The Incredible Hulk



It wasn't until Jack had bounded out of the hotel like a frightened rabbit did he actually realize just how much pain he was in, his side burnt like fire which was probably telling him that he had a broken rib or something, but David was his current priority. He looked feverishly around him, but there he didn't see anything that pointed to where the hulk had gone, so he simply walked down the sidewalk looking for him.

Meanwhile the hulk continued further and further into the subway, almost as if he was trying to run away from whatever it was that was causing him causing him such pain. Finally he dropped to his knees to weak to go on, exhaustion had taken over, he then leaned against the wall letting out a ghastly moan of pain.

The metamorphosis had begun had begun he was changing back into his normal self, within a matter of seconds he had changed back. When he was completely back, he rose to his feet and looked around he saw a subway station and so he walked towards it, there he found some spare clothes which he quickly changed into.

When he had finished dressing he remembered something from when he was the hulk, he remembered Jack and a hotel, then it hit him, he had done something to Jack and he had to find out what. All the while Jack was still searching for David, but it seemed pointless as he couldn't find anything that had been broken or knocked over.

Pushing through the constant pain he kept on, when he had crossed the road there where three men in a white colored van including Tom watching him.

"Alright Tom work your stuff." One strong looking man said,

"What am I supposed to say to him Joe?" Tom asked,

"You'll think of something twinkle toes, because if you don't Jack won't be the only one going on ice…if you get my meaning." Another man who was driving the man said,

"I read you loud and clear Frank." Tom assured,

"Good, good now bet going." Frank ordered, so Tom exited the vehicle,

When Tom was close enough to Jack he called to him, "Hey Jack." He called, Jack then turned to face his addresser,

"Tom what are you doing here I thought that you would make yourself scarce during the day time, I thought you were nocturnal?" Jack asked,

"I had something that I needed to tell you so I was willing to brave the cops." Tom replied,

"Can it wait Tom?" Jack asked,

"No it's important." Tom replied,

"Well it will just have to wait because I have to find David." Jack said as a final,

"That's what I wanted to tell you I saw David and he didn't look very good at all." Tom lied,

"Where did you see him?" Jack asked, suddenly interested,

"I saw him just down the street a way." Tom said, as he pointed with his finger in the direction he spoke of,

"Well then I'll see you later Tom." Jack said, as he turned to continue his search,

When he turned his back to Tom, he was struck on the back of his head with a small leather club that Tom wielded, when Jack fell to the ground the van moved in.

David stumbled out of the subway just in time to see Jack being carried by two men, and being loaded into the back of a white van, guessing that Jack was in trouble David remained hidden in the subway also noticing that Tom was apart of whatever was going on. David stayed hidden until he saw Tom passing the subway entrance, and at that moment David jumped Tom and pulled him into the subway, he then slammed him against the wall and grabbed his collar.

"What have you done with Jack?" David demanded,

"Hey take it easy fella." Tom nearly shrieked, as David slammed him against the wall again,

"Then tell me where are they taking Jack?" David ordered,

"Alright, alright their taking him to the harbor." Tom replied,


"Because their going to kill him." Tom explained,

"Well you better start talking fast or so help me I will mess up that pretty little face of yours." David warned,

"Alright…I have a gambling debt and the guy I owe plays for keeps, in your translation that means if I don't pay somehow I get planted six feet under. I saw that Jack was packing quite a bit of loot so I set him up, only the men that have him now still think he's carrying the money they don' know that I have it." Tom explained,

"You're going to kill Jack just so you can settle a gambling debt?" David asked, nearly shocked that these people actually worked this way,

"Yes that's what happens once you're in this business you can't get out." Tom replied,

"Well I'm taking the money and I were you I would start making myself scarce." David warned, as he grabbed the envelope out of Tom's inner pocket,

He then ran out of the subway and hailed a taxi; once he had hopped in he gave an order to take him to the harbor.

"Excuse me sir may I borrow your phone this could be a matter of life and death." David asked,

"Sure." The cab driver said, as he passed David his cell phone,

"911 what's your emergency?" A lady asked,

"Please I need you to notify the police and tell them that a murder is going to take place at the harbor." David said,

"At once sir I'm patching in the coordinates in now they will be there as soon as they can." She said,

"Thank you." David said gratefully, before he hung up,

Minutes later and the van pulled into a dark warehouse, Joe hopped out of the van and closed the door behind him, Jack was aroused back to reality when the two back doors opened and he was dragged out.

