Hinata struggles with the abuse from her stepfather, can Naruto, a new transfer student help her?

Chapter One

- Ninjatechnolover

Hinata made sure that the hallway was clear before she darted inside the music room. She breathed a sigh of relief and sagged against the door. Her window, her addiction; the freedom to express, she gazed over at the glossy finish. She stood up, and made her way over to the piano. She sat on the bench and ran her fingers gently over the worn keys. She just sat there, thinking of what to play. Finally, after some careful thoughts she decided to play one that she had written a few weeks back. She hadn't actually gotten a chance to play it yet. Hinata placed shaking hands over the keys. First it started out with slow soothing arpeggios, then it went to chords and melody. Just after the slow arpeggios finished she started to sing. The words easily came, and they flowed out of her mouth without hesitation. Prologue

Spend all your time waiting For that second chance For a break that would make it okay There's always one reason To feel not good enough And it's hard at the end of the day I need some distraction Oh beautiful release Memory seeps from my veins Let me be empty And weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight
In the arms of an angel Fly away from here From this dark cold hotel room And the endlessness that you fear You are pulled from the wreckage Of your silent reverie You're in the arms of the angel May you find some comfort there
So tired of the straight line And everywhere you turn There's vultures and thieves at your back And the storm keeps on twisting You keep on building the lie That you make up for all that you lack It don't make no difference Escaping one last time It's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees
In the arms of an angel Fly away from here From this dark cold hotel room And the endlessness that you fear You are pulled from the wreckage Of your silent reverie You're in the arms of the angel May you find some comfort there You're in the arms of the angel May you find some comfort here

As the song slowly died away and the ringing slowly left the piano, the tears fell from her eyes and dripped onto the keys, making loud sounds that echoed throughout the room. She wiped her eyes and then the piano with her sleeve. She stood up, nearly knocking over the bench. She ran out the door, down the hall.

"Hinata! I didn't know you were still here!" Shizune exclaimed with a smile on her face.

Hinata waved. She did not want her to see her tear stained face.

She jumped down the marble steps two at a time. She slowed down and started walking home in a dazed state. Suddenly she glanced down at her watch and grimaced. Hinata started running haphazardly down the road at a breakneck pace. Not seeing through her tear glazed eyes she ran blindly into something rock hard. She froze as she waited to feel the hard asphalt. She closed her eyes tight and waited. Nothing happened. She opened one eye and saw concerned blue orbs staring back. It was then that she felt the sharp pain in her sides.

'He must have grabbed me.' Hinata thought. She winced as his grip tightened as he set her on her feet again. She gasped, her bruised ribs screamed in protest.

"I-I'm so s-sorry!" Hinata managed to get out. He gave a small smile in return. He slowly walked around her and continued walking. She watched him until he went around a corner.

'I didn't even get his name.' Not five seconds later she was back running, dreading the fact that she was late. Late, late; her mind chanted at her.

She burst through the door and shut it quietly, hoping to avoid confrontation or at least prolong it. She placed her shoes on the mat and opened the door into the kitchen. She saw what she had been dreading the most. Her step father came stumbling into the room. She could tell that he had been drinking for most of the day. His eyes were blood shot, and she doubted he even recognized who she was. She took a step forward and bowed deeply.

"Hiashi-sama" It hardly came out louder than a whisper.

"Hinata!" He yelled in her face and wrenched her face by her chin to face him. The stench made her stomach twist. "Why are you late? You were meant to be home hours ago!" He continued on for a while, sometimes mumbling and slurring curses, and other times full out yelling. In actuality Hinata had only been late by four minutes, but she wasn't about to tell him that.

"I'm sorry, it w-won't happen a-again." She said.

"You are right, it won't." He said in a cold voice. That was when her world went black.

