She pressed her hand to her mouth, trying to conceal her gasp. Even with her dark, Jackie-O style sunglasses on, and a thick pane of glass between her and the child the resemblance was astounding. The little infant sleeping soundly snuggled tight in a pink blanket bore a face so similar to her own daughter's that it hurt. The baby had been whisked away quickly, after only spending a brief moment in Quinn's arms. Quinn had forbid the nurses from bringing the baby back into the room; it was too painful for her to look at the infant. Judy Fabray pushed the glasses on top of her forehead. She hadn't worn them to conceal her eyes from the sun but to conceal her tears from the world. She had mentally prepared for this moment, saying goodbye to Beth. She hadn't got a chance to when Quinn did, she had to stay strong for her daughter, who was an emotional mess. The lady with the long brunette hair was back, awing and cooing at the infant. She already loved the tiny baby you could tell, but then again it was hard not to fall in love with that innocent cherub face. A serious looking lady, petite and dressed in a suit, her hair slicked back into a tight bun, shuffled in whispering something to her. They left the room and headed toward the conference room down the hall. She peered back into the nursery to see that the baby was now awake, crying. Before she knew what she was doing she entered the nursery.

"Maam can I help you?" The nurse asked as she patted the baby's tummy.

"I. . . She . . . that's my. . .was . . . is my grandchild." She choked out.

The nurse nodded, and lifted the infant from her clear bassinet. "Her name is Beth."

As the infant was pressed into her arms, she found comfort that she did not have to explain herself to the nurse. Beth cried, no louder than a mewing kitten. She sat down in the worn rocking chair and snuggled the baby tight to her. As she rocked she thought about how she had done the same thing last night to her own daughter. She recalled the scene in her head. It was their first night home from the hospital. Quinn was trashing around in her bed, her comforter gripped tightly in her grasp. A nightmare was ravaging her body sending grotesque screams echoing throughout the room. Judy sat her up, soothing her hair back. "Quinnie it's ok."

Quinn lifted her tear soaked face to look into her eyes. "I miss her so much. Already." The mere mention of Beth sent Quinn into hysterics once again. Judy had rocked her singing softly until Quinn had fallen back into a fitful drift of sleep.

She looked down at Beth. "I'm going to sing you the same lullaby I sang to your mother." Her voice shook at first, growing stronger as she noticed the infant starting to doze. ". . . Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I'm found. . . "

As Beth fell asleep she sat her down softly in the bassinet. She kissed her cheek softy. "I love you." She murmured. She flipped on her sunglasses and walked out of the nursery, barely making it to the car before her sobs overtook her.