KG: And we are back with another Naruto x Tsume chapter.

Naruto: *heavy panting*

KG: What the hell happened to you?

Naruto: I don't wanna talk about it.

KG: Come on Naruto, what happened? You can tell me. And what are those red marks on your body?

Naruto: I-I got fed to the dogs. Tsume-chan and Kyuubi-chan are totally sadistic. They just did the most horrible thing to me.

KG: Do I even want to know?

Naruto: For the sake of you and your readers, I won't say. Simply because my pride won't allow me to.

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Next Morning

Naruto soon got up as he looked at his calendar. Naruto smirked as today was team placement. Naruto could only smile at the fun he was going to have today. Naruto woke Kasumi up as she yipped at her blond friend. Naruto and Kasumi did the standard stretches to start the day as both headed to the washroom. Naruto scrubbed Kasumi down as he made a shadow clone to wash his back. Naruto and Kasumi enjoyed the warmth of the bath as both soon stepped out and dried off.

"Well Kasumi-chan are you ready to go?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi yipped as she rubbed her body on his leg. Naruto chuckled as he gave her the standard food that Tsume had told him about. While Kasumi ate her food, Naruto went to get his clothes on as he picked out a grey shirt and black pants. Naruto smiled as he grabbed his sword and strapped it to his back. Naruto went over to the refrigerator and opened it as he took out some cereal. Naruto ate his food as he enjoyed the silence. Soon both Naruto and Kasumi finished their food as Kasumi took her favorite spot on top of Naruto's head. Naruto chuckled as Kasumi continued to snuggled against the soft orange fluff of hair.

"Alright let's go," Naruto said as he left the house. Naruto soon looked the door as he pumped chakra into the security seal that Sarutobi gave him. Naruto nodded slightly as he leapt across the rooftops. Naruto wanted to get to the academy a little early as he had a big smile across his face. Soon his vixen friend decided to talk with her blond.

"A good day for a team placement huh Naruto-kun?" Kyuubi asked him. Naruto smirked with a nod as he decided to reply.

"It certainly is Kyuubi-chan. I can't wait to see who I am paired with. But I swear if it is that loud mouth banshee or that emo Uchiha, so heads are going to roll," Naruto told her. Naruto heard Kyuubi laugh with a nod as she stretched in her soft bed.

"Kami help the poor fools who do make you three a team," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded as he soon saw the academy grounds in sight.

Konoha Academy

Naruto soon appeared at the grounds as he opened the doors. Naruto roamed the halls as usual until he came up to his room. Naruto looked to see the place was empty as he was the first one to arrive. Naruto simply walked up the stairs as he found his regular seat. Naruto sat in his chair as he waited for people to show up. After 30 minutes of peaceful silence, Naruto heard the door open as he looked to see some of the kids enter. Naruto didn't pay them any mind as he decided that they weren't worth his time. Soon kids filled the room as Naruto looked at everyone who had managed to pass the exams. Naruto smiled as he saw the only real friend he had as Kiba took a seat next to him.

"Hey Naruto. Are you ready for the team placements?" Kiba asked him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as Akamaru started to have a conversation with Kasumi.

"I sure am Kiba. I really hope you are on my team. I couldn't find anyone else to work well with. I sure hope I don't have to work with two annoying people," Naruto told him. Kiba laughed as he looked at the girls fawn over Sasuke.

"I am with you there Naruto," Kiba told him as everyone soon settled down. Iruka soon came through the door as he saw some people's eager faces. He then spared a passing glance and Naruto and smiled. Naruto smiled back as Iruka took to the stand as he glanced over all the students.

"First I want to say that starting today everyone here are shinobi of Konoha. You are going to have more responsibilities as you grow and develop with your friends and your teachers. I am proud of everyone here," Iruka told them. Everyone enjoyed his little speech as Iruka look at his board.

"I will now announce the teams. Team 1...," (A/N: No one until 7 is important). Iruka continued down the list as he came up to the next team.

