"First I want to say what an honor it is to receive this award, this movie was a labor of love and it is wonderful that it was so greatly accepted. The message is near and dear to me and my husband and we hope it helps others out there." He finally did it, he finally has the bald gold guy clutched tightly in his hand, I am so damn proud of my husband. "So I want to thank the..." my phone buzzes over and over again frustrated I pull it out and read the message.

*911* Oh shit it's time, oh crap, he's on stage I need to get to him his attention. I wave my hands and he winks at me. Shit he doesn't get it. I hold up my phone and point to it, he still doesn't get it. Oh fuck it I stand up and yell out to him.

"Babe, 911!" his eyes spark

"Sorry folk gotta fly, my son's on his way." there is a huge round of applause as he leaps off the stage and we bolt. I hear laughter and some lame joke by the host, but mostly I hear the blood rushing in my ears.

We make it to the hospital just in the nick of time. Bella is about to push his head out as we enter.

Twenty minutes later he is in our arms. Screaming his head off and perfect as can be.

We are blessed to have a child that is genetically linked to both of us. I worship my sister for coming up with the idea of her egg and Edwards sperm. I know now looking at him in Edwards hands that I will need to build a shrine. He is a perfect mix of us my blond curls and Edwards pouting lips.

"He's beautiful, thank you so much Bella."

She looks tired but happy. "I am happy I could do it for you. Riley and I have been blessed with the twins, I want that happiness for you two."

"So what are you going to name him?" There was no doubt in my mind what Edward will say we had gone over names again and again but when I made a joke about his chances of winning tonight he jumped on.

"Oscar" She laughed and I smile down in my family.

"Oscar is perfect, there is no better prize."

AN: Well that's it folks! Flaws and all I had a fun time writing this, someday I hope to go back and fix all the flaws but for now I am going to leave it as is. It was a good test in different writing styles for me and really helped when I was stuck on other stories. Now I am going to work on completing Steel and I have a new story plotted out that I can not wait to write. Thanks to all for reading!