"Who are you and where am I?" Jack asked, in a somewhat nauseated manner,

"You won't have to worry about that for very long friend because you will soon be swimming with the fishes." Frank said, as he dragged a groggy Jack over to his partner,

"Where's the money?" Joe asked, as he grabbed Jack by the collar and gave him a sturdy shake,

"What money?" Jack asked,

"Don't fool around with us Jack because you have but very little time left on this earth and I would hate for your last breathes to be painful." Joe said,

"No you look here I have no idea what you're talking about I've never seen you before in my life." Jack protested,

Frank then grabbed Jack's arm and twisted it behind his back, "We're talking about the money you have in a plain envelope." He said,

"The only money I have in a plain envelope is in my inner jacket pocket." Jack said, through painful grimacing,

"Well I can assure you it ain't there now." Joe said, lifting Jack a little higher with his collar,

"Well the last time I checked it was definitely in my pocket." Jack insisted, but Joe wasn't happy with the answer so he punched Jack in the ribs, he drew a deep breath as he was winded,

"Wait, wait Joe he might be telling the truth, Tom was around the body before we got there I bet he took the money this guy was packing." Frank reasoned, stopping Joe from hitting Jack again,

"That has to be how it went because I swear I had the money on me this morning." Jack said,

"Well that's just too bad for you because your use just ran out early." Joe said sadistically,

Jack was thrown to the ground falling on his back, where his hands and feet were soon tied, while Frank tied heavy chains around Jack's arms and legs, Joe tied a gag around his mouth, assuring that he drowned. David had finally arrived at the harbor and after paying his cab driver he snuck around the warehouses, he was just in time to see Jack tied and gagged and being carried out of a building.

"Stop!" David shouted, as he ran into view,

Jack was glad to see that David was alright and to see that he was actually here to save him, but instantly worried when he saw David had his money.

"Please don't throw him over, I have the money you want right here." David nearly pleaded,

"Alright come over here and we'll talk about it." Joe said, as he dropped Jack's feet and walked a few feet away,

"If you let him go I'll give you six thousand dollars." David bargained,

"What if I don't like your offer?" Joe asked, as Frank walked Jack all the way to the edge of the harbor,

"I don't have anything else to offer you." David simply replied,

"Well I could just kill you and your friend and just take the money." Joe said,

"You could but I don't think you're going to do that." David said,

"And what makes you say that?" Joe asked,

"Because you only do what your boss tells you and that means avoiding pointless killing." David answered,

"Do you have any idea who I work for?" Joe asked,

"No I don't."

"Well he likes to kill people see and if we don't do as he says we die so just hand over the money." Joe ordered, while Jack's protests were muffled,

All of a sudden they were interrupted by three police cars, sirens blazing; the policemen sprang from their cars with their guns trained on the four men. Amongst the confusion Frank pushed Jack off the harbor, and David turned to Frank when he heard a loud splash, he then saw that Frank was now standing alone.

"If you have any weapons drop them to the ground carefully, then lie flat on your stomach until you're handcuffed." Came a shouted order,

However David disobeyed because he soon dropped the envelope full of money, and bounded to the edge of the harbor where he soon dived headfirst into the ocean to save Jack. He looked around, he then saw Jack sinking to the bottom although he was struggling to get free, so he swam towards him, in the attempt to save his life.

The gag made it nearly impossible for Jack to hold his breath for very long so David had to hurry, swimming downward he made it to Jack, he then began to fumble at the ropes trying to get them loose. David was both frightened and frustrated at the same time; this was the perfect combination that would have transformed him into the hulk, only this time he didn't change.

He pulled at the ropes around Jack's hands, and as if he was given strength the ropes broke, he then moved onto the chain and it broke as well, so Jack began to flap his arms about trying to rise back to the surface. David then pulled the gag from Jack's mouth before he moved onto his feet, only when he did Jack began to swallow water, and by the time David had broken the ropes and chains that bound his feet, he had lost consciousness.

David saw this so he grabbed Jack under his arms and began pulling him to the surface, he broke through the water and gasped for air, this was the longest he ever went holding his breath. David held Jack's head out of the water as he then swam over to a ladder, a policeman heard the noise and had gone to investigate, and he soon found David swimming towards the ladder.

