Summary: AU. Sebastian, an aristocrat of the Michaelis family, one day came across a small, frail boy allowing himself to die on the middle of a pathway. Taking him in, he learns about the boys true past and his life-threatening illness.

Rated: T+

Chapter Ten

Screams echoed down the hallways as Sebastian ran up the stairway, turning a sharp left and appearing at Ciel's door, opening it without knocking and entering, red eyes glinting as he looked for the screaming child.

He wasn't in bed, nor was he at the desk or bedroom. The bathroom was wide-open, so there was no way he would leave the door left open. Sebastian sighed, walking over to the bed and falling to his knees, looking down to see Ciel laying there, his head hidden in a face as he cried quietly.

"Did you see them again?" Ciel nodded, refusing to show his face as he shaked, small hands gripping onto the pillow tightly. "I'm sure they do not blame you for their deaths, you can blame John Anderson for that-"

"It wasn't him." said Ciel, his voice cracked and muffled. "I saw who it was. I know her name. She killed them."

"Who is she?" asked Sebastian, anger lacing his voice. He thought they had managed to kill the person who had made Ciel suffer for years on end. Reaching under, Sebastian grabbed a clammy hand, crawling under with him. "Tell m who she is. I'll deal with her."

Ciel shook his head, raising his head to reveal damp cheeks and red eyes, probably due from the amount of crying he had done.

"I can't tell you who she is. She'll use you as a sacrifice. I-I can't let her do that to you too..." mumbled Ciel, his fist clenching as h bit on his lip harshly. "Unclean, impure, like blackened snow."

Sebastian was confused. Did he just mimic someone who had already said something like that? It sounded vaguely familiar, but it could have been from a play or something.

"Lady Angela is her name." Ciel's eyes snapped open as Sebastian rolled out from under the bed, blinking when he saw Finian standing there nervously. "She killed Master Ciel's parents. She said that they wer-"

"Shut up!" shouted Ciel, coming out from under the bed and rubbing at his eyes furiously, looking at the boy who was two years younger than him with a furious expression. "Never say that name again! You know I hate it! You don't know if she can hear it or not!"

Sebastian frowned. One mystery popped up after another, and things did not look good.

Sebastian stood around ten feet away as he looked at the building that had been burned down for a second time, letting Ciel have his privacy as he continued kneeling at his parents graves, leaving flowers and gripping his cap as a strong wind whipped past him. He was gripping his stomach softly, feeling a wave of nausea hit him before he let his hand fall limply at his side, raising to his feet.

"You can go home now, Sebastian." murmured Ciel, looking up and smiling bitterly. "I can cope by myself. I'll be able to get used to this. I know it'll take a while to repair, but-"

Ciel froze when he felt himself being pulled into a hug, his breath catching in his throat as he slowly allowed his head to lean against Sebastian's shoulder, relaxing as he shivered lightly due to the wind.

"You expect me to let you live here without getting it repaired first?" said Sebastian, chuckling. "Stay with me for the moment, I'll get someone to fix it."

"But I-"

"I know you wish to stay close to them, but I doubt your parents would be happy if you stayed in a manor that was nearly burnt down." said Sebastian quietly. "I'll contact the building agencies when we get back and have them start mending it immediately. Just be patient, Ciel."

A week later, Sebastian woke up, his tired eyes forcing themselves open as he stumbled out of bed, listening to the screaming that came from nearby. Walking up the stairway and into Ciel's bedroom, he kneeled to check if the boy was lying under the bed, surprised to find wasn't there. He glanced towards the bathroom and noticed the door was closed.

Walking over, he knocked the door lightly; calling out softly before growing worried when he received no response. Opening the bathroom door, Sebastian froze when he saw the mirror that used to hang on the all lying in shards across the room before focusing on the bath tub. Ciel was lying in it, clutching as his bloodied fist while hissing at himself angrily.

"Nightmare?" Ciel shook his head, biting at his lip as he looked up at Sebastian, his blue eye staring into bright crimson.

"You're hungry." stated Ciel bluntly, shivering and gripping at his arms. "You should have told me Sebastian, you know it isn't healthy for you to resist the demon inside you."

"I do not wish to feed when you are in this state." said Sebastian truthfully, eyes glittering as he looked the boy over, feeling his stomach clench painfully. "I can eat regular food until-"

"Sebastian, eat." muttered Ciel, getting up from the bath tub and reaching over, gripping Sebastian's shoulders and opening his purple eye, watching Sebastian's red eye begin to glow as a chuckle entered the room from Sebastian's lips.

