Twins and Brothers UP FOR ADOPTION

A/N: I wasn't going anywhere but I've just been really busy trying to find a job. I was thinking about scrapping this story, due to how crappy I've been at making updates. None of you deserve to wait so long for updates and I know how much that sucks to wait on a story that you like to read. I want to finish what I started, but I have a lot of things going on in real life for right now. So it is with a heavy heart that I must do the right thing: instead of deleting this story, I'm going to put this story up for adoption. Anyone who wants to rewrite this story is welcome; all I ask is that you give credit where it is due. I also want to see what fans of this story can do with it, so it would be nice if you guys can PM me about it. I might come back with another story sooner or later, like another story to add to Cupboard Noises, but right now, I'm just dealing with stuff. I'll be back soon, but I make no promises.

Farewell for "write" now, my readers.

Phoenix :D