Professor Potter

Surprising Letters

Harry Potter was sitting in his kitchen with his wife, Ginny, having breakfast, when an owl flew in the window.

"I'll get it" Harry sighed, noticing the Hogwarts crest on the letter tied to its leg. Yet another letter from Hogwarts. So far that year he had had 6 letters about his son's pranks, and it wasn't even December yet. James Sirius seemed to be as troublesome as his namesakes. He also had the unfortunate ability to con his brother, Albus Severus, into helping with 25% of his pranks. At least Lily had enough sense to stay out of trouble. Harry opened the letter, cringing as he tried to think of what new and ingenious prank James had come up with this time. He really regretted giving him the Marauders map. Harry unfolded the letter and began to read;

Dear Mr Potter

The DADA students are currently studying defensive spells. I am writing to ask you to come and teach a master class to all of our 3rd to 7th year students sometime in early December. I am also writing to Mr Ronald and Mrs Hermione Weasley to request their involvement as well. You will be required to come up with your own lesson plan. Please note that the students are not to be told of or shown the unforgivable curses. Please reply ASAP.

Professor Dean Thomas

Head of Defence Against the Dark Arts

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

P.S; Please Harry?

"What did James do this time?" Ginny asked tiredly. Harry glanced at her.

"Nothing, thank goodness." He replied



"Well what's the letter about then?" said Ginny, sounding frustrated.

"Dean has invited me to hold a master DADA class for the 3rd to 7th year students. Ron and Hermione have been asked as well".

"Oh, okay. Are you going to do it?" Ginny inquired.

"Yeah, I guess so." Harry shrugged. "I'll go and owl Dean now. I'll have to get together with Ron and Hermione to plan it".

Harry watched as his owl, Athena, flew away, his letter to Dean tied to her leg. He had been sceptical at first, but now Harry was beginning to think that teaching kids defence wouldn't be too bad. It wasn't as if it would be his first teaching experience. Harry wondered if Dean had got the idea of this Master class from his time in the DA. He only hoped that these kids would be as talented and eager to learn as the members of the DA were. True the DA members were aspiring to get back at Umbridge and had been in 5th year or above, but there were a few younger students. This would be a cinch. Then Harry froze.

"Hey Ginny," he called.

"Yeah?" she called back

"I'm gonna be teaching our sons"

She snorted. "Didn't think of that. Good luck".

Harry grimaced. He was going to need that luck.

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