Big thank you to OTB {Santa's 'Ho} for editing this and providing me with a title.

Leg Man

"Come on, tell me," Alice begged as she bounced in place on the bed, holding the sheet securely around her chest.

"Why do you want to know?" Jasper questioned lazily as he lounged back against the headboard.

"Because I want to know everything about you."

"Why do you want to know that?"

"Why are you avoiding the question?" Alice countered, and then gasped loudly, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in shock. "Unless..." she continued in a dramatic tone as Jasper rolled his eyes and shook his head with a small smile. "You were married, weren't you? With lots of kids?"

"Yep," he deadpanned in response.

Alice dropped her hand with a pout and nudged him under the sheets. "Tell me," she whined.

Jasper groaned, sinking further down in the bed and watching her as she glared him down. He sighed in defeat. "There was one girl."

Alice gasped again and pressed her hand to her heart. "I should have known," she said with a smile. "A ladies man."

"It was a crush," Jasper continued, smirking at her antics. "Her clothes were hardly proper for the time. I'm sure they were all hand-me-downs, and she was a little taller than her sisters, so you could see a little bit of her ankles."

Alice's hand shot up to her mouth as she tried to stifle her laughter and failed miserably. "Her ankles?" she choked out form behind her hand.

"The legs are the most sexual part of the body," Jasper argued when she continued to giggle at him.

In an instant her eyes turned mischievous as she managed to mostly compose herself. "So..." she questioned innocently as she shifted, letting the sheet fall from around her chest to pool in her lap. "This does nothing for you?"

Jasper fought to hide a grin. He sat up and leaned in close so that he could whisper in her ear. "The breasts were not considered sexual," he teased as his hand slid down her exposed body, palming her left breast. He chuckled slightly when she moaned at the contact; her body arching into him.

"However," he breathed against her neck as he lowered his head, moving his mouth along her body as he spoke. "I wont pass up the opportunity to enjoy them." He wrapped his mouth around her right nipple, sucking gingerly for a bit before letting go.

Feeling quite pleased with himself he looked up into her face, his pleasure turning to confusion. She appeared to be trying not to laugh again. "What?" he asked.

Alice leaned down pressing her forehead to his, with a large smile. "You just couldn't keep away from my legs could you?"

His confusion deepened. He pulled back to look in the space between them, unable to keep from smiling slightly at what he saw. His left hand had slipped under the sheets and onto her lap, settling on her bare thigh.

Alice laughed, her whole body shaking as she rested her head on his shoulder "You are such a leg man."