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KG: KyuubiGoku's log. October 6, 2012. Location: Cellar of my house. Good day everyone, or not. It has been only two weeks since the invasion and it seems that nothing can stop it. Kiba and the others have been taken. Fu, Nanabi, Kyuubi, Nibi, Naruto, Tsume, Kasumi and my self are all that remain here at the Kitsune's Karaoke Bar. The Military is falling and we're running low on weapons and supplies.

Tsume: Kill...Kill that damned purple monster! I'll strangle that wench for releasing it.

Naruto: How much longer will we live?

KG: I don't know guys, but we must hold strong.

Kasumi: Kiba, Haku, Kimimaro-san. Everyone's gone.

Naruto: Kaa-san.

Tsume: Hana, Kiba. My kids.

KG: Ccebling, Zombiehunter, The Unknown Uchiha.

(Outside) AHHHHH!...I love you do you love me?

Kyuubi: (Shudders) Another soul dead.

KG: We'll have to persevere. Now then, (I take my universal remote and pause). Now readers let me lay down some beef with you. You're all saying that I made Naruto weak when he's a Kage and him being unconscious was stupid in itself. I'll say this now. How could you all think so low of me? You think I'd really make him that weak? Yeah right. I know about Naruto's more than Kage-level reserves. I never forgot them. Also Naruto didn't faint because of the fight if that's what you're wondering. He's more awesome than that. Granted I'm glad I could manipulate your thoughts enough to think that. Just trust me. I'm not that sorry to not show case his epicness if I can. Of course reviewing some chapters I could see why that would bother you about it. Hehe sorry, but I'll try upping his fight status more. Now I'll get started.

Naruto's Mindscape

The blonde Hokage laid in his mindscape as he groaned. He rubbed his head and wondered what happened. He remembered fighting with Kobayashi and then a huge surge of chakra that made him pass out. He didn't understand why he did seeing as how he had more than enough chakra to not even feel that exhausted. He was sure that he could've lasted longer if he didn't trap Kobayashi in that genjutsu with his Mangekyou sharingan.

The blonde sighed and leaned up before he noticed that he wasn't alone. Naruto looked around and saw four figures looking down at him. Three middle aged men and one middle aged woman. All wearing their kimonos with individual colors. One red, the other blue, another white, and lastly one black with white clouds and lightning over it.

"Greetings Naruto-sama," the one in red said as he gave the blonde a respectful bow. Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion of the man's actions before he saw the others bow also.

"Umm hello, but who are you?" Naruto asked and the four people chuckled to themselves while the woman spoke before brushing her hair lightly to the side.

"Wow I'm hurt. You wield us everyday, but you don't know who we are?" she asked and Naruto's raised an eyebrow before getting to his feet. He looked them all over before flashes appeared in front of him. Flashes of his fight with Raimin, his claiming the lightning sword, getting the wind sword and the water sword.

"You're my swords. The swords I got from those specific locations," Naruto said and each of them nodded their heads.

"Bought time you figured it out brat," the man in the blue kimono said before he was jabbed into his side by the man in the white kimono.

"Forgive him Uzumaki-sama. He's testy. I'm Yugisa. The one with the temper is Tyrun. The one to your right is Fukune. Then there is our leader, your main sword, Raiga," The now known Yugisa said as Naruto looked them all over.

"My wind sword, Yugisa. My water sword, Tyrun. My lightning sword, Fukune. My fire sword, Raiga," Naruto said in realization and all the beings nodded their heads at his words while Fukune clapped her hands and sat down in the grassy fields of Naruto's mind.

"Alright now that we've introduced ourselves we can all talk. Tyrun, be polite to Naruto-sama," Fukune said and Tyrun grumbled, but nodded his head as they all sat down and Naruto followed.

"Wow this is so cool. You're all really sentient. I knew I wasn't insane," Naruto said excitedly making most of them smile while Raiga coughed.

"It's an honor to meet with you Naruto-sama. We're also glad that you're excited, but we must attend to some pressing matters if you don't mind," Raiga said in a serious tone and Naruto knew when to get serious and so the blonde put on his 'Hokage Face' and settled down.

"Alright, then what is the matter? The last thing I remember was taking care of Kobayashi out in the fields with Kasumi-chan then I blanked out. I thought it might be from a lose of chakra, but come on. I've had so much energy it's insane. So why did I go out like a light?" Naruto asked and the beings rubbed the back of their heads.

"Sorry, but that would be because of us Naruto-sama," Yugisa said to the blonde and Naruto raised an eyebrow to his words while Fukune scratched her cheek.

"We didn't mean to disturb your fight, but a matter quickly appeared that made us need to reveal ourselves to you. See the plan was for us to wait until you had gotten Syra, the sword that embodies earth. Then we would reveal ourselves and tell you our message," Fukune said before the others glared at her and Fukune widened her eyes before placing a hand over it, but Naruto heard it.

"What message? Something I need to know?" he asked before he noticed Raiga bowed and keep his head low to the blonde.

"I'm sorry Naruto-sama, but you must acquire all of us for us to give you the message. We have tried to tell it to you multiple times. Each time you managed to get a hold on one of us then we tried to send the message, but it was as we feared. It only came out to be a jumbled mess that you wouldn't understand. Please understand," Raiga said and Naruto crossed his arms and thought about it.

"Well you all seem to have your problems. Alright I understand, but tell me what's the matter that you need to discuss with me?" Naruto asked and everyone got serious while Tyrun spoke.

"The Light," Tyrun said and Naruto raised an eyebrow. He turned to Tyrun before Yugisa spoke.

"We sensed the massive power of the Light and knowing how close it was to you we had no choice, but to surge over chakra into you to make you pass out so we could talk. We wouldn't have done it if we knew you were still fighting, but seeing as how you defeated him we chose that time to get you. The people who are checking on you will find nothing wrong. You'll wake up when we're finished, but I digress," Yugisa said and Fukune spoke.

"The Light, Naruto-sama, is in essence, the power of Kami-sama. We are the swords that were created by her and-," Fukune paused as Naruto finished.

"She gave you to her individual children. You owners fought for more being greedy with what they had, but Raiga's owner managed to kill the others and took you five. He tried to fight his mother, but she banished him and you guys were scattered across the nations. I know, I read that in Raimin's journal and the history of Sword Mythology book," Naruto spoke and Fukune nodded her head while Raiga began.

