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The New York Dream

It was approaching two am. Kurt sat on the sofa in the living room watching the clock on the wall with eyes as wide and round as saucers. His knees were up against his chest, his feet tucked under his body. He gently bit on his fingernails, a habit he had picked up not long after he arrived in New York, and tried to calm his racing heart.

He was bound to be home soon. He always came home around this time. After he's had his fun in the city, Blaine would come through the apartment door and Kurt knew he had to be up waiting for him. If he dared fall asleep before Blaine got home, Kurt would pay for it. His body ached to go to bed, and his eyes almost burned after being forced to remain open over the last few hours. What he would give to just go to bed and sleep… No. No, he would regret it.

Kurt jumped when he heard the familiar jingle of keys at the front door. Oh God, he's home-! After having spent the last three hours perched still on the sofa, Kurt still felt unprepared as he leapt up and smoothed himself down to look 'pretty and presentable'. His heart was beating so fast. He prayed Blaine was in a good mood. The door opened and Kurt readied himself by smiling warmly at the young man who sauntered in. Kurt was relieved to see Blaine wearing a small smile – a smirk? – and his footwork wasn't sloppy so he wasn't drunk.

'Blaine,' Kurt started in his typical loving, happy voice. He stepped forward and helped remove Blaine's coat. 'Welcome home.'

The other man watched him, looking amused. As Kurt went to hang up the coat by the door, Blaine replied coolly 'What, no kiss?'

Kurt panicked a little and almost dropped the coat on the floor. 'A-ah, sorry, sorry!' He stepped up to Blaine again and gave him a small yet meaningful kiss. How could he mess up so early? Then again, Blaine had a habit of changing his mind when it came to how he wanted Kurt to act. If he kissed him, Blaine would say he should have offered him a welcome home drink first. If he then had a drink at the ready the next time, Blaine would say he should have taken his coat off him first. Now it seems Blaine wanted a kiss before Kurt did anything. It sent Kurt's heart racing so fast; it was hard for him to feel tired anymore. Blaine seemed to let him off the hook this time. He must have had a good night. Blaine wrapped his strong arms around Kurt's waist and tightened. Kurt smiled, pretending he was loving it, but he was finding it a little hard to breathe. Blaine's eyes flashed in the light of the hallway lamp, and Kurt knew he was enjoying the panic in his own eyes. 'D-did you have a good night?'

Blaine eased up on his hold, and his hands slid to Kurt's rear. He squeezed gently, causing Kurt to wince. He was still very sore in that area and Blaine knew it. 'It was fun.' Blaine replied, tipping his head to the side lazily. 'But after you've been to one New York club, you've been to them all.'

Kurt smiled. 'Then maybe you'll stay home with me one of these nights?' He suggested lightly. 'I miss you when you're gone.' That was partly true. He missed the old Blaine, the one who got on the plane with him five months ago with the same innocent and excited nature Kurt had. The one who had to be talked into moving to New York so soon after graduation. The one who then agreed by saying he'd be happy anywhere, as long as Kurt was with him. That's the Blaine he wanted home with him on these dark, cold winter nights. Not the one who he lived with now. Kurt didn't know where this Blaine came from, but wherever he came from Kurt wanted him to go back there.

Blaine chuckled to himself at Kurt's words. 'Why? Don't you like our apartment?'

Kurt inched his feet closer together as he glanced around the hall. 'Sure I do. I mean, it's amazing…'

'Much better than the dump we first stayed in,' Blaine interrupted.

'Well…' Kurt bit his lip. Truthfully, he had loved their old Brooklyn apartment. It was in one of the cheapest areas, since that was all they could afford when they first moved out here, but it encompassed everything Kurt had wanted, from the wooden floorboards that creaked, to the rust-ridden fire escape outside the large single window in the small but cosy living room. They were only a subway ride away from where they needed to go. Sadly, they didn't stay there as long as Kurt had hoped. Blaine saw to that.

'What, you prefer that hovel of a place back in Brooklyn?' Blaine narrowed his eyes, and Kurt got worried again. Blaine had been in a good mood, he couldn't ruin it!

