Numbers of his Life

Story by: VeNgEaNcEoFrAiN

Disclaimer: Hidekaz Himaruya owns every personified country as well as this Cardverse AU ideas, I merely exploit his ideas for my own personal uses muahahah! Everything else is purely fictional, any resemblance to other stories is coincidental – I don't really know if there's a similar story around but this idea just popped up in my head so I decided to write it (all I can say is great minds think alike). Some fundamental ideas like how the pocket watch chooses the royalty in Spades is kept in this story. I would like to credit the person coming up with the idea but I think it'd probably be hard to track who started it. If you think I violated copyright laws, erm, I can take it down if you send me a mail or review.

Summary: Time is what chooses the royalties of Spade and the same Time chose Arthur in the 21st century universe as Queen. Will this Prof survive in that universe? Cardverse!AU USUK and other possible pairings.

Author's Note: Here are some information about my little fiction. Actually, I intended to just mention them as I go but well, I thought it may be confusing for some parts if I just pop the information up. I've experienced the "Wtf is this?" while reading some other stories. I apologise first if my story or language use isn't that good as some others – there are so many amazing and godly authors out there! But I do hope it's enjoyable for everyone! Reviews are most welcomed! Btw, I don't really know Latin. So if there are any errors let me know (Just wanted to name the cities of another language heh).

Kingdom of Spades


King – Alfred F. Jones; Well-verse in melee and ranged combatant skills, extraordinary strength, hero-complex.

Queen – Arthur Kirkland; Yet to discover skills, came from another world.

Jack – Wang Yao; Expert in martial arts as well as many weaponries, full of wartime strategies.

Location: An isolated island off the coast of Land of Air, Kingdom of Diamonds. The island is of a peculiar shape which looks like a Spade resting on a leaf. At times it is described as a ship with its sails hoisted, ready to set sail. It is situated on the Land of Water.

National Flowers: TudorRose, Plum blossoms.

Language: Spadian

Capital City: Veritas (Truth)

Legend of Capital's name: There was a myth that many sailors disappeared while sailing near this gloomy island shrouded by mist. It was said to house dangerous creatures like sirens which fed on human flesh. When the first successful adventurers from the mainland built the city, they sought to seek the truth about this isolated island, hence, its name. The mystery was then revealed to be alternating and fast-flowing currents created by the odd land-shape in the oceans below wrecking havoc by violently shifting or breaking the rudders. Claims of sightings of these mythical beings are still common in coastal cities and villages.

General Description: Spades is described as the most powerful of all Kingdoms – mainly because of its naval strength as well as the 'Ace of Spades' legend. However, despite its niche, it has not been in any wars since the Great War of a few decades back. It is also the youngest of all Kingdoms after the island was colonized by adventurers from all over the mainland. Being an island, Spades is disadvantaged because of its limited resources. Hence, it has made human resource its primary source of progress. Many citizens depend on the sea as their livelihood. Increased trade by sea has brought prosperity to the Kingdom. The currents around the island is said to be difficult to navigate. This problem is conquered by skilled native sailors and locally built ships.

These factors also contributed to Spades' remarkably strong Navy. In order to attack and seize control of the royal palace of Spades, one has to go through its Navy and the treacherous waters surrounding the island. Hence, Spades has yet to lose a war. Because it is located near Kingdom of Diamonds, the ties between both Kingdoms are deeper than others. It is said that the first inhabitants of the island hailed from Diamonds and subsequently other Kingdoms. The Natives of the island interacted with these adventurers and they coexisted to form the Spades of today. The reason for being involved in the Great War was because Diamonds was in danger of being taken over by Clubs. The new royalty of Spades is established in midst of chaos with eminent threats of War from Kingdom of Hearts.

Kingdom of Diamonds


King – Francis Bonnefoy; Mastered the art of persuasion (regardless of gender), a flirt.

Queen – Lily Zwingli; Good at melee and ranged weaponries, sweet looks can fool.

Jack – Vash Zwingli; Outstanding ranged weapon mastery, armaments specialist.

Location: A rough diamond-shaped marks the territory of Diamonds on the West coast of the mainland. It is said that the shape gave the Kingdom its name. It is also known to rest on the Land of Air. Off its northwestern coast lies the Kingdom of Spades. It shares borders with the Kingdom of Clubs as well as the land of Voids.

National Flowers: Iris, Alphine Red Rose, Edelweiss.

Language: Diamiate

Capital City: Pax (Peace)

Legend of Capital City: It was rumoured that when the first colonists that arrived in the western parts of mainland discovered many mines that contained hardy materials like gemstones and ores. The most of the gemstone harvested is diamonds. Since the discovery, neighbouring territories have waged wars on it to gain control of its vast valuable resource. The subsequent royalties of the Kingdom got sick and tired of wars, thus, in hopes of ending wars for future generations, the capital city is named Pax.

General Description: Diamonds is described as the wealthiest of all Kingdoms – mainly because of its neutrality towards every other Kingdom. The close alliance with Spades has brought protection in case of hostile neighbours on the mainland. Riches come from a free trade agreement formed with its neighbours. It rivals the Kingdom of Hearts for the title of the 'Kingdom of Love' as late Kings are particularly affectionate to their partners-in-life, adding to the romantic ambience of its capital city. Despite having most of the population as traders, Diamonds has exceptionally high-tech weaponry and a rather stable citizen-army to protect its neutrality in stand.