The officer then grabbed Jack and heaved him onto the harbor, while David the climbed onto the dry cement as well, but there was no time for rest. David then crawled over to Jack who was lying on his back motionless, David placed two fingers on Jack's neck checking for a pulse, luckily his heart was still beating, and the only problem was he had stopped breathing.

David then began CPR, holding Jack's nose he breathed into his mouth, after that he then began pumping on his chest hoping to get him breathing again. There was no success so David tried again; still there was no response, on the third attempt to get him breathing again there was finally a spark of hope in Jack's lifeless body.

Jack suddenly coughed and water began to spill out of his mouth, so David turned him on his side and began to gently pat his back to help remove as much water as possible. After several heaves all the water that he had swallowed had finally been purged from his body, but after that he was severely weak.

"You seem to know your stuff I've called for an ambulance they should be here soon." The young officer said,

"Thank you." David thanked, as he held Jack's wrist to keep track of his pulse,

"Are you a close friend of his?" He asked,

"Yes but only recently he's a reporter from the national register Jack McGee." David replied,

"It's a wonder he has any friends he's a lucky man…what's your name I'm Steve O'Conner." Steve asked,

"I'm Dr. David Banner." He replied,

"Nice to meet you." Steve said, "I've got your money if you come down to the precinct you can collect it." He added,

"Thank you."

The two were interrupted by the ambulance that came in hot with sirens blazing; it pulled in close to the two men who were crouched by Jack. One man sprang from the back of the ambulance while another from the driver's seat, the paramedic from the back pulled a stretcher out with him while the driver carried a medical case.

"What happened?" The paramedic asked as he checked Jack's heartbeat with a stethoscope,

"He was thrown off this harbor bound and gagged I jumped in soon after to save him, he lost consciousness before I untied his feet." David explained,

"How long was he out?" The second paramedic asked,

"At least a minute or more." David replied, as the paramedic connected an IV bag to Jack's wrist,

"Well he has water in his lungs which we need to get rid of so we need to get him to the hospital as soon as possible." He said, as he removed the stethoscope from Jack's lungs,

So Jack was then lifted onto the stretcher and covered with a blanket one was also given to David, and while this was going on someone had notified a television crew what had gone on, so they began filming the whole thing. As the paramedics carried Jack towards the ambulance David saw the TV crew and soon covered his face with the blanket he was given before climbing into the ambulance.

"I'm Shelly Watson reporting to you live as we are at the scene of an attempted murder, and it seems to be in relation to a mob hit as the method used was surprisingly rare. It appears that the victim is none other than Jack McGee from the national register, he had somehow become involved in a gang related incident, as he was bound and gagged and thrown into the ocean. The man responsible for saving the reporter's life is yet to be identified as he had his head covered with a blanket as we were shooting this footage. We will have more for you when Jack McGee leaves the Mater hospital, I'm Shelly Watson signing off." A blonde, bubbly lady, wearing a short, tight fitting, red dress, commentated,

When Jack and David had arrived at the hospital David went straight to change his clothes while Jack was admitted to room 127, when David had changed he went to see Jack. David found him in a railed bed and coved up to his shoulders with the bed sheets, David knew what Jack thought about death, but this was the one time when it was too close.

It was more dangerous than the time Jack was shot by a young boy who was a part of a small gang, because even though he was shot the wound was only miner. This was different because Jack had seen death so close to him, despite the fact that he was physically alright, it depended if this incident would affect him later.

A few minutes later and a doctor walked in, "You must be David Banner." He began,

"Yes I'm David Banner…how is he?" David asked,

"He's fine he has a few fractured ribs, and apart from his near drowning he will be just fine after he get's some rest." The doctor explained,

"That's great news." David said happily,

"I hear you dived in after he was thrown off the harbor is that right?" The doctor asked,

"Yes that's right…he's a close friend of mine." David replied,

"Judging what I hear from other people I'm surprised he has any friends." The doctor said,

"Yes he has been shall we say irritating to be around but things have changed now for the better." David agreed,

"Well I leave it to you then." The doctor said, as he left the room to continue with his duties,

After a few moments of idle starring David decided to turn the TV on that was in the room, and when he did the news had just come on.

