Summary: AU. Sebastian, an aristocrat of the Michaelis family, one day came across a small, frail boy allowing himself to die on the middle of a pathway. Taking him in, he learns about the boys true past and his life-threatening illness.

Rated: T+

Chapter One

Name: Ciel Phantomhive.

Age: 12

Class: N/A

Info: N/A

Ciel Phantomhive was a young, small, fragile boy who lived on the streets. People who passed him always commented that he could pass as the aristocrat also known as 'Ciel Phantomhive', but everyone knew that boy had died along with his parents in a horrific house fire.

Ciel, being the kind of street kid he was, stayed out the way of things, not allowing anyone to come near him and didn't listen to the people who were asking him to come home with them, for all he knew, they could be serial killers or rapists. Snuggling into the old coat that had been thrown at him, he could tell it used to be a younger child's due to its side, so that's why he was thankful he was small.

Dark blue eyes looked around the area as his pale flesh shivered under the cold. He could feel their eyes, their eyes were on him. He was like the prey to the predator. So young, so fragile, so weak.

He flinched away from the prostitutes who kneeled down and petted his dark locks, which in most forms looked a really dark blue color, but it was a lot darker than his unreadable eyes. Females were strange ones, it was as if they had a… what do you call it? A mother's instinct?

Anyway, he was irritated. He'd earned the pity from prostitutes, which was near enough the lowest of the low. He watched fancy cars drive by, shiny carts being pulled by beautiful horses, people who think they are of higher class simply from the amount of money they had and what properties they owned, it disgusted him.

He couldn't believe that he too, used to be a spoilt brat. He used to run around in fancy clothes, play with expensive toys, and play board games that all kids dreamed of playing. He was used to being pampered when he got ill, when he shivered just slightly, if he moaned about bumping his toe into a door. Such luxuries were a far away dream now.

Gripping tightly on his eye patch, he placed it around his right eye, which was known as the 'lazy' eye. The doctor had told him he should cover the other eye and let this one heal, but he didn't listen. It was the one thing he could always remember, his parents covering his eye and telling him he was still the adorable young child they had always wanted.

They were gone, and he fell to pieces. The only reason he had even survived was because he was close to a fire exit when the building was suddenly set alight. Memories of flames flickered in his memory, but he cut out the rest. It hurt too much.

He was no long 'Ciel Phantomhive', he was merely just 'Ciel'.

Name: Sebastian Michaelis

Age: 17

Class: Aristocrat

Info: Current leader of the Michaelis Trading Company. Went to school at London academy. Other information has been withheld due to said person's request.

Sebastian was a strange one. Although an aristocrat, he treated everyone with the same amount of respect, even the street children. He said hello, had polite conversations with them and was used to being hugged, his suit always marked with dirt when little kids threw themselves at him.

Raven hair fluttered, his unusual dark red eyes glinting in the lamplight as he decidedly ignored some drunken prostitutes. Although he was polite to all, it was common sense to stay away from drunk woman, knowing fine well they'd just try and take some money by flirting and practically daring him to sleep with them.

He declined to all, perfectly content. He bumped into the undertaker of the town, having a fairly reasonable conversation with him until a certain subject was brought up.

He was heading into the bad bit of town, where children of all ages were being sold off for petty amounts. He quite often went there, trying to save the ones that were still savable. So far he had saved a fourteen year old girl called Maylene, a ten year old boy under the name of Finian and a fifteen year old male teen called Bardroy. Out of all the children's lives he could have saved, so far he had only saved three, simply since the others looked broken and beyond repairable.

Stepping into the auditorium, he watched a pale, blank-eyed girl getting dragged off the stage by her new master, shuddering lightly. What the man intended to do with her, he really didn't want to know.

He sat near the front, where most of the well known aristocrats were.

He listened intently, examining the children being pulled on.

"And 'ere we 'ave young Lucy, thirteen years old, qualifications and her beauty is rather extravagant…" a smart and beautiful girl, but Sebastian could tell she was fully broken. He'd only spend his money on a child that he could at least try to fix. He watched as she was bought for a small sum of £22.27, shaking his head sadly.

"This lad 'ere is called Eric. Slim, young and absolutely delectable looking-" broken. Sebastian could feel his mood lowering as he watched that boy get dragged off by a far fatter man, only slightly wondering if he had taken the word 'delectable' to heart and intended to eat him. Continuing to look up at the stage, his eyes widened as he heard shouts and yells.

"I said let go of me!" Simply from the noise, you could tell he wasn't that far gone. Keeping his eyes on the stage, he watched as a bound boy was pulled and practically thrown to the centre, struggling in his attempts to break free.

Sebastian could hears the yells and jeers at though poor, fragile looking child. His uncovered eye looked around as he struggled with the ropes around his wrist, letting out a cry as a foot ploughed on his back, his chin being kicked upwards, his frightened blue eye looking round before latching onto Sebastian, whose red eyes flickered slightly.

"This one right 'ere is our show of the day!" shouted the host, grabbing the boys dark blue hair and forcing him to sit on his knees. "We 'ave called him by the name of Ciel since he looked a lot like the deceased child of the Phantomhive family-"

Sebastian's eyes narrowed as he watched the boy carefully. He watched small fingers twitch as he managed to figure out the boy's brain was whizzing, trying to find a way of escape. He could hear high bids going up for him and bit his lip. A lot of money for one boy, but-

"£500." he shouted, causing most people in the room to stop and the host to look at him with wide-eyes before smirking.

"Any higher 'han £500?" there were a few grumbles, but other than that everyone was quiet. "Come take yer prize then…"

Getting to his feet, Sebastian approached cautiously, watching the boy eye him with hate. When he got close enough, the host let go of the child's hair and allowed him to flop forwards into Sebastian's waiting arms as he paid the £500 up-front, picking the boy up and tossing him other his shoulder in a gentle way before walking out, feeling light kicks aimed at his stomach and panicked yells.

If it were anyone else, this boy known as Ciel would have been suffering a hell of a lot more, but Sebastian's calculating mind had already picked up something that he needed to find out. He had to figure out about the boys past, one way or another.

Name: Ciel Phantomhive

Age: 12

Class: N/A


Height- 152cm

Weight- 5½ stone.

Sebastian frowned and then watched the boy glare at him. He knew the boy looked small and thin, but he never expected him to be so light. Probably from lack of food. He guided the boy from the bathroom, ignoring the kicks he was receiving and walked into a bedroom, where Ciel kicked out and tried to make him let go.

And that he did. Ciel fell over, hitting the ground before scrambling and looking at him with wide eyes, utter hate showing but you could still see it. The fear. The fear that he was going to get hurt.

"I'll bring up some food, try and get some rest and stay warm." said Sebastian, throwing the boy an oversized shirt. "Do you like warm milk?"

Ciel refused to say anything, but his stomach was giving it away. Biting at his lip, he turned on his heel and ran to the other side of the room, hiding behind the curtain, which caused Sebastian to blink but he shrugged. Finian had reacted pretty badly too, but was worse than how this child was acting.

Closing the door, he locked it, knowing that Ciel would run for it the instant he was left alone.

Ciel came out from the curtain, his hands shaking as he tried to reach up for the latch on the window, but he had no success. He'd need a ladder or something. He slipped on the shirt since he was cold and then ran to the other side of the room, looking for something sharp that he could use as a weapon.

He would leave here. Sure, the man had paid £500 on him, but who knew what his true intentions were? The thought of it just creepy. There wasn't anything in this room at all!

Suddenly, Ciel clutched at his head, his vision flickering as he collapsed, landing on his front and closing his eyes.

Perhaps the man would think he was dead and leave him… alone…

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