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Lesson Discussions

"Harry!" Ron's head bellowed from the fireplace.

"Hello to you too Ron" replied Harry lazily, strolling into the living room. He had a hunch what this floo call would be about.

"Did you get that letter from Dean? About the DADA class?" asked Ron

Yep, his hunch was correct.

"Yes I did and I've already accepted. Have you?" he asked.

Hermione's voice floated down the fireplace from behind Ron, "Yes, I can't wait".

"You two do realise we'll be teaching our kids right?" said Harry.

"Noted mate. Rosie'll be no trouble, but James and Albus are gonna be a handful" replied Ron.

"Why are they going to be a handful?" Hermione's voice asked.

"Hermione, have you not met my sons?" said Harry incredulously. "James is a pranking machine and Albus and Fred are his wingmen. Chosen one or not they're gonna be embarrassed at the idea of me teaching them and their friends and they are going to take it out on me,"

Ron grimaced. "Oh Hell, Fred'll be there as well. He's worse than his namesake and George seems to encourage it" he groaned.

"Okay, I see your point." said Hermione, "But can we please stay on track? We need to set an exact date and start planning the lesson".

"Okay... date. What about the 10th?" Ron suggested

"Hey, Ginny! Are we busy on the 10th?" Harry yelled.

"No." Ginny replied from the kitchen where she was cooking Lunch.

"Good, the 10th it is then," said Hermione. "I'll go and owl Dean"

"Why don't you two come over for lunch so you and can discuss lesson plans?" suggested Ginny who had obviously heard the entire conversation.

"You're fantastic Gin, we'll be over in 15 minutes," confirmed Ron. "Bye!"

"Thanks love," smiled Harry once Ron's head had disappeared. "Oh and you're going to help too"

Twenty minutes later Ron and Hermione were sitting in the Potter's kitchen devouring the spaghetti Ginny had made for lunch.

"You are awesome Gin, I swear you can cook almost as well as mum" Ron said, slightly thickly due to his mouth being full of pasta.

"Ewww, Ron!" Hermione chastised

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Swallow before talking please," she replied.

Ron glared at her so Ginny intervened before they could start bickering. "Weren't you guys meant to be discussing lesson plans?"

"Er, yeah" said Ron sheepishly. "So, What spells are we gonna teach them?"

"Well expelliarmus, obviously, and protego. Petrificus totalus is a useful spell, as is stupefy. If we teach them stupefy, they'll need to know rennervate and-"

"Whoa, slow down Hermione! We should write all this down," Harry interrupted her rant.

"And don't forget that they'll know Expelliarmus and protego already," Ginny reminded her.

"Ok, where do you keep your parchment?"

An hour and a half later they had a list of spells to teach them, divided into three sections so that the 7th years wouldn't be learning spells they'd learnt in 4th year.

"So, Hermione's taking the 7th years, Ron's taking the 5th and 6th years and Harry will be teaching the 3rd and 4th years," said Ginny.

"Yep!" confirmed Ron.

"I see one problem with that arrangement," interjected Harry. "I'll be teaching both my sons and they are not going to give me an easy time!"

"Nonsense, you'll be fine," insisted Hermione. "Besides, it's too late to change it now."