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"Your future is death Zabuza," Kakashi said to the demon of the hidden mist. Zabuza smirked as he appeared on the field across from team seven. Know the standard drill, Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke guarded Tazuna as Kakashi smirked.

"Alright they know how to protect him. Now I can fight without holding back," Kakashi muttered as he turned back to his target. Kakashi looked to see Zabuza go through his handsigns as he smirked.

"Suiton: Kirigakure no Jutsu," Zabuza yelled as a mist suddenly appeared. Everyone tensed up as Zabuza suddenly disappeared. Kakashi smirked as he tried to sense for Zabuza. Soon the KI both jonin were releasing was picked up by the genin as nearly everyone sweated. Naruto having trained with Kyuubi and Kasumi didn't mind much, but Kiba and Sasuke were a different story. Kiba sweated slightly, but seeing Naruto's composed nature managed to calm him down. Sasuke was an absolute wreck as he felt the intense pressure in the air from the two jonin.

"S-So this two jonin. The true elite of the shinobi lands. The pressure is heavy. Too heavy. I feel like my life is being choked off. If this is to continue t-then I might as well-,"

"Hey Uchiha-teme," Naruto said bringing Sasuke to him.

"Stand up and don't give up. You sure as hell better not or I will show you a true KI. You aren't going to die here so trust in our sensei," Naruto told him. Sasuke smirked as he nodded which caused Kakashi to smile. Soon the voice in the mist laughed as he stared at the genin.

"Bold words kid, let see if your sensei can back them up. Now then which vital spot shall I attack?" Zabuza said as he appeared between the trio and Tazuna.

"It's over," Zabuza said as he swung his sword at Tazuna. Naruto smirked as he drew his sword to parry Zabuza's attack, much to his and Kakashi's surprise.

"Sorry Zabuza, but it isn't that simple," Naruto said as he jumped and did a spin kick towards Zabuza's face sending him onto the water. Kakashi appeared behind him with a kunai to his jugular as he narrowed his eye at him.

"Now it's over Zabuza. Surrender now," Kakashi said to him. Zabuza sighed as he disappeared into water. Kakashi gasped as Zabuza appeared behind him.

"Fool," He said as he flashed his handsigns quick.

"Suiton: SuirĊ no Jutsu(Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu)," Zabuza said as the water enveloped Kakashi and locked him in place. Kakashi cursed as he couldn't move which made Zabuza smirk as he made another Mizu bunshin that appeared in front of them. Naruto and his team narrowed their eyes as Kakashi yelled.

"Take the bridge builder and run. A Mizu bunshin can't travel far from the original. Get out of here now," Kakashi told them. Sasuke inwardly smirked as he left his spot which caused Naruto and Kiba to look at him like he was insane.

"Please Kakashi, I am an Uchiha. This guy is nothing compared to me. He is going to kneel today," Sasuke said as he charged the the clone.

"Stop Sasuke!" Naruto yelled, but was ignored as Sasuke took out a kunai. The clone smirked as he simply sidestepped Sasuke and slammed his foot in the Uchiha sending him into a tree. Naruto cursed as he turned to Kiba.

"Kiba guard Tazuna, me and Kasumi-chan are going to help Sasuke-teme," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded as Naruto ran off. Kiba and Akamaru stayed guard of Tazuna as Kakashi watched his genin in slight wonder.

Naruto and Kasumi ran at the clone as Naruto made a shadow clone to handle Sasuke. The clone smirked as he drew his sword while Naruto took out four smoke bombs and threw them at the clone. Soon the smoke enveloped the clone as Naruto and Kasumi shot towards the real one as Zabuza smirked.

"So they distracted the clone and want to target me. Smart boy," Zabuza said as Naruto and Kasumi began to spin.

"Gatsuuga," Naruto yelled as both attacked Zabuza. Zabuza smirked as he released his hand causing the water to fall and Kakashi to be freed.

"Good job Naruto," Kakashi said to him. Naruto nodded as he and Kasumi slid on the water.

