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dedication: to Paige, who is like. super-cute. Happy Christmas!
notes: I like angst. I also like fluff. I like writing fluff after writing angst.

title: take my breath away
summary: Disney movies made Sakura feel all warm and gooey inside. Sort of like boogers and pancake batter and Sasuke, only not. — Sasuke/Sakura.






She tumbled into his apartment after work on a Tuesday evening in a rush of cold air, pink-cheeked and foggy glasses, carrying a knapsack full of old VHS Disney cartoons, and looking utterly ridiculous. Sakura was a mess in a dress, toque and scarf askew, the buttons on her coat in the wrong holes.

Sasuke sometimes wondered why he even let her into his home.

She poked her tongue out at him and wrinkled her nose. "Hey, Sasuke-kun, do you have tissues? My boogers froze. It hurts."

For a minute, Sasuke stared at her.

There were really no words for Sakura, when she got like this.

He handed her the tissue and closed the door behind her.

Sakura thrust her knapsack at him, blew her nose like a trumpet, and shoved her glasses up to rest on top her head. She probably looked like a crazed academic, which was… sort of what she was (especially at this time of year; her thesis was going to eat her soul), so it didn't matter too much.

School aside, the only stability she had was Tuesday nights in Sasuke's apartment, watching Disney flicks and making pancakes and then eating herself sick on batter and candy.

It was a good thing.

(Maybe not a healthy thing. But it kept her sane, so that was a good thing, right?


Sakura fiddled with her hair and Sasuke watched her as she fluttered around his apartment. She'd done it so many times before; covered in flour with batter on her nose and in her hair and her sleeves pushed up to her elbows, it was just a Sakura thing.

Just a Sakura thing.

Like her inability to do any sort of tidying. Like the faces she made when she was engrossed in reading for her thesis. Like her ability to find any and all junk food stored in any place and then consume it with little to no affect. It was just Sakura.

And Sasuke had looked at her for a very long time.

He'd looked at her so long, he hadn't even realized there'd been a change in perspective.

Sakura stood there with her used tissue and her foggy glasses and her crazy hair, and Sasuke watched her, and felt something shift. It was something small—a single pebble moved to the side. But even a single pebble is enough to divert the course of a river if you know where to put it.

Sasuke watched Sakura be her crazy self, and felt the world shift and click into place.

Sakura was pink-haired, warm and gooey like pancake batter and insane.

Sasuke followed her into the kitchen, and felt like coming home.