rain, but he still noticed that the clouds dominated the sky and so he was just bored. He looked up at the sky from the rooftops and sighed.

"Not much happened today," Naruto said to himself before he heard clattering. He looked up and noticed that Kasumi was smiling at him.

"What are you doing up here Naruto-sama?" Kasumi asked and the blonde shrugged his shoulders as Kasumi laid next to him with her tail slightly hitting his leg like normal.

"You think something is going to happen?" Kasumi asked and Naruto nodded. It was very late and the village was sort of asleep. Even those in his compound had gone to bed. In truth he didn't know why he was staying awake, but it felt good to take in the moist night air.

"I do, but I'm not sure if it's good or bad. Between this and the mess that's going on with Taki I don't know what I should do," Naruto said before Kasumi merely smiled and turned her body so that she was on top of him. Naruto looked at her while she quickly captured his lips. Naruto was generally surprised by the action before he merely submitted.

"Take a walk with me Naruto-sama," Kasumi said and she quickly grabbed Naruto's arm and led him into the woods far from the compound.

The two kept walking for a bit longer and Kasumi stretched her legs.

"I don't know what will happen Naruto-sama, but I trust you with everything so you should do the same with us. I'll always fight with you," Kasumi said and Naruto chuckled as he placed a hand on his hip.

"Since when did you become the dependable one?" Naruto asked and Kasumi blushed as she rubbed her head sheepishly.

"Since I came to love you a whole lots," Kasumi said stretching out her arms to emphasize her point and Naruto merely thanked her as he watched her run around. The two came into a small clearing a bit from the village as the wind blew. Kasumi shivered slightly and Naruto snickered, but they let the quiet calm them down. That was...until the entire field was flooded in a KI. Naruto narrowed his eyes and Kasumi instinctively growled.

"Wow Ayaka, she looks just like you," Kobayashi said and Naruto narrowed his eyes as he moved his eyes to the far right knowing that Kobayashi was behind him. Kasumi heard his words and looked at the black haired dog next to him. She seemed to snicker and grinned.

"Hmm I do remember giving birth to a girl before I left. I guess that's the same pup," she said and Kasumi stood to her feet. Naruto turned around and growled.

"Yo brat. How's life treatin' you?" Kobayashi asked Naruto turned around. His Hokage cloak flapped in the wind while his eyes hardened.

"How the hell did you get into my village?" Naruto asked and Kobayashi shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh you know, killed an anbu or two and one little chunin. Nothing major," he said and Naruto balled his fists while Ayaka disappeared in smoke. She changed to her human form and her black hair shimmered down her body. Kasumi widened her eyes while Ayaka smiled.

"So you're my daughter. No, you're the product of my foolishness with Kuromaru. By the way, where is he? It's not everyday that I meet my ex-mate," Ayaka said and Kasumi looked at her mother. She widened her eyes and balled her fists.

"I've always wanted to meet you. I thought you died...Kaa-sama," Kasumi said and Ayaka snickered while Kobayashi wrapped his arms around Ayaka's form.

"I see. Well here I am my daughter. Why not give your mother a hug?" Ayaka asked and Kasumi shuddered. She could feel the KI directed at her from her mother and it made her shiver. She soon heard a sound and opened her eyes to see Naruto in front of her.

"You're not going anywhere near Kasumi-chan," Naruto said and Ayaka raised an eyebrow.

"Oh if it isn't the brat from last time who stole your wife's heart Kobayashi," Ayaka said and Kobayashi chuckled while he put a hand on his hip.

"Tell me brat, how was she? I taught her everything she knows," Kobayashi said and before he could get an answer Kobayashi was already blocking a punch from Naruto who growled at him.

"Don't you dare talk about Tsume-chan!" Naruto yelled and Kobayashi snickered as his curse mark came over his body.

"Yeah let's pick up where we left off," Kobayashi said before he kicked Naruto across the face sending the blonde through the clearing.

"Naruto-sama!" Kasumi yelled only to see Ayaka in front of her.

"Let's see how much Kuro-chan has taught you," she said and Kasumi widened her eyes as Ayakamaru, her mother, the one that should love her, kicked Kasumi across the face sending her crashing through the plains.

Naruto growled as he got to his feet while seeing Kasumi. He cursed and balled his fists while Kobayashi appeared next to him.