"Nothing to it Kakashi-sensei," Naruto told him. Kakashi nodded with a smile as Naruto went to finish the Mizu bunshin that was still out. Both charged him as Kasumi changed into her half-human half-wolf as both neared the clone.

"Alright Kasumi-chan let's end it here for him," Naruto told her. Kasumi chuckled with a nod.

"Yes Naruto-sama," Kasumi said as both watched the clone aim for Sasuke. Naruto cursed as they ran faster to reach the clone before he sliced the Uchiha.

Sasuke was in a panic as he thought he was going to die. Sasuke saw the clone ready to swing as he thought of anyway he could get away. Sasuke's eyes quickly scanned the area as he turned to Kiba.

"Alright mutt. Time to be useful," Sasuke said as he used the kawarimi and vanished as Zabuza narrowed his eyes, but soon gasped as he saw Kiba in place of Sasuke. Kiba gasped as he saw Sasuke over near Tazuna as Zabuza managed to pivot his foot and slightly slash Kiba across the waist. Kiba screamed as Naruto looked in anger at what Sasuke just did. Kakashi and the real Zabuza turned to see Kiba on the ground and Sasuke huffing near Tazuna with a smirk on his face.

"KIBA!" Naruto yelled as he managed to catch the clone off guard and slashed at it. Naruto quickly checked over Kiba's wound as Zabuza turned to Kakashi.

"Wow I killed all my classmates, but even I never did that," Zabuza said to Kakashi. Kakashi's eye widened as he saw Naruto over near Kiba.

"Kiba are you alright?" Naruto asked him. Kiba coughed up blood as Naruto looked over his friend. Kiba soon closed his eyes as Naruto panicked.

"Hey Kiba, get up. Don't die here. Your going to be a clan head aren't you!" Naruto said as he turned to Sasuke in anger.

"SASUKE!" Naruto yelled as he pinned Sasuke to the floor.

"Why the hell did you do that? He was our teammate, yet you disposed of him like he was nothing. Why dammit?" Naruto asked him. Sasuke sucked his teeth as he looked at Naruto.

"He was lucky he could be used to save the last Uchiha," Sasuke said to which Naruto started to leak red chakra.

"Naruto-kun calm down. You have to stay calm," Kyuubi pleaded as she saw Naruto in anger over Sasuke's actions. Kyuubi gasped in horror as Naruto's teeth sharpened and his eyes narrowed. Kyuubi and Kasumi continued to watch as Naruto raised his hand at Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled as his hand reached lower, but stopped as he put a hand over his eyes. Naruto screamed in pain as he fell to the floor. Sasuke soon got up as he got away from Naruto. Kakashi and Zabuza turned from their fight to see Naruto on the floor. While Zabuza was distracted, Kakashi decided to end things now.

"Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu(Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu)," Kakashi yelled as he sent the spiral of water at Zabuza. Zabuza cursed as he was swept away into a tree.

"Now it's over Zabuza," Kakashi said as he stared at Zabuza's lifeless body. Soon three senbon needles struck him in the neck. Soon a person wearing a mask came out as they grabbed him.

"Thank you for dealing with him. I had trouble finding him. Now I can complete my job as a hunter nin. Goodbye," the shinobi said they left. Kakashi narrowed his eyes and sighed as he went back to the group. Kakashi saw Naruto passed out along with Kiba as Kakashi opened Naruto's eyes. Kakashi didn't know he still had his sharingan activated as he looked at Naruto's eyes. Kakashi gasped as he saw one white ring around Naruto's eyes and a small white cross in his black pupil.

"Is this an unlocked dojutsu?" Kakashi wondered as he sighed. Too many things were happening today. Kakashi turned to see Sasuke and Tazuna standing as Kakashi made a shadow clone.

"Alright now let's g-," Kakashi soon fell to the ground and passed out. Tazuna sighed as he grabbed Kakashi while the clone grabbed Naruto and Kiba. Tazuna and the Kakashi clone turned to Sasuke and narrowed their eyes.

