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Sasuke could just about commit murder.

Fed up with the girls clinging to him, he sits in the left corner of the class and throws his bag onto the seat next to him, telling off all the girls that come near him.

"Sasuke," a certain blonde haired Yamanaka coos, her voice sickly sweet in his ears, "can I sit here?"

"No," Sasuke grits his teeth, "it's taken."

'By my bag,' he thinks.

Ino's rose-haired friend pushes her out of the way, opening her mouth to speak.

Sasuke, of course, is sharp as ever in preserving the empty seat. "That goes for you too, Sakura."

Of course, they aren't the only ones who have asked. Practically all the girls in the class have asked him today.

How can they like him based solely on his appearance?

'How stupid,' the young Uchiha scoffs. Like hungry wolves fighting for their prey, the girls are relentless in their efforts to sit beside him, but in the end, they all acquiesce, dispersing to other seats in the classroom, planning their next attack on him.

Sasuke hates them all.

Well, except Hinata, maybe. She isn't so bad, he figures. More like a sheep than a wolf, she clumsily shuffles into the classroom. As long as she doesn't become one of those female monsters that swoon over him incessantly, she's okay.

Actually, she seems to dislike Sasuke.

She twiddles her fingers, looking for a place to sit. Unfortunately for her, the seat Sasuke's taking up is the last seat left in the class.

Sasuke removes his bag from the chair.

"You can sit here," Sasuke offers, and the jaws of the class' female populace collectively drop.

Reluctantly, Hinata sits down beside him, avoiding eye contact (naturally).

"T-thank you..."

Of course, Sasuke doesn't make eye contact either.