The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 1 - photo - Waving From Car (can be seen on site)
Pen Name: beegurl13
Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward & Bella
Rating: T

Photo prompts can be viewed here:

A/N: Each chapter is 100 words, according to my writing program.

They will all be Edward & Bella. They are all AH. They won't all be rated T. They won't be connected to each other in any way. I don't plan to continue any of them. Ever.

These aren't beta'd. Sorry. What you get is just the raw, bare. Oh crap...

Oh yeah, I don't own this, we all know who does. If I did, Rob would be warming up my cold toes right now. :)


Golden brown sand squishes between my toes. Hot, dry, grainy.

A trickle of sweat runs down my back.

How much longer? I wonder. He should have been here, should be here now.

Watching the sparkling water in the distance, I hear a car, a horn, honking.


The beat up Volkswagen bug on the road gets closer. It's just me here. It's like they're coming for me, to me.

I don't know it, recognize it. Until I see the surf board on top. The long, wavy bronze locks blowing in the wind, his head out the window. Waving.

He's here.


A/N: There are 25 of these. One chapter each day. In order. See you tomorrow. :)