4/7/12 . chapter 11

I really think I'm a bit desensitized... Because all I could think of reading all of this sappy sad romance whatever gunk was how I have never had tasted a cheeser, thikening cheese. Yet its funny... I'll cry if the charecter I like in a movie or book gets rejected by the girl I want him to be with or dies, but not when a soilder has been drafted leaving his loved ones behind.

...Is that a bad or good thing? Don't worry, I promise the gushy will end soon. Just one more chapter of mushy. On an unrelated note, I was up late last night and a movie called Eyes Wide Shut. WTF? I can't get the satanic chanting out of my head.


Months passed, and as the war went on, both Gaz and Tak had quit school to work. When asked why they were working, Tak answered because it was their duty to bring in the income. Many women were doing the same to aid the war. As she promised, Tak kept a keen eye on Gaz. Gaz couldn't go anywhere without having to tell Tak first. And this often led to physical violence, especially when Zim was concerned. Tak often locked the door from the outside when she had to leave, not knowing Gaz could climb out the window. Gaz prayed her brother would return safely... so she could kill him.

Stretching out on the blanket, Gaz smirked, listening to the Andrew Sisiters song on a portable radio someone had brought. She had once more convinced Tak that she couldn't work today and was left alone, where she once again climbed out her window to meet Zim. She felt bad that Tak was nowing working her shift while she relaxed at the beach but the guilt was short lived.

"Hey, Zim." Gaz sat up.

"Yes, my love-pig?" He asked, sitting next to her, ceasing observing a seashell to look at her.

"Why did you want to come to the beach? I thought you hated water."

"Zim does. But I like the sand, it reminds me of Irk. And I can still look at the water. It's very serene for a body of filthy liquid." He answered as she sat up. Zim's antennae twitched as he looked at her. Her black bathing suit showed off more than usual, much to Zim's delight. She removed her sunglasses, hoping that there wouldn't be a white mask left where the sun hadn't burned.

Screaming brought their attention to the water. Gir had found a shark and dragged it to shore, riding it like a horse as it wriggled to get free, snapping at air.

"GIDDY UP COW!" Gir screeched happily.

"Gir! Let the water beast go, right now!" Zim ordered.

"Aww, but I wanted to make hamburgers." He whined.

Zim growled and got up. Marching to Gir, he stared at him, picking him up by his fake doggy ears, "You do not make hamburgers with sharks! You use cows!"

Gir smiled, "Howabout a shark-cow burger?"

Zim glared at his minion, moving his foot quickly to avoid the creature snapping at his feet. He grunted in annoyance, and ordered, "Put it back where you found it."

Gir whined but did as told, dragging the shark back to the water. Zim turned back and sat back down next to Gaz.

"What if it attacks Gir?" Gaz asked, a little concerned.

"Gir is made from the strongest materials from Irk. It won't do any damage. Besides, it's probally too traumatized to try." Zim said, nonchalantly.

Gaz accepted this and got a bottle of sunscreen out. She handed it to Zim and asked, "Could you get my back? I'm starting to burn."

Zim happily obliged, rubbing some on his hands and then on Gaz's back. Gaz moaned as he massaged her shoulders. Zim smirked as he saw a few human males staring at them. He could understand thier slackjawed reactions. Of all the movies and those pin up pictures of disgusting human females, Gaz was the most beautiful. He finished his attention on her back and removed his gloves(much to the delight of Gaz as she thought he looked silly wearing them with his swimtrunks) and ran his claws through her wavy hairs, savoring the feel of the silky magenta strands fell through his fingers.

Gaz opened an eye and looked back at him, "Are you putting sunscreen in my hair?"

"No, just feeling it." Zim purred before adding, "Irkens have hair on our attenae, very short and course. It still amazes Zim how humans can have it all over their head and have it so long...And it's so soft."

"Are you talking about my hair or just humans in general?" Gaz smirked a bit.

"Yours of course. As if Zim would go around, feeling at earth-monkeys' hair."

Gaz laughed a little, "Though that would be a funny sight."

Zim frowned, "As much as I love to hear you laugh, Zim will not humilate himself to acheive it."

"But you humiliate yourself every day." Gaz quipped.

Zim snorted, "If Zim was so embarassing, then why aren't you ashamed to be seen with me?"

"Who says I'm not ashamed?" Gaz quipped, turning around to face him.

Zim smiled, "Even if you are ashamed of Zim, you should get used to it. I'm not going anywhere."

Zim pressed his forehead against hers, staring into her golden eyes. As he was ready to kiss her, she asked, "Did you put on sunscreen?"


"Turn around." Gaz ordered, "You're already staring to burn...I think, it's hard to tell but your skin looks a shade darker."

