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-Now come with me-
O Infinity
O Eternity
O Serenity
And let us Dance
-O Dance endlessly-

"My Queen." The young man knelt on the ground in front of the raised dais upon which his monarch sat. He carefully kept his eyes averted downwards until he recieved the aknowledgement to rise. Even with him unable to see his Queen, he could veritably feel her prescence suffusing the room. He didn't need to look up to know she was smiling, or to know that her favorite advisor was standing next to her. Her voice was soft as silk and yet held a strength and hardness born from much hardship, it rang out like a crystal chime, amusement clear in her voice.

"Oh stand up Lucian. We're alone here, there's no need for such trivalties. Now what's our status." Her voice quickly lost all amusement, and her eyes flashed with hidden steel.

"Operational capacity reduced to 37%. We have barely 24% of our fleet in fighting shape, most of them those who were stationed on the Moon. We lost a large portion in the attacks on the Hyperion Shipyards, most of the fleet was there awaiting repairs. We did manage to get some of the larger ships out, But it was close. As it stands, we have 30 frigates, 16 small cruisers, 7 carriers, 3 battleships, one heavily damaged dreadnaught, and the Aeternus Eternus. Ground based defenses are fully operational, we've got more than enough men to man everything with all the refugees we've picked up from the other plants. If we can hold off their fleet for long enough, I believe we can be able to recall the expiditionary fleet to get us out of this."

His queen frowned, he resisted the urge to frown as well. The odds were not looking good for them. If worst came to worst though, they still had their supply of W.M.D.s to use. He sighed, 'I really hope it doesn't come to that. The amount of damage they'd cause the planet.' He shook his head, he had no time for that now or ever, if he was ordered to do so he would launch the weapons himself.

"Do we know how they managed to pull off synchronised strikes against every planet in the system yet?"

Lucian swallowed air, this was the part he really didn't want to have to tell his queen about. "Yes Ma'am. IntOps had known for the last 15 years that funds were being chanelled somewhere off the grid by nearly every section of the Earth's government, to where was unkown until the attacks. We believe that they were using the money to establish shipyards within the asteroid field. From their they were able create a large scale fleet under our radar, before launching silent until whatever go ahead signal was sent. We believe that nearly 85% of their fleet had been in position for more than 8 years."

"What about conditions planetside?"

"Unknown Ma'am, all our sensors are being jammed and every drone or scout we send in gets shot down before they send anything back. We got a couple of remote sat-scans though. What they show is quite disturbing, from what we can tell most of the population is being gathered and put into concentration camps. We don't know what they're planning to do, but whaterver it is, its gonna be real bad."

"What are enemy forces standing at? How much of a chance do we really have of lasting long enough to recall the fleet? And if we do what are the options for recovery for the other planets?" His queen asked, her frown more strongly pronounced.

"Enemy forces currently stand, fleetwise, at a couple hundred frigates, 84 cruisers, 43 carriers, 26 battleships, 13 dreadnaughts, and at least two SMDs. Troops are practically uncountable right now. As it stands, we have at best only the slightest chance of getting off an emergency message to the fleet. And even if we did we aren't likely to be able to resettle most of the planets. The inner planets got the worst of it. Mercury had its atmosphere detonated, Mars was put to the torch via plasma bombs, Venus was turned into a burning wasteland covered in choking gas thanks to imbeded volcanic generators. The outer planets got off a bit better. All of the orbital and floating cities and facilities on Jupiter were destroyed, they turned the capital into a giant storm that ripped the city to pieces. It seems like that the magic they used to create the storm actually tapped into the planetary ley lines, stopping will be impossible without an entire cadre of technomancers and mages. Neptune and Saturn suffered similar fates. With Saturn, none of the techies know how, they supercharged the magnetic field, disrupting the gravitic supports and destroying the floating cities. We still have no idea what they used on Uranus and Pluto to shut down the geothermal activity like they did. As it is the only possible places to resettle if we make it out alive are in orbital installations on the outer planets. But that's only if, and thats a real big if , we manage to make it out alive."