"Not going to do anything?" he asked and Naruto quickly sent a punch at him. Kobayashi snickered and blocked the hit as he sent his right leg at Naruto's face. The blonde saw it coming and jumped in the air.

"For Tsume-chan I'm not letting you get away!" Naruto said and Kobayashi nodded.

"Very good brat," he said only for him to get slammed by one of Naruto's feet sending him sliding back. He snickered slightly, but that disappeared as he saw Naruto's eyes. The blonde flashed his shinseinagan in a fit of anger while Kobayashi grinned.

"Yeah let's go wild!" he said and disappeared in a blur of speed. Naruto growled and did the same. The two quickly punched and kicked each other across the plains letting the sounds roar.

With Kasumi

The dog-girl huffed and wiped her face. She saw Ayaka slowly advancing towards her and Kasumi growled.

"Why?" she asked and Ayaka stopped.

"Why did you leave Tou-san? Why are you acting like this?" Kasumi asked and Ayaka snickered.

"Simple. He wasn't strong enough. He's a weak mate and the fact that I was even attached to him sickened me. You have his eyes. I always hated them," she said and Kasumi growled while her canines flashed. Ayaka gave a disapproving grin.

"Oh? Gonna fight your mother? How can you beat me?" Ayaka asked and Kasumi got to her feet. She snarled and turned around. She noticed Naruto and Kobayashi fighting and smiled. She slowly tapped her foot on the ground while she sighed.

"Because I have something I love more than you," Kasumi said and while Ayaka was shocked at the proclamation she took the chance to assume a jonin stance that Kyuubi taught her and quickly disappeared in her speed. Ayaka snapped out of her stupor and quickly blocked a kick to her face. It was heavy, strong and bone-crushing, but nothing she couldn't handle. Kasumi widened her eyes and Ayaka grabbed her leg and flung her in the air.

"You need to learn your place. Tsūga," she yelled and began to spin violently at her daughter. Kasumi quickly rebounded in the air and saw her mother coming for her. Kasumi narrowed her eyes and channeled chakra to her feet. It took some effort, but she managed to spin her body and yelled.

"Konoha Senpuu," she yelled and slammed her foot into Ayaka's head. The two clashed between each other before Kasumi was ripped apart and sent flying towards the ground with a crash. Ayaka snickered and fell also.

"Not enough to stop me mu-su-me," she said and Kasumi growled.

With Naruto and Kobayashi

The two were still continuing their fighting while Naruto threw a kunai at Kobayashi. The Inuzuka quickly deflected it into the air while Naruto took the chance to backflip away.

"Aww come on, where are those awesome techniques you used the last time? Keeping them in reserve isn't nice," Kobayashi said and Naruto snorted.

"Neither is leaving your wife," Naruto said making Kobayashi chuckled, but he waved it off.

"Whatever you say. Now then. Tsūga," Kobayashi yelled as he charged Naruto. The blonde didn't flinch and merely opened his palm. Unlike last time no one was around so he could do this without worrying. The blonde quickly made the blue sphere in his hands and yelled.

"Rasengan," Naruto yelled and he and Kobayashi collided. The two growled before an explosion appeared over the plains.

Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka Compound

Tsume opened her eyes and noticed that she was the only one in the bed. Naruto wasn't around. She sighed and yawned for a bit before looking out the window. Tsume gasped as she saw a small explosion and narrowed her eyes. It soon turned into a large one as she opened the window.

"What was that?" she wondered before she sniffed the air and growled as she clawed the window sill.

"Kobayashi!" Tsume growled and she quickly left the room. She put on her clothes and raced down the stairs.

"Wake up!" she ordered everyone turning on the lights. Her voice rang across the compound and people turned on their lights. Some came out of their room and grumbled.

"Kaa-san what's up?" Kiba asked and Tsume growled.

"Kobayashi is here," she said. The Inuzuka clan gasped and growled while Haku seemed more attentive.

"The guy from the last mission. Wait, where's Naruto-kun?" she asked, but no one could smell him around the compound. Everyone gasped as they turned their heads to see the small explosions in the distance and Tsume immediately took charge.

"Kushina gather the anbu. Kiba, Haku gather the jonin. Everyone move on that location. Naruto-kun is fighting against Kobayashi," Tsume said and everyone nodded as they raced through the compound. Kushina left the house to gather the anbu while Kiba and Haku did the same.

Tsume and Kuromaru raced out the house and shot off for Naruto's location.