"Team 7 Naruto Uzumaki...," Naruto perked up as he heard his name. Iruka continued on.

"Kiba Inuzuka," Kiba smiled along with Naruto as they high fived each other.

"Looks like it's you and me and someone," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded as they listened to the last name.

"And Sasuke Uchiha. Your sensei is Kakashi Hatake," Iruka told them. Time stopped for Naruto and Kiba as they dropped their jaws. Sasuke huffed in annoyance as he continued to brood. Naruto and Kiba soon hit the table they were sitting at as they drew everyone's attention to them.

"It seems that Kami is quite the prankster," Kiba told Naruto. Naruto huffed as he rubbed the lump on his head.

"It was going so well. Why Kami, why do I have to be paired up with a person who probably cuts himself on a daily basis," Naruto cried as Iruka read the rest of the list.

"Team 8 is Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga, Sakura Haruno. Your sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi," Iruka said to them. Everyone nodded as Sakura heavily sighed from not being paired with her Sasuke-kun. Iruka continued down as he read the names.

"Team 9....(Unimportant)," Iruka continued as he went through the people.

"Team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akamichi. Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi," Iruka finished. Everyone nodded as they waited for their sensei to arrive to the room. Soon the room was filled with Jonin level people as everyone filed out. Naruto took note of some people's sensei as he saw a good looking woman and a man with a cigarette in his mouth. Soon everyone left the room as Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke stayed in the room. Kiba soon sat next to Naruto as they left Sasuke to his own vices.

"Where the hell is this guy?" Kiba asked him. Naruto sighed as he turned to Kiba.

"In addition to an emo, we now have a super late sensei. You know if you weren't on my team, I would go completely insane. So Kiba, I thank you," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded with a smile until everyone heard the door open. Soon a grey haired man with mask covering his mouth came into the room. Kakashi took a look at his group as he narrowed his eye at them.

"My first impression of you guys...your a bunch of depressing brats," Kakashi said to them. Naruto narrowed his eyes along with Sasuke and Kiba as Naruto decided to speak.

"Well we wouldn't be depressed if someone came here on time like a respectable person," Naruto muttered. Kiba tried to fight back a laugh as Sasuke showed an approving grin. Kakashi sweatdropped as he smiled with a hand behind his head.

"I suppose you have a point there," Kakashi told him. Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke nodded as Kakashi got down to business.

"Alright meet me on the roof for a meeting," Kakashi told them as he shunshined out of sight in smoke. Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke quirked up an eyebrow at his tactic.

"Kyuubi-chan, what was that?" Naruto decided to ask. Kyuubi chuckled as she answered.

"That is call a shunshin Naruto-kun. It's a faster version of travel. You imagine an image in your mind and by applying chakra to your feet you are able to move at high speeds that leave smoke in the area. There are also elemental shunshins, but they are quite harder to do that the regular, but are much more appealing," Kyuubi explained. Naruto nodded as he and Kiba got up, both soon left as Sasuke followed.

"This team would be such a headache for me if not for Kiba," Naruto said to himself as everyone opened the door to the roof. Everyone saw Kakashi sitting on a railing as they sat down on the floor.

"Alright, to get to know everyone better we will have introductions about ourselves," Kakashi said to them. Naruto quirked up an eyebrow and smiled.

"Why not show us how it's done then," Naruto told him. Kiba and Sasuke nodded as Kakashi sighed.

"Alright. I am Kakashi Hatake. I have many likes and I have many dislikes. I have lots of hobbies. My dreams for the future...I haven't thought about it. Your turn. Why don't you go first dog-boy?," Kakashi said to them with an eye smile. Naruto and Kiba sweatdropped as they looked at him.

"All we know is your name," they both thought. Kiba sighed as he decided to go as he heard his name.

"My name is Kiba Inuzuka. I like dogs, Akamaru, Naruto, and my family. My dislikes are people who are arrogant and don't train seriously. My hobby is walking Akamaru around the village. My dream is to be the best Inuzuka and be a good clan head," Kiba said as he gauged everyone's reaction. Naruto smiled at him as Sasuke ignored the boy. Kakashi nodded with a smile as he turned to Naruto.

