Doom, doom, doom. Students took notes, while some did more productive things with their time. Zim used his time to balance a pencil on his non-existant nose. It wasn't like he was going to miss anything important, all the teacher taught was doom and misery. Finally, he was able to hold the pencil still for fifeteen seconds. Unfortunately, the snickering across the room broke his focus. Zim glared to see who broke his concentration and scowled to see Dib and Tak whispering to eachother. He could make out the words "Zim" and "snow". They were no doubt planning an attack.

The alien sighed and put his head in his arms. He hated winter. It was so cold and wet. And he hated this school, or skool as it was ironically spelt. It was just as cold and bleak as it was outside. He stared at the clock on the wall, as if it was it's fault for time not passing quickly enough. Once again, he heard Dib and Tak giggling. Since the teacher always fazes out when she talks about doom, he wasn't worried about getting in trouble.

"I can hear you, you know." He glared at the couple.

"So?" Dib smirked, "What are you going to do about it?"

"Oh I'll do something... Something I will do." Zim hissed tightening his fist dramatically.

Tak snorted as she painted her nails, "Something you will do? I swear you loose more brain cells everytime you blink. Soon you'll be just as dumb as these humans. no offense, Dib."

"You're one to talk, considering you live here willingly. For a human-stink no less." Zim spat, sticking his tongue out.

"You're just jealous that Tak likes me more than you." The teen in glasses retorted.

"Jealous of having a girlfriend with two heads?"

Tak and Dib looked at Zim in confusion, "Tak has only one head. You need to pay more attention in class if you still can't count."

"Zim's counting skill surpasses all! I was refering to that horrible growth on her face. It's nauseating! It's almost as big as your head, Dib." Stiffled laughter rose from the class.

Tak's eyes widened as she took out her compact mirror to inspect. Dib turned around and shook his head, "it's fine, Tak."

"It's a beauty mark, Zim! The most beautiful human actresses have them." Tak hissed indignitally.

"Just shows how disgusting humans are."

Dib smiled, and idea coming to his head, "So, you don't think someone like Rita Hayworth is attractive?"


"Gretta Garble?"


"Veronica Lake?"


"So Zim... What is your idea of beauty?" Dib smirked, "You must have really high standards. I don't think I can recall you ever liking someone. You know most humans by now have at least dated once."

"Uh..." Zim could feel the other students' stares on him, "Well Zim does high standards."

"Like what? Please tell the traits would suit the almighty Zim."

Zim looked around him. Zita... ugly... Gretchen... yuck... Bethany... she's almost as Bitchy as Tak... he looked behind him. Seeing the girl behind him, he smiled. Perfect.

"I believe you already know her, Dib. Small, purple, gold eyes, always reading, and she's almost as smart as Zim."

Dib's eyes widened, "Gaz? You like my sister?"

"Yes, I'm crazy about her." Zim said, clasping his hand on his desk.

"Well, he is crazy." Tak muttered.

"I don't believe you. Even if you did like her, she'd kill you before you tried anything. Actually, go ahead and ask her out, save me the work of killing you myself."

Gaz who had been reading Alice through the Looking Glass, muttered softly, but loud enough for them to hear, "Be quiet, both of you!"

They obeyed but still glared at eachother. Finally, the bell rang and everyone piled out of the schoolhouse. Zim sighed in relief that his amazing lie went so smoothly. He was so caught up in congratulating himself, he forgot what Dib and Tak were whispering about until he was knocked face first in the snow. He hissed in pain, forgetting to bath in paste earlier.

Dib and Tak laughed walking off, "Nice fall, space boy."

"Dib!" Gaz called out, carrying her books, "Aren't you forgetting something? It's family night!"

"Oh... sorry, Gaz, but me and Tak already made plans. Have fun though." Her brother smiled as he held the cardoor to an old ford open for Tak.

Gaz growled as they drove off, nearly tripping on Zim, "Damn it, Zim, watch where you're going!"

Gaz was about to walk off when Zim grabbed the bottom of her coat, "Wait, Dib-sibling! Zim... needs assistance."

"Let go or die."

"I need to appear human. And you're human, I think... Would you not agree to be Zim's..." He cringed, "girlfriend?"

"You're tearing my good coat." She hissed trying to pry it from his hand.

Zim thought before adding, "I'll pay you!"

"Are you trying to say I'm a prostitute?" Gaz narrowed her eyes.

"No! I'm just saying there would be bennefits... like being Zim's allie."

"Not interested."

"How about I'll let you live after I take over Earth?"


Zim tried again, "You can have Gir!"

"Hell no."

"Uh... you can have one of the countries when I take over."

"Tempting, " Gaz mused, "But a country is a lot of work to run."

She freed her coat and started to walk away befor Zim jumped up, "It'll make Dib unhappy!"

She paused, "I'm listening."

"It would make him extremly unhappy."

Gaz turned around and crossed her arms, "You want me to betray my brother? My flesh and blood?..."

"Uh, well..."

"Ok. You got yourself..." Gaz forced out the bitter word, " A girlfriend."

Zim chuckled, darkly, "Excelent."


Dib shuddered as he waited for the light to turn green, "Did it just get colder?"

"It is November." Tak shrugged.

"Yeah. I guess you're right."


I know it's short, but I really had a bit of a hard time thinking of a plot. I know Zim using Gaz isn't original but she is using him too. Just in case you're wondering, the year is 1941, Pearl Harbor hadn't happened yet. I promise the next chapter will be better. Gir in the 40's. That can't be good. I have a couple of pictures on deviantArt. QueenofDoomydoom is also my DA name.