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Chapter Four: Mix-ups and Worries

"So now what, da?"

"I guess we need to find a place to stay while looking for everyone – assuming they're here too – and finding my spell book."

"W-why d-don't we stay at t-that a-abandoned h-house?" Canada suggested.

"Hey, what about that abandoned house?" America said, pointing to said house.

"Great, da! Its close to the town, but not to close."

"And who would go to see and abandoned house?" England said.

New plan in mind, the four set off towards the hill the house resided on.


This is all England's fault, Germany thought as he worked on fixing the TV – which was surprisingly similar to those on his own planet – if it vasn't for him, ve vould all still be back home getting ready for the next vorld meeting, and not stuck here! I hope Italy is alright...


Germany jumped to his feet at the sound of his name. At first, he thought it was Italy, but then he realized it was China calling for him. Thinking something was wrong, he abandoned the TV to run out and see what was wrong. What he saw surprised him.


"How the hell are we suppose to find anything that's edible here?"

"Don't worry, Romano-san. We'll find something."

Romano and Japan had been wondering around the forest for awhile now, taking in all the different plants and animals that inhabited it. Some of the creatures here were just plain weird, and no amount of words could describe them. Well, maybe there were a few.

"Why the fuck are almost all living creatures on this planet green?" Romano shouted after having caught a glimpse of some green, furry creature for the fourth time now. Japan just shrugged.

"You again!"

They stopped. "Japan, tell me you heard that too..." Romano said. They turned around, but saw nothing there.

"Up here." the voice said. Japan and Romano looked up, and saw a teenage girl sitting among the branches of the trees. "Have you forgotten about me already?" she said, looking right at Romano and completely ignoring Japan for the time being.

"I've never freaking seen you before! Who are you?"

"You mean your not the alien who was waving a white flag around like an idiot?"

"White flag..." Romano whispered to himself then, "You saw my fratello?" he shouted before realizing she probably wouldn't realize what the word "fratello" meant. "Er, I mean you saw my brother?"

"That was your brother? The two of you look a lot alike. I'm Neera by the way."

"Kon'nichiwa, I am Japan."

"I'm Romano, and ciao I guess..." Romano said, even though he was anxious to find his brother now that they had someone who knew where he was.

Ignoring the foreign words she didn't understand, Neera jumped down from the tree. "Alright, I'm going to assume your wanting to find your brother? But," she said before Romano could say anything, "I don't know where he is. He ran away after our military came."

"Damn it! Its Eye-brow Bastard's fault that we're here in the first place and now Italy is missing!" and with that, Romano kicked the nearest tree, "Chigiiiiii!"

"Well, he's a cheerful little guy now isn't he?" Neera said, watching as Romano hopped around on one foot after having hurt the other when he kicked the tree.

Japan just sighed. China was right, the western nations were very immature.


Germany couldn't believe his eyes. How in the name of Pangea had they found them so fast? After China had yelled for him, he came and saw standing there three (not including Canada) of their missing four (once again, Canada was forgotten, poor guy) friends.

"Kolkolkol, did you miss us?" Russia asked them, smiling creepily at them.

"Dude, don't you worry for the HERO will find a way home!" America shouted, striking his "hero" pose.

England just sighed at his former colony. Germany was still staring dumbstruck at them. "H-how did you find us so fast?" he asked.

"We weren't looking for you," England said. "We decided to come to this house until we could find out what to do, you just happened to be here."

"Hey, w-w-where's R-Romano, J-Japan, and all t-the others?" Canada asked in his quiet voice.

"Did any of you find Italy, aru? He's missing. Japan and Romano went down to the forest to find some food, but we haven't seen Italy."

"No, we haven't seen Italy." America said, sounding serious for once. "Where could he have gone?"

"I don't know America," Germany said, looking out over the forest. "That's what worries me. We don't know if the inhabitants of this planet are hostile or not." in a quieter voice he said so that only he could hear, "I just hope he's alright."


"Vee, so where are we going?" Italy asked his two companions. They were currently walking through the forest beside the planetarium.

"We're taking you to an abandoned house not far from here," Lem explained. "You can't exactly stay in the city now can you?"

"I wish there was some other place you could stay, that place is full of ghosts!" Skiff yelled.

"Ghosts? America wouldn't like that house then, vee~. He's afraid of ghosts! Once during World War Two Germany had me dress up as a ghost and scare him! We didn't have any trouble from him for a while after that..." Italy continued to ramble on about old stories including the gender-confusion when he was a child, Grandpa Rome, the Axis Powers, and so on. Lem mostly tuned him out, while Skiff was hanging off his every word.

"This Hungary person doesn't sound like someone you want to mess with." he commented once.

"No, she might hit you with her frying pan if you make her mad..."

"We're here." Lem said happily, eying the house on the hill above them. He was so glad he didn't have to listen to Italy's stories from his own world. Now they were a step closer to getting him home.