"All those words were exactly right Naruto-sama. I'm pleased that you read about it. Yes my former master grew greedy with his power and had slain his brothers and sisters who wielded the sword. He took all of us and tried to challenge our creator, his mother, but he ultimately lost with us being scattered. It has been about 700 years since that time," Raiga answered while they all remained quiet before Naruto sighed.

"How stuck up can you get? What was his name?" Naruto asked making separate thoughts while everyone gave the blonde their even glares.

"In your world, he is known as Sato Saranzo. He is a genius kenjutsu master. I cannot tell you his other name until you gather us all. Now back to the topic at hand. Naruto-sama, the Light is Kami's essence. It brings to life anything around it. I believe that you humans can compare it to Yang Release that you're trying to master at the moment. Kami-sama made us with this in mind as we contain only small amounts of the Light in our being. Kami-sama bestows this power upon an individual every thousand years, merely because a person's body isn't made to hold such power for a long time," Raiga said while Naruto sweatdropped.

"A thousand years isn't a long time? Who lives that long?" Naruto asked and all the swords raised their hands while Naruto sweatdropped even further.

"That isn't forged from Kami," Naruto finished and the swords put their hands down in laughter.

"We're not sure about her process, but it works. The Light grants the person with power equal to yourself or people like you that others call Jinchuuriki. There mood changes into seriousness, they gain immense power and they can do amazing features. It can't be fully controlled, but it can be trained by anyone willing to undergo that training," Yugisa said and Naruto nodded.

"So what is it between you guys and this light?" Naruto asked and the swords looked at each other and debated whether this was telling too much without revealing the message and merely nodded.

"We are, how you say, a beacon for the light. Once the person who contains the light stands by the person who wields the five swords then they will be able to meet with Kami face to face. We at first that you might be the Light, but when you wielded all four of us then we know that it couldn't be you because the person who wields the swords can't wield the Light. It is something that Kami has always decreed," Tyrun answered and Naruto sighed.

"So who has it if not me?" Naruto asked and the sentient being looked at each others.

"The possessor of the Light is indifferent to Kami. It could be anything from a human to an animal to a simple kunai. Naruto-sama you saw the Light and its effects. The one who possesses the Light is your companion, friend, and mate Kasumi," Fukune said in a tone that she was breaking news to some child. Naruto's hair shadowed his eyes and he looked at the ground. He remembered seeing Kasumi in white fire and her eyes all serious. Her kicks to Ayaka were on a new level as they seemed to really hurt.

"I see. That would explain a few things, but why Kasumi?" Naruto asked and the beings shook their heads.

"We aren't sure. Kami is always random with her choices and we've just dealt with it. All we can tell you Naruto-sama, before we fade, is this. Don't let Sato have the Light!" Raiga said, but they all ended it in unison before Naruto's world grew light and he closed his eyes.

Outside Naruto's Mindscape

"Haku, read me the chart now," Shizune ordered as people crowded around their Hokage's bed. Haku nodded and grabbed a chart while reading it off.

"Shizune-sensei, the chart shows that Naruto-kun is fine. He doesn't have any chakra exhaustion and his vitals are fine. I don't see why he's unconscious," Haku said and Shizune was confused before everyone saw Naruto open his eyes. He quickly leaned up much to everyone surprise.

"Naruto-kun," Haku said and the blonde rubbed the back of his head.

"Haku-chan, where is Kasumi-chan?" Naruto and Haku gently pushed him back to the bed before pointing to another room where he saw medic nin working on the dog girl while her breathing hitched at some times. Her eyes were closed, but she seemed to be breathing normally. Naruto gave a sigh of relief before he looked up at the hospital walls.

"Where is Kobayashi?" Naruto asked and Haku glared slightly.

"We have him detained by the Ibiki and Anko. She was really mad at having woken up, but when she heard the news Anko wasted no time in getting to the unconscious Kobayashi and delivering him to Ibiki.

Naruto smiled at that news and could tell that he really loved Anko. Leave it to her to panic and quickly drag someone to the Interrogation Department.

"Naruto-kun are you alright?" Tsume asked opening the door and Naruto nodded his head while turning to the side since Haku wouldn't allow him the pleasure of leaning up.

"I'm fine Tsume-chan. Don't worry about it. How is the clan?" Naruto asked and Tsume turned around.

"The lights are on and everyone is waiting for news of your condition. Kushina and Kimimaro are currently keeping the peace explaining things to people. Tayuya and Hana are looking for that man who got in my way. He stopped me midway and was the reason for that seal coming over your fight. Are you sure you're alright?" Tsume asked and Naruto chuckled.

"Having more chakra than you know what to do with does that. Don't worry the fainting part wasn't from chakra exhaustion. In fact, I'm fine now," Naruto said said trying to get out of the bed, but the glare he got from Haku seemed to make him stop.

"Naruto-kun, you are still hurt. Chakra exhaustion or not you will need to stay here for the rest of the night. By tomorrow you may leave," Haku said and Shizune looked at her like she was just surpassed in authority while Naruto sighed and nodded while looking at the ceiling.

"How's Kiba?" Naruto asked and before Tsume could respond she saw Kiba sitting in a chair.

"I'm fine if you must know," Kiba said and Naruto nodded with a smile before he lightly frowned.

"Tsume-chan, Shizune-chan, Haku-chan, can you leave us for a second?" Naruto asked glancing at Kiba which made his friend raise an eyebrow. The three women glanced at each other and noting the seriousness in Naruto's eyes as a Kage they all left and locked the door while Kiba sat in a chair next to Naruto.

"Kiba, how long have we been friends?" Naruto asked and Kiba looked at him slightly in confusion.

"Umm lost count, but ever since the academy," Kiba said and Naruto nodded.

"Kiba, you're my friend and you can tell me anything. It always concerned me that you never brought it out, but how did you really feel when I said that I loved your mother?" Naruto asked and Kiba unconsciously balled his fists. He glared at Naruto for a bit, but chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah I guess I never said anything right?" Kiba asked, but Naruto wasn't laughing or smiling. He knew if something like this happened with his mother then Kiba would be on the next ride to the Shinigami so he had to know how his best friend was feeling while Kiba jumped to his feet.

"I hated you," Kiba said and Naruto shuddered slightly while Kiba smiled and looked at the ceiling.