"We are going to have a serious talk when this is all over Sasuke," Kakashi said as they all walked off with a sneering Sasuke behind them.

Wave Country

Thanks to Tazuna, everyone managed to get to Tazuna's house without any interruptions as a woman came to the door.

"Father your okay," the woman said to which Tazuna nodded with a smile.

"Yes Tsunami I am alright. I had some nice protection," Tazuna said pointing the group behind him.

"Hello thank you for looking after my father. I am Tsunami nice to meet you," Tsunami said as she brought the group inside. The Kakashi clone took Naruto and Kiba upstairs as Tazuna placed the real Kakashi on the couch for rest. Sasuke sat on a chair and brooded as he saw a kid look at him strangely he run upstairs. Tsunami sighed as she looked at the boy.

"Sorry, he is Inari, my son. He doesn't talk much anymore," Tsunami told him. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders as he went to sleep after the long day.

Next Morning

Naruto groggily woke up as he tried to open his eyes. Naruto soon covered his eyes in pain as he formed a link to Kyuubi.

"Kyuubi-chan are you there?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi sighed as she talked.

"I am here Naruto-kun. How are you feeling?" she asked him. Naruto sighed as he rubbed his head.

"I have honestly had better day Kyuubi-chan. Why do my eyes hurt so much?" Naruto asked her. Kyuubi slightly smiled as she gave him the answer.

"Congratulations Naruto-kun, you have your dojutsu, though the way you got it I don't like it," Kyuubi told him. Naruto soon strained his eyes to look into the as he gasped when he saw his eyes.

"Kyuubi-chan, these are great. Thank you," Naruto told her. Kyuubi nodded with a smile.

"The reason your eyes hurt is because you activated the shinseinagan, you also were using some of my chakra and that caused the burning in your eyes. Try not to let the Uchiha get to you. I know what he did was very wrong, but control your emotions better. I don't want you getting hurt," Kyuubi told him with much concern in her voice. Naruto took note of the concern and nodded.

"Alright Kyuubi-chan. I'm sorry for acting like that. Your right. I need to control them better. Sorry that I worried you," Naruto told her. Kyuubi nodded with a smile as Naruto checked Kiba. Naruto breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Kiba resting and Akamaru on his stomach. Naruto turned to see Kasumi on his stomach also which made him smile. Naruto soon squirmed as Kasumi opened her eyes to see Naruto's smiling face. Kasumi suddenly jumped as she licked his face in happiness.

"I missed you too Kasumi-chan," Naruto said to which Kasumi changed to her human form and clutched Naruto.

"I thought I would lose you Naruto-sama. Don't scare me like that Naruto-sama,"Kasumi told him. Naruto nodded as he kissed her nose. Kasumi blushed at the action, until she saw Naruto smile.

"Do you accept my apology?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi continued to blush, but nodded as she changed back to her dog form. Naruto soon got up as he let Kiba rest. Naruto soon went to the washroom with Kasumi as they did the standard wash up with Naruto cleaning Kasumi and himself.

Soon both exited the shower to see Kakashi staring at Naruto.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei how are you? And what's with the crutches?" Naruto asked him. Kakashi chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh you know, chakra exhaustion and all," Kakashi told him. Naruto nodded with a slight chuckle.

"Kiba is alright. He is resting right now. He will be fine in a few hours," Naruto told him. Kakashi nodded with a smile as Naruto and Kasumi headed downstairs.

"Oh Naruto," Kakashi said bringing him back.

"I want to talk to you about something later," Kakashi told him. Naruto had a feeling about what it was but nodded as he went downstairs. As Naruto and Kasumi appeared, both smiled as Tsunami greeted them.

"Hello I am Naruto Uzumaki. Thank you for taking care of us," Naruto told her. Tsunami nodded with a smile as she shook his hand.