'That's not what I meant, I love this place!' Kurt insisted, pressing his cheek against Blaine's chest. 'It's what we dreamed of living in.' Kurt hated this place. He had always thought he would love living in Manhattan – the stores, the food, the people. It was all a farce, though. Or perhaps it was just Blaine's new idea of a perfect lifestyle that didn't agree with Kurt. Their current apartment was bought and paid for my Blaine's first pay cheque, something Kurt didn't think they would be able to accomplish for years yet. The place was huge and grand and decorated immaculately by special designers. Blaine was sure to pick the best place that was on the market. Kurt was sure he'd grow to love it like he did their Brooklyn home, but instead he found himself detesting it more and more each day. Still, he lied to Blaine to make him happy. 'It's so much better. We're in Manhattan!'

Blaine smiled and let Kurt go. 'Good. I'd hate to think you didn't appreciate it.' He left Kurt standing in the hallway and headed into the kitchen. 'You have my drink ready, right?'

Kurt rushed after him. 'Yeah, it's just…' He opened the fridge door and took out the chilled glass and handed it to Blaine, who was still watching Kurt like an amused hawk watches a scared field mouse. 'I didn't know when you would be home, so I got it ready a while ago.' He gave a small and insecure smile. 'I know how much you hate it when it's not ready.'

Blaine hummed in response and left to go to the oversized living room. One side of the room was all glass and overlooked the city below. He inspected the glass lazily, and Kurt held back at the door. It was always the same. Blaine would check that his home was spotless whenever he came home as if to make sure Kurt was doing something useful when he had the place to himself. The state of the apartment seemed to please him tonight and he finally sat down on the sofa. He sipped his drink, closing his eyes to savour the taste, before patting the spot next to him for Kurt to sit. 'Come here, baby.'

Kurt was still hesitant when he moved across to his boyfriend, but sat down as he was told. He lifted his feet up and knelt on them, leaning on Blaine's side and resting his head on his shoulder. 'How was work today?'

'Busy. I think I need a new agent. I told Jason I didn't want any fans in my way today but I still ended up signing autographs for twenty solid minutes. Barely got out of the set in one piece.'

Kurt made sympathetic noises, cuddling into Blaine's side. He liked Jason…The guy was nice, and still had managed to keep some sense of morals despite being an entertainment agent for years. Kurt hoped Blaine changed his mind; he couldn't cope if another jerk came into their lives. There were too many already, only Blaine seemed to like their presence. 'They just admire you, that's all. Just think: You take two seconds to sign your name on a simple piece of paper for someone and you make them the happiest they're going to be all year.'

'They piss me off.'

Kurt flinched a little and hoped Blaine wasn't going to get angry. He decided to try a different tactic. He scooted up further and kissed at Blaine's neck gently. 'Well, I'm glad your home with me now. I think this city gets you more than I do sometimes.' Blaine chuckled again and finished his drink in one swig. Kurt hoped he wouldn't want another. He was lucky Blaine didn't come home drunk tonight, and wanted to keep him as sober as possible. 'Why don't we go to bed? I've wanted to curl up next to you all day.' He once again tried to convince Blaine by sneaking neck kisses.

Blaine seemed to think about it before nodding. Kurt felt elated. He took Blaine's hand and led him to their bedroom. It was the biggest bedroom out of the four they had. In their old bedroom in Brooklyn, there was barely enough room for their mattress but it felt safe as Kurt had covered every flat surface with photographs – mostly of himself and Blaine. Now, their bedroom was large, sleek and stylish with odd-shaped ornaments and impractical furniture. When Kurt had tried to set up the photographs, Blaine had scowled at him and told him to put all that kind of stuff in the smallest bedroom that they barely ever entered. Kurt had argued at first, as it was still a little before Blaine's temper grew out of control, but Blaine had firmly reminded Kurt of his place. Blaine owned the apartment, Kurt didn't. Blaine had a high paying acting job, Kurt was unemployed. Blaine could do whatever he wanted. Kurt was to just sit pretty and do as he was told. Otherwise…well, the best case scenario would be if Blaine threw him out on the street but he knew Blaine would rather take other forms of action instead.