"I honestly hated you Naruto. I loved my Kaa-chan more than anything and seeing the way she was around you made me really want to kick your ass. I thought that you were just trying to get to her through me and Hana. It was always an unsettling feeling. So you're right. I didn't like it. Not at all. I hated it to the very core. Even when I was your friend I was always clinging to some hope that dad would come home and we'd be a family again. That never happened, but you showed up. You made Kaa-chan smile. She always told Hana and I about the times she spent with you when we weren't around. It pissed me off though I was your friend. I always asked myself 'What makes him better than Tou-san', 'Why does Kaa-chan like someone who as old as her son'," Kiba said and Naruto looked at the sheets only to miss Kiba's smile.

"But I started to understand. Around the time that we entered the chunin exams I began to understand. You always cared for Hana and I. We were your family. You also wanted to protect Kaa-chan with everything that you had. Example was Akira. You managed to keep Kaa-chan and I was happy. I started to see as the person fit for my mother. You could make her smile and have her enjoy life a lot more than what she had. The jokes Hana and I made when we called you Tou-san were real. I was having fun calling you that and seeing your reaction. Hana liked you also and you got with her. Then you went so far and combined our clans making us the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka clan. The largest clan in Konoha history. Naruto, I didn't like you being with my mother, but now I do. You're an awesome dude and friend. I know you can make her happy and if you don't, I'll kick your ass. Hokage or not," Kiba said turning around and heading for the door. Naruto smirked at Kiba and, against Haku's instructions, he stood to his feet.

"Kiba turn around," Naruto said and the Inuzuka did so only to see Naruto with his fist out.

"You're my best friend Kiba. I'll never hurt Tsume-chan, Hana-chan or you. On my life, believe it," Naruto said and Kiba snickered while he held up his fist and bumped it to Naruto.

"I know you won't. You're too much of a good guy to do that. Well I gotta go back home. See ya," Kiba said leaving the room with Naruto in a good mood as he closed his eyes.

Next Morning

Naruto was currently signing documents in his office for the renovations of shops and markets that had requested the space. The blonde sighed and stamped an approval while turning around. The news of Naruto's release from the hospital that morning had all of Konoha in a good mood, but Naruto forbade the shinobi from talking about Kobayashi entering the village and so the Inuzuka was place in the maximum security prison until his delivery to some kind of island called the Hozukijo or Blood Prison since keeping him Konoha was going to cause more problems than it solved. In the end, Tsume agreed with Naruto and the blonde wondered why she wasn't talking to Kobayashi to which Tsume replied that she had nothing to say to the asshole. Same could be said to Hana and Kiba so Naruto decided not to push the issue on them. So in that time Naruto wanted Anko and Ibiki to get any information out of Kobayashi before the people came to claim the Inuzuka.

Next to Naruto was Fu Uzumaki-Namikaze. Not having her surname she just adopted Naruto's and the blonde held no complaints about it. On the other side of Naruto, looking out the window, was Kiba Inuzuka who was more than happy to have something to do.

"Hey Naruto, when did you say that Taki would arrive?" Kiba asked and Naruto narrowed his eyes before looking at a clock.

"In a few hours. Kimimaro and Tayuya are on the rooftops looking around for anything. That letter has me on edge," Naruto said and Fu glared hard at the village, mainly the entrance.

"You think they'll do something?" she asked and Naruto nodded his head. Being Hokage opened your eyes to lots of things that kept you on alert. Kobayashi was a little bit of proof on that. As for who Tsume said intervened between herself and the fight Naruto was having with Kobayashi then that trail went cold.

"I have no idea, but I dare them to try," Naruto said and Fu grinned along with Kiba as both nodded their heads.

With Tayuya and Kimimaro

The two were currently doing as Naruto instructed and stayed at the very top of the Hokage Mansion. They looked around in all directions for any signs of Taki and their 'plot' that Naruto felt he should be worried about.

"The sacks of shit aren't even here yet. I swear that shithead is paranoid," Tayuya said and Kimimaro turned to her.

"Anything can happen Tayuya. Remember that as it will make all the difference between life and death. Besides you seemed to be really worried when it was announced that Hokage-sama was administered to the hospital. You couldn't go to sleep for quite a while until Tsume-sama told us the news that he was alright. Admit it, you like Naruto-sama," Kimimaro said and Tayuya hid a small blush while she growled.

"In your fuckin ass dreams Kimimaro. I would never like the shithead. He's only our real source of protection. I'm not having him kick the bucket so easily," Tayuya said and Kimimaro failed to stop the small smirk from appearing on his face before they saw a figure in the distance. Both watched as Itachi came in front of them.

"Inform Hokage-sama, Taki is currently three hours away and will be arriving shortly," Itachi said to them making Tayuya and Kimimaro shunshin out of sight.

Back with Naruto

Tayuya and Kimimaro just informed Naruto of the news and the blonde narrowed his eyes before sending them away. He asked them to go and collect his mother and three anbu led by Yugao. He wanted them stationed at specific points, but he also didn't want to waste this day so Kyuubi, Nibi, and Nanabi were overseeing his training with his clones near the house.

Tayuya and Kimimaro left Naruto alone while the blonde continued his work. He sighed again and brushed a hand through his hair. He stopped writing and traced his fingers over his swords. It was such a while that he had talked with him before he heard a voice.

"Mmm Naruto-sama, if you keep touching me like that," Fukune said and the blonde widened his eyes while Tyrun spoke.

"I knew you were a pervert brat," Tyrun said and Naruto's eyebrow twitched while his fire sword flared.

"Tyrun be respectful to Master. Sorry Naruto-sama, but Fukune's rather...sensitive," Raiga said while Naruto looked at the ceiling.

"Exactly when could I start hearing all of you?" Naruto asked and they all shrugged their shoulders.

"Maybe it was last night Naruto-sama. We were talking with you for a long time so it's most like we're linked. Much more convenient in my opinion," Yugisa said and Naruto sighed while Fukune moaned.

"Naruto-sama more. Touch me more. Your hands feel so good," Fukune said making the sentient beings blush along with Naruto while the blonde quickly withdrew his hand and placed in on the desk.

"I'm gonna need therapy," Naruto said to himself before he continued to get his work done.

Three hours later

There was a knock on Naruto's door and the blonde narrowed his eyes before he yelled.

