Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt in:


By OtakuZEO

Panty and Stocking were outside of their holy home honing their angelic skills by going up against one another, they had recently fought against their demonic counterparts Scanty and Kneesocks and almost died stoping their newest evil plot to gain more forces for their demon army. Panty herself had almost lost her little sister because she let their words get to her, so the beautiful blonde had decided to be a little harder on the goth girl while training so that would never happen again.

Panty let out a barrage of powerful bullets from her gun in various directions, while Stocking blocked the bullets with her sword but did not notice that Panty had already gotten behind her to land a swift kick to her back.

"Damn, she's moving too fast!" Stocking though as she safefell to the ground and rolled over and crushed Chuck who got in the way leaving a blood stain on her back.
"What's the matter Stockin', too fast for ya?" Panty teased with her usual grin, she then quickly disappeared behind another barrage of bullets.

"Where is that moron?" the goth girl though as she swung her sword at Panty

"I'M OVER HERE!" the beautiful blonde shouted as she appeard up above and switched from her two pistols to her machine gun and unloaded a barrage of bullets at her little sister.

As the two angels continued their training, Garterbelt and Breif were observing from afar...

"Wow! They never sease to amaze me how strong they are!" the afro preist said to noone in particular as Breif nodded in agreement then continued looking on at his crush

X "Yes sir, thank you sir!" the light blue haired meganekko said before hanging up the phone in at her desk

"Is it time yet? I want to see how it will turn out!" whined the mint haired girl ash she sprawled out onto the desk the other girl was sitting

"Be patient my dear sister, when the time comes,there won't be a thing to stop us!" said the meganekko with a fanged grin.

"H-Hold on, what if those toilet angels get in the way?" asked Scanty with a worried look on her face

"Simple my dear sister" said Kneesocks as she gently put a hand on her sister's face "The rules say we must crush them,without fighting. But for them,we'll make an exception" as she smiled again

"Oh thank you my lovely sister,your words are most reassuring!" squeaked a flustered Scanty

"Anything for you, but for now" Kneesocks pulled out a strange looking black diamond from her blazer pocket and examined it...

"Lets have some fun!" the meganekko said as she and her sister began to laugh as they head out the door.

X Panty's usual bout of sleeping with another man was a success as she had usually gotten her way when it came to bedroom olympics...
"Well, that was amazing, you were even great when you-" Panty was cut off as she fell out of the bed

"Ow! what the hell's the matter with you?" the beautiful blonde shouted at her newest lover as he remained silent still staring at Panty's amazing figure

"...There aren't many girls like you here in the city, are there?" the man asked

Panty's usual confident smiles crept onto her face "Hell no,I'm one of a kind" she said with a grin, then tackled the man again and the two went at it for another thirty minutes or so.

Downstairs, Stocking could hear moaning and more obscene language being said

"Idiot..." the gothic girl muttered as she ate more of her chocolate cake then turned up the volume on the T.V. but she accedentally changed the channel to the news station...

"We're comming to you live from downtown Daten City where there appears to be sudden flashes of light as several people are being abducted right where they stand" the male reporter said into the camera

Just then, Chuck, who was walking towards Stocking, was struck by the hevanly lightning signaling that it was time to go to work!

Garterbelt had walked through the door and just caught a glimpse of Chuck being struck by the hevanly lightning and ran over to collect the message "WARNING!" the message read

"Warning? well that dosen't help much! those guys must be so old they're screwed up in the head!" said Stocking as she finished her cake then jumped off the couch to go and get her older sister.

"You two be careful,and try not to let your sister get too distracted!" said Garterbelt X

Panty and Stocking were driving recklessly towards their destination, where the strange phenominon was occouring, Panty looked over at her younger sister, she looked a little agitated, so she decided to ask what was the matter...

"Hey, Stockin',what the hell's the matter with you? we finally get a stinkin' mission probably worth a big payload and you want to sit there looking like a horse? get pumped girl! lets kick some ass!" Panty shouted as she made multiple twists and turns thoughout the city. Despite Stocking's admarable maturity, Panty's pep talks usually worked to lift the younger sister's spirits if she was ever feeling down.

"Panty..." Socking muttered as a smile crept onto her face

As the duo drove around to see what they can find out, they noticed how empty the city was

"Where are all the guys?, they need to be help me fill my quota!' joked Panty

"Be serious Panty! I can sense something weird just ahead" said Stocking as she jumped out of the car

"Alright, come out ya damn clowns and prepare to get squashed!" shouted the blonde beauty as she honked the car horn

Off in the distance, Scanty and Kneesocks were sitting in a cafe enjoying tea and observing the scene head

"Good, those two morons have made it right on time!" said Scanty with a big evil smile, she was getting excited that she was almost about to jump out of her seat to attack the two angels herself.

"Dear sister, don't let us be found out by those dirty angels, calm down!" said Kneesocks as she took a sip of teaX


The blast was enough to catch the angelic duo's attention

"What the hell was that?" shouted Panty

"LOOK ALIVE AND RISE N SHINE COME ON KIDS YOUR ASS IS MINE HAHAHAHAHA!" the strange ghost was smashing into buildings like a wrecking ball, actually there were two of them and they were shaking at every step complete with big spikes and a very pungent smell.

Panty got a good look and started to laugh at the freaky ghost

"Eh? get serious Panty or I'll leave you behind again!" said the goth girl in a angry done but it was no use, that Panty found those wreckingballs so funny she was on the ground laughing.

"Oh man, no more, no more I'll wet myself! hahaaha!" Panty started to calm down and got ready for battle...

...O wicked spirit born from a lost soul in limbo

...Recieve judgement from garb; the holy virgin

...Cleansed of worldly impurities


And with that, the two angelic sisters flew towards the massive wrecking balls!

"Let's bust these balls" said Panty as she started to laugh again but tried to hold it in

"Dammit Panty! If you laugh, I hope your boobs pop!"


"Looks like the fun has started" said an excited Scanty

"This just might be entertaining, provided that those trash angels don't ruin it!" said Kneesocks as she finished her tea

The demon sisters had gotten up from where they were sitting to observe their monster in action...


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