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A Christmas Healing

By: MissKatt

Epilogue: Life


Kagome looked up from grading her papers and to the student who was now standing in front of her desk. "Hai, Pinta-chan?"

The girl smiled wide and moved her hands from behind her back to in front of her, holding up a bouquet of daisies to her teacher. "Congratulations! This is from all of us!" The girl beamed and nodded over to the rest of the class who was staring at the two with grins.

Kagome blinked before putting her red pen down and standing up to take the flowers. "Thank you, everyone! This was very nice for you guys to do for me! I will be thinking about you guys when I am gone!" She said and smiled happily at her students. She watched Pinta return to her seat and looked down at the bright flowers. They reminded her of that night.

"Ah, Sesshoumaru, they're beautiful!" The miko cooed, taking the bouquet of brightly colored roses into her hands. He knew her so well. Yes, she knew that every color of rose meant a different thing, but she didn't care. She loved vibrant roses of all colors and felt that red were too cliché. She looked up at him and reached up on her tip-toes to press a kiss to his lips. "Thank you."

Sesshoumaru returned the kiss and gave her a smile. "You are very welcome, Kagome. It is Valentine's Day and thus marks a year that you decided to be mine."

"Decided?" She snickered at him. "Don't you mean you decided to finally ask me to be your girlfriend?" She asked and laughed when he shot her a pointed look.

"Yes, I waited two months to ask you because I was not sure you wanted a relationship." He countered and led her towards the dining room.

"Then you should have asked," She retorted and stuck her tongue out at him. When she was swept into the dining room, she smiled at the romantic setting. There was a candle stick holder with three long, white candles that were lit to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Dinner was already served on their plates and ready to be eaten. "Did you…?"

"Yes," He replied, already knowing her question. She had scolded him for relying on his hired help too much so he had started to do things on his own. "I made dinner."

"Ah! It looks amazing!" She gushed, looking down at the teriyaki beef plate he had prepared for her. She blinked and smiled kindly at the butler as he set down a glass of wine in front of her. She picked it up and raised it to her lips, the bitter-sweet tasting liquid spilling onto her tongue. "Mmm." She commented and set the glass down before opening her eyes to see her love kneeling before her. "When did you…?"

"You always close your eyes when you drink," He murmured, looking down. "So this was the perfect time."

"Sesshoumaru?" She had never heard him murmur before, nor did he ever not meet her gaze when she spoke to him.

'Oh my goodness.' She thought, her heart freezing in her chest. He was breaking up with her! What did she do? Where did she go wrong? Where there any signs? No, not that she could remember! B-but, they were mated! You can't take that back can you? She continued to beat herself up mentally until she felt him grasp her hand.

"Kagome," He began, raising his eyes to stare into hers. He pulled something from his pocket and held it up for her to see. She stared at the ring between his fingers, her mouth dropping open in awe. "Will you-"

"HAI!" She practically screamed before tackling him to the ground in a tight bear hug. She couldn't believe she had been so foolish as to think that he was going to break up with her! Still, she was beyond surprised to see that he had proposed to her!

"You did not let me finish," He scolded, but she saw a smile on his lips as he hugged her to him.

Kagome sighed dreamily at the memory and looked at the silver ring on her wedding finger, three diamonds shined brilliantly at her and she couldn't help but smile. She glanced at the clock as the bell rang and got to her feet. She put her hand to her heart as it fluttered excitedly. She was getting married in a few hours.


Sesshoumaru clenched his hands into fists nervously as he stood at the altar, waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. They were mated as youkai mates should be, yes, but he knew a wedding would truly make her happy. He looked towards the bride's maids and gazed down at the yellow roses. He smiled as he recalled the night he had proposed to her.

His amber orbs watched as she gingerly rose her glass of wine to her lips. He could not wait any longer. As soon as she walked in, he wanted to ask her then and there, but wanted to surprise her. He waited for her to close her eyes and, within the blink of an eye, he was kneeling down in front her.