Kurt let Blaine undress before he too removed his clothes. Blaine liked it when he could watch Kurt undress. Occasionally he would get that look in his eyes and take control. Tonight, Kurt could see he was quite happy to lie back on the bed and simply watch. Kurt shivered. Ever since that night they first made love, Blaine had always looked at him with lust when Kurt took off his 'layers'. But it was different now. Kurt no longer felt sexy or good about himself. He just felt nervous and sometimes scared under his boyfriend's gaze. Blaine had proven several times now that his sexual appetite was a little more extreme than before. Tonight was a very good night indeed. Blaine let Kurt undress and motioned for him to join him on the bed before Kurt had a chance to look out pyjamas. Kurt, once again, did as he was told and crawled up the bed and into Blaine's arms.

'Blaine…did you think any more about what I said this morning? You know, about Christmas?' He asked offhandedly.

Blaine's eyes were roaming Kurt's body lazily. 'Hmm? Oh. Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen. I've got so much promotional work to do over Christmas, a trip back home just to see the family isn't going to fit in with the agenda.'

Kurt swallowed. Not even an apology? He nestled closely into Blaine to maintain their 'loving' contact. 'Oh…won't your mum be disappointed? And your dad?' Not to mention my family, if you don't give me permission to go by myself.

'I'm sure they'll understand. We're going to be busy. We'll go home sometime in January. Maybe February, just to be safe.'

Kurt looked up at Blaine, looking upset. 'We?' He couldn't help but want to know why he was suddenly involved in Blaine's work.

Blaine's eyes focused on Kurt's and he stared the smaller boy down. 'Yes, we. You're my boyfriend, Kurt. You need to be seen out with me, being supportive. Do you want all the single gay men in New York to be hitting on me, thinking I'm available?'

Kurt shook his head slowly. 'Of course not…' He looked away sadly. He'd have to call his dad the next day and let him know he wouldn't be home for Christmas. The one thing his dad made him promise before he left Ohio: Come home for Christmas – even if it means walking all the way back. It was going to be a promise Kurt wasn't going to keep. Kurt was sure his dad would be more than willing to pay for their flights back to Ohio, but money wasn't the issue. It never was, nowadays. Not to Blaine, anyway. Blaine had more money than Kurt's dad ever had. When it came to money, there truly was no business like show business. 'It's just…it'll be my dad's first Christmas without me since I was born. And it'll be my first Christmas without him.'

Blaine forced Kurt to lie down on the bed so he could lean over him. Kurt knew Blaine was beautiful. Even after the events that had taken place over the past few months, Kurt still found Blaine to be the most beautiful guy he had ever seen. Yet, he couldn't admire the beauty. He just felt scared and intimidated by Blaine's intense stare, knowing what the ex-Warbler was capable of. 'You're dad has Carole and Finn. He doesn't need you home. And you…' He smirked and leaned further down so he could murmur lowly by Kurt's ear. 'You have me.' Blaine began kissing Kurt's earlobe, biting when it pleased him. 'Just think about all the naughty stuff we could do. Daddy won't be any the wiser.' He laughed when Kurt shivered hard, and he settled down beside him. He gently stroked Kurt's cheek and then kissed him deeply, his tongue dominating Kurt's into a submissive state. He pulled apart when Kurt began to whimper. 'You'll have to think of ways to show your gratitude for all the presents you'll get.'

A few months before, Kurt would have smiled and giggled at the implication Blaine made and he might have been bold enough to give an equally suggestive comment in return, but not now. He flushed darkly and wriggled uncomfortably. 'I-I'm sure I will.'

Blaine had denied him the Christmas he wanted, and all he can do is go along with it? Kurt felt miserable. It was a permanent state he was in these days. Blaine laughed again and gave Kurt one last kiss. 'Make sure they're good enough for me, baby. Goodnight.' With that, he wrapped his strong arms around Kurt and pulled him close. Kurt couldn't have pulled away an inch even if he decided he was brave enough to try. All in all, except for the crushing disappointment concerning their holiday plans, the night had been successful. Blaine hadn't got too mad or out of control at all. Kurt was still in one piece and in no physical pain. He knew that he probably wouldn't be as lucky tomorrow, but at least for now he let himself relax as much as he could into sleep.