Just a quick little fun shot having to do with the holidays!


Genie's and Mistletoe

Jeannie was in her bottle flipping through a magazine and thinking about the past events that had just happened. Major Healey had flown off to a different state to visit his family and her master was working his last day today before the holiday vacations. She smiled thinking back at the conversation she last night with him when they put up the Christmas tree.

"This is going to be your first Christmas, Jeannie, isn't it?" Tony said as he brought out boxes of ornaments from the hall closet.

"Yes master. I have never celebrated it before." She smiled looking at all the pretty glass orbs he was bringing out.

"Well Christmas is two weeks so I figured we might as well put up the tree now." It was Tony's day off and he went out to get the tree earlier that day. "Here, come help me hang up the ornaments." He handed her a box of red and green sparkly globes.

Jeannie smiled as she hung them up, asking him all kinds of questions about the holiday and what they would do. She was pleased to hear that they would be spending the night alone together.

"I'd invite Roger, but he's flying home to visit his parents."

"Oh that is alright, master. I think we will have a great time, just the two of us." She smiled and he couldn't help but smile back. "What are you going to get me for Christmas, master?"

He laughed. "I think I have an idea of what I'm going to get you…but I'm not gonna tell you."

"Why not!"

"Because! That would spoil the surprise!" He grinned as he watched her act so childish about it.

"Please! Just a hint!"

"No Jeannie! And that's that. Now c'mon, lets finish hanging these up."

She kept on flipping through pages until she heard her master's car pull up. Jeannie smoked out of the bottle and waited for him to walk through the door.

"Hi, Jeannie. How was your day?" Tony smiled and said when he walked into the living room.

"It was fine master. Oh master, I was going to ask you…I have been reading this magazine and I keep on seeing this plant on a lot of the advertisement pages, but I do not recognize it. Could you tell me what it is?"

"Yeah of course, let me see it."

She flipped to a page and pointed to it. "This one, master."

"Oh!" he began laughing. "That's mistletoe, Jeannie!"

"Mistletoe? I have never heard of it." Jeannie said thoughtfully.

"Oh it's kind of like a tradition here, if you have some mistletoe and you step under it with another person, you have to kiss them. Silly holiday traditions." He smiled and went to go wash up before dinner.

~The Next Day~

After her master left, Jeannie found the magazine she had been looking at the day before and looked up the mistletoe. You would have to kiss them? Hmm. She grinned and blinked in a little sprig of it and hung it over the door. She walked over to the living room and sat on the couch to wait.

Hours later she heard the familiar roar of the engine of Tony's car and squealed with excitement. Jeannie got up and stood by the door.

"Jeannie I'm h-" Tony was interrupted when her lips covered his. He stood there stunned for a second, not knowing what to do. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a little sprig of mistletoe hanging over their heads. He realized what was going on and smiled.

"Merry Christmas, Jeannie."

"Merry Christmas, Master."

He smiled, leaned down and kissed her.