"I'm Shelly Watson reporting to you live as we are at the scene of an attempted murder, and it seems to be in relation to a mob hit as the method used was surprisingly rare. It appears that the victim is none other than Jack McGee from the national register,(Jack is being wheeled on the stretcher to the back of the ambulance with a picture of him displayed in the top right left hand corner of the screen) he had somehow become involved in a gang related incident, as he was bound and gagged and thrown into the ocean.(Shows other incidents with the same death) The man responsible for saving the reporter's life is yet to be identified as he had his head covered with a blanket as we were shooting this footage.(David climbs into the ambulance with a blanket covering his face) We will have more for you when Jack McGee leaves the Mater hospital,(Ambulance drives away) I'm Shelly Watson signing off." She said,

David finished watching the news intent on discovering if his face was able to be seen on it, flicking the channels he found nothing worth his attention. So he turned the set off, and grabbed a magazine from a shelf in the room, and began to flick through it.

And while David had just turned of the television that was in Jack's room, Mark from the national register had just discovered the news. He was horrified to find that Jack had nearly been killed, and more horrified when he saw Jack being wheeled away on a stretcher.

Immediately after he had finished watching the broadcast he scheduled a plane from Chicago to Kansas City, because whether he liked it or not Jack was his responsibility. And it wasn't only that which caused him to want to go to Kansas City, it was the fact that the news said it was tied in with a mob hit, and he wanted to know what Jack had gotten himself into.

The flight from Chicago was short and soon Mark walked out of the terminal carrying a small suitcase, he hailed a taxi and asked to be driven to the Mater hospital. By now David was tired of sitting in Jack's room with nothing to do, so he left to get himself a cup of coffee, and see just what damage he had done to the hotel.

Mark had finally arrived at the hospital; he then walked over to the front desk to find out which room Jack was in and what condition he was in.

"Excuse me I understand that you have a Jack McGee admitted here." He began,

"Yes we do." The receptionist replied,

"I'm Mark his boss I flew here from Chicago to check on him can you tell me which room he's in?" He asked,

"Of course he is in room 127 which is just down the hall and around the corner." She answered politely,

So Mark walked down the corridor and around the corner where he found room 127, he walked in to find that Jack was stirring awake, so Mark quickly took his side.

"Jack…Jack can you hear me?" He asked,

No response.

"Gosh Jack what did you get yourself caught up into now…you've been crazy in the past but this is beyond crazy you nearly got yourself killed." He said starting a conversation with himself,

"Well…look at it this way Mark if I had of died then you wouldn't have to worry about an over expenditure every month." Jack responded,

"So how do you feel Jack?" Mark asked casually,

"Like I've been kicked by a mule." Jack replied,

"What happened to you?"

"Well you remember I told you about the friend I had in the black market?" McGee asked,

"Yes why, what does he have to do with this?" Mark asked,

"Well he is not a friend anymore…he clubbed me over the back of the head and the next thing I know I'm about to take a crash course in swimming lessons." He explained,

"You mean he set you up for a mob hit, any ideas why?" Mark asked,

"Well besides the fact that most drug dealers have debts that they are forced to pay by mobs, I'm guessing that's the reason."

"And how do you know this?"

"Well when I was meeting him he seemed to be eyeing off the money I was carrying." Jack said,

"But you don't have a lot of money so why would he be interested in what you were carrying?" Mark asked,

"At the time I was carrying the reward money." Jack informed,

"You were what?"

"Well I had a lead on the hulk that led to his capture, only after I paid the hulk escaped…"

"And was killed by me." David interrupted,

"You killed the hulk?" Mark asked turning to David,


"Well who are you?"

"This is the man who saved my life." Jack said,

"I'm doctor David Banner…and the creature killed Elaina marks, nearly killing me but I escaped with amnesia instead, and when Jack found me he brought me with him when he pursued leads, and when I learned that the hulk had been captured I killed him." David explained,

"But Jack told me that a man transformed into the hulk." Mark protested,

"I was wrong." Jack stated,

"Do you still have the body?" Mark asked,

"No I don't…it wasn't where I left it." David replied,

"So you were meant to have been dead for 3 years, but you were actually wandering around with amnesia, how did you remember things again?"

"Well when I saw Jack and he explained a few things, my mind just fell back into place." David said, "I had no idea who he was at first and so we didn't start off on the best of terms." He added, as he cast a glance at Jack who tried to hide a small smile, as he remembered how all this came about,

"This could be the story of the ages, hulk is killed by the man it nearly killed…it will put a start and end to the greatest phenomenon." Mark rambled,

"So when do you think you will be allowed to leave?" Mark asked,

"In a few days if I take it easy." Jack replied,

"I don't think so, you have several broken ribs, you nearly drowned, and I don't think you should move for a while." David protested,

"Aw, comeon David you know what hospitals are like and they can bore you to death." Jack interjected,

"Aw nothing you are in no condition to move."