Being wealthy often made the kingdom targets of war, however, the threats ceased when Spades stepped in and defeated Clubs during the Great War. A peaceful agreement was signed. It was meant to last for 50 years before a renewal or replacement is to be signed again.

Kingdom of Clubs


King – Ivan Braginski; Rumoured to be able to summon winter to battlefield, intimidating character.

Queen – Elizaveta Hedervary; Master of swords and pan, a fan of yaoi.

Jack – Roderich Edelstein; Master of music, a bard of many songs and instruments.

Location: It spans over the Northern lands of the mainland. It shares borders with Kingdom of Diamonds, Kingdom of Hearts as well as the land of Voids. The general shape of the territory is a slight crescent covering the other lands like a cap. It is situated in the Land of Earth.

National Flowers: Chamomile, Tulip, Edelweiss

Language: Clubsque

Capital City: Dignitas (Dignity)

Legend of Capital City: A relatively young Kingdom compared to the others on the mainland. It is said that the Kingdom was made of criminals, traitors and exiles of the two other Kingdoms. The land was said to be uninhabitable, however, due to the hard work of these people, the land flourished with agriculture as its main source of income. Descendants of these people resented the other two Kingdoms in calling them a Kingdom of Shame. To stop such a treatment, an Ancient War was fought between the three mainland Kingdoms and won by Clubs. The Capital City then changed its name to Dignitas signifying the dignity that all its citizens have in being proud of themselves regardless of their roots.

General Description: Clubs is considered the most diligent of all Kingdoms as well as having the wisest people. It also has the most acre of land amongst all Kingdoms. The reason for being the most diligent is mainly due to the extreme weathers that constantly hit the Kingdom making its main source of income – agriculture – shaky. Yet, the citizens refused to give in to nature and sustained the Kingdom's growth bit by bit. Being a disaster-stricken Kingdom, they remain relatively poor as most of the Kingdom's revenue ended up as reconstruction funds. It is also the reason why Clubs went to war with Diamonds.

Clubs' relationship with Spades only plundered after the Great War as resentment towards each other rose. The turn-around came when Diamonds offered a mediated talk between the two Kingdoms. As a coordinated effort, both Diamonds and Spades supported monetary-wise to the reconstruction in its cities. The current Queen and Jack of Clubs intend to strengthen the armed forces by requesting help from Hearts. Clubs is currently in talks with Hearts to prevent another outbreak of war to their Kingdom. Clubs is named after the vast number of 3-leaved clovers that used to cover the land upon discovery by ancestors.

Kingdom of Hearts


King – Ludwig; King of torture, soft in the inside when it is of people he knew for a long time.

Queen – Honda Kiku; Tech-savvy artist, topnotch samurai-katana skills.

Jack – Feliciano Vargas; Flag bearer, has some form of formidable magic but goes to King and Queen for help regularly.

Location: It is located at the Southeastern lands of the mainland. It shares borders with the Kingdom of Clubs as well as the land of Voids. The general shape of the territory is that of heart. However, the shape is no longer valid when disputed lands north of Hearts and southeast of Clubs were returned to Hearts after many decades of negotiation and wars. It lies in the Land of Fire.

National Flowers: Knapweed, Chrysanthemum, Cherry blossoms (Sakura), Stylized Lily

Language: Heartish

Capital City: Gloria (Glory)

Legend of Capital City: It is perhaps the oldest of all four Kingdoms. It is considered as the origin of the Catholic religion and the holy ground where the people first walked the lands. In respect to this, the Capital City is named Gloria symbolizing its glory in being the god-blessed territory. Another reason of this name is because of the position of the rising Sun over the city. Being in the eastern coastal region of the land and with its palace facing the sea, the royalties are described as being watched and guarded by the Sun. The Sun in ancient Heartish symbolizes glory.

General Description: Hearts is known as the Kingdom of Love and Romance although it is rivaled by Diamonds for this title. The irony of this title is that the Kings of this Kingdom are often described as 'heartless' because they do not show mercy to traitors and spies. There's an old saying that goes, "Once captured by Hearts, suicide is the only viable choice to make." So far in recorded history, no spies or traitors have been able to get out of the Kingdom's jail chambers alive. Hearts is also considered the most spiritual Kingdom. The oldest of holy Chapels is said to reside in this Kingdom. All along known history, the Jacks of Hearts were in charge of the Chapels' operations.

When there are outbreaks of war, usually the Jack of the Kingdom will strongly object the decision as it violates the belief of the religion. However, they would be misled by twisted ideals of unscrupulous lords in court. Shrines and Temples have been known to coexist beside the Chapels in this Kingdom and the task of keeping them functioning falls on the Queen of the Kingdom. One can say that the Kingdom is governed mainly by different religions complimenting each other with relatively less conflict. Thus, the title earned by the Kingdom.

Land of the Voids

General description: It is as void as it is named. A deserted area in which nothing grows. It is rumored that Jokers dwell in these dark regions. Brave adventurers have tried exploring the land but all have failed to return. Information of this place is scarce.

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