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The Incredible Hulk


Chapter 1,

At Last,

Jack had entered the library of the large mansion, where he had finally found his missing John Doe, there was a brief scuffle, and finally Jack had him trapped in a dressing room. He held a gun in his hand ready to use if it was necessary it's contents, tranquilizer, he was going to have his way this time no matter what,

Still David refused to let Jack see his face as he had a black mask covering his features,

"3 years." Jack said out loud, David began to move,

"Don't move...it's over John take off the mask." Jack ordered,

"Mr. McGee...mine is not a happy life all I want to do is get rid of the creature...why won't you leave me alone?" David asked,

"From the beginning no one's believed me...you're my vindication." He replied,

"And you'll be destroying me." David added,

"I'll be stopping a dangerous and uncontrollable force." Jack protested,

"The creature saved your life more than once you know that." David reminded,

"The creature is also responsible for taking lives I was there at the laboratory fire...he killed David Banner an Elena Marks" Jack explained,

"No, no, no, no, She died from the fire the creature tried to help her." David protested,

"You'll have every chance to prove that in a court of law...take off the mask" Jack ordered again,

"Will you shoot me?" David asked,

"It's only a tranquilizer." Jack replied,

"If you have enough there to subdue the creature you could kill me." David reasoned, all the while moving down the line of clothes racks,

"Take off the mask." Jack ordered more forcibly, "Take it off."

"Mr. McGee you're risking bringing out the creature in me now please, please stay back...you know what could happen." David reasoned,

Just then he made a break for it, dashing towards the barely opened door, but Jack wasn't about to let him get away again, and soon he fired the tranquilizer dart into David's back. Diving at his legs Jack knocked David off his feet; this caused David to strike his head on the doorknob knocking him unconscious, although Jack was struck in the jaw by David's pirate boots when he fell to the ground.

As soon as Jack regained his awareness as to what was going on he noticed that David was lying motionless on the floor, the tranquilizer that he was using was not that potent to knock him out that fast. So he crawled over to him, briskly removing the dart and rolling him onto his back checking for a pulse while also noticing a mild gash on his forehead.

Jack could fee a strong pulse which was a good thing because the last thing he wanted was to kill the man he had put all his efforts into catching. He sat back in triumph while extending a hand to his jaw that ached with a fury; he soon felt the sticky substance known all to well as blood when he moved his hand to the corner of his mouth.

Suddenly pushing aside everything he reached his hand towards David's face to remove the mask, sliding it off his head he finally saw that the John Doe he had spent days with out in the forest was none other then David Banner. He was in shock he was sure David was dead, but he wasn't because he had just knocked him unconscious, things were happening to fast for his liking and it was about time he got a few facts straight.

David was meant to be dead he was meant to have died in the laboratory fire along with Elena Marks that same night, he didn't know that when he had tracked the hulk to make him pay for killing David banner he was actually tracking David banner. Even though David would have begged to differ Jack saw him as a friend, only sometimes he didn't act like it, and he had felt bad ever since that night with the fire because they had an argument, and because he called David a liar.

It all made sense now, that's why they never found David's body, because he had transformed into the hulk and had escaped, if Jack had of known this then things would have been different. After starring at David's lifeless body for a while Jack realized that if he was found like this, sitting next to a wounded man with a split lip, the police would be called in and he would be arrested and would lose the man whom he thought was dead, perhaps forever this time.

Thinking rationally, calling for the hospital was probably the most reasonable and safest idea, and maybe if he could tell a few little white lies here and there, he could possible make the situation benefit him. Only recently had jack been carrying around a mobile phone and he was glad he had decided to take it with him on this occasion.

Taking it out of his pocket he dialed 911, and was going to call for a paramedics unit to come to the island, he wasn't sure how long it was going to take for them to get to the island, but he was confident in the amount of tranquilizer he had used. He would rather risk arrest then risk losing David who had the strange ability to change into the hulk and then back again.

