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Rocket Science

Some people are transparent.

Some people, although quiet and try as they might to hide something, fail miserably at doing so because it's written all over their faces. It shows in their speech, their body language.

Though they may try to hide it, they are betrayed by their actions.

Sasuke can name at least one person like this.

Case in point: Hinata Hyuuga.

She was most definitely crushing on Naruto, that oblivious dunce. Everyone could see it. He'd never seen such an obvious case of infatuation before.

Not that he was paying close attention to Hinata in particular or anything - because he wasn't, of course. The Hyuuga girl was just too obvious about her little crush.

Speaking of which, said Hyuuga was standing on the other side of the door.

The door that Naruto just opened overzealously.

Naruto practically bellowed. "Whoa, hey, Hinata!"


Sasuke shifted his eyes between the Hyuuga girl and his blonde friend; Naruto's face was barely two inches in front of hers, and it was highly apparent that she was both embarrassed and nervous.

It was too obvious that she liked Naruto. Her tomato-face whenever she talked to him, the twiddling of her fingers, the fact that Sasuke had caught her following the blonde moron with her eyes whenever they ran into her. Had he been some sadist, he'd have teased her mercilessly by now, but he wasn't that sick.

Not that he was a sick person to begin with. Not at all.

The fact that Naruto didn't have even the faintest idea of her feelings for him only proved Naruto was just that incredibly dumb - or just oblivious.

Hinata, meanwhile, blushed profusely as Naruto stared at her with oblivious eyes. Her composure faltered and she began to back away.

"T-t-too close..." she stuttered.

Sasuke watched as the Hyuuga girl dropped to the ground with a thud - like a tree that had just been cut down.


"This is all your fault," Sasuke muttered, deadpan.

Naruto spluttered. "What? B-But I didn't do anything!"

As if on cue, Iruka came running down the hallway:


Sasuke and Naruto exchanged glances as Iruka propped Hinata up off the floor. He then proceeded to direct his pointed gaze at the two boys. "Alright, what happened?"

Sasuke pointed at Naruto. "He did it."

"What? I just said I didn't do anything!"

Iruka glared. "Naruto..."

"Nooooooooo!" the blonde cried. "Sasuke, you traitor!"