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Ch. 1: Home Sweet Home and Hot Guys

It was nice to move to where my mom grew up. It was a nice change of scenery. Not that I didn't miss my other home, I did, but La Push seemed like my kind of town. It was a small community with friendly residents and the crime rate was low here. Oh and there were forests and stuff. I could grab my exploring backpack and go on an adventure. You know, like Dora the Explorer. Sounds fun to me. I don't know, but La Push just feels like home. Or maybe it was just Emily's cooking that made me feel this way... I don't know. But the woman could sure make some awesome muffins.

When Sam had told the fam- hey that rhymes!- about imprinting -and yup I know about the whole werewolf thing- on Emily everyone was happy and all that, but I kinda felt bad for Leah. Like one second she and Sam were this lovey dovey couple then the next BOOM! He imprints on Emily. Well, I don't blame him. Emilys awesome. Poor Leah though... But whatevs, I'm sure she''ll find some hot dude in the future. And they'll live happily ever after and all that shit.

I stared at the ceiling in my new room. Ever since yesterday, I've been Uncle Sammy's and Emily's new roomie. Since I would be going to college here, they thought why not? I wouldn't have to rent out an apartment and I could spend more time with them.

I was all for it. Hey, free rent and free food. What idiot would pass that up? Plus, I haven't seen the love birds in over a year. It was always fun messing with them and teasing them.

My stomach rumbled. Telling me it was muffin time.

"Ugh." I groaned. I swear it took me an hour to just sit up in bed. I'm a lazy person, in case ya didn't know. I was suppose to finish unpacking, but instead I just decided against it and just crashed on my bed doing nothing.

After another failed attempt of trying to get up, I just lied back down on my soft bed, staring at my posters that I had already taped onto my walls. There were posters of Batman, bands, and hot guy actors/singers. But my most prized poster was one of Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. Man, he was just freakin' fine. Even though I'm a virgin and stuff, I would totally bang him. . .

Okay, I just can't lay here and stare at a poster all day. Gotta get up!

One more time. I slowly pulled myself up from my bed. Sitting up in a hunched position, I cracked my neck and back. Then I slowly stood up causing my vision to blur for a few seconds. Jeez, I need to do some p.e. or something.

I slowly walked over to my mirror. My dark brown hair was up in a messy bun and my batman t-shirt had formed creases from me lying in bed for so long. I also noticed I had developed a major wedgie from wearing my dark blue skinny jeans and I had crumbs of Em's muffins on the corners of my mouth.

"Wow, I look so sexy." I sarcastically muttered to myself.

After wiping the crumbs off, fixing my wedgie, and giving myself the thumbs up, I headed downstairs; in my sock covered feet, to reek havoc.

"Hello my amigos!" I cheered as I entered the kitchen. That was about the only Spanish word I knew aside from 'hombre' and the phrase 'chupa me nalgas'. 'Chupa me nalgas' was my favorite thing to say to my buddies whenever they pissed me off in middle school. It all started on a boring day during lunch and I randomly asked my Spanish speakin' friends how do you say "Suck my ass" in Spanish. So yup.

I plopped myself on a stool next to the counter, watching Em making more muffins. I swear, the women cooks all day long. Sam was currently watchin' some football while eating a muffin. I'm telling you, I'm surprised Sam ain't fat from how much he eats in a single day. But then again, I shouldn't be talkin'. Cause I probably eat as much as him. Probably. Very unlikely.

Sam and Emily smiled.

"Hey Ray." Emily said. I didn't know why my parents named me 'Ray'. I bet they were hippies or some shit when they were having me. Cause who names there kid 'Ray'? No offense to anyone who's name is 'Ray' but seriously? Eh. Hippies.

"Hi Ray" Sam said, still chewin' on the muffin.

Still keeping my eyes on the newly baked muffins, I replied with a "Sup."

After about a minute had passed, I couldn't ignore the ache I was feeling in my stomach.

"Can I have a muffin?" I suddenly asked.

Emily smiled at me and nodded. Alright!

"But don't eat a lot though. Save some for the pack. The ones in the oven are gonna take awhile."

I grunted, "Sure whatever. . . Oh yeah, ain't I suppose to be meeting them or something?"

"They should be here soon." Sam said, grabbing another muffin. Fatty. . .