"Come in," he said and immediately Naruto saw three Taki members enter his office. One was of old age wearing the traditional leader robes that signified his rule over the village hidden in the waterfall. Another was middle aged with two swords on his back. His long hair going down his back along with his muscular arms. The next one was a twenty-year old man who had a traditional japanese katana trapped to his waist. The three glanced at Fu who narrowed her eyes at them. Kiba lightly growled and so did Akamaru. Naruto made sure for them to calm down and the anbu in the room tensed, but held their positions as Naruto stood to his feet.

"And to what do I owe the honor of Taki's leader coming to Konoha?" Naruto asked with a slight bow and the three men bowed as well towards the young blonde Kage, but Fu could see the disdain in their eyes.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Hokage-dono. I'm Horyo Fyura," the man said and Naruto narrowed his eyes. The last he had heard of the leader of Taki was an old man who had a son called Shibuki. He recalled that he died from drinking something called the Hero's Water, but Naruto didn't read too much into it until now. He glanced at Kiba who was managing himself quite while and then turned to Fu who was scowling, but really tried to hold it in.

"Nice to meet you. Welcome to Konoha no Sato. I'm the current Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze," the blonde said and Horyo nodded his head.

"Yes, we have learned of your progress towards the Kage position. It was wide spread among the world that someone so young was named the Hokage. It makes me wonder how Konoha manages if their Hokage is a child," Horyo said with an elderly laugh while Naruto growled. Kiba balled his fists and so did Fu, but Naruto learned patience from Kyuubi over his life training and he wouldn't let this get to him so he merely...chuckled.

"Oh I think you'll find that I'm more than capable of taking care of anything that gets in my way," Naruto said with a little glare while the Taki leader growled, but then smiled easily.

"I see. That's very becoming Hokage-dono, but you're a very busy person I'm sure so I'll get to the point. Did you receive Taki's letter concerning out...problem?" he asked glancing at Fu who averted her eyes. Naruto and Kiba noticed while the blonde responded.

"Yeah I received it and I talked it over with my council. The answer we came to was a complete majority rule," Naruto said with his eyes closed and Horyo smirked with a nod. Of course Konoha wouldn't want to go to war with Taki. No brat would have the gall to face someone with experience.

"I see. Well I'm glad that we can get this done as easily as-," he stopped while Naruto raised his hand.

"And we all came to the conclusion that your presence won't be needed since Fu has taken up residence to my clan as well as my village. You may leave," Naruto said and Horyo narrowed his eyes in shock while his two guards were about to reach for their weapons before Horyo reached into his pocket and pulled out a black book. He threw it to Naruto and smiled.

"I insist that you reconsider," he said and Naruto opened the book.

"Name: Horyo Fyura

Occupation: Leader of Takigakure

Rank: A

Warning: Approach with caution,"

Fu, Naruto and Kiba looked over it and the blonde trembled before he lightly snickered. He then chuckled lightly and took another book and threw it to Horyo.

"Name: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze

Occupation: Hokage of Konoha. Head of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan

Rank: S

Nickname: Kekkai Genkai no Naruto.

Bounty: 10,000,000,000 yen brought to Iwa

Warning: Do not Approach,"

Naruto grinned while Horyo seemed to lightly curse and Naruto smiled as he took the book back. He saw the look of frustration in Horyo's eyes while the blonde leaned on arm on the table.

"I think we can handle it. Thank you for your time," Naruto said and Horyo snickered while he folded his arms.

"Careful young Hokage. Such a proclamation would be seen as declaring war against someone else," Horyo said and Naruto snorted while getting up from his desk.

"I'm not doing anything. I'd rather avoid war if I can, but no one is going to threaten me or my shinobi so I'd just get out if I was a certain someone," Naruto said and the Taki leader sighed.

"I had hoped we could come to an agreement about this," he said and Naruto shocked everyone by kissed Fu on the cheek. Fu widened her eyes and Kiba did the same, but Fu gradually sighed in relief while Naruto stood in front of her.

"If you think I don't know why you want her then I'll tell you that I do know. After all I'm just like her so I suggest you leave," Naruto said and before someone could retort the three backed off and walked towards the door.

"Then...I hope you won't mind the consequences Hokage-dono," Horyo said and closed the door.

"Naruto-kun," Fu said and the blonde nodded before he balled his fists. He would have to be ready now. This would be his fist official war as a young Kage. Naruto snapped his fingers making three anbu, Dog, Snake and Dragon, drop to the ground on one knee.

"Hokage-sama?" They asked and Naruto glared at them.

"Increase security of the village. Also gather the jonin, chunin and genin. Also everyone be prepared. We're going to war," Naruto said and the anbu widened their eyes before they bowed and left. Naruto sighed as he sat back in his desk.

"Naruto, I'm gonna inform Kaa-chan and the rest of the clan. I'll see you back at home," Kiba said and Naruto nodded as he watched Kiba leave. He then turned to Fu who seemed sorrowful.

"Don't worry Fu-chan. I won't let them take you. Go, inform the Barrier team and prepare," Naruto said making Fu nod as she left, but not before giving Naruto a hug as a thank you while leaving as Naruto heard another knock on the door.

"Come in," Naruto said and Kurenai along with Shizune showed up.

"How did it go Naruto-kun?" Kurenai asked and the blonde sighed while he slumped in his chair.

"Not good Kurenai-chan. Not good," Naruto said with a slump while Kurenai and Shizune sighed while glancing at each other. Kurenai walked up and kissed Naruto on the forehead making him rub it slightly.

"Don't worry Hokage-sama. We know you'll do great," Kurenai said and Naruto smiled with a nod of his head while Shizune read him some reports.

With Kushina

The Uzumaki woman heard the entire discussion going down and it left a bad taste in her mouth that Taki would try something. When she was a jonin they were really kind to Konoha and the two were the best of allies. They shared so many secrets, but they degraded that much. She didn't have to be told that she would need to get things ready. The redhead sighed and got to her feet.

"Guess I'll be going to some of the weapon departments dattebane," Kushina said before vanishing in a shunshin. She would have a lot of work to do now.

With the Taki leaders

Horyo snickered as he and his group stopped at the Konoha Gates. So the brat wanted to play hard ball eh? Oh he would get it and he would regret it.

"Contact our resource. Tell them that Taki will want to claim that offer now. Also I don't care how you do it, but make sure to contact 'Them'. I won't tolerate anyone, but us holding the Nanabi jinchuuriki. So long as she's dead then I have no other complaints," he said and his two escorts nodded as they shunshined out of the village.