"You next whiskers," he told Naruto. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he found a new dislike.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like dogs, Kasumi-chan, Kiba, and the Inuzuka family. My dislikes are people who judge, and those who are arrogant. I also dislike those who call me 'whiskers'," Naruto told him. Kakashi took a mental note of that as Naruto continued.

"My hobby is training myself and Kasumi-chan. My dream is to marry a certain woman and fulfill my promise to her by becoming Hokage," Naruto said with a slight blush. Kiba chuckled as Sasuke quirked up an eyebrow at that dream of Naruto's. Kakashi was also interested in this dream woman that Naruto was talking about. Kakashi nodded as he turned to Sasuke.

"You next emo," Kakashi said to him. Sasuke huffed as he turned his head to the group with a look of severe annoyance.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I have few likes and many dislikes. My major dislike is the damn fangirls who don't train seriously and fawn over me. My hobby is mere training and getting stronger. My dream, no my ambition is to restore the honor of the Uchiha and destroy a certain someone," Sasuke said with an extra scowl to his face. Naruto rolled his eyes along with Kiba as Kakashi sighed.

"Alright I got a dog lover, an ambitious blond, and an avenger. Just perfect," Kakashi thought as he soon smiled.

"Great introductions. Now we can begin the exam," Kakashi told them. Everyone looked at him with a confused face as Kiba decided to speak.

"But sensei, we passed the exam. Why are we taking another one?" Kiba asked him. Kakashi turned to Kiba and smiled.

"That wasn't the actual test. That was just to show who would most likely become genin. I am going to test you to see if you pass those requirements. And if you don' go back to the academy," Kakashi said to them with a smile. Naruto sighed as Kiba dropped his jaw. Sasuke scowled at Kakashi as the jonin soon stood up.

"Well, we will begin tomorrow at 8 a.m. Oh and don't eat your breakfast. You will puke," Kakashi said as he left them on the roof. Everyone sat there for a minute, but soon Naruto got up.

"Well I am going to take that as a suggestion. There is no way I am missing breakfast," Naruto told Kiba. Kiba smiled with a nod as Sasuke turned to leave.

"Oh and Uchiha," Naruto called out to him. Sasuke turned around to face the blond.

"I really hate to say it, but we will have to work together to beat this guy. I can tell this won't be easy," Naruto told him. Sasuke soon smirked at he turned to leave.

"It may be hard for you, but for an elite like me, it is a cake walk," Sasuke said to Naruto. Kiba soon mumbled out as only Naruto could hear him.

"It must be so troublesome having to walk with such a large stick up your ass," Kiba mumbled. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he grabbed Kiba's arm.

"Well let me try this out," naruto told him. Naruto soon envisioned the Inuzuka compound as he applied charka to his feet. Naruto soon disappeared off the roof with Kiba as Sasuke left being none the wiser of the act, but someone saw them.

"Alright it is obvious that Naruto knows how to lead a group should I be out of commission. He also figured out the aspect of the exercise before it even started. Kiba seems undyingly loyal to Naruto. The only problem is the loner Uchiha. Oh well I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow," Kakashi said as he really left this time.

With Naruto and Kiba

Both soon appeared in front of the Inuzuka compound as Kiba dropped to the floor.

"Naruto what was that?" Kiba asked him. Naruto smirked as he turned to Kiba.

"That is called a shunshin Kiba. I just learned it," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded with a smile as he opened the door.

"I'm home and I have company," Kiba yelled. Hana soon appeared with her head poking out with a smile.

"Why hello little brother. Hello Naruto-kun," Hana said with a smile. Naruto nodded as he looked around the house, but didn't see one person.

"Kaa-san had a mission so she left a while ago," Hana said answering his question. Naruto nodded with a thank you and he and Kiba appeared in the living room.

"So how did team placement go?" Hana asked them. Naruto and Kiba turned to her with a smile.