"Hello I am Tsunami, nice to meet you," she said to him. Naruto soon went to the table to eat until he saw Sasuke eating also. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he sat in his seat. He and Sasuke didn't utter any words as both slightly glanced at each other. Naruto eat his bowl of rice and soup as he sipped some tea. Sasuke did the same as Naruto fed Kasumi also. Naruto said a quick hello to Tazuna, who smiled and nodded. Naruto soon finished his breakfast along with Kasumi as both left. Tazuna soon breathed easily as the tension in the air lessened. Sasuke finished his food also as he was about to leave, but was stopped by Kakashi.

"Now then Sasuke, about that talk," Kakashi said to which Sasuke groaned.

With Naruto and Kasumi

Naruto soon walked to a secluded area with Kasumi as she changed back to her human form. Naruto soon quirked up an eyebrow at her.

"Why do you only change when no one is around except me?" Naruto asked her. Kasumi chuckled as she stretched.

"I didn't think it was something to necessarily do. Should I show this form in public?" she asked him. Naruto looked at her for a moment then thought for a second. Naruto went through all the possibilities of Kasumi walking around in public.

"No, just keep doing what your doing. I would rather not want that," Naruto told her with a hint of jealousy and possession that made Kasumi blush as she picked up on it.

"Alright then Naruto-sama. I will only show you this form," Kasumi said to him. Naruto blushed as he made it his first objective to buy Kasumi some clothes when they got back. Naruto soon sat down along Kasumi on the grass. Naruto soon closed his eyes as he put his hand on Kasumi's shoulders.

Naruto's Mindscape

Both were soon in a field of flowers and trees near a waterfall as small foxes ran to Naruto and Kasumi.

"Naruto-sama, what is this?" Kasumi asked him. Naruto chuckled as he turned to her.

"This is my mindscape. I wanted to see if I could bring you here and it looks like I can," Naruto said as he walked to the house just a few feet from them. Naruto soon opened the door and smiled.

"Kyuubi-chan are you home," Naruto yelled. After a few minutes, Kyuubi came down the stairs as she wore a red kimono that matched her hair.

"Nice of you to visit Naruto-kun and I guess this is Kasumi-chan?" Kyuubi said to which Kasumi nodded.

"Hello you must be Kyuubi-sama. Naruto-sama told me about you," Kasumi said to him. Kyuubi smiled at her as she shook her hand. Naruto smiled at the action as everyone left house. Soon they all sat in the field as Naruto and Kyuubi talked.

"So what happened while I was out?" Naruto asked them. Kyuubi and Kasumi looked at each other and then looked at Naruto.

"Well you might have gotten the sharingan by mistake from Kakashi. When Kakashi checked on you, he didn't deactivate his sharingan, so I think that you might have it now," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded with a slight smile to his face.

"There was also a hunter nin who 'killed' Zabuza after Kakashi defeated him, but I doubt that they did," Kasumi said to him. Naruto nodded as he was sure he would face Zabuza again.

"Alright thank you for that information," Naruto told them. Both girls nodded as Naruto closed his eyes for a second. Naruto breathed deeply and exhaled as he opened his eyes to show the red color of the sharingan with one tomoe on his eye. Kasumi smiled at his new eyes as Kyuubi looked at them.

"Looks like a challenge completed if I must say so myself. Nice set of eyes Naruto-kun," Kyuubi told him. Naruto nodded as they all talked about some other things. Naruto and Kasumi soon left as Kyuubi went to practice her fox stances and some light training.

Outside the Mindscape

Naruto opened his eyes as he saw a woman looking t him as she picked some herbs. Kasumi tugged his clothes as Naruto looked at her. Kasumi whispered in his ear as Naruto looked at the woman. Naruto soon got up as Kasumi changed back to her dog form. Naruto soon walked up to the woman and smiled.

"What are you doing out here?" Naruto asked her. The woman looked at him as she smiled.

"I am gathering herbs for my friend. He's in pretty bad shape and I need to help him," she told him. Naruto nodded with a smile.

"I see, well tell Zabuza to get better," Naruto told her. The woman quickly took out a kunai as she turned to see the shiny metal of Naruto's sword at her throat.

