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In the desert, one had to be prepared for anything. Mustang shoved his gloves in the waistband of his sleeping shorts, when he didn't crash into his cot with dusty ignition cloth still stained upon his unclean hands. Hawkeye kept the rifle within reach of her fingertips, when its strap was not tangled immovably about her arm. Either of them could be awake enough to fight in an instant, even when the nightmares kept them from ever finding a sleep so true as the desert's chill seeping into the thin-walled army tent and narrow cot might allow them. They could drop into a half-doze nearly as quickly; though extreme in its weather and dangers, their lives in the dry land often removed the differences between the waking world and the dream state, forcing consciousness to a constant middle haze. In the desert, Hawkeye slept on her stomach with no companion but the rifle, fingers still only from years of muzzle discipline. In the desert, Mustang slept on his hands, cloth wadded between clenched digits, never fully straightened from their involuntary circles. The cots didn't fit two.

Here, the pace was steadier, slower. The coffee was plentiful and there was even enough cream and sugar to wake Roy from his stupor without the need for adrenaline. The gloves could be left in the cubby of the bedside table and the rifle locked away in the safe, only a pistol stuffed beneath her pillow more out of habit than thought of use. Riza's back was marred, but touch was no longer unbearable. He didn't have to sleep on his hands, and the bed was big enough for both to stretch, to twitch, to roll in dream state or awake - blessedly, electrically alert and aware of everything in the soft, warm, wet nights. The sounds of the background were those of the city - trees rustling in the rain, the neighbors' cars zipping by, a dog barking in alarm at a squirrel, not a spy. Still they slept apart. As in the desert, they had to be prepared for anything. Peace was still in progress.