"Me and Naruto are in the same squad...," Kiba told her. Hana nodded with a smile, then saw the frown appear on their faces.

"...along with Sasuke Uchiha," Naruto finished. Hana stopped smiling as she sighed.

"Man that's rough. I hope you get along, no wait, I hope you try to get- no correction again, I hope you can tolerate him," Hana said to them. Both nodded as Naruto turned to Kiba.

"Alright Kiba we need to make a strategy against Kakashi and I know how to by using our teamwork along with Akamaru and Kasumi-chan," Naruto said turning to the dogs who were laying on their laps. Kiba nodded with a smile as Naruto went over his plan with Kiba. Hana smirked as she saw Naruto immediately take charge and begin the planning.

"I wonder if I should be jealousy that Kaa-san gets a mate like that," Hana thought as she continued to read her book. Naruto and Kiba strategized for a majority of the day until the sun went down. Naruto yawned along with Kiba as Naruto and Kasumi turned to leave.

"Alright Kiba. See you tomorrow and eat your breakfast tomorrow. You will need it," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded with a smile as he was going to follow Naruto's orders. To him, Naruto was already like the head dog around the clan although he wasn't an Inuzuka.

"Got it Naruto. See you tomorrow," Kiba told him. Naruto nodded as he and Kasumi disappeared. Kiba closed his door as he walked upstairs.

"I can't wait for tomorrow," Kiba said to himself as he went upstairs. Hana smirked at her brother's enthusiasm as she went upstairs also. Both soon went to sleep as the night passed.

Next Morning 8:00 a.m, Training Field

Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke yawned as they arrived at the designated training grounds. Everyone was quite pissed that Kakashi wasn't there yet, but Sasuke was more pissed as he felt his stomach rumble.

"Great, the Uchiha didn't eat. Now he is going to drag us down," Naruto said to himself, which Kiba caught. Everyone sat at the gate as they waited for Kakashi.

3 hours later

Sasuke groaned as Naruto and Kiba decided to catch some more sleep as they waited for Kakashi. Soon Kakashi appeared on top of the gate as he dodged a kunai aimed at him. Kakashi looked to his left to see a Naruto with his eyes closed and his hand out.

"If you want to waste your own time well that's fine, but don't waste ours Kakashi-sensei," Naruto told him. Kakashi sighed as he wondered if he should play with Naruto like that anymore," Kakashi thought as he gathered the group of genin.

"Alright we will administer the test," Kakashi said as he pulled out the bells.

"The objective is for you to get these two bells from me. The two who managed to get them are allowed to eat, but the one who doesn't gets nothing. Just to let you know, if you fail then you will be dropped from the program completely," Kakashi said to them. Naruto and Kiba weren't really fazed, but Sasuke did have a look of anxiety on his face.

"Alright, come at me with the intent to kill or you won't get these bells," Kakashi told them. Everyone nodded as they waited for their test to begin. Kakashi set the clock down as he adjusted the time. After that was done, Kakashi came back to them. The trees swayed slightly as Kakashi closed his eye. Everyone tensed slightly as Kakashi's eye shot open.

"Begin," He said as everyone disappeared. Kakashi smirked as he looked around.

"Alright everyone seems to know the basics of stealth," Kakashi said. Soon Kakashi was flanked on all sides as he saw around 20 Narutos coming at him. Kakashi took a fast defensive stance as he blocked the incoming punches and kicks of the Naruto clones. Kakashi found it quite difficult as he realized that each Naruto clone was using a different taijutsu form.

"This kid's clones are quite good, but not good enough," Kakashi said as he managed to land fatal blows to the clones causing them to disperse. Kakashi thought he was done until he saws seven more clones. Kakashi managed to sidestep the clones as he punched and kicked his way through them. Soon the clones dispersed as smoke covered Kakashi's sight.

"What the-, too much smoke to see," Kakashi said as Naruto and Kiba jumped out along with Kasumi and Akamaru.

"Let's go Kiba, follow my lead," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded as Naruto turned to Kasumi.