"Naruto-kun please be okay," Tsume said to herself as she didn't want to lose the first real mate who loved her.

Back with Naruto

The blonde cursed as Kobayashi dodged his Katon jutsu. This wasn't working. He soon dropped to the ground and sighed as he took a breath.

"Tired already brat? Kobayashi asked and Naruto breathed a little easier. He growled and one of his eyes changed. He quickly took the form of his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and his Shinseinagan. Kobayashi snickered while Naruto did a sequence of entire left arm glowed in chakra while the blonde sighed.

"I'll end you right now!" Naruto yelled and Kobayashi snickered, but before he could react Naruto slammed him in the face with all the anger he could muster as he sent Kobayashi flying. Using Tsunade's strength technique was still shaky for Naruto, but he would have to correct it later.

Kobayashi winced at the sudden pain he felt, but he managed to do a backflip and lessened the damage while Naruto appeared behind him.

"When did you-," he didn't finish as Naruto kicked him into the air. The blonde didn't let up as the sands started to swirl around him. He quickly shot them in the air as they encased Kobayashi inside.

"Sabaku Kyu:( Sand Coffin)," Naruto yelled, but he didn't finish as the blonde quickly did a single handsigns.

"Hijutsu: Sensatsu Suishō( Secret Technique: A Thousand Needles of Death)," Naruto yelled as he sent the flying needles into the sand as they embedded themselves inside. Naruto then closed his hand.

"Sabaku Soso," Naruto yelled and the sand imploded with Kobayashi inside. The blonde narrowed his eyes before turning around. He glared at the Inuzuka who had dodged his attack and was one the ground.

"No, where the fire? Where that damned fire that you had before? Show it to me brat!" Kobayashi yelled and Naruto narrowed his eyes before he took off his Hokage cloak. He dropped it to the ground and the stood in his regular clothes. He quickly went through his handsigns and took a deep breath.

"Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu( Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)," Naruto yelled sending the blazing fire across the plains while Kobayashi jumped up to avoid it. He noticed Naruto take out a kunai and throw it at him. Just like last time Kobayashi deflected it, but failed to see the smile on Naruto's face. The blonde vanished in the Hiraishin shocking Kobayashi and quickly appeared behind him. The blonde held out his hand and his rasengan was formed, but even bigger than the last time.

"Oodama Rasengan," Naruto yelled and slammed Kobayashi with it sending him across the plains and into the forest while Naruto dropped to the ground. He grinned like mad, but he quickly wanted to check on Kasumi.

With Kasumi

The dog girl was still holding her own, but she was clearly outmatched by her mother as Ayaka sent Kasumi to the ground from a hit. Kasumi gasped and fell down while she cursed.

"Come on girl. You're not done are you?" Ayaka asked and Kasumi cursed before she smirked. She quickly flipped her body and managed to kick Ayaka in the face sending her into the sky. Kasumi sighed and jumped in the air. She appeared behind her mother and grabbed her arms.

"There is a lot of things you don't know about me," Kasumi said and started spinning.

"Omote Renge," she yelled sending them both into the ground. Ayaka gasped at her daughter, but soon snickered as she used the spinning and made it more violent with her tsūga. It didn't take long before they both crashed, but Ayaka was the only one who wasn't hurt.

"Not enough girl," she said and Kasumi cursed. She sighed and quickly crossed her fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," she yelled and immediately she made a single clone that surprised Ayaka.

"Wow so my daughter can use ninjutsu huh? Well that's nice. I didn't think we could use ninjutsu," Ayaka said and Kasumi snorted.

"We can't. I'm the only member of the dogs who can and you know why? It's because I wanted something. I wanted a family with Naruto-sama so...I gave up half of my dog blood and became a half human. I'm different from you Kaa-san," Kasumi said and Ayaka growled before she chuckled and her hair grew wilder. Kasumi widened her eyes at her mother as her eyes got red and her hair turned into needle-like threads.

"No I'm different from you. I'm strong Kasumi. Don't worry I'll keep that brat alive. He'll make an interesting toy," Ayaka said and Kasumi growled.

"You're sick," she said and while it hurt her that this was the first time she was talking with her mother, Kasumi didn't have any other choice. She quickly closed her eyes and sighed while Ayaka raised an eyebrow.

"You giving up?" she asked and Kasumi shook her head.