She woke up with a concussion judging by the continuous pounding in her head. Hinata felt like she had been through a blender and lived to tell the story. By the way her body was feeling; she somehow didn't doubt that it was probably what she looked like as well. She looked up and was confused to see the basement ceiling above her head. She looked down at her legs, upon seeing them she winced as she slowly bent them out of their weird position on the stairs. She grabbed onto the railing and heaved herself up. But when she heard the crunching of glass, she nearly passed out again. She looked over her shoulder and could see tiny shards of dark glass reflecting her wide eyes. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't even feel her left arm. Hinata couldn't do anything until she got up the stairs. She dragged her broken body up the stairs she only had two left when her body wouldn't listen to her commands. She gave into the pain; and her world went black again for the second time that day.

She grudgingly opened her eyes to see nearly all white. Only a few accents of colour were added throughout the room. Neji's room? Why was she here? She couldn't be here! Hinata panicked and tried to get out of the room as fast as possible. But as soon as she started to move again her body writhed in agony. She cried out, although it was muffled. She stopped struggling when she heard faint footsteps running up the stairs. She shrank as far away from the door as she could. The footsteps paused behind the door. A small whimper escaped from her mouth. Neji stepped through the doorway a concerned look on his face. His usual facade was gone, and in its place was a look of worry. Hinata decided that it simply did not fit. He came and stood next to the bed a good three feet away from the bed.

"Hinata, I know you are awake." He spoke in a near monotone voice. She poked a bruised face out of the warm bed sheets to prove to him that she was listening. Hinata didn't think that she could talk right at that moment. She just stared blankly at him.

"You can't let it go on like this!" He raised his voice the tiniest bit. Her eyebrows lifted up out of sheer surprise. "Why do you let him treat you like this?" Her face fell.

'I don't let him, I don't have a choice.' She thought sadly.

"T-This is the only way that I-I'm going to be able to g-get all of my ed-education N-Neji! Please understand that I d-don't have any other options!" She replied, her voice was hoarse from over use. He looked disappointed. He really did want the best for her, never would he ever wish for this to happen to her. He did his best to be home; but sometimes he just couldn't be there to protect her.

"Roll over." Hinata reluctantly rolled over with a little bit of difficulty so that she was on her stomach. Neji reached out and peeled away the gauze bandage that had been placed over her left shoulder. The glass was no longer there, even though the inflamed area of her skin were prominent against her porcelain like skin. Tears threatened to trickle out of her eyes, but she made no sound of her distress. He put some alcohol on a swap and as gently as he could disinfected them. Her shoulder felt like it was on fire after he was done. He replaced the bandage after putting on a cooling cloth on it.

"Did I need stitches?" She asked her voice steady.

"No, they weren't deep enough to need that." He replied curtly.

After the entire ordeal was done, Hinata was exhausted. With a bit of prodding and convincing she let Neji carry her to her room. The sad, dark attic had one bed in the corner and a dresser on the other side, but other than that the room was barren. He laid her carefully on the bed as if she might break. He pulled the small sheet up to her chin and left the room. Only then did Hinata let herself cry.

Naruto was just walking back to his place when a girl came out of no where and ran full speed into him. Out of pure reflex did he actually catch her in time.

She let out a wince and then she opened her eyes. The lavender hue was contrasted by her indigo hair that was cut around her face; in a framing sort of way, the rest of it was piled on the top of her head.

She gasped in what seemed to be pain, but as soon as she started talking he thought he must have imagined it.

"I-I'm so s-sorry!" She struggled to get her words out. He set her down on her feet and smiled. Then he continued walking around her and walked to his apartment. Naruto didn't know what to think of the shy girl. He walked to his new apartment and then, noticing how dark it was, started to jog. He got there and took his shoes off and went to get some supper. Tomorrow he would have to go and try to register for his grade twelve year at the school just down the road. He wasn't sure what he was going to do after graduation. Plus he had to figure out how he was going to balance his normal life with secret one. Sounds mysterious, he rolled his eyes at himself. He mulled it over, and after eating a quick supper went to bed. Tomorrow would be a new experience to say the least.