With Kasumi

The brunette haired girl opened her eyes and lightly coughed as she looked out the window. The sun was shining from the storm yesterday and while she wanted to be happy she could see the blurry lines around her and knew that her vision still hadn't returned. She knew she was in the hospital from the smell of disinfectant, doctor robes and stale hospital food. Seriously, would it kill the hospital to bring their patients some hot food and not make it warm-boarder line cold. Sheesh.

"I feel like I got hit by Kyuubi-sama in her full bijuu form. Ugh, Kaa-san got away though. I wish I knew where she was, but what was 'that'. I felt so angry. Angry at Ayaka for taking down about Naruto and she just felt that amazing power take over her.

"What happened to me?" Kasumi wondered before she saw the door open to reveal Haku with a chart and smiling at her.

"Oh Kasumi, you're awake. That's good. Let me check over you," Haku said and Kasumi merely nodded as Haku began her search. She checked all of Kasumi's functions and made sure that she was fine. Kasumi's body was naturally stronger than the average female's since she still had the half-dog thing going for her.

"How is Naruto-sama?" Kasumi asked as Haku wrote on the notepad.

"Naruto-kun is at the Hokage Mansion doing his work. You know before he left he kissed you on the cheek and hoped that you would wake up. It's so nice of him I think. Well there doesn't seem to be much wrong with you so just get a few more hours of rest and you will be able to leave," Haku said while Kasumi nodded her head with a smile on her face.

"I see. Well that's great for me," Kasumi said with her tail wagging back and forth. Haku chuckled and nodded her head while getting up to leave.

"Get some sleep. I'll sign you out with Shizune-sensei's permission a little later," Haku said closing the door while Kasumi sighed. She looked up at the ceiling before touching her stomach.

"You were wrong Kaa-chan. I really love Naruto-sama. Enough to have his child," Kasumi said before she caught herself and blushed while turning in the bed.

"My and Naruto-sama's child. I wonder what it would be like. I can't count the number of times he's...taken me. The bed, the kitchen, the park, one of the training grounds. Ahhh Kasumi, what are you thinking? You're only fourteen. You can't have a family yet," Kasumi said tossing and turning before she snickered.

"Our child. I want one Naruto-sama. Being a mother will be so fulfilling," Kasumi said with a smile as she laid in the bed.

With Anko

"Who sent you?!" Anko asked with a yell while Kobayashi chuckled looking at her. He merely said nothing and turned his head while Anko growled, but cooled down. She sighed and shook her head feeling the small headache coming.

"If you think you can scare me then you've got another thing coming Anko. I knew you since you were Orochimaru-sama's apprentice. He had such high hopes for you, but look at you. A stupid woman who's in love with a little brat that managed to get rid of her curse mark. I feel ashamed of you," Kobayashi said and Anko snickered while she placed a hand on her hip.

"No need for that. Besides isn't it more embarrassing for you? Losing Tsume to Naruto-kun who less than twenty years your age. Besides I think you'll talk after I'm done with you," Anko said with a wink and something about that made Kobayashi snicker. It wasn't known to anyone, but Kobayashi was...a masochist.

"I look forward to it Anko-chan," he said licking his lips and Anko smirked while she turned behind the glass to see Ibiki nod his head at her. Anko nodded and took out a kunai and twirled it around her hands.

"Well alright then. We've only got a week till the escort arrives right?" Anko asked and she inched towards Kobayashi with a small smile on her face.

With Itachi

The Uchiha was currently dodging his younger brother's strikes and backflipped away before throwing a kunai. Sasuke quickly dodged it and easily grabbed the kunai while sending it back to Itachi. The two clashed one more time before they huffed. Sasuke turned off his sharingan and Itachi did the same.

"Excellent work Sasuke. We'll take a break now," Itachi said and Sasuke nodded as he sighed.

"How did the meeting of the dobe and Taki go?" the younger Uchiha asked his brother and Itachi shook his head.

"I wouldn't know since I wasn't asked to attend, but if it is like how I think it's like then Sasuke we'll have to step up your training," Itachi said and Sasuke nodded though he was confused until both saw Kakashi and Genma drop to the ground.

"It's just as Itachi figured. Hokage-sama has requested all Anbu, Jonin, Chunin and Genin to the opening field of Training Ground #44 tomorrow morning. It seems that we're going to war," Genma said and Sasuke widened his eyes.

"Naruto's allowing war?" Sasuke asked and Kakashi shrugged his shoulders.

"To Naruto, this village is his life. He won't hesitate to protect them all. He really has come along way. I only hope that he can come up with a good plan. Naruto is powerful. Since he's the Hokage he's technically the most powerful person in the entire village, but he has no war experience. I can only hope that he will know what to do," Kakashi said and Itachi turned to Sasuke.

"Well he allowed me to see my brother again. Also without him I wouldn't be here training Sasuke in the secrets of the sharingan. I still think that I should've gone back to keep an eye on Akatsuki, but I hold no regrets about my decision," Itachi responded making the others nod.

With Team Asuma

Shikamaru, Choji and Ino were sitting under a tree enjoying the sunlight and the short break that they had from Asuma's training. Apparently the jonin was still depressed about Kurenai going for the young Hokage instead of himself and he was taking out that frustration on his genin team which made them all sigh.

"Troublesome. Naruto is a pain even when he's not around," Shikamaru said and Ino nodded her head while Choji seemed to be having a heart attack.

"Though did you guys hear the news? I heard that Taki came to the village early morning, but left only about two hours after that. You think they wanted something with Naruto?" Choji asked and Shikamaru shook his head with a sigh.

"Who knows. It's too troublesome to think about. I swear this is such a drag," Shikamaru said and Ino chuckled while resting her head on the tree.

"Still I remember hearing from some of the jonin in the area that Itachi is back in the village. Not to mention that Sakura wouldn't shut her damn mouth about it. Also he seems to be teaching Sasuke. I thought Sasuke-kun would immediately be all 'Itachi I'll kill you for killing me clan with this almighty sharingan. Ya know?" Ino asked and Shikamaru snickered with a nod.

"Alright you three that's enough of a break. We'll get back to work. Also I received some news from a fellow jonin. All shinobi under Hokage-sama's control are to report to Training Ground #44 early in the morning," Asuma said and Ino widened her eyes along with Shikamaru and Choji.