"The little Bluebird is still trying to protect my vessel. How sweet." Ciel frowned and looked at Sebastian's slightly changed face, his facial expression cold.

"He protected me so I will protect him." muttered Ciel, grabbing the demon's hand and pulling the glove off, looking at the mark that was glowing boldly black. Hovering his hand over it, Ciel kept his purple eye up. "Feed and then go back to your undisturbed slumber, Demon."

"Of course, little master." Ciel glared. On numerous accounts he had told Sebastian's inner demon to stop calling him that, but the demon always took delight in the arguments the boy would put up, so Ciel simply gave up on it. His eye glowed brightly as he bit as his lip, closing his eyes as he transferred some of his soul over, collapsing back into the tub moments later.

The demon tilted its head before it chuckled, leaving Sebastian's body and allowing his human body to collapse backwards, half caring that Sebastian landed on the glass shards of the mirror.

After a few minutes, Sebastian's eyes flickered open as he sat up abruptly, getting to his knees and leaning across the tub, picking Ciel up and holding the boy to his chest.

"Not the brightest move you've made yet Ciel..." murmured Sebastian, getting to his feet and walking back into the bedroom, looking at Ciel's bloody hand. "First of all, you smash a mirror with your hand and then decide to feed me at your weakest. You better be more careful."

He placed the unconscious boy back on the bed, tucking him in while grabbing a bandage from a nearby drawer, wrapping the hand up gently before reaching for the candle, blowing it out, leaving everything in black.

'Unclean, impure, like blackened snow.'

An angel, her wings spread wide and an angelic smile on her face, her short silver hair blew in the slight breeze. She looked utterly beautiful, until Ciel noticed the blood staining her hands and his parents lying on the ground, their eyes clawed out.

"Mother? Father?" Ciel bit his lip, Leaning forwards before growing rigid as the angel appeared in front of him, hiding the image with her wings as she reached down, stroking Ciel's cheek and leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

''They have been cleared of their crimes, may they find peace in heaven.' Ciel shook, two blue eyes looking at the beautiful angel before him, one shining and the other glazed. 'I do not have to kill you, you haven't committed any crimes that would make you impure.'

"What did you do to mother and father?" he sounded panic-stricken, flinching as his hair was ruffled.

'They have been forever silence.' Ciel blinked when he felt petal-soft fingers brush across his cheeks, catching stray tears. 'Stay as pure as snow my lovely Ciel, and you won't have to suffer as your parents did.'

He didn't make a move, unsure on what to say. It was as if time had skipped all of a sudden and he'd been pulled into a different dimension. He looked at himself, noticing he was in his twelve-year old form instead of his nine-year-old one.

Looking up, he heard soft and gentle hymns being played, his fists clenching as he walked forwards through white hallways, coming to a set of marble doors. He pushed them open, about to walk through when he felt a hand cover his eyes.

'You can go through if you say please.' said a sugar-sweet voice, making Ciel jerk in remembrance.


'Say please, my darling Ciel.' he bit at his lip before doing as told, feeling his eyes being uncovered as he blinked in confusion, seeing male and females, their wings outstretched as the silently sung in a beautiful tone as a screaming child with blood red eyes was chained to a table. Ciel was led to sit down near the front, frowning when he was forced to sit on Angela's lap.

Watching the scene, he flinched at the screams and howls of the small demon child being chained to the table, its eyes glowing red in panic as Ciel tried to reach out for it, but Angela pulled his hand back.

'Watch, my somewhat pure Ciel.' she whispered. Ciel watched as he was told, but shut his eyes quickly and looked away as the demon child was slaughtered right there and then earning a high-pitched singing tone as he covered his ears. 'This is what all demons are going to become. They will all be sacrificed in our cursed church of Sorrow.'

All demons? Ciel froze, opening his eyes and looking at the angel he hated most with eyes. Surely she couldn't also mean-

'And of course, he will be killed as a sacrifice here as well.'

Ciel woke up, panting lightly as he looked around, shivering as his purple eye closed. That was no ordinary dream. It showed him a clip of the past and then a clip of the present, and that was never a good thing. He slid off the bed, looking as the sun slowly rose up as he peeked through the curtains, his heart pounding.

"Sebastian..." Ciel stopped, feeling a lump form as his throat as he whispered to himself incoherently. "She wants to kill you... I was meant... I was meant to... You're going to get killed and it's all my fault..."

A/N: This is where the story ends. The last chapter would have been the better ending, and it can still be counted as the last chapter... this is more a 'teaser' chapter than anything else.

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Thorns Notes

Demon Categories

Category One- Intelligence- Demon's with this category can outsmart most with a simple twist of words and can turn mind games into reality if they can confuse the enemy enough.

