chapter 1 May's POV.

"Gings, are you sure about this?" I recalled, touching my silky black locks.

"Trust me, my brother is going to love you." she smiled and sprayed more stuff to my already damaged hair.

So on the other note, I just moved to Gilroy and had trouble making a few friends before school started.

I met Ginger at a donut shop called "Don's Donuts", the big donut sign catched my attention.

I'm not much of a social girl, but I am pretty smart. Ginger was trying to hack a phone she had found. I don't usually do bad stuff, but she seemed pretty tired of not getting it.

After I helped her unlock the phone, she smiled and asked me to hang out.

Sure, a fifteen year old spending time with a twelve year old isn't exactly being called "friends" more like babysitting, but I do have to say, I'm pretty lonely out here, so I agreed.

A few hours later after being inside Ginger's colorful home, I met Zeke.

Well, not really met him, more like looking at him through her window.

"Who's that?" I asked, pointing at the cute brown haired boy.

"Thats my useless brother Zeke, can't even explain how much of a pit-sniffer he is." she brushed her doll hair very carefuly. "In case you're wondering, he's sixteen years old. And he smells. And he doesn't do much, just skate all day."

"Skate?" I asked. Not sure why, I always had a thing for skater boys. I never had luck with one of them, though.

"Yeah, he and his friend are nothing but a waste of my time...anyone's time, actually. They can't even get a date!" she laughed. "Although...they are pretty good at keeping me busy..."

Her bright green eyes looked at me up and down, and I could tell by her expression I was going to be involved.

So, there I was, letting a little mischevious twelve year old do my hair and makeup, so I could impress her skater brother Zeke. Make him like me, then crush and kick his poor heart.

I didn't even know how I could ever agree to something like this in the first place.

"You...look...PERFECT!" she held a mirror in my face to make sure I could see.

Not sure how she did it, but she made me look like a supermodel. My hair was never this flawless and my whole face was just, incredible. I wish my old friends back in Brooklyn were here to see this. I was never the pretty one in my groupie.

"So, just to be clear, you give him this note, walk away before he reads it, and chances are, he'll go crawling for you." she handed me a folded piece of pink paper.

"What's in it?" I wanted to open it, but instead, she pushed me out of her room. "Hurry up! He's almost here!" she yelled as I ran downstairs. He? Who the heck is he?

I quickly opened the door and noticed another skater, walking towards Zeke. This one was different though, his helmet had some type of sun rays going down, and his style was more colorful and spunky. I didn't realized they both left even before I got out of the house. I looked up to find Ginger in the window.

"GO! GO!" she pointed to the left and I obeyed like some type of play monkey.

I ran to catch up to them, but it was useless, by now I was probably sweating, and I was catching my breath until I stood in front of the huge donut place.

I went inside, defeated, and ordered a smoothie.

Ginger was probably going to despite me for ruining her plan, I thought.

When suddenly, I felt the presence of someone next to me.

"Hi." the spunky skater smiled. "I-I'm Luther."

I looked at him, mezmerized. Then I remembered to breathe.

"Hey." I smiled back. "I'm May."

"May...that's a pretty name. You we're named after a month." he chuckled a little and looked away. I thought he didn't wanted to talk to me, so I looked in front of me and thought to myself.

"So, listen May." his voice broke my thoughts.

I turned around again and faced him. "Yeah?"

"I was just you like pickles?"

I laughed a little. "Yeah, I like pickles."

"Really? Thats, thats great. You know, my buddy Zeke is having a sleepover tonight and he has pickles! you maybe want to come?" he asked, unsure.

I looked behind him and saw Zeke, then remembered Ginger's plan.

"You know what, that's a stupid question, I don't want you to think I'm stupid or anything. 'Cus I'm not." Luther kept talking. I quickly looked at him again. "Even though my last name is Waffles, I'm not as stupid as I may sound...Enjoy your smoothie." he stood up and left.

I looked at the piece of paper and sighed. Should I do this?

Just as I turned around only to find out Zeke and Luther weren't there. I got surprised by another skater.

"I'm Kojo." he smiled at me. He was so close, I don't even remember him coming towards me.

I was about to say something when he did the weirdest thing, he slapped his butt and yelled "WATCHA!"

I kind of laughed a little, and he handed me a flyer that read KOJO'S FEMALE LADIES NIGHT!

I didn't wanted to keep reading, instead I grabbed my smoothie and left to Ginger's house.

"Where are you going?" Kojo followed me.

"My friend's house." I informed.

"Oh really? You wanna bring her a flyer too? It's free for female ladies." he handed me another one.

