"Luke, you're annoying." I told my brother as we walked inside our house.

"I just wanna know who he is, is he your boyfriend?"

"No, he's a friend. He just walked me home because this guy was kind of stalking me."

"Mmh hmm." he laughed.

"May, honey, can you help me unpack now, please?" my mom sighed in relief that I was home.

"Sure, mom." I smiled. "Luke, stay out of my business." I warned.

"As your older brother, it's also MY business that my little sister doesn't date the wrong people."

"You're just five minutes older than me!"

"Exactly." he smiled and left to his room.

"Mom, can you make sure Luke doesn't go anywhere tonight? I have a date with Ze-" I stopped talking for a second.

"Date?" my dad snapped.

"It's not really a date dad, more like two...people hanging out." I tried explaining it.

"With who?" mom asked.

"Zeke. You know, the guy that gave me the gift basket."

"I ate the jerky!" Luke yelled from upstairs.

I rolled my eyes.

"May, you know we trust you..." my mom began.

"Thanks! Thanks so much!" I jumped.

"Okay, but you better be back at eight."

"Promise. I'll be here at five before eight." I ran to my room to get ready.


"How do I look?" I asked Luther.

"Good, bro. You look great. You a girl stealer." he said in a low voice.

I turned to face him.

"Meaning you'll steal all the girls that see you!" he started smiling.

"Luth, we need to talk about this." I sighed.

"You pitt sniffer!" Ginger yelled from outside.

"What do you want!" I yelled back.

"You asked my friend out on a date...WHY?"

I smiled, satisfied. "She's not your friend anymore and wanna know why? She's my new girlfriend."

"I'm gonna end you!" she roared.

"Girlfriend?" Luther asked.

"I'll explain it later." I punched his arm and skated my way to Don's.


"So tell me about yourself..." Zeke smiled at me.

"Well, I'm new here, my father owns a company in Brooklyn, we kind of moved here to refresh our lives. There were a couple of problems over there..." I explained.

"Hello May, Zeke..." Don came for our order. "What will you have?"

"I wan't a pickle smoothie...please." I smiled. Zeke gave me a weird look.

"The usual for me." Zeke pointed. "You drink pickle smoothies?"

"I just had one this morning, best smoothie ever."

"Luth is the only one I know that likes those..." he said in a low voice.

"I think it's cute you two are best friends." I admitted. "I mean, you're really loyal to eachother and you won't fight about anything, that's true friendship."

"Yeah...your right. I have to tell you something." he sipped his smoothie. "The reason why I asked you to come, wasn't to talk about Gilroy. It was to ask you out..."

I froze a little. "Oh..."

"But I mean, I like you, but I don't like you like you, at least not how Luth does."


"He really likes you, and I can't do this to him, I just wanted to ask you out to get back at Ginger for trying to hook us up...I'm sorry I tried to use you."

"I understand...thanks for being honest." I looked down, I kinda was hoping to go out with him after all. Then I thought about what happened today with Luther.

"I don't know what to do now, I already told Ginger we're together..." he sighed.

"I'll help you..under one condition...when school starts, promise you two will keep hanging out with me. I'm gonna be the new kid, and I hate that feeling."

"Really? That's great, I promise we won't leave your sight. After all, you are my girlfriend." he winked playfully. I laughed.


"Can you get out of my room?" Ginger asked me one more time as I walked back and forth near her bed.

"Not until Zeke gets here..."

"Why can't you wait for him in his room?"

"Ginger, am I likeable?" I asked.

"No. Now get out!" she roared.

"I just really want to know what Zeke has that I don't..."

"Nothing, okay? You two are alike, dumb, useless, worthless..." she began.

"Okay, stop." I paused her. "I hear something..." I whispered.

"Hey Luth, what are you doing in Ginger's room?" Zeke appeared in front of the door holding May's hand. I sniffed once and gave him a cold stare.

"Well, I guess you we're right after all...May, make sure you never speak to me again." Ginger smiled and kicked all of us out.

We went to the garage to hang out.

"She totally fell for it." Zeke gave May a slow butter.

"Fell for what? What are you guys talking about?" I asked.

"Luth, I been trying to tell you, May and I are pretending to date to get back at Ginger for tying to hook us up." he explained.

"What? That's why you asked her out?" I laughed. "Man, I feel stupid."

"I also told May how you felt about her." he added.

"Now, I feel really stupid."

May grabbed my hand and smiled. "Don't. I think you're sweet."

I grinned at her.