"Enough you're making it sound like I was in a coma for at least a week." McGee dismissed,

"Alright I'm not the doctor in charge." David agreed,

Several days of hospitalization passed by, and McGee was permitted to leave the hospital, he walked gingerly towards the front door, as David opened it politely with Mark following close behind. They had been allowed to pass private conversation since Mark was always there, it was annoying and so when they walked smack into a television crew neither was prepared for the lie they had to concoct, and who should start first.

"Doctor Banner, what's it like to regain your memory after 3 years when you were proclaimed dead? How did you kill the hulk when all others have failed? How did you capture the hulk? What are your plans now that you know who you are again? Will you return to medicine? How does it feel to save a man from being killed by drug traffickers?" Multiple questions from various people were shot out at once and it was increasingly hard to make out what was being said,

"Mark did you tell the news about what happened?" Jack demanded,

"I might have but don't worry about it its great cover story for our newspapers." Mark dismissed,

"What are we going to say?" David asked, in a whisper as he moved closer to Jack,

"Don't worry about it just let me start." Jack assured,

"David Banner and I will not be making any speeches as of yet, infact if you want to find out what happened you are free to read the next issue from the national register when it is published." Jack said, "Thank you." He added, as he grabbed David and pushed past the reporters to get to a taxi,

When they were safely inside Jack turned to David, "Was I ever like that?" He asked, seeming concerned with how pushy he might have been,

"Oh yes, but nothing like that you were just persistent." David replied,

"Well looks like you have your work cut out Jack, as soon as you get back to the register you have a story to write." Mark interrupted, "And don't worry I'm assigning this specific article to you." He assured,

That night jack and David returned to the driftwood hotel to Jack's room, to get dinner and talk privately, because when Jack was admitted to the hospital there were no private moments that weren't interrupted.

"Why did you say you killed the creature?" Jack asked curiously, "Surely when you get angry again he will be seen."

"I don't think so I believe Tom has pulled through." David replied,

"What do you mean?"

"When I was rescuing you I was placed in the exact circumstance that would have triggered a metamorphosis, but the only thing that happened was the increase in my strength capabilities." David explained,

"So you're saying the drug worked?"

"I believe so."

"Well at least there's one thing I did right…Tom is probably in custody and some other newspaper will have covered the arrest already." Jack rambled,

"No Jack you were doing everything right and I was the one doing things wrong." David protested,

"What do you mean?"

"You were spending the better half of your life trying to find the hulk so that you could avenge me, while I was just getting further and further away from you…perhaps if I hadn't been running all this time we could have been friends long ago." Banner explained,

"Well that's true but without this experience I would just have been as relentless and unbearable as I was before I thought you died." Jack pointed out,

"That might have been true, but if I hadn't of given you the cold shoulder before all this and shown you kindness, then you would be like you are now." Jack took a moment to take it all in, and thought what it would be like to have been friends before all of this mess, things definitely could have been different,

"Well that's an interesting point, but why are you saying all this now?" Jack asked puzzlingly,

"Because Jack, I want to be the one friend you can count on, like I could count on what you were doing for me." David answered,

Jack was at a loss for words, would it have been like this if he hadn't of thought David was dead? It was true he wanted to be friends with David before all this, but would his attitude have changed? He wasn't sure and he wasn't sure he wanted to think about it either, considering that they were now friends, and that David had just proclaimed it like some kind of decree.

He didn't know how rocky things were going to be from here on in, but he was eager to see how it turned out, they were total opposites in nature and interests, but the one thing they had in common was the measure of respect they had for each other. Jack also knew that his articles on the hulk would soon be dead and buried, but perhaps there would be other things that would interest him enough to pursue.

Maybe it wasn't too late to head towards a Pulitzer in journalism, maybe he would actually be granted the award, or perhaps he could just leave the register and find some other line of work. But then where would he be he didn't know anything else his whole life had been spent as an investigative reporter, not a handy man or a physical laborer.

He didn't know what he was going to do but whatever happened, he wanted to make sure David would always be close by, and he was sure David was thinking the same way.

The End

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