"Kaa-sama no matter what happens you are my mother, but I will not go against Naruto-sama. He means more to me than the world," Kasumi said and the two collided. Kasumi's leg and Ayaka's leg made the ground tremble beneath their weight before they both felt a sudden rush of KI. Ayaka smirked and Kasumi turned her head to see Naruto cursing.

"It seems he's starting to get serious," Ayaka said to her daughter and Kasumi merely growled again.

With Naruto

The blonde narrowed his eyes as he wished he had his swords with him, but he looked to see Kobayashi, but he was different. His body was pitch dark. His hair came down to his butt and his eyes screamed murder. His claws extended on both his hands and feet while he snarled at Naruto.

"Welcome to the next level brat. We're chance of survival is uncertain," Kobayashi said as he disappeared and slammed Naruto in the face. The blonde gasped, but only for a bit before he grabbed Kobayashi's arm. He lowly sneered and held out his hand, but Kobayashi smirked.

"I'm getting sick of that," he said and quickly smacked Naruto across the plains with his tail. Kobayashi cackled before he heard a yell.

"Naruto-kun," Tsume yelled and Kobayashi turned around to see Tsume and Kuromaru coming. He snickered before he had only one thought.

"Women should stay out of a man's fight," he thought and before long Tobi appeared in front of Tsume and shook his head.

"Let's leave them alone," Tobi said as he did a handsign and encased Naruto, Kobayashi, Kasumi and Ayaka in a barrier. Tsume growled and so did Kuromaru.

"Who are you?" Kuromaru asked and before he could get an answer Tobi left the scene with a smile. Tsume growled as she slammed the barrier, but it didn't budge.

"Dammit all!" Tsume yelled as she could only watch.

With Kasumi and Ayaka

"Hmm so Kuro-chan is watching us huh? Well that's fine with me. He still hasn't changed," Ayaka said and Kasumi huffed. She growled and growled, but her legs were twitching and her mother was a lot faster than her.

"What am I supposed to do? I haven't trained enough with Gai-san to do anything else. My move hasn't even been made yet," Kasumi said in her thoughts and soon she heard a voice.

"Then trust in me," it said and Kasumi widened her eyes. She looked around, but saw nothing and decided to ignore it. Kasumi jumped in the air and quickly tried to strike her mother, but Ayaka easy caught it and kicked Kasumi to the floor.

"Not enough girlie," she said and Kasumi huffed while her hair was a mess. Ayaka grabbed Kasumi by her collar and smiled.

"," Kasumi said and the blonde could easily hear her.

"Kasumi!" He yelled and quickly threw a kunai at Ayaka. It was easily parried by Kobayashi who tried to hit the blonde, but Naruto's sand guard prevented it and the blonde growled. He quickly did a handsign and closed his eyes.

"Kyuubi-chan release them," Naruto said and Kyuubi narrowed her eyes.

"Very well, but be careful," she said and the blonde nodded. Kobayashi watched as several purple formed around Naruto's body. They all gleamed in the light before easily vanished. Kobayashi raised an eyebrow, but he was slammed across the face by Naruto who growled at him. He was then kicked into the air and Naruto instantly disappeared.

"Let's end this already!" the blonde yelled as he grabbed Kobayashi by the hair and swing him around and around. He then threw him towards the ground and proceeded to punch the man left and right with his chakra enforced fists. Kyuubi had just released Naruto's gravity seals that hid his power of the long years of training. Naruto had never deactivated them once until this point. The blonde felt like he was flying as each punch he sent Kobayashi he made sure it hurt...badly.

Kobayashi couldn't keep up with the onslaught of powerful punches as Naruto continued to propel him towards the ground. The blonde kept at it before he heard a whistle.

"Ne Boya, do you want her to die?" Ayaka asked and Naruto widened his eyes at Kasumi who was struggling. She growled and tried to kick Ayaka, but she was met with a quick block.

"Kasumi-chan," Naruto said as he stopped, but that was all Kobayashi needed as his tail wrapped around Naruto's waist and slammed him into the ground.

"You scared me for a second brat," Kobayashi said and Naruto growled before he was slammed across the face by Kobayashi's fist. Another and another came as Naruto took it for Kasumi.

Kasumi watched her mate in trouble and balled her fists.

"Why can't I win? I need to save him! I'm not weak! I want to save Naruto-sama!" Kasumi yelled in her mind before she heard another yell.

