The War Journal

Niko's journal May 2nd 1995

The loud sounds of a helicopter was being heard nearby downtown Yugoslavia. A place being bombarded by gunfire, explosions and dying people. Which isn't exactly the place you'd want to be in, but that's how it is, this is war. My name is Niko Bellic I'm a helicopter pilot and soldier, for the years i have served the Serbian army, the war is my worst experience. How I'd manage to survive? I don't know, all i know was that i had to kill anyone getting in my way, and that is the only thing I'm good at. I was really hoping this war would end so i could finally live a normal life, a better one. I heard my cousin is doing well in America, although i could not be so sure. "Hey, Bellic you okay?" Darko Brevic said. "yes, yes why wouldn't i be?" i replied. "heh, don't be a pussy now, were going to land soon, just try and steer this thing properly eh?" He said. Darko was my childhood friend, and a good one too, we grew up in the same village with my cousin Roman. But, there always been a feeling in my gut that he had some problems, but i could never be sure. But, if i think about it all of my friends had problems. There's Florian Cravic, who seems feminine at times almost too feminine. And he seems to be attracted to men, but I'm okay about that. As long as he doesn't try to jump me. And there was Goran who was mad, absolutely mad, i try to stay away from him as far as possible. As we flew past the city the scenery became worse and worse, for each meter we flew to the epicenter of the war, more and more fires started appearing and many buildings collapsed upon them, but the people down there was what's scary. If you been in a war things like this becomes too familiar, but for every time you see them, crawling, bleeding, crying and screaming for help, you can't help but feel that you're responsible, i mean who else is there to blame when you're the one holding the gun? I myself have committed numerous atrocities, ones that i am not proud of. Sometimes i even question the fact that i was a human being at all. But what am i supposed to do? Life has put me in this mess, i guess i will just clean it up.

"Let's go assholes!" Darko Brevic screamed as we went off the helicopter. I quickly grabbed my rifle and followed my friends. The air was filled with smoke, i cannot see very well. But i can hear just fine, but the only thing i can hear was the sound of gunfire and explosions. Then suddenly, "rocket launcher!" Florian screamed, a missile was heading towards the helicopter. I quickly ran for cover, i was unharmed but the helicopter exploded in a big bang, that was when i thought "shit! Were screwed." Because that was our only transport out of the battle. We were here to kill as many Bosniaks as we can and get out. But i guess that never goes as smoothly as we thought. So i just did what i did best and hope i don't get killed by these pricks. "Move in!" i said to my team, and they did so accordingly, we found cover behind sand bags and tried to fire back at the enemy. We were outnumbered a hundred to one, but that never stopped us. I tried something stupid, and got up. "Assholes!" i emptied my magazine into their pathetic little heads and the first wave went down. The guys looked at me with impressed looks on their faces. "i guess you're not a pussy after all Niko." Darko said. "Would i be here if i was?" i replied. "come on, we got a whole lot of ground to cover boys." Florian said, femininely of course, and we moved in closer to the battle. While in the midst of all the chaos, i tried finding some transportation for us to get out of here. Then i spotted one, a military grade truck. Ones they used to carry a whole troop to a battle, and that was going to be our savior. But there was one small problem, it was in the enemy's home base.