"Now I don't want to fight if I don't have to, but I will if I have to," Naruto said as he withdrew his sword. The woman relaxed as Naruto sat back down.

"So what is your name?" Naruto asked her. The woman slightly tensed, but calmed down.

"I am Haku. I am Zabuza's companion or maybe tool is a better word," Haku said with the most straight smile Naruto had ever seen.

"And you are happy to be a tool?" Naruto asked her. Haku nodded slightly like she was having some form of difficulty answering that question.

"I suppose I am. He saved my life and I am in his debt. He is my precious person. For him I am strong," Haku told him.

"So you get stronger for the sake of your precious person?" Naruto asked her. Haku nodded with a smile on her face.

"That's right. Do you have someone who you consider precious?" She asked him. Naruto chuckled as he thought over her question.

"Yes I do. I have many precious people. I will fight to protect them," Naruto told her. Haku chuckled as she finished her picking her herbs.

"I can tell you will get stronger," Haku said as she continued to walk away. Naruto and Kasumi continued to sit in the grass as Haku turned around.

"Oh and by the way...I'm a boy," Haku said to which Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"Then maybe you should dress like one and not wear a girl's kimono," Naruto told him. Haku grew a tick mark as he continued to walk away. Naruto soon stood up as he turned around.

"Though I don't think that a person's precious people should use them as tools," Naruto said as he and Kasumi walked away. Haku stopped in mid-step then continued.

"Maybe he's right," Haku thought as he walked away with his herbs in his basket.

With Naruto

Naruto and Kasumi soon showed up at the house as they saw Kakashi with Sasuke and surprisingly Kiba out near the trees. Kakashi soon turned as he looked to see Naruto coming.

"Oh Naruto, so nice of you to show up. I was just about to get you," Kakashi said with an eye smile. Naruto chuckled as he turned to Kiba.

"How are you up already?" Naruto asked him. Kiba chuckled with a smile.

"Please my mother has done worse to me. A slash like that does hurt, but I wouldn't die from it," Kiba told him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he had received Tsume's training also. Kakashi soon brought everyone together.

"Alright, that enough talking. I believe that Zabuza is still alive, so we are going to start training," Kakashi told them. Everyone nodded as Kakashi smiled.

"Alright we will begin with chakra control. You will be walking this tree," Kakashi. Naruto smirked along with Kiba while Sasuke quirked an eyebrow.

"Without the use of your hands," Kakashi told them. Sasuke narrowed his eyes in a disbelieving grin as Kakashi channeled chakra to his feet. Kakashi soon climbed up the tree with his crutches as he soon walked up to a branch and soon hung upside down.

"This is how it's done. Now until you learn to do this, I will stay in guard of Tazuna," Kakashi said with an eye smile as he waited for everyone. Soon three kunai hit the ground beneath them as they looked up.

"Use those as markers. You slash the tree and mark your progress and try to go higher. Remember, to little chakra and you will fall...too much and you will damage the tree," Kakashi said to them. Everyone nodded as they took a kunai.

"Alright GO!" Kakashi yelled as everyone ran. Sasuke soon went up the tree as he got up for fifteen seconds then fell back down. Kiba soon went higher as he neared the branch, but soon fell also. Naruto smiled as he walked up and stood upside down on a branch.

"Well that was easy," Naruto said with a shrug of his shoulders. Kiba smirked along with Kakashi while Sasuke cursed.

"Well, our Kitsune has the best chakra control, nice work Naruto. You are the body guard for Tazuna," Kakashi said with a smile as Naruto nodded. Naruto soon popped of the tree as he jumped to the ground.

"Alright Kakashi-sensei, well I am going to train for the time being," Naruto said as he and Kasumi walked by Kiba. Naruto soon whispered in his ear as he walked off. Kiba smirked he got the information. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he wondered what they talked about.