"Then trust me!" It said and immediately Kasumi's was unconscious. Ayaka watched her daughter's head fall to the right and wondered if she passed out, but soon Kasumi's chest pumped. Once more then twice more. Kasumi lifted her head and glared at her mother. Her emotions were completely locked with a serious expression. Ayaka raised an eyebrow before Kasumi's hair raised over her head. She glared hard at her mother and Ayaka could only watch as Kasumi raised her foot.

"That won't work," she said as she raised her leg for a block, but she failed to see the white chakra taking over Kasumi's leg as the girl slammed her mother through the blocked leg and sent her flying into the barrier. Ayaka gasped and Kasumi quirked her lips.

"Too slow," she said and disappeared as she slammed her mouth in the chin making her skid across the ground. Ayaka gasped and wiped her cheek while Kasumi sighed. She vanished again and appeared behind her.

"Hmph," she uttered and quickly kicked Ayaka again not really caring about anything else. Ayaka was sent flying through the fields and cursed before Kasumi held up her hand and a white fire glowed around it as she clenched it tight.

"I won't let you hurt Naruto-sama," Kasumi stated while Ayaka widened her eyes.

"Is that it?" she wondered before Kasumi kicked Kobayashi away from Naruto. She helped him to his feet and smiled.

"Naruto-sama I'm sorry for being weak," Kasumi said and Naruto chuckled as he patted her shoulder. He quickly kissed her on the head and shook it at her.

"No Kasumi-chan. That was amazing," Naruto said and Kasumi merely smiled with a slightly impassive face showing that she was still very serious. Naruto turned around to Kobayashi and quickly he saw the man charge him. Naruto smirked as he knocked Kasumi away and quickly spun his body.

"Kaiten," Naruto yelled unleashing the ultimate defense against Kobayashi as it slammed into his body. Kobayashi was sent flying by Naruto while the blonde huffed. He wiped his brow before he crossed his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto yelled and Kobayashi stood to his feet as he was surrounded by multiple clones of the blonde.

"That's it. Make me have some fun," he said before he dropped down to all fours.

"Inuzuka-Ryu: Gatsukamiga( Inuzuka Technique: Fang Passing Divine Fang)," he shouted and Naruto watched as his clones were being overtaken by a strong force that he couldn't stop. He mentally cursed, but quickly slammed his hands together.

"Ryūsa Bakuryū( Quicksand Waterfall Flow) Naruto shouted and Kobayashi could only watched as the ground beneath him quickly shot into the air in a giant tsunami of sand before it engulfed him and Naruto dropped to the ground. He quickly touched the ground and growled.

"Messa Bakuso( Ruining Sand Waterfall Burial/Destructive Sand Burial)," Naruto yelled as he cushioned the ground making it compact on itself before it slammed Kobayashi into nothingness. The blonde huffed as his chakra was running low. He might be a jinchuuriki, but the excessive use of techniques we getting to him.

With Kasumi

The dog girl was advancing on her mother without a hint of emotion before she stopped.

"Get lost," she said and Ayaka raised an eyebrow at her words.

"Fighting you anymore would be a waste of time. I'm going to help Naruto-sama. I don't want to see you anymore," Kasumi said in her new uncharacteristic way. Ayaka narrowed her eyes before Kasumi jumped in the air and raised her heel over her mother.

"Tsūtenkyaku( Heaven's Kick of Pain)," Kasumi yelled and slammed the ground while Ayaka backflipped away only to be kicked into the barrier by Kasumi. Ayaka gasped and dropped to her knees before falling unconscious that was until she felt a new feeling in the air.

Kasumi turned her head and noticed a dark aura coming from the ground. A loud roar shocked them both before the ground exploded making Naruto back away from Kobayashi or what he thought was him. Naruto saw Kobayashi's sick, twisted smile while his entire body was covered in fur. His tail thrashed around violently and he howled.

"This is true power!" Kobayashi yelled and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"What the hell happened to you?" Naruto asked before Kobayashi turned and growled. He immediately launched himself at Naruto and the blonde gasped.

"I'll kill you! I'll fuckin' kill you. You'll die and then that dog girl dies. Finally Tsume dies. I'll make you regret messing with me!" Kobayashi yelled his mind lost to the insanity. Naruto balled his fists and gripped his eyes.