"Ready girl?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi yipped as she became more feral. Naruto, thanks to Kyuubi, became more feral also along with Kiba and Akamaru. Naruto and Kasumi jumped slightly as they began to spin violently towards the target. Kiba and Akamaru followed as they charged him.

"Gatsuuga," Naruto and Kiba yelled as they attacked the figure in the smoke. Both drilled through the smoke as they managed to cause utter chaos. Kakashi narrowed his eyes as he was only able to slightly sidestep the spinning genin and their dogs as they made sharp turns and continued their onslaught on Kakashi. Sasuke watched in awe and slight anger as he felt useless for not doing anything. He was an Uchiha, yet he was watching from the sidelines as Naruto and Kiba fought the Jonin like they were already experienced shinobi. Sasuke seethed as he decided to show up his two teammates. Sasuke did his handsigns as he finished in a flash.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu," Sasuke yelled as he blew the fire at the group of shinobi. Everyone looked to see the fire coming at them as Naruto and Kiba managed to stop spinning and grab their dogs in time as they got away. Soon the fire collided with the smoke as it exploded. Sasuke smirked at the act as Naruto and Kiba seethed.

"What the hell Sasuke, you could have killed us," Kiba yelled at him. Sasuke huffed as he turned his head.

"You should be happy that you were of use to me," Sasuke said to them. Naruto rolled his eyes as Kasumi growled at the Uchiha for talking down to her blond like that. Soon the fire settled as everyone looked to see that the area of impact was vacant. Naruto and Kiba gasped as Kakashi came behind Sasuke.

"Your not like the others...your worse," Kakashi said as he easily caught Sasuke. Naruto and Kiba sighed as both rushed from the sides to attack Kakashi. Kakashi noticed the action as he kicked Sasuke out of the trees and into the ground.

"Kiba make sure the teme is okay. Then get back as soon as you can. I will try to hold Kakashi here for a bit," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded as he and Akamaru turned to assist Sasuke who was still captured on the ground. Meanwhile, Naruto engaged Kakashi in a one-on-one spare as he tried to adapt his taijutsu to the higher and more complex form of Kakashi's taijutsu. Naruto managed to parry some of Kakashi's blows, but was soon knocked into a nearby tree as Kasumi ran to his side. Naruto breathed heavily as he saw Kiba untie Sasuke then run back to him. Kakashi was quite impressed with their resolve in the fight, but looked to see the bells still strapped to his uniform. Naruto and Kiba charged Kakashi again, but Kakashi held his hand out as the ringing of the alarm clock was heard.

"Stop, time is up," He told them. Both soon stopped as they dropped to one knee in exhaustion. Kakashi smiled as he grabbed Naruto and Kiba and did the kawarimi to appear near Sasuke.

"Everyone did well...accept you Sasuke," Kakashi said to the Uchiha.

"Sasuke, you allowed your pride to cloud your judgement. You interfered with a good plan that Naruto and Kiba came up with as they would have beaten me much faster if you didn't interrupt. Even though you messed up the plan, Naruto made Kiba help you as that is what teammates do. Sasuke, you need to work on your level of arrogance," Kakashi told him. Sasuke seethed in anger as he tried to move, but couldn't due to being tied up by Kakashi again.

"Naruto, you quickly took command and was able to come up with a decent plan with Kiba and your dogs. You showed quick leadership and I am impressed with that," Kakashi told him. Naruto nodded as Kasumi licked the side of his cheek in happiness.

"Kiba, you followed through with the orders that were given to you and you didn't question Naruto's ability to lead. You had faith that he knew what he was doing and you worked as a team. Good job Kiba," Kakashi said to him. Kiba nodded with a big grin as he and Naruto bumped fists. Kakashi smiled at them only to tell them the news.

"However, you still failed at catching the bells," Kakashi told them. Kiba smiled as he turned to Naruto who was also smiling.

"You mean these Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said as he held the two bells in his hands. Kakashi looked at the shiny metal balls and quickly turned to see two round nuts on his side.

