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Note: I slightly changed the order of events. So Seth and Quil have already phased in New Moon.

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Ch. 16: Eavesdropping Like a Boss

Why is it that whenever you don't want to see a certain person, they suddenly appear everywhere you go?

It had been a few days since I had seen or spoke to Paul, so I had guessed that he had given up on his stalker game. I wasn't completely sure how I felt about it. But I did have to admit, it was sort of weird not having him around.

School was going to start in a couple of weeks and Emily had suggested that I should go out school supply shopping. I had a feeling that that was just an excuse to get me out of the house since I really didn't do much other than sit on the couch watching tv or spend my time stalking people on the internet.

So here I was, in the local department store deciding whether I should get the cheap highlighters or the pricier no-smudge ones.

I know, my life is so fucking exciting.

After deciding to go with the cheap ones, cause I didn't give a fuck if they smudged or not (thats how badass I am), I moved on to finding a binder and all that nice shit.

Right when I passed by the home construction isle, of all the people in town, I had to run into the stalker himself. I briefly wondered if he purposely follows me everywhere.

Shaking my head at that thought, I continued to watch Paul (like the creeper I am).

He was with an older looking man which I guessed was his dad since he looked exactly like him. They both had the same tan skin, black hair though his dad's hair was going gray, and same dark brown eyes. For being Paul's dad, he was looking pretty good for his age.

I watched for a couple more seconds and I noticed that Paul had a look of annoyance on his face as he carried a stack of wooden boards. For a second I stared in amazement at his strength, but then I remembered the whole wolf thing.

He didn't seem to notice I was there so I slowly continued to walk towards the binders section.

"So how are you doing with your girl?"

At this, I stopped in my tracks.

What girl?!

I hid behind a couple of boxes and listened in on their conversation. I wouldn't ever admit it to anyone, but deep down inside. . . way way deep down. . . like in the coldest depths of my black heart. . . I was slightly jealous.

Paul sighed and his face had this look I had never seen before. Was it defeat?

"I don't want to talk about it."

Paul's dad gave him a sympathetic look and then gave him one of those manly pats on the back, "Give it time. You know, it helps to talk about it."

Paul gave a slight growl and began to walk away but not before saying, "There's nothing to talk about."

I frowned. This had me more confused than ever. What the hell were they talking about? Were they talking about me or some other girl?

Deciding that I should just later ask Emily for advice, I walked back towards my cart and continued my quest of shopping for my school shit.

The next day when I had gotten home from a grocery run, I was greeted with Emily and this pale chick standing awkwardly near the counter. While Embry and Jared were casually pigging out on Emily's cooking.

I stood in the doorway, with an eyebrow arched, staring at the pale chick. "Who the hell are you?"

Jared and Embry chuckled while Emily then looked at me incredulously before coming over and smacking me behind my head. "Ray! Manners!"

She then looked at the pale chick apologetically, "Bella, this is Sam's niece, Ray. Ray, this is Bella."

You know when you see a person's face and something about it makes you want to take a bat to it? That's exactly how I felt as I looked at her face.

Immediately I disliked her. Jacob had told me ALL about her. How her bloodsucker boyfriend dumped her and left Forks completely. How she still has feelings for the leech. It was clear as fucking day that she was still in love with the bloodsucker. Jacob probably might not see it but she was clearly using him as a distraction from her ass getting dumped.

Did she not know how she is hurting Jacob buy still harboring feelings for the bloodsucker? Or did she already know that and is just a selfish bitch?

Bella looked at me a little timidly, "Hey."

I looked at her like I would if I had stepped on a piece of shit and I had to clean it off my shoe.

A bit harsh? Maybe. But seriously, the leech lover annoyed me. I don't like people who hurt the ones I care about.

An awkward and tense silence filled. Emily cleared her throat and nudged me on my shoulder.

I gave her an annoyed look and looked back over at the leech lover, "So your the leech lover."

This earned me another smack on the head. Emily again looked at Bella apologetically and said, "Sorry Bella! Ray is usually not this rude."

At this point, it looked as if Jared was gasping for air while Embry was in tears.

While rubbing my head, "Why the hell is she here?"

"Exactly my opinion." Out of nowhere, Leah had appeared. She looked at the leech lover with so much disdain and annoyance that it made her shudder. Then just like that, Leah stalked out of the house and towards the woods.

Glad I wasn't the only one who had a distaste for Ms. Bella Swan.