"For what?" Choji asked and Asuma scratched his cheek.

"I think the meeting with Taki didn't turn out like we wanted and some stuff happened," he said lightning a cigarette and Shikamaru sighed.

"Troublesome stuff I bet. So is there anything else we need to do?" Shikamaru asked and Asuma shook his head.

"No, you are allowed to leave," he said and everyone gave a blissful sigh of relief to his words.

With Team Gai and Team Kurenai

The two teams were currently gathered around in a circle while the two jonin was relaying their information to their genin. Neji seemed emotionless as was Shino. Hinata, Sakura, Tenten and Lee showed surprise to their sensei and their words.

"So we have to go back to that god forsaken training ground all because Naruto-baka called us to?" Sakura asked while Kurenai folded her arms.

"Sakura be respectful of Hokage-sama. He's been quite lenient with you as he could drop you from the program completely. As his advisor I know you're pushing the limits of his patience," Kurenai said and Sakura huffed while Lee raised his hand.

"Gai-sensei, why would Naruto-san call us to such a place? Did something happen?" Lee asked and Gai smirked.

"I have no idea Lee, but seeing Naruto-san take control show me that his youth hasn't diminished. We must strive to be more like him!" Gai said and Lee nodded while Tenten sighed.

"Anyway, Kurenai-sensei why are we all gathering? Is something going to happen?" Tenten asked and the look on Kurenai's face seemed to scare everyone a little.

"That's right Tenten. I fear we're all going to have something happen," Kurenai said making Neji narrow his eyes along with Shino while Hinata pointed her fingers together.

"Naruto-kun, what has happened?" Hinata thought to herself.

With Naruto, nighttime

The blonde sighed and opened the door to the compound. He saw so many of his clansmen eager and happy to know that he was alright. Naruto gave them all his best smile and waved. Haku had informed him about Kasumi and thanks to, Kyuubi's chakra then she would be good by tomorrow. Naruto also dispelled his clones and took in the information from his training with Nibi, Nanabi and Kyuubi or rather the unbearable pain that was inflicted on him. He worked on trying to control the Susanoo along with the other kekkai genkai that he copied, but also in expanding his jutsu repertoire. He managed to create some new genjutsu tricks with his EM Sharingan. Kyuubi had also told him that his Shinseinagan had more features and all the clones asked her about it, but Kyuubi told him that it would be something that he would learn as he got older. Naruto also got to work on Anko's jutsu called 'Chiton', but held no real results. He tried practicing his Jyuuken and other forms for the time being before he gathered everyone of the compound.

People gather with their dogs and other friends as they laid around the floor and outside. Naruto sat in a chair and Tsume sat next to him. The two clan heads looked at everyone and Naruto had he placed his head into his hands.

"Everyone, be ready," Naruto said and the members of the large clan murmured.

"For what Naruto-sama? Did Taki try something?" someone asked while the dogs growled. Anko, Yugito and Fu glanced at each other while Naruto sighed.

"No, but they're going to. It's not what I want, but for Fu we're going to war!" Naruto said and everyone widened their eyes. Tayuya folded her arms along with Kimimaro while Kushina and Haku stopped their cooking to hear Naruto's words. Some of the clan growled while others seemed indifferent and expected the outcome. Mess with one Konoha shinobi and you mess with them all. Inuzuka and Uzumaki philosophy and all that.

"War huh? Again? And it's with one of the lesser villages. Hokage-sama is it necessary to make this into a big thing?" someone asked and Naruto leaned back.

"I don't think so, but according to Baa-chan she always had to keep tabs on Taki because they could always try anything. I don't have any war experience other than that invasion attempt during the chunin exams so I hope to end this as fast as possible," Naruto said and most people agreed.

"So what will you have us do Naruto-kun?" Kushina asked and Naruto turned around.

"I'll discuss it with others tomorrow. We're all going to show up to training ground #44 until then I want everyone to get some sleep after dinner. We're all going to be busy tomorrow," Naruto told them and everyone scattered.

With Naruto and Tsume

The two were currently in the master bedroom where Naruto was sighing and Tsume looked at her mate in confusion.

"Something wrong Naruto?" she asked and the blonde felt his hands shaking.

"War Tsume-chan. I'm taking the village to war. I'm allowing people to risk their lives for Fu-chan and all for my sake. I've never felt so much pressure and responsibility before in my life. Can I do it Tsume-chan? Can I really protect everyone? No matter how strong I am, I'm scared. All the strength I've gotten training with Kyuubi-chan and I'm scared," Naruto said while Tsume kissed his cheek causing Naruto to turn to her.

"We do it cause we want to. You're our Rokudaime Hokage. It's things like this that will allow you to gain experience and we hold no regrets. You're still young Naruto-kun. Plenty of time for mistakes and plenty of time for success. Don't rush things and just calm down. We'll be here tonight, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," Tsume said and Naruto nodded with a smile on his face.

"You're right Tsume-chan. Thank you," Naruto said as he grazed Tsume's hand with his own. The two gazed into each other's eyes and Naruto quickly kissed Tsume's lips while she eagerly returned them. The two stayed like that for a while as their tongues danced around. Naruto and Tsume separated with a small trail of saliva connecting them.

"Tsume-chan," Naruto said as he caressed her cheek while Tsume smiled.

"Come Naruto-kun," Tsume said to him and Naruto definitely agreed.


Naruto quickly lessened the distance with Tsume again and added his sensual kisses to her neck. Tsume moaned as she lifted her hands and gently caressed Naruto's back all the while taking his Hokage robes off his body. She allowed them to drop to the floor while the two continued their hot kisses. Their tongues swirled around and around as Naruto lifted one of his hands to his mate's breasts. Naruto quickly rubbed them in a circular motion adding the friction of clothing to Tsume's breasts while the Inuzuka head moaned into Naruto's mouth.

"Ahhh ooh Naruto-kun," she said and Naruto quickly unfastened the buttons of her clothes while Tsume quickly leaned forward pushing Naruto to the bed allowing her to be on top while they felt each other's body.

"Tsume-chan I love you so much," Naruto said/moaned as he felt his body heat up to her attraction. The two continued in their ministrations before Tsume and Naruto parted. Both panted for a good long while as they caught their breath.