"When did you…?" She asked, looking down at him.

"You always close your eyes when you drink," He murmured, looking down. "So this was the perfect time." What was wrong with him? He never murmured his words! He knew he was nervous, but to this point?

"Sesshoumaru?" He didn't meet her gaze; he was too busy trying to calm his racing heart. This was foolish! She was already his mate, so why was he so nervous about a simple question?

"Kagome," He began, raising his eyes to stare into sapphire pools. He dug his hand into his pocket and fingered the cool metal. Finally, he withdrew it from the confinement of his pocket and held it out in front of her. He watched carefully as she stared at the ring between his fingers, her mouth dropping open in awe. "Will you-" He began.

"HAI!" He nearly flinched at her enthusiastic scream and let her tackle him to the ground in a tight bear hug. He could not believe he had been so foolish as to think she would deny him! Still, he couldn't deny the flutter of his heart at her response.

"You did not let me finish." He scolded, but could not be mad at her. She was now his fiancée and he was glad he had made her so happy.

Sesshoumaru perked his head up and looked towards the aisle when he heard the band begin to play. First came Rin, scattering yellow rose petals along the runner. She looked adorable with her hair tied up into a curly bun; a white mini ball gown dress shimmered as she walked. She grinned at her father before going to go stand next to Sango. Sango and Kagome had become exceedingly close when he had moved the pair back to Tokyo once they were reunited with her brother. Rin, Shippou, and Kohaku all went to the same school, so play dates were the common excuse for the girls to get together.

Speaking of Shippou, he followed Rin down the aisle as the ring bearer. He wore a smaller version of his own suit, white of course. He gave the kit a reassuring smile as he came over to stand next to him, Inuyasha, and Miroku. Yes, he and Inuyasha had become somewhat close, forming their bond as brothers hadn't been easy, but they were getting there.

Sesshoumaru then felt the hair on his neck prickle up in anticipation when he heard the symphony that announced the arrival of his bride. He looked up and saw his father walking her down the aisle. She and Touga had a connection not even he could explain, but he knew they had become very close so he wasn't all too surprised that she had asked his father to walk her down the aisle. Touga, of course, was all too willing to do it.

He felt his palms sweat as she drew nearer. She was stunning in her white dress. It was a sweetheart design with sleeves that hung off the shoulders, the hem gracing the floor and pooling out behind her. Her hair was tied back into a twisted bun and she wore little makeup, but she didn't need it. He felt his heart squeeze when she met his gaze, causing her to instantly start crying. He gave her a confident smile and held his hand out to her when she was close enough. He grasped her hand and pulled her close to him after she gave Touga a peck on the cheek.

"You are beautiful, Kagome." He whispered to her and smiled as she blushed. He lifted his free hand and used it to wipe away her tears.

She smiled nervously at him and gave his hands a squeeze before turning to the priest as he began to ceremony.


"Push, Kagome, push!" Sesshoumaru urged, anxious to have his son. She gripped his hand hard and shot him an evil look of doom.

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" She growled and let out a screeching wail as she pushed again. Ebony hair clung to her face from the sweat. The liquid seeped down the back of her neck, staining her pistachio colored hospital gown.

"One more big one, Taisho-san!" The doctor encouraged from between her legs.

Kagome pushed as hard as she could, her face turning bright red. She suddenly felt the pressure dissipate from her and she flopped back against the bed as her baby's cries filled the room.

"Here you go, Taisho-san," The doctor said, handing Sesshoumaru a pair of surgical scissors. "That's it, right there."

The taiyoukai steadily cut the umbilical cord as the doctor instructed. Once the pup was free, the nurse carried him away. His golden eyes watched as the nurse cleared his son's nose out to clear his airways before they rinsed him of the remainder of the placenta. His keen eyes took in every detail as the nurse tied him tightly in a blue blanket.

