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Making Money

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I waited until my half-brother went into his bedroom and Eric was on the sofa eating marshmallows with ketchup. The sight was sickening for marshmallows with ketchup? Seriously, Marshmallows and ketchup that is unbelievable.

"Eric, I'll your parents about you being a prostitute." I said in a low voice for I don't want Shawn to hear just in case he is not really asleep in his bedroom.

"They already know and stuff because I told them that I'm selling myself."

"What?" I asked him. My eyes are wide in disbelief for if man oh man if it was me then my parents would-

"Yeah, but I don't think they believed me. Plus they said that no one would want to buy me." Eric informed me in a low voice, he smiled widely at me, and I wanted to shake him for he shouldn't be smiling at all.

"I'll going to tell your brother."

"Oh, He knows too."


"He didn't believe me, but yeah I told my parents and brother. My little sister knows too, she laughed, and didn't believe me either. So yep, I informed them and stuff." Eric said cheerfully, but I noticed his eyes looked a bit sad and his shoulders slightly slumped. "So they don't believe me and it's not like I'm going to show them because they would be gross."

"Eric, You are degrading yourself by selling your body." I stated firmly and he rolled his eyes at me.

"Well, Jack. I'm making money and I don't have to think so it's pretty easy."

"Not the point, Eric."

"What is the point then Jack?" He asked me. I grabbed him and looked into his eyes, but then Shawn walked out.

"So, What's going on?" Shawn asked as he stretched his arms and yawned loudly. Why did my half-brother have to come out of his bedroom?

"Hey, Shawn. How would you react if I up and decided to become a prostitute?" I asked causally, Eric narrowed his eyes, and cheeks slightly puffed out like a puffer fish. I glanced at my younger half-brother and he looked completely speechless.

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