"Thank you Commander Lucian. I need some time to discuss things with my adviser. Prepare the anti-personnel defense measures however, if and when they attack their going to go in at ground level to make sure they get us." The commander bowed low as he backed out of the room.

"Of course my queen, your will shall be done." He exited softly and the large doors slammed shut behind him.

As soon as the doors were closed the queen let out a tremendous sigh and seemed to melt into her throne. In the place of the proud and strong queen was a woman who was simply tired. She rubbed the bridge of her nose as she thought about her commander's report and what her other knowledge meant. She turned slowly to face her advisor with a wan smile.

"Not much longer now, right Set-chan?" Her crimson-eyed advisor merely nodded sadly, as if the act of speaking of the coming events would bring them to pass. Serenity let out another sigh.

"I had wished that we could find away to avoid the path fate has taken, but it seems the future refuses to change. At least from this end. If only I could spare them what is to come." She nearly broke down as she finished speaking. She had seen what was coming after she had ordered Setsuna to bring her to the Gates when the whole fiasco had begun. They had tried to change things as much as they dared without damaging the temporal stability, but it seemed their efforts were for naught.

"And the worst of it is that I can't even prepare them for what must happen next. When the seal breaks they will be completely unprepared to become fighters or defenders of humanity. I can't even allow myself to be sent forward either or else things might be different.*Sigh* Oh Setsy what am I to do. There all going to be taken away and there's nothing I can do"

Her adviser, no, her best friend held her as she started to shed tears. Nothing she could do would make a difference, there was no escape for her or those she thought of as daughters and sisters. There was nothing she could do to protect them, and they would be so weak and unprepared in the future. She started muttering under her breath."It's not like I can simply travel to the future and get... them... a.. protec..." She stopped crying and slowly turned to look at Setsuna with an intensity that was disturbing in its strength.

"Set-chan, there isn't any problem with me travelling to the future right? So long as I come back and, er, die, right?" Setsuna put a finger too her lips as she thought it over.

"So long as you don't interact personally with any of the reincarnations it should be fine, no messages to them either though. But it should work, changing the future is much easier than changing the past, after all. Um, Senny I really don't like that look in your eyes. The last time you got that look you somehow managed to forcefully teleport me from my castle on Pluto, where I was showering, and put me right into the middle of the Annual Nymphomaniacal Anonymous Lesbians meeting, (A/N : Put the capital letters together) all in an attempt to get me, as you so eloquently put it "Get me some action with someone since I don't seem to like men much". You know I'm waiting until I meet a special guy, and I barely got out of that meeting in one piece." The two shared a blush and a laugh over that particular incident.

"Don't worry Setsy. Nothing like that will happen this time, I promise. However," And now all the laughter was gone from her voice, leaving the Queen behind," I will have to delete the records of what I do afterwards. I know you'll want to know what I'm planning, but if you did you might change things. As one will say "The outcome of an experiment can be changed merely through observation." And I'll make sure it doesn't involve anything like last time. Now hurry up we need to go the Gates, time's a wasting. Time waits on no woman, right?" Serenity chuckled at her bad joke. When Setsuna groaned Serenity's chuckles turned into full-blown laughter as they were whisked away to the Gates of Time.

The darkness surrounding the gates was light up with light from the massive back of monitors emplaced next to the actual monolithic archway that was the real Gates. In the light one could see the silver haired queen poring over the data being recieved from multiple monitors, switching between them quickly, all the while speaking orders aloud for the computer.