Feeling a slight stinging at his shoulders, Zim complied. He flinched a bit when he felt something cold but relaxed as Gaz started to rub the substance onto his skin. He melted under her skilled hands. His train of thought ran away as he began to think about his situation. It's still surprising to him how he broke his oath to be redeemed in the eyes of the Tallest for this human. But she gave him something he always wanted. To be loved. To be adored. He had always pictured hundreds of irken girls throwing themselves at his feet after conquering Earth. But he couldn't think of one irken female that was as superior as Gaz. Gaz was the best humans had, not to say the least the best of all females from any planet. And she loved him. This fed his ego. Gaz was the most beautiful yet deadly creature to live and he tamed her. Well, as much as she was abled to be tamed, but he still has no scratches from his attempts as everyone else who knows her does.

He purred as she hit a tense muscle around his pak. Smiling mischeiviously, she slid her hands over his shoulders and began to rub the sunscreen on his chest.

"So it's true?" A voice laughed.

Gaz stopped her massaging as both she and Zim looked up to see who had interrupted them. They had to squint because of the bright sun but was able to make out a profile of a overwheight man. Gaz reconized the bulge and the gree hair and hissed, "What do you want, Iggins? I didn't bring any books for you to steal."

Iggins smiled, "When I heard you had a boyfriend, I didn't believe it. But seeing this I had to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing."

"Why is it so hard to believe I have a boyfirend?" Gaz glared at him.

Zim added, "Males are always looking at her. She is not unattractive and is extremely desirable. Of course she would choose a mate."

Iggins sickered, "It's just that you never paid attention to guys before, unless you were pummeling them. After all the times I tried and you swat me down, I was sure you were lesbian."

"Hey, you can't call Zim's girlfriend that!..That is an insult, right?" he asked.

"The way he said it it is." Gaz nodded.

"Filthy human!" Zim yelled standing up, "You dare insult Zim's mate?"

Iggins' was a bit nervous but he was much larger than Zim was and dared to look him in the eye, "What are you going to do about it?"

Zim lept and tackled the offening human to the ground. Iggins screamed but managed to get out from under his claws and ran. Seeing Zim hot on his heels, he did the one thing he could think of and ran towards the ocean. Everyone knew Zim was a hydrophobic.

Just as he reached the water, Zim jumped on his back. Iggins fell forward into the water, bringing Zim down with him. Gaz watched in panic as the tide swept him under. Minutes passed and a frightened Iggins made his way to the shore, ready to go home. But no Zim. Gaz ran to the water. What if he disolved completly. She watched with anxious eyes but nothing happened. A hand touched her shoulder and she jumped. Zim stood behind her, soaked.

"You're okay! But..."

"The water didn't burn Zim." He said just as surprised as she was.

"Wait...what? How?" She asked, confused. She'd seen him sizzle at a watter ballon with tap water in it. How did saltwaster, filled with germs, not hurt him?

"Zim thinks it's the food." He answered.

"What do you mean it's the food?"

"I've been eating a lot of human food lately. I haven't even had the snacks I brought from Irk." Zim said, deep in thought, "Perhaps by eating Earth food, Zim has built up an immunity to germs."

Gaz nodded, "Makes sense. You know what this means, right?"

"No." Zim shook his head.

"It means theres so much you can enjoy now. Soda, foods, swimming pools. The water doesn't limit you anymore." Gaz explained, happy there were so many things they can do now without fear. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed at his wet form.

"What took you so long, you were in the water for five minutes." Gaz asked.

"I lost my wig and had to retrieve it." He answered, the fake hair hanging over his eyes.

She narrowed her eyes, "I thought that you might've been playing a trick."

"I wasn't... But when Zim saw you looking at the water I had to see if you were worried."

Gaz punched him in the arm playfully, "You jerk. Of course I was, I didn't know if you melted or if that shark got you."

"Zim is sorry. I will never worry you again. I just wondered if you truely cared so much as to miss me if something happened." Zim said, apologetic voice.

"Don't say stuff like that. You're all I have now." Gaz said as she kissed him. He deepend the kiss.


Gaz climbed up the tree next to her house in a good mood. She had never enjoyed the beach or any other hangout before. All she ever wanted to do was bury herself in a book and forget about the horrible world around her. But Zim had changed that. Now she indulged in the world around because she didn't have to endure it alone. She didn't realize how lonely she was before Zim.

Reaching the open window to her room, she climbed in.

"Have fun?"

Gaz jumped and saw Tak sitting on her bed, arms crossed in an irritated fashion.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?" Gaz asked in a flat voice.

Tak smirked, "What a question, considering who's asking. I finished my shift and your's early."

"Good for you. Now if you excuse me, I need to wash the sand out of my hair..."

"Do not think you are going to get off so easily!" Tak hissed, "You were with Zim! Mimi told me."

Gaz sneered, "You had Mimi to follow me? What's wrong with you?"

Tak stood and snapped back, "What's wrong with you? Dib is out there fighting for this land and you are shamelessly throwing yourself at his mortal enemy! Have you no sense of loyalty?"

"Shamelessly? Zim loves me. Just as you love Dib! Dib didn't try and stop us. He might not of liked it but he wanted me to be happy!" Gaz yelled, furious.

"You're right. I love Dib. And though he cares for your happiness, I care for his more. Do not think that I won't sacrifice your happiness in order to keep this family together!" Tak snarled and continued, "But you're wrong about Zim loving you. He doesn't, the only thing he could ever love is himself!"