It really didn't take long for Tsume to feel Naruto's hard-on rising across her thigh while she blush. She quickly left no time and devoured his lips again. Naruto groaned while He took off Tsume's clothing. He watched it drop to the floor revealing Tsume only in a standard white T-shirt.

"Naruto-kun keep going," Tsume moaned and Naruto lifted her shirt as he saw her nipples stiffening. Naruto felt that he could forget about anything so long as he had Tsume next to him. The blonde quickly leaned his head up and attacked Tsume's large assets with his mouth. He sucked on one nipple while his other hand cupped her other breast swirling it around while Tsume huffed and hissed.

"Yes. Yes! Play with them Naruto-kun. More!" Tsume shouted while Naruto did as she wanted. He quickly bit down on one giving Tsume a good kind of pain before she trailed her hands over his torso and down to his pants. She undid the belt of his pants skillfully and slipped them off as Naruto stopped sucking her breasts. He looked at her for a bit before a gleam got in his eye.

"Tsume-chan, what to try something?" Naruto asked and Tsume felt her excitement rise as Naruto smiled. She allowed him to lean up a bit and gave him a rough kiss before Naruto turned her around. Tsume blushed a little while she took off her delicates in front of Naruto's eyes and the blonde took off his boxers. Both let them fall to the floor before they laid at each other's spot. Tsume marveled at Naruto's package and bit her lip with anticipation while Naruto could see the wetness of his female mate's honeycomb. The two quickly attacked each other as Naruto and Tsume gave pleasure to the other at the same time.

"Tsume-chan, that feels great. Damn, I might cum already," Naruto said and Tsume chuckled before bobbing her head up and down Naruto's shaft while rubbing her hand up and down as well. Naruto wasn't idle either as his tongue was plunging deep into the fathom's of Tsume's pussy. He guzzled on the liquids that would fall while Tsume moaned his name.

"Oohhh More. Yes Naruto-kun! Like that, do it more roughly!" Tsume demanded and Naruto moved his lips to her clit and gave it a soft bite making Tsume screaming out, but not loudly enough for people to know what they were doing. She gasped and continued to suck Naruto's hot rod before she could feel him tighten.

"Tsume-chan, I'm gonna cum!" Naruto yelled and sent a rush of white milk into Tsume's mouth while the Inuzuka dutifully took it all. She felt it reach into the back of her throat, but she didn't mind it at all. She quickly gulped it down and when she was sure that she was done, she slipped off only for a few shots to land on her face. Tsume would've paid attention to it if not for her moaning and shivering of Naruto continuing to torture her spot with his fervent licks and steady hands.

"Ohhh yes. Naruto-kun, right there. Oh fuck! Keep going," Tsume said and she turned her body around and began to spread her legs with the sweat dripping off her face. Tsume roughly grabbed Naruto's hair and pushed him further.

"Almost. Almost there Naruto-kun. I'm gonna cum!" Tsume shouted as her whole body shuddered. Naruto took all the juices she had and swallowed them. He sighed and leaned up while he licked some off his face.

Tsume panted heavily from that pleasure and sighed in bliss before turning to see Naruto approach her. She smiled and quickly kissed him. Naruto moved forward and easily plunged inside Tsume. The Inuzuka gasped as Naruto pulled her up and rested her directly on top of his lap as he plunged deeper and deeper inside her.

"Oohhhh so big! Yes Naruto-kun! Go faster! We won't be able to do this for a while. So don't stop!" Tsume cried and Naruto quickly agreed as the two were preparing their night. They moaned and cried all night for each other.

"Tsume-chan you're so tight. I love this feeling!" Naruto said and Tsume easily nodded her head while her claws ripped into her lover's back as Naruto bit her neck making Tsume growl. They both kept going into the long hours of the night feeling each other and their love. Tsume was everything that Naruto would come to love in the future and for Tsume, Naruto was the answer to all her loneliness. She had her kids, but she also wanted a mate and Naruto was that mate for her.

Both wrecked the bed with their session as the claw marks and scratches became evident along with the constant drops of sweat that came form their bodies.

"Tsume-chan, gonna cum right now. I can't hold it!" Naruto shouted and Tsume wrapped her legs over his waist.

"Go for it Naruto-kun! I'm gonna cum too. Right now!" Tsume yelled as she and Naruto came together. Everything grew white for them as Tsume's body shuddered under the explosive pleasure that Naruto gave her while the blonde did the same. They fell to the bed and sighed in bliss. It was short, but it was sweet.

"Ready Tsume-chan?" Naruto asked and Tsume nodded.

"Just don't tire yourself out Naruto-kun," Tsume responded and the blonde nodded his own response as they stayed in each other's arms. Times like these are important since times like tomorrow. Especially during times like tomorrow.

Lemon end, Next Morning

The fog of the morning was setting in as countless shinobi could be seen making it into the Forest of Death gates. Their Hokage had summoned them all to the outlet of the forest and no one was willing to be late. So many people could be seen hopping along the forest. The Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka clan being the largest as a gathering. The Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi, Hyuuga, and Aburame members were all moving with their clan heads at the very top. Itachi, Sasuke, Genma and Kakashi were hopping along also while teams eight, nine and ten were making it to the clearing also. It was filled to the brim with people who were lined up together. The genin pushed themselves in front of the chunin and jonin to get a better view while everyone gathered. It was like a multitude of people showing up as the murmurs filled the forest.

"Anko, you made it," Kurenai said and the Snake Mistress nodded with a yawn while she wore her standard trench coat. It was very early as the sun hadn't risen yet, but everyone was around.

"Sasuke-kun, you made it," Sakura said and the Uchiha huffed while everyone waited. The silence was deafening for some people before a yellow flash appeared in the middle of the field. Everyone saw their young Hokage looking at them all and the blonde brushed a hand through his hair.

"You're all wondering why I called you here right?" Naruto asked and he saw nearly everyone nod that they were indeed confused about it. Naruto sighed and nodded his head before glancing at his clan. They all smiled and few gave him thumbs up. They all backed him up and he was happy they did.

"As you all know Taki came to Konoha and told me to give back Fu to them or we would...face consequences for my choice," Naruto said and people started murmuring. Everyone who was permitted knew that Fu was a jinchuuriki just like Naruto, but seeing the blonde as a Hokage and a jinchuuriki everyone was beginning to change their opinions on them. Fu and Yugito glanced at each other and lightly smiled before turning back. Kyuubi and Nibi looked towards Nanabi, but the green haired bijuu merely allowed Naruto to talk. She knew this was some of her fault, but wouldn't mind protecting Fu in the least. She was one of her friends after all.