"Hey mutt, what did that idiot say to you?" Sasuke asked. Kiba ignored Sasuke as he ran up the tree again. Kiba smirked as he made it up the tree.

"Alright Kiba, you are a guard also,' Kakashi told him with a smile. Kiba nodded as he walked off in the direction that Naruto went in, leaving Sasuke to his unanswered question.

"Well, it seems that the Uchiha aren't as genius as everyone thinks they are," Kakashi said with a slight hint of happiness and truth in his teasing. Sasuke seethed as he tired to go up the tree again, but soon came back down.

"Dammit all," Sasuke said as he pounded the ground.

With Naruto

Naruto soon came to a secluded area as he smirked.

"Was it that easy Kiba?" Naruto asked him. Kiba and Akamaru soon appeared as they looked at him.

"It was easy. I guess all that chakra training you shared with me before we became genin paid off,' Kiba told him. Naruto nodded with a smile as he turned to Kiba.

"Hey Kiba, I have a dojutsu. You wanna see it?" Naruto asked him. Kiba dropped his jaw, but nodded instantly. Naruto chuckled s he closed his eyes for a second. Naruto soon opened his eyes as he showed Kiba their features. Kiba gasped at the wonder of them.

"So what do they do?" Kiba asked. Naruto smiled as he turned to Kiba.

"They allow me to copy bloodline limits and other dojutsu as well as copy ninjutsu and genjutsu," Naruto told him. Kiba smirked, but quirked up an eyebrow.

"So it's like an even better version of sharingan?" Kiba asked him. Naruto nodded.

"Nice Naruto, so have you copied anyone yet and what's it called?" Kiba asked him. Naruto smiled at his questions, but soon responded.

"I have copied one dojutsu, but that was by accident and it is called the shinseinagan," Naruto told him. Kiba nodded with a smile.

"So what dojutsu have you copied?" Kiba asked. Naruto smirked as he looked at him. Naruto closed his eyes as he channeled chakra into them. Naruto soon opened his eyes to reveal the sharingan to which Kiba nearly gasped.

"You copied the sharingan?" Kiba asked him. Naruto nodded with a smile. Kiba chuckled as he looked at the one tomoe in his eye.

"I wonder how Sasuke is going to react, when he sees that. I hope to have a clean look at it," Kiba said to which Naruto chuckled. Naruto soon deactivated the eye as they turned back to cerulean blue.

"I still have to perfect it. I wish I didn't have to, but no way around it. It might be fun though," Naruto told him. Kiba soon smirked as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"What are you thinking?" Naruto asked him. Kiba turned to him.

"Let me help you. This injury isn't anything serious, so let's train. You get to perfect the shinseinagan along with the sharingan and I get to have some training. We both win," Kiba told him. Naruto chuckled at his idea.

"Alright, but take it easy after we are done," Naruto told him to which Kiba nodded. Naruto smirked as he opened his eyes and revealed the sharingan. Kiba and Akamaru got into the Inuzuka stance. Kasumi became more feral as Naruto and Kasumi sparred with Kiba and Akamaru for a few hours.

End of Chapter 8.

KG: Are you happy that you have your dojutsu now?

Naruto: Yes...yes I am.

KG: Well good for you.

Naruto: Though I have one question.

KG: What is it?

Naruto: Since I have Tsume and Kyuubi. I know both are possessive women, so who is the alpha female in this?

KG: Ummm...good question. I really don't know.

*Tsume and Kyuubi enter*

Both: I am the alpha female.

KG and Naruto: Oh no

Tsume: Kyuubi, I am the alpha female. Don't try me.

Kyuubi: I am the most powerful person here, Tsume. I am the alpha female.

Tsume: You wanna go Kyuubi?

Kyuubi: Bring it Tsume. Try and challenge the alpha female.

KG: stop! Not my room! Wait a damn second...don't fight. Does it matter who is the alpha female?

*Both look at me*

Both: What was that KG?

KG: Ummm...readers I got to go. Wait...Tsume-chan, Kyuubi-chan. Wait a second. AHHHHH!

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