KG: Thank my wife you guys. We all have to thank her so much. As I said, I did think about it. I generally think fast anyway so…I took off work for the day and spent time by myself before addressing the issue with my wife. Spent a lot of time with her too. That joke/threat made me want to be with her a little more than usual. We talked about it through the day. You told me a lot and she agreed. What I did wasn't fair. Sacrificing everyone for the one isn't fair or right. I got scolded! Can you believe it? Me? I got freakin' scolded! We spoke about some other things. Such as my safety for her and her ability in taking care of herself.

KG: So we compromised. She said that I not neglect those who waited more than patiently for me. Another thing we addressed, it was that I was partly at fault for not telling you all about when I intended to bring it forward. It was to be a surprise, but I guess that failed. We also think I…might have taken it too literally, but understand that these types of jokes I do not take lightly. Especially that I was just recently married. I admit to everyone that I was angry when I wrote that announcement. I make no excuses. That was my fault to which I apologize. I apologize immensely. It's cheesy I know, but I do consider all of you my family, my very dysfunctional and occasionally rude family.

KG: So we agreed. I can't let a threat keep me from doing what I love doing or harming those who love reading. It's not right or fair. So we compromised and I slept a little over this. I apologize to all of you my hardest and I teach her how to wield a small firearm for protection or drastic measures. I accepted that. Waiting for an apology would be pointless and I can't let that dictate how I do things. Life's too short for that.

KG: I humbly appreciate your support and I will act according to that support. I…swear it. I will entirely leave the fate of this sequel to you. Very well, I will do it…IF you can all just wait a little longer, until the summer. That is all I ask. Just wait until the summer and I will deliver it if you wish. If you can wait for that long then I will do it. As I said I will act accordingly. If I can act according to a threat then I can act according to support. I'll admit I threw you under the bus along with the other person. I won't do that anymore. I promise.

KG: Let's all respect the cream! CHEERS! Can you fuckin' believe it? I, me, GOT SCOLDED?!