"No, you will not. I won't let you touch them. I'll protect what's important to me. Right now. I'm the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha. I'm the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka clan head. I will protect everyone," Naruto said his eyes flashing. Immediately a red fire appeared around him while his desire to protect his village increased. Kobayashi growled or snarled as Naruto's eyes flashed the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Behind him a figure appeared with a sword and a shield. It quickly covered him while it's nine tails thrashed around.

"What trick is this?" Kobayashi asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"No trick Kobayashi-teme. This is the first time I've used it, but Kyuubi-chan's telling me that this is the Susanoo," Naruto said as his chakra flared dangerously. Kobayashi growled and clawed at the ground.

"It's all meaningless. Against my third stage that technique is nothing. I will end you!" Kobayashi yelled as he charged at the blonde. Naruto's Susanoo quickly defended the blonde with its shield and blocked the attack sending Kobayashi back. The Inuzuka growled and growled as he slashed at the shield trying to get to Naruto, but the blonde only looked at him with sympathy.

"Someone like you could never beat me. Disappear, Tsukuyomi," Naruto said as Kobayashi's rage allowed him to meet the blonde's gaze. Immediately people who were arriving could only watch as Kobayashi fell to the ground and the barrier dissolved. Naruto huffed and his Susanoo disappeared. A shame he couldn't showcase it really, but he could take what he could get.

"Naruto-kun, are you alright?" Tsume asked, but she only received a slump as Naruto laid unconscious. Kasumi was the same as the white fire had vanished from her body.

"Haku get a medic now!" Tsume ordered and Haku nodded as she ran off. Everyone seemed to busy tending to their Hokage and his companion to notice that Ayaka was gone.

With Ayaka

The woman cursed as she leaned against a tree and huffed. Tobi appeared behind her and Ayaka growled.

"She has it. Kasumi has your stupid Light thing," Ayaka said and Tobi smirked. He nodded his head and before Ayaka could move she was knocked out and transported away.

"So Konoha is still the same damn place that it was when I attacked. Alright now I can make the appropriate plans for its extraction," Tobi said before vanishing out of sight.

With the Taki messenger

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes sir. Konoha won't know what hit it as we take back the Nanabi jinchuuriki. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces," someone said before another smacked him across the head.

"Pay attention whelp. We have to get down to business. We'll be arriving there in two days," another said and someone gulped.

"But we're going against one of the Five Great Nations. We can't win," he said, but the others only snickered and laughed at him.

"Oh ye of little faith. We have our little 'water' with us also. Don't worry about it," they said before everyone disappeared from view. Konoha's troubles were just starting.

KG: I don't know if I rushed the fight or not and I'm sorry if I did. I'm sorry if I had Naruto defeat Kobayashi in a 'simple' way even though they had all that fighting. I just wanted you to see that Kobayashi's out of control curse mark and rage made him more susceptible to a slip-up. As for Naruto's Susanoo I'm going to give him two. One for the Eternal Mangekyou and the other is a little surprise that involves the Shinseinagan. As for Kasumi and her mother, yeah I know that mothers and daughter should get along, but I had to make Kasumi's mother the bitch in this one no pun intended. As for Kasumi being the Light that will be explained later. I'd do the rest of the omake, but I'm a little tired and my sister is calling for me to let her use the computer since I've been here all day. That's all I have. See you later peoples. Stay Breezy. I'll continue it next time.

Naruto: Oh no you won't were saving Kiba!

KG: There is nothing we can do for him!

Kiba: Naruto, I love you. Do you love me? We should all be a family :)

Naruto: Snap out of it Kiba!

Tsume: Not my son! Die you BASTARD!

?: A hug for you and a hug for me. We will be the best of three. With great big smiles and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too?

Kushina: IT WON'T DIE!

KG: Where are the reinforcements?

Kasumi: I don't know. We must abandon the house or we'll die!

Naruto: No Kiba!

KG: We'll come back for him. Umm why does it have that scroll?

Kushina: what is is?

Naruto: Oh no. EVERYONE RUN!

?: What is this? Kage Bunshin No Jutsu.

KG: AHHHHHHH!! This is KG and we are facing a difficult crisis. CODE RED! CODE RED! Don't leave your homes. I repeat, DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOMES. Run, hide, commit Seppuku, I don't care. But be warned. The invasion has started.

Naruto: They're getting outside!

KG: What!?

Fu: KG behind you!

(I look)

KG: No. Wait. Not that. HELP! Army, Marines, Air Force! Anyone! HELP! Oh the inhumani...(connection lost).