"Hmm, no he won't do, next. Let's see here; strong, honorable, gentle, good-looking, horrible luck that would bring about the end of the world if he met the Senshi, ok then. Mark off Hayate Ayasaki Next; smart, magically gifted, strong fighter, kind, and ten years old with a tendency to accidently blow the clothing off of those nearby. With the fukus? No way, mark off Nagi Springfield, but keep tabs on the magic world, it may prove useful. Hmm, next one; strong, caring, pretty intelligent, crude, rude and obnoxious, and the son of a shinigami. Want to stay away from him. Mark off Ichigo Kurosaki. Second to last one; average strength, average intelligence, average looks, completely average. Why the heck is he on the list? Oh well mark of Tsukune Aono. Last one; strong, brave, honorable to a fault, intelligent, little crude, but kind and honest. Hmm, computer bring up more data on this last candidate."

There was a loud grinding noise as the obsidian cover on the Gates slid off to allow the computers access to the time-stream in order to retrieve more information from the subject's time period. The shadows swirled within the confines of the arch, all drawn like a whirlpool into some unseen point that was constantly shifting around. Finally the download of information was complete and the obsidian cover slid back into place, like the lid of a stone coffin.

"Well lets see what we have to work with. Mother's a former swordsmaster, retired after marriage to a martial artist. Not too uncommon that. What else is there, trained since he could walk, at six he went on a ten-year training trip with his father across the continent. That is definately interesting, a few additional stops should help him out a bit with that mouth and mind of his I should think. A..n..d there we go. Engaged to one, no two, wait make three, four?" Serenity blinked as the computer kept bringing up more and more engagements, often for the clearing of a bar tab or food. Her jaw dropped when she saw that there was an engagement made for a bowl of rice and two pickles. She needed to stop looking at the engagements before she went and killed the man.

"Computer bring up the information on the training trip and afterwards." She waited patiently for the information to load before diving in, hopefully the poor boy's father was a better martial artist than caring father. It started out simply enough, leaping from trees, swimming upstream in rapids, standing under waterfalls for hours at a time, but then it went straight to hell. Serenity watched horror stricken as the boy was bound up in fish sausage and tossed into a pit of cats for the 67th time that night. She fast-forwarded, not wanting to see any more of that torture Genma Saotome called training. She skipped to near the end of the training trip, hoping to see why it was cut short from Genma's original plans. She watched with a quirked brow as they entered a valley filled with small pools and proceeded to start fighting while juming from pole to pole. All in all a stunning performance, but quite tame for something Genma had cooked u- and he just turned into a panda. And now Ranma's a girl. Well that explains how she managed to get a couple of male engagements.

She watched as they traveled to the amazon village, picking up another unanticipated fiance for Ranma while there, before heading back to Japan. 'Hmm, old engagement to a training partner, not too bad. Three daughters, a mercenary, a saint, and a demon. Well its a no brainer which one they'll go wi-are you kidding me. Those have to be the stupidest parents I have ever seen. How do they possibly expect those two to get along together.' Serenity shook her head before ordering the computer to increase viewing speed. She watched stone-faced as the pure and kind, though rough around the edges, Ranma was abused and put through hell on a daily basis, all so that he could marry a girl he didn't love. Serenity had enough and ordered the computer to stop, it froze on the image of Ranma driving a spike of energy into Saffron that kill him.

"No way in hell I'm letting someone like that get ruined by those people. He's a perfect mentor and protector for the girls as well." She said to herself.

She smiled as she made the necessary adjustments to the geas binding Setsuna,'I'm sorry about this Set-chan but until the time is right I need you to push for Crystal Tokyo. Once Ranma reaches the right point in time the secondary features should take effect and the original binding should go away. Heh, let's hope this goes over better than the teleport incident.'

"Computer, open Gate to temporal coordinates X1986-0080284498-0908D090C-09VF098 and stay open until I return." The Obsidian seal once again slid away from the gate as hidden machinery ground away. Waiting until the last portion of the coordinates were locked, Serenity used a minor spell to change her appearance before stepping through the looking glass. She took a look around the bar she had arrived in before spotting the man she was looking for.

"Ah, a bit of money trouble I see Mr Saotome. Maybe we can work something out...

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