"Naruto, you didn't agree to it did you?" Sakura asked bringing attention to her. Some would've told her to be more respectful, but it seemed to be a hassle so they left it alone and turned back to Naruto. The blonde's bangs covered his eyes and he sighed.

"Everyone, I love my clan. I love being a clan head and I love Konoha. I love being the Hokage. It's always been my dream," Naruto said and people wondered why he was being so tense about it before the blonde sighed.

"I refused Taki," he said and most people were relieved to say the least. Some were tense about what this could mean for Konoha and others were more calculative meaning the Hyuuga, Nara, and Aburame. They all look to Naruto and needless to say for mostly everyone they knew what Naruto was going to say.

"I'm selfish. I want Fu for myself, my clan, my village. I refuse to hand her to anyone. Fu is a Konoha shinobi, she is my mate, she is an Uzumaki-Namikaze and in refusing Taki they declared war on Konoha," Naruto yelled out making his voice ring to everyone. People widened their eyes at his words while the genin turned to some of their sensei. They all nodded and Shikamaru sighed.

"I was right. It's all too troublesome," he said rubbing his head. People murmured amongst themselves about whether this was a good idea or not before Naruto sighed.

"A request like this to you all is unfair. I know, but a Kage isn't themselves. It is their village. I want everyone to know that I will protect this village with my life. This village and Fu-chan. Will you help me? Help me show Taki that they won't mess with Konoha? Help me gain the experience to lead you better in the future dattebayo?" Naruto asked in a shout. People seemed so happy even those who probably didn't want to fight, but they all turned their heads when they heard the Uzumaki-Namikaze-Inuzuka clan shout out.

"We'll fight for our clan!" They shouted out sending another burst of cheers throughout the entire forest. It suddenly bursted in cheers while Kakashi and Asuma sighed.

"We'll be busy won't we Kakashi?" Asuma asked and Kakashi nodded his head, but gave an eyesmile.

"Yosh! I will showcase my flames of youth to the enemy. I won't let them take Fu-chan," Lee yelled with his eyes burning hot while Gai gave a thumbs up.

"That's the spirit Lee," Gai said making people sweatdrop.

"War? Just think of all those weapons I'll get to see," Tenten said with a gleam in her eye while Kiba and Ino sighed, but they knew how she must be feeling.

"Just let Taki try and mess with us. We'll show them why Konoha is one of the Five Great Nations!" someone yelled and people shouted even more. Naruto's smile gleamed while some tears fell down his face. He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head.

"Taki is going down!" Naruto yelled and the forest rang again with shouts of victory from the Anbu, Chunin, Jonin and Genin.

"Sasuke, you want to prove yourself, then you'd better start preparing," Itachi said with an eye on Sasuke. The young Uchiha smirked and glared hard.

"Oh I'll do better than that Itachi. I'll really show what I can do," Sasuke said while Kushina smiled.

"See sochi? We all back you up. You aren't alone. You're our Hokage dattebane. Minato would be proud of you," Kushina said while Naruto looked at the sky.

"Sorry Taki, but you're not beating me. Not today, not any day," Naruto said as now was the time to plan. Now was the time to act and strategize simply because...war is no joke.

Three Days Later

"How is it that you were able to find us?" Pain asked a Taki shinobi and the man smirked as he folded his arms.

"We've been keeping tabs on Akatsuki for a while and we're glad we did. Our leader has asked for your help. You're mercenaries aren't you?" he asked and Pain glared at the man before closing his eyes and allowing a nod.

"Our prices are very high. Can you afford us?" he asked and the man smirked.

"Can you get the job done?" the Taki shinobi asked back and Pain snorted.

"Don't worry about that. What do we get if we succeed?" Pain asked and the Taki shinobi snickered as he dropped a scroll allowing tons of money to fall.

"All this as well as Fu the jinchuuriki. You're collecting them right? Then take her and we'll take Konoha. I'd rather not destroy our ally, but they've forced our leader's hand," the man said and Pain closed his eyes.

"Very well Akatsuki accepts. We will send three of our agents to assist Taki in its war against Konoha," Pain said and the Taki shinobi nodded before he vanished out of sight while Pain turned around with Konan coming behind him.

"Konan, gather the members. You, Sasori and Kisame have a mission," Pain said while Konan nodded her head before they vanished.

A few hours later

"Sir, contact with Akatsuki has been confirmed. What else would you like us to do?" someone asked and Horyo smirked.

"Contact the rest of our allies. Konoha's in for a rude awakening," the man said before he heard a burst through his door.

"W-What are you doing? War against Konoha? This isn't what my father wanted!" a genin yelled and everyone turned to him.

"Shibuki-sama until you are of proper age then Taki will be under your rule. For right now you must trust in my decisions. I know what I am doing," Horyo said and Shibuki gulped, but he felt so intimidated and merely left.

"Hmph, arrogant brat," someone said and Horyo chuckled.

"Think nothing of him. Make plans and get ready. We'll be very busy. Isn't that right Konoha?" Horyo asked keeping the last part in his thoughts. Konoha and Taki have war. However Naruto didn't know that this war would make the beginning of his true reign as Hokage.

End of Chapter 49.

KG: Ugh, done. Now people I'll make some things clear. Yes I know Taki wouldn't really be this way with Konoha, but I want Naruto to gain experience in warring times. So this seemed like a good idea. Also as to the Akatsuki members then I'm trying to even out the strength with Taki buying out Akatsuki. Plus Konan's gonna play a significant role in the future. Hehehe. I also know that Konoha would've been more...hesitant about a war with one of its allies, but this is Naruto we're talking about. I wanted him to get them fired up about protecting one of their own. It seemed like a good idea. Also this will spread to the other nations and let's just say that I found the perfect way for Kurotsuchi to actually like Kiba now. Hehe I was also listening to "This is War" by 30 Seconds to War when writing this. I'd do the 'omake', but Naruto and the others seem to be sleeping. Also Vail Ryuketsu I would love to have your help. How much do you charge to end this damn invasion?! See you later people. Also the fifth elemental sword will be appearing soon in 2 or 3 chapters. Stay Breezy and protect what's important to you. Bye bye :).