"I don't think she'll want to come..." I walked a bit faster, he did too.

"Why not? Well, you're coming, right?" he stopped me.

We we're in front of Ginger's house already, and the garage door was open.

"Listen, I'm new in town, and well, I don't really want to go to any," I looked over my shoulder and pulled his hand out of my arm. "Sorry."

"But this never happened before, here, at least take a flyer with you, it's got my number on the back. Along with a signed picture of me."

I turned the flyer and saw an image of him in a bathing suit trying to look sexy.

"Hey Kojo, do you mind leaving her alone?" a familiar voice said.

I looked up and saw Luther.

"What to you want foolio?" Kojo crossed his arms.

"Look, I know you like handing pretty girls your flyers so they can come to your dumb parties or whatever," he took the flyer out of my hand and ripped it. "But that won't happen with her."

"Luther, you do not want to go there." Kojo handed me another flyer.

"Aha, yes I do." Luther ripped it again.

"Here!" Kojo gave me another.

"Give it!" Luther ripped it.

"Have another two!" Kojo handed me two.

"Sorry." Luther crumbled them.

They kept fighting and somehow I was part of it.

Suddenly the voice of reason called, and Zeke appeared. "Alright guys, what's going on?" he asked.

"Kojo is forcing May to come to his party, or whatever, when, clearly, she's not interested!" Luther snapped.

"Why don't you let June say it herself?" Kojo growled.

"You know what Luth, I agree, let...May, figure it out. Stay out of this, bro." Zeke informed.

All three of them looked at me for an answer, I sighed. "Look, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested." I handed the flyer back to Kojo.

"Told ya." Luther smiled.

"I'm not giving up on you June." Kojo glared at me. "Have a nice day foolios." he skated his way back to Don's.

"Thanks guys." I smiled at them.

"Anytime. Kojo is always talking to the girls, figured some of them need help by now. I'm Zeke." Zeke smiled.

"You know my name, May." Luther winked.

"Right. Um, thanks." I nodded and looked at Ginger's window. It was closed. "Uh, Zeke do you know where your sister is at?"

"Ginger? No, I haven't...wait, how do you know my sister?" his smile dissapeared. "Are you part of something? What does she plan to do!" he yelled.

"Alright Zeke, just calm down...maybe she just lost something and Ginger's helping her find it...right? Maybe this note can explain." Luther grabbed the pink note from the floor. I didn't even noticed it fell down.

"No! Don't!" I almost yelled, but he already read it.

"Do, so you we're part of a plan!" Zeke read it too.

"No, well yes, I didn't even know what the note said!" I almost cried. I didn't like it when people yelled at me.

"Zeke, look what you done, you made her sad...Don't worry May, he's just mad at Ginger, not you." Luther hugged me. He was so tall and skinny.

"Okay, Ginger wants to play, we'll give her a game she'll enjoy." Zeke nudged Luther and they both went inside the garage.

I stood there, without anywhere to go.

"You can come too." Luther called.

I ran to the garage. Apperantly it was Zeke's room. Full of skateboarding stuff, and lots of trophies.

"So Ginger hired you to pretend to like me?" Zeke asked just to make sure.

I turned around and sighed. "She didn't actually hired me, it was more like a favor..."

"Favor? For what?" Luther asked.

"Well, I'm new in town and I met Ginger, so she was the first one to talk to me and-"

"Wait, you're new in town?" Luther smirked. I nodded.

"Dude, so that means she doesn't know anything about us, right?" he asked Zeke.

Zeke nodded and they both smiled at eachother.

"I'm Luther, I'm 16, and I'm a swimsuit model." Luther's expression got serious.

I smiled a little.

"No, he's not." Zeke explained.

"Dude, yes I am."

"No, you're not. Stop lying."

"Yes I am, you never been to one of my photo shoots."

"Thats because you don't have any because you're not a stinking model!" Zeke yelled.

I stood quiet for a moment.

"I'm a model." Luther whispered.

"Anyways, I'm Zeke, I'm Ginger's brother, and I live to skate." he shook my hand.

"I'm May, I'm fifteen, and I love to watch you skate." I blushed. "I mean, skaters skate...I like to watch skaters skate, because they skate..."

"So you're into skaters?" Luther smiled.

"Yeah. I mean, no. I...I never met a skater, I can't be into them if I never met one. Well, I met you two, like, I know you two, but..." I sighed. "I'm May."

"Welcome to Gilroy, May. Don't worry, Luth and I are going to make you feel like home." Zeke smiled. Something about him made me blush alot, it was probably the way he's so confident, or his hair, either way, I began to have a little crush on him.