"Here you go, Taisho-san," The nurse said happily as she handed the white haired, purple striped cheeked pup over to his anxious father. He awkwardly took his son into his arms, gazing down at their beautiful creation. He never thought he would have a pup of his own. Yes, he loved Rin and she was of no doubt his daughter, but to have a child of his own flesh and blood was something completely different. He couldn't help but look down at his peaceful son, a smile on his face.

His peace was short lived, however, when Sesshomaru's ears were suddenly filled with the buzzing and ringing of machines. He snapped his head to the bed as he saw nurses bustling around his, now unconscious, mate's bed as the doctor snapped out orders.

"What is happening?" He demanded to know what was wrong.

The doctor stumbled over his words for a moment, Sesshoumaru's youkai pressing against him in threat. "S-she's losing a lot of blood. Her pulse has slowed down exponentially. We're trying everything we can!"

What did they mean try everything they can? His stomach dropped slightly. No, No. His mate could not die. Not without holding her first pup. He held the pup tighter as the tiny hanyou began to wail from the anxiety and stress in the room.

"Shh, my son, your mother will be fine." He cooed, hoping his first words to his son would not be lies.


"Okaa-san!" The children's voice rang out.

"Hai?" Kagome asked, smiling down at her two hanyou children, rubbing her belly as the third one prepared to soon enter the world. She was glad they were having another child. Ever since Rin and Shippou left for college, the house felt emptier.

"Yuujiro took my doll!" The girl whined, pulling the pout face to her mother, pulling on the hem of her dress. The girl's hair was silvery white and tied into two pigtails. Atop her head were two triangle ears, her face clear of any marking except for the sapphire crescent moon adorning her forehead. She was the youngest and daddy's little girl, so she usually got her way.

"No! I simply put it in a place you can't reach," Yuujiro remarked, crossing his arms across his chest. He had sort silvery white hair and pointed ears, a jagged purple stripe on each cheek along with the same crescent moon symbol. "It is what you get for screaming in my ear."

Mizuki's pout quickly disappeared as she pointed her finger at her older brother. "You are just an ugly meanie face, jerk!"

"Ho? I know that no daughter of mine is using such language."

The two hanyou children turned towards the kitchen entrance when they heard their father's voice. "Papa!" Mizuki cheered and tripped her brother so she would be the first to launch herself into her father's arms.

Sesshoumaru scooped up his daughter and lightly hit her on the nose with his pointer finger. "Tripping your brother and calling him names is not very nice, Mizuki." He tried to be firm, but as soon as she flashed him her big, glistening puppy eyes, he melted and gave her forehead a kiss before setting her down.

"Otou-san," Yuujiro's chest swelled up as he reported in. "Everything was fine and secure while you were at work! I made sure of it. However, Mama had a few contractions although she didn't want me to…tell…you…oops. Gomen, Mama." He looked over at his mother and gave her the same puppy-dog look that Mizuki had given her father.

Kagome let out a giggle as she stirred the pot of sukiyaki. "I suppose he was going to find out anyways," She then stuck out her tongue at her mate when he walked over to her, concern on his face. "I'm fine!"

"Contractions? So early?" He asked and put his hand on her swollen belly. "But, you are not due for another two weeks."

The miko shook her head. "Sesshou, my love, you can't always control when a baby comes. If he wants to come early, he will." She said and then felt her breath hitch when Sesshoumaru brushed his lips over her bond mark, one hand on their unborn child, the other running up her back. Even after twelve years, he still managed to take her breath away and give her the same butterflies he did when they first started talking.

"Perhaps," He replied, breathing on her neck. "But I can still control something else."

"EWW!" Mizuki and Yuujiro both shouted, their faces scrunching up in disgust. "You're being all lovey dovey again!"

The couple laughed and pulled away from each other after sharing a tender kiss, not wanting to torture their children any longer.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome smiled as they watched their children skip off to play. She leaned into her husband and looked down at her belly, rubbing it gently.

This was how their life was now, twelve years later.

And they couldn't be any happier.

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