Chapter 5

Mar's P.O.V.

"Cheers to Prop." Scipio says standing up from his spot at the head of the table. When Prosper got back he got back five hundred dollars! So we are having a little party in celebration and in welcoming since Prop did such a fine job.

"Cheers!" we all say happily together raising our glasses of juice. Scipio walks over to the other side of table, juice in hand. His other hand running along the backs of chairs. His hand brushes against me and I shudder at his touch. My heart is still pounding from what happen above our heads not too long ago but luckily I mange to sneak back in and act like nothing was wrong. "From now on our chief dealer." Scipio says walking to Prop's left side.

"In fact you've done so well that I think I'm going to give myself a little break." Scipio says. Ricco chokes on his fork of food and frantically scrambles from his seat. "No! You can't stop. Not now. Barbarossa's got a customer- he's looking for a thief- here's there big money in it." Ricco blurts out in a hurry.

This seems to grab Scipio's attention.

"I'll help you Scip. I'll come with you." Bo says hoping out of his chair and standing next to Ricco with his head high. He looks ridiculous since he's wearing his blue footie pajamas with clouds printed all over it. I climb out my chair and kneel down to Bo. "Um… I don't think so." I say.

"No you won't. Don't be so stupid." Prob snarls. "Prob!" I hiss at him, having a silent battle between our eyes, glaring each other down. "Scipio gave me the kitten so I'm going to help him with the stealing, and that's that." Bo says. My eyes went huge at my little brother's bold words.

Prosper gave Scipio a look that says, can you believe him? Scipio looks down at the floor, trying to hide a small smile and thinking something over. Then he looks back at us "I'll do it." He says.

"Bigger money equals bigger plans." Scipio glances at me before lowering to Bo's level. "And bigger cakes to buy." He says and I couldn't fight the smile on my face. "See?" Bo says to Prosper.

With that, our little dinner party is over.

"Come Bo. Time for bed." I say plucking Bo off the floor after me and Hornet finish dishes. "Thanks for the help Bo." Hornet says running her hand through his blonde hair. "Yes. Thank you Bo. The way you dried those dishes were…" I press my lips together trying hold down laughs and think of a word.

"Magnificent." Hornets puts in and we burst out laughing. "Why you're welcome ladies." Bo says which make me and Hornet laugh more. I carry Bo up the stairs and plop him down on his little cot, Prosper laying down on his cot.

"Are you feeling any better?" I ask. "Much better." Bo says. "Really?" I ask feeling a smile on my face as I tickle his sides and he falls back giggling. "Aye now hush you to, I need some sleep." Prosper injects angrily.

We wait a minute till he falls back to sleep and look at each other's blue eyes. We quietly giggle and I kiss him asleep on his forehead. "Now sleep. Night." I say kissing Bo on his forehead. I grab my bag and stand up.

"Mar? Where are you headed to?" Bo asks. I freeze in place. "Oooohhh? Me? I'm just going to change quickly and stay a while longer. Maybe read a book or something." I lie smoothly. Bo drowsily nods his head.

"Alrightly then but here back soon. We have a big adventure tomorrow." Bo says before drifting off to sleep, his head falling on the side. I sigh and quietly run down the stairs to the bottom level and look around seeing nothing but darkness.

Everyone's probably asleep by now, it was lights out not to long ago. I take a step back only to collide into something sturdy and arms wrap around me. I suck in a breath just as lips crash on top mine and muffle my scream.

"Goodness… I really to scare you to death, don't i?" Scipio whispers. I nod breathlessly not being to speak. I can see his white teeth break out into a smile into the dark. "Sorry about." he chuckles and I roll my eyes. He grabs my hand and leads me to the roof of our home.

"The moon is so beautiful." I say starring up at the moon that was so purely white and full that it reminds you of a pearl. "Not as beautiful as you." Scipio says gazing at me. I look back at him as he crosses over and cups my chin with his hands and kisses me.

"Ugh… I have been wanting to do this all night." he whispers, his eyes close. "It wasn't that long ago when you kiss me before dinner." I say as he kisses my forehead. "I know. But I can't help myself." He says as my cheeks flush with color.

He kisses each cheek before wrapping his arms around me again and giving me other kiss. He plants kiss down my jaw line and my head falls back, my body feeling weak. He kisses down my shoulder and down my arm and presses his lips on my hand.

"Scipio, you are such a teaser." I say. He grins up at me and twirls me before catching my lips again. Our lips mash at each other's till we are out breath but he still holds me. I lean up on my toes and plant a kiss on his cheek and smile.

He cups my face and tugs it forward forcing his tongue into my mouth and exploring my mouth. I can't feel my legs… I clutch on to his arms for support as he holds his arm at my lower back presses our hips together. I feel my body shake. "Scipio." I say breathlessly which only causes him to kiss me harder.

I pull away sliding onto the floor not being able to catch my breath. "Sorry, couldn't contain myself." Scipio whispers sinking down beside me.