"911 what's your emergency?" A female receptionist asked,

"I'm Jack McGee and I have a man who has collapsed while putting on his masquerade costume I'm with him in the dressing room." Jack explained,

"What's the Man's condition and I need your address?" She asked,

"He's unconscious and he has a gash to his forehead I am unaware of any other injuries he has at this time, my only known address is Pow Island I'm sorry but that's all I've got." Jack replied,

"That's allright sir I know the address I'm feeding it to the hospital as we speak, if you could just stay with him until the paramedics arrive, that would be great, but don't try and move him until help arrives." She explained,

"Allright I understand, thank you." Jack said gratefully,

"Don't mention it." She said, before she hung up the line, when she hung up Jack turned to David,

"Let's just hope my tranquilizer keeps you out of the picture until I get you to my apartment if not I'm going to have to shoot you again." Jack said, mainly to himself though,

5 minutes later and Jack could hear the paramedics, so he rose and walked out into the hall to let them know where he was.

"In here." He called, to the two men that were carrying a stretcher, when they entered they started to examine him,

"What's your relationship to this man?" One man asked as he examined the gash to David's head,

"I'm a close friend we're almost like brothers." Jack lied,

"What was he doing when he collapsed?" The other asked,

"He and I were walking towards the door when he just fell." Jack replied,

"How did you get that split lip...looks pretty bad?" The first paramedic asked, as he turned to Jack to examine him after noticing he had a fat lip,

"It's nothing, when he fell I tried to catch him but I ended up colliding with his head, nearly knocked my tooth out." Jack lied again,

The paramedic turned his attention to Jack as he began to examine his mouth, the area had already developed a large black and blue bruise which looked like he was in a fight, only losing.

"Really I'm fine." Jack insisted, as he began to flinch from the painful touching of the paramedic,

Although the man was insistent on a full examination, which even went to the extent of checking Jack's teeth to see if they were loose, but they were only slightly chipped, and the inside of his mouth was cut up painfully.

The paramedic who was examining David turned to Jack who was still being checked over,

"What's the man's name?" He asked,

"He's name is David banner we go way back." Jack answered,

"Well David is going to be fine the injury to his head will need to be covered, but it will not effect anything like his sight, it will only give him a large headache when he wakes up." He explained,

"Well that's good can we get him to my apartment I don't think he'll want to go to the party anymore?" Jack asked,

"Yeah just make sure he rests for the night okay." He ordered,

"Okay, now can you tell your friend to get his hands off of me I told you I'm allright." Jack demanded,

"Comeon Frank the man just needs some ice." He insisted,

"Yeah I can see that but you might want to watch what you eat for a while because you could make the cuts in your mouth worse." Frank explained,

"Yeah I'll do that." Jack agreed,

The two paramedics then lifted David onto the stretcher they had brought and carried him out to the boat they had waiting, with Jack following close behind, his hand to his jaw as it ached painfully. They were soon back on the mainland, after paying the boat driver that carried David over to the ambulance they had left at the dock. When he and Jack were safely inside Frank handed Jack an ice pack to put on his jaw, it made things a lot better, and it did a good job to deaden some of the pain.

"So where do you live?" The paramedic asked, who was driving the ambulance,

"The drift wood hotel it's just down the street past the traffic lights." Jack replied,

While the paramedic who was in the back with McGee tended to the injury to David's head, the driver soon pulled into a parking space at the hotel where Jack was staying, getting out of the ambulance they carried David up to room 307 where Jack was checked in. They placed David on the bed in the apartment before they left allowing Jack to keep the icepack, even though he replaced it with a frozen pea bag later.

After the paramedics had left Jack strapped David to a chair ensuring that he couldn't get away, there was no way he was going to let something like that happen, not now he had come to far for that. When he had finished tying David to the chair he began to stir, and if the paramedic was right he was going to have a huge headache.

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