"Bitch." Gaz hissed, ready to leave the room.

Tak grabbed her arm and hissed back, "I'm a bitch? Me? When you terrorize your own brother? You scare everybody that ever met you! No wonder your father isn't around, he probally couldn't take the pressure of raising such a little cunt! Now I'm starting to wonder if Dib didn't want to leave. He probally felt safer in the trenches of war than with you! You should be grateful I agreed to make sure no harm comes to you!"

Gaz stood, stunned. Never has anyone talked to her like that, despite the countless times where she deserved it. But she felt that Tak's words were uncalled for. Tears tung her eyes. Her father didn't fear her. She might scare Dib occasionally, but his fear was a way of showing respect. Right? And Zim does love her. He does, she told herself. Somebody had to love her. There were people who cared that she existed. Right? She swallowed the lump in her throat and whispered, "Well, since you feel that way."

Gaz stolled over to her closet, taking out a suitcase and opened her dresser. As she started packing, Tak demanded, "And what do you think you're doing?"


"You're leaving?" Tak asked in disbelief, "What about Dib?"

"According to you I only make his life miserable."

"I promised to take care of you."

Gaz turned around and threw some of her perfume in her case and closed it, "Well Tak. You failed you mission. Again."

This hit Tak hard. A green blush of anger showed through her disguise. She slapped her, "Leave! This is my home now and I won't take such disrespect from a defected human in my own home!"

"Oh, don't worry. You won't ever have to again. Tell Dib when he comes back that I'm sorry for being a little cunt as you put it. And I hope him all the happiness in the world." Gaz said in a monotone voice as she left, slamming the door. Tak flinched when she heard the front door slam.

Tak sat down on the bed and sighed in despair, "Why did you make me promise that, Dib?"


Zim glanced at Gaz's bare back as she laid on her stomach. He had just got out of the hygeinic chamber and found her in the living room, crying. Gir sat by her, trying to offer her to hold MimiMoose, at a loss of how to cheer her up. When Zim asked why she was upset she told him of the fight she had with Tak. He knew they fought often but it seemed Tak had gone too far this time. He felt enraged at the disrespect Tak had shown his Gaz. She told him she didn't have anywhere else to go and he laughed. He told her that this is where she belonged, with him. Before he knew it, they were making love.

He traced a line down her back, feeling the bumps of her spine along the way stopping when he reached the sheet that was covering her. Gaz opened her eyes and smiled, "Enjoying the veiw?"

"Naturally." Zim smiled and laid down resting his head on her pillow. He inhaled her scent and savored it. It was a very Gazzy scent.

Turning on her side to face him, she traced his toned chest with her fingers as he had done with her back, "You know, for an alien you are very attractive."

"Of course I am. I am Zim." He said and watched her laugh a bit. He watched as she placed her hand in the middle of his chest, feeling a beating motion.

"I thought you had a squeedilyspooch, not a heart."

"The squeedlispooch is like a bunch of human organs that's attached to eachother." He explained plainly.

Gaz put her ear to his chest and listened as blood was pumped through his veins. She relaxed, listening to the soothing rythm. Zim carressed her hair as her eyes started to close, "I got you something?"

"Oh?" She replied with a yawn.

"And Zim wants to give it to now."

"Is it what I think it is?" She lilted, traveling her hand further down his chest.

Zim blushed, "Well, it's not that, but I have no objections."

Gaz forced herself to sit up, curiousity hitting her, "What is it?"

Zim laughed, "Eager?"

"Yes. Now give me whatever it is you're talking about." She hissed.

Smiling, Zim reached to his pak, pulling something out of it. It always amazed Gaz how much it could hold, not to mention all the weapons and other mechanical stuff that was in it. Zim opened his hand to reaveal a small black box. Gaz froze and clutched the sheet to her bare chest.

"Zim doesn't know much of human traditions, but I recall Dib doing this." He said as he held it before her.

"Zim, this is a serious commitment." She whispered looking at the box, "Do you even know what it means?"

Zim thought and said, "I thought it meant to become offical mates. I knows it is usually done befor mating, but we already done that. But you're still not Zim's, not in the eyes of your planet. And Zim knows that I was destined for you, just as you are destined for me."

"We were destined for eachother, I guess. Probally as a punishment." She joked.

Zim smiled and opened the box to reveal a silver ring with a skull with amethyst eyes. Gaz gaped. It was beautiful, "Where did you find a ring like that?"

"Zim went to many jewelry stores and none of had anything better than little rocks. So I made a ring that suited the Little Gaz's personality."

She smiled and picked up the ring. Admiring it, she slid it on her finger. Zim watched as she stared at her hand, "Is that a yes?"

"Yeah, that's a yes." She nodded before Zim crashed her lips with his, ready to make love again.


Still mushy. It'll start getting better next chapter I promise. And no, I won't be writing a smut scene for this story. I've been up since three am, so I'm sorry for the suckiness. Mystic Chains didn't suck as bad as this story, why are you people reading this?