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Happy Holidays, ithinkitsayit!

"If I had any doubts that he is your son, they've all been removed now," Kate commented as she leaned against the counter and watched her son hold a sprig of mistletoe over his head and smile charmingly at one of the female guests he'd stopped beside. The woman laughed, delighted with the little boy's antics, before gamely leaning down to press a kiss to his chubby cheek. Alexander Castle's smile widened before moving on to find his next target.

Walking over to his wife to see what their offspring was doing to capture his mother's attention, Rick shook his head. "I don't know... Mistletoe is a bit overused as a way to capture your lady-love."

"Yeah, well, he's still working on basic sentence structure; give him a little more time before you expect him to use the Castle family tried and true method of wooing."

"Miranda rights?"

Rolling her eyes, Kate muttered, "Uh huh, because you took the right to remain silent very seriously."

Easing an arm around his wife's waist, he brushed a kiss across her cheek. "I set that one up for you because it's Christmas."

"How gener-"

"Mommy!" A toddler body moving faster than it had any right to collided with Kate's legs, and would have very nearly toppled her if not for Rick helping her brace for it. Alex skittered behind her, whispering loudly, "Save me."

Before either of his parents could ask what he needed saving from, Esposito came rushing over to them, a mixture of amusement and frustration on his face. "You can't hide the little womanizer," he said dramatically.

"My Lanie," Alex's muffled voice escaped from where his face was buried in the back of his mother's knee.

Kate managed to shoot a 'see what your genes have done' look at Rick while muffling a laugh that was dying to escape. "Alex," she said, her tone as stern as she could make it, "were you trying to steal Aunt Lanie away from Uncle Javi again?"

"I not steal, Mommy."


"Yes, Mommy." He lifted up his arms and she hefted him up to rest on her hip so that he was closer to eye level with Esposito. "Sorry, Javi."

When Alex motioned that they should 'hug it out' Esposito stepped closer cautiously, but unable to resist his nephew. No sooner had he leaned in, however, but Alex sharply tugged on Esposito's ear, causing the detective to let out a surprised and less than manly yelp. "My Lanie!"

Somehow he managed to escape his surprised mother's grasp and then immediately wove his way through the amused partygoers.

"I'm pretty sure he got that from you, Mrs. Castle," Rick commented as they rushed to keep Esposito from killing their only son.