Category Two- Magic and Sorcery- These demons were very sadistic when it comes to screwing with peoples heads, making the unreal happen and making humans truly believe they are 'angels' when clearly they are not. This is probably the least common category for demons, so it is quite rare for a demon to have it.

Three- Strength and Natural abilities- This is quite a common trait, leaving a demon to rely solely on combat ability or the natural ability they happened to have.


Faustian Seal – The Faustian seal is a contract in which you get the service of a demon in exchange for your soul. The demon does not get a choice in his orders and has to obey no matter what. If they disobey, then they are not entitled to take their contractors soul and will become damaged. Nearly a double-edged sword seal.

Soul Seal – The simplest of simple contracts. This is the contract Ciel used with Sebastian. In exchange for Sebastian always being there for Ciel but not actually having to do the contractors bidding, he gets fed a little bit of soul whenever the demon inside him grows hungry.

Sebastian, however, treats the seal quite like a Faustian, but protects Ciel without needing to be promised a part of Ciel's soul.

This seal can be given to more than one demon at a time, but in 'Thorns', Ciel's soul isn't yet strong enough to split it, therefore when John Anderson, the OC I made for 'Thorns' tried to make a split contract with Ciel, it resulted and neither of them getting fed.

The simple 'Soul Seal' is one young people a part of the Phantomhive family tends to use if they aren't sure they're willing to go straight to hell. This is the contract Ciel will be using for a while.

Demon Seal – A Demon seal won't be appearing until 'Thorns II: Finding a Bluebird'. It's a seal that allows a demon to turn themselves into a human for a certain amount of years before turning back again. It was a Phantomhive member from over 100 years ago that made up the seal, but no one in Ciel's time can do it, well, apparently. Sebastian was actually under this seal which had been cast by Ciel's father Vincent, but since Ciel placed the 'Soul seal' (check above) on Sebastian, it prevented the Demon Seal from working. It shows in the first one before Sebastian got the 'Soul Seal' that he was starting to lose control of the demon inside him, but then Ciel prevented the Demon from breaking free by putting another seal on top.

It'll show in the second that the demon in Sebastian goes on a rampage since he agreed with Vincent Phantomhive on what kind of contract he wanted in exchange for not hurting Ciel when he was a little boy.

Really, a demon seal is where a demon is sealed inside a human (who at this point was chosen to have a strong enough soul to hold it, therefore becomes the vessel) for up to a maximum of twenty years. It shows that Sebastian was beginning to lose control at the age of seventeen, and before the demon could break out Ciel dealt with it.

The demon seal is to hide a demon inside a human, last known user was Vincent Phantomhive.

Sealing Chains

Demon chain- The Demon Chain won't pop up until 'Thorns II: Finding a Bluebird'. A demon chain is usually used in hell to stop Demon's from entering the human world, but a number of them were stole when Ciel was only six years old.

Ciel has problems with these chains further on in the second story of the series, considering Sebastian suddenly vanished when a fallen Angel tried to kidnap him and keeps haunting his dreams about how his innocence has been shattered by making a 'Soul Seal' with Sebastian.

It was the fallen Angel that stole the chains and trapped Sebastian, not in hell, not in heaven, but a cursed church full of fallen angels.

Human chain- The human chain pop up until 'Thorns II: Finding a Bluebird'. A Human chain is used to seal a human's special ability, which resulted in Ciel not being able to keep his contract with Sebastian, which resulted in him not being able to help Sebastian at all as he was trapped in the cursed church.

A human chain seals abilities and causes life to pause when it's been used, meaning that Ciel will never grow older until the person who placed it on him dies or a skilled demon takes it off him.

Angel Chain- The Angel Chain was made after the incident that happened in hell with Angels stealing Demon Chains, capturing Demon fledglings and sacrificing them at their cursed church.

An Angel chain can be used to repel them from certain areas or bind them to the heavens or hell. It was many a years ago that the war between angels and demons happened, but another one occurs after Ciel's new assignment from the queen.

An Angel chain has it's loopholes though. If an Angel ever wanted to escape, all the had to do was cut off their wings and become human, but even then they still had special abilities and a human chain would not work on them.

Further on in 'Thorns II: Finding a Bluebird', it shows how demons make an 'Angel Advance Chain' which is used right at the end.

Angel Advance Chain- The Angel Advance chain is used at the end of 'Thorns II: Finding a Bluebird'. It strips a fallen angel of all powers and their wings, dying the most painful death possible. It is also used in 'Thorns III: (undetermined name) briefly, but it's in the starting chapter.