The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 25 – photo – Wedding Cake
Pen Name: beegurl13
Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward & Bella
Rating: T

Photo prompts can be viewed here:

A/N: Each chapter is 100 words, according to my writing program.

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I watch from across the room, in awe of her every move, every smile, every word.

The way her dress wraps around her makes me ache inside.

Her hair, soft, wavy, long, down her back, makes my fingers yearn to tangle in it.

The day is perfect.

She is perfect.

My life is perfect.

And I can't believe, finally, after so long, she's mine. Forever.

Staying in shadows, I close the gap between us.

She jumps as my hand brushes her waist.

"Can I have this dance, Mrs. Cullen?" I whisper softly in her ear.

She giggles.



A/N: If I was a really horrible person, I could say that this is the EPOV for the other story, and that Bella isn't who Edward's talking about here. But I'm not. :) Although, it could be interpreted that way... :D

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