"H-How did you-,"

"While we were in a gatsuuga frenzy, I was able to get the bells from you. The other parts were all for the purpose of training," Naruto told him. Kakashi nodded with a smile as he looked at Naruto.

"So what are you going to do with those bells?" He asked. Naruto smiled as he turned to Kiba.

"I am giving one to Kiba. And the other goes to the teme," Naruto said as he popped the bell into Sasuke's mouth since his hands were...indisposed. Kakashi chuckled with a nod as he stood up and released Sasuke.

"Very good. You have all passed. Team 7 goes on it's first mission tomorrow," Kakashi said with a thumbs up. Naruto smirked as Kasumi yipped as she ran around his legs. Kiba jumped for joy along with Akamaru, but Sasuke was still mad at the fact that he had been made fun off. Kakashi soon shunshined out of sight as Naruto and Kiba left with their dogs, leaving a brooding Uchiha at the training field.

"Damn lowlife mutts. You really don't know your place," Sasuke said as he soon walked off.

Hokage Mansion

All jonin sensei for the genin exams appeared as they lined up in front of the Hokage.

"Alright what is that status?" Sarutobi asked them. Everyone nodded as they went down.

"Team 1-6:Fail," The instructors for those groups said to him. Sarutobi nodded as they continued.

"Team 7: Pass," Kakashi said with a smile. Everyone gasped as they wondered how anyone passed Kakashi's test.

"Team 8: Pass," Kurenai said with a smile.

"Team 9: Fail," some instructor said to him. Asuma soon stepped forward with a smile.

"Team 10: Pass," He responded. Sarutobi nodded as everyone began to leave, except Kakashi.

"So tell me Kakashi, how is Naruto?" Sarutobi asked him. Kakashi smiled as he began.

"He is a good kid Hokage-sama. He shows the qualities of a good leader and helps his comrades. He considers his teammates his equal and didn't fight with either. Kiba follows him with undying loyalty as I can assume. He didn't question Naruto's motives even once. Sasuke could have done better, but he was useful in his own way. All in all, they are quite the group of kids," Kakashi told him. A smile graced Sarutobi's face as he calmed down.

"Thank you Kakashi, you may go now," Sarutobi said as Kakashi soon left. Sarutobi sat in the back of his chair as he looked out the window.

"That team is going to go far if Sasuke can learn to trust the two. I can only wonder how strong Naruto and Kiba are when they team up," Sarutobi thought, but went back to his work.

Inuzuka Compound

Naruto and Kiba were celebrating their passing of the genin exams as Hana smiled at their antics.

"It only gets tougher from here you two," Hana told them. Naruto and Kiba nodded as they turned to her.

"I trust in Naruto enough to know how to deal with things. He has my loyalty," Kiba said to her. Hana nodded as she turned to Naruto.

"Go far Naruto-kun," Hana said to him. Naruto nodded as he looked at her.

"I will Hana-chan, with Kiba, Kasumi-chan, and Akamaru," Naruto told her. Hana nodded with a smirk as everyone decided to enjoy the fun for today.

End Chapter 6

KG: Congratulations on passing your genin exams.

Naruto: "..."

KG: Okay what the hell happened to you? You have been brooding for over an hour, what did they do to you?

Naruto: T-The whip...the heels...t-t-the erotic noise.

KG: Uh...Naruto, do you need some help?

Naruto: Not the whip. I don't want the whip.

KG: Okay then. Tsume, Kyuubi please get in here.

(Tsume and Kyuubi appear)

Both: Yes KG.

KG: What did the two of you do that made Naruto like that?

Tsume: Oh just a bit of rough play KG. He will be fine.

Kyuubi: Aww maybe we were too hard on him eh Tsume?

Tsume: I don't think so Kyuubi.

Kyuubi: Oh Naruto-kun

(Naruto looks at Kyuubi)

(Kyuubi snaps her whip)


(Naruto storms out. Tsume and Kyuubi soon follow)

KG: Umm...Okay then till next time people. Bye.