Just when I was about to take a bite from my muffin, four half naked guys started piling in the living room. They practically charged for the precious muffins. I held mine protectively, just in case they tried to jack mine.

After they all grabbed a muffin and made themselves comfortable at the table, they finally noticed me.

"Hey, so your Sam's niece." One of them, half naked boys, said. I only stared at them blankly. There half naked. . . shirtless. . . Now this is what I'm talking about! I mean, who doesn't like hot shirtless guys in your living room? An awesome welcoming committee, in my opinion.

"And your Sam's pack." I grinned. "Yeah, I'm Quil, this is Jacob, Embry and Seth." Quil gestured to the other dudes. "Paul and Jared should be here soon. . . Sam says you already met Leah?"

I nodded. "Back when you know, Sam and Leah were. . . yeah I know Leah." I looked over at Sam and Emily. Yup, things just got awkward.

"Can't wait to meet the other two." I said, hastily avoiding anymore awkward silence.

"Sam and Emily talk about you a lot." Jacob stated.

I raised my eyebrows, "Huh, really?"

"Yeah, Sam wouldn't shut up about 'oh, Ray is movin in with us' and 'haven't seen her in a long time' stuff."

I turned to look over at Sam and smiled cheekily. I knew it! Uncle Sammy missed me!

"Its not a surprise though. I'm irresistible." I smirked. The guys laughed, while I continued to chew on my muffin happily.

Before I could stop myself, I checked out all the pack members.

Quil and Embry looked kind of like hot nerds with muscle while Jacob rocked the 'boy next door' look. Last but not least was Seth. Seth was so cute! He was the smallest of the four which made me wanna go give him a hug.

"There's gonna be a bonfire tonight, Ray." Emily suddenly said.

I grabbed another muffin. "Cool. What for?"

"Its a tradition we have. The tribe elders are going to be there." Sam said, coming into the kitchen wrapping his arms around Em's waist. Ew. . .

Don't get me wrong. I love Sam and Em but the lovey dovey shit just. . . yeah.

After my third muffin, I sat down on the couch next to Seth. Gah, he was o cute! I could just hug him to death!

I sat down Indian-style facing him.

"Your Leah's brother right?"

He nodded. So cute. . .

"I haven't seen her in a while. . . and are you guys okay, you know, with your dad and stuff?"

Seth smiled slightly, "Yeah we're fine. We're all there for each other. I guess it helps up get through the days." Aww.

I nodded and smiled. "Thats great. Sooo Seth on a brighter side, how old are you?"

He seemed to blush slightly. Probably from me sitting so close to him.


Hell with it, he's so cute. I pulled Seth in a hug.

"W-what are you doing?" he asked, his voice stuttering.

I let him go and grinned "Sorry, your just so cute. Couldn't resist."

He blushed harder and muttered a "Thanks." Everyone laughed at that, including me.

Jake came over and ruffled Seth's hair. "Did ya hear that Seth? Your cute."

"Shut up."

I rested my head on the palm of my hand and smiled. I could get use to this.

Then all of a sudden Leah and two more unfamiliar faces entered the house. Leah looked like she wanted to beat the crap out anyone who would mess with her. Scary lookin'... She sure did change. The last time I had seen her, she was all smiles and girls. Now she looked like a tomboy with short cropped hair and khaki pants with a tan tank top.

Quil and Embry sat in the other couches, facing me, Seth, and Jake. "Ray this is Paul and Jared." Sam said nodding to the new people I didn't know. Both of the guys looked at me while Leah nodded over to me as a "Hello."

Jared smiled at me. "Hey, your Sam's niece right?"

I nodded and smiled, "Yup." Popping the 'p'.

I looked over at the Paul dude. I must admit, he was kind of hot. His dark hair was screaming for me to mess with hit and his eyes were so brown that it reminded me of hot chocolate. I like hot chocolate. . .

He was probably 6' 3" or something cause he was tall. My 5' 7" stature would compare nothing to him. I would look like a little pebble compared to a big ass boulder.

Then I noticed he was looking at me funny. It was really creepin me out.

I smiled awkwardly, "Hello."

He was still looking at me funny. Did I have shit on my face? Everyone looked at Paul and back at me and vice versa. All there eyes widened. What the fuck? Whats wrong with him. Is he constipated or some shit